I sit here trying to make sense of my life. My thinking is that if I take the time to actually put on paper the sequence of events that have transpired over the last several months, then perhaps by the time I am finished I will find some kind of clarity or understanding of it myself. The hope is that it will be a therapeutic experience and that I will come out on the other side of it with a clearer understanding of myself and the urges that drove me to do what I did. I guess I’ll find out when the telling is complete.

At long last, I finally saw her approaching across the parking garage. The moment had finally arrived; the point of no return. If I actually went through with this crazy, insane plan then my life would change forever, one way or the other. As I sat in the back of the darkened van and watched her approach, I could feel my heart pounding through my chest. My hands were sweating and I could literally hear the blood roaring through my brain as she walked up to the driver’s side door of her car. She appeared not to notice that the side door of the van was directly behind her as she pulled her keys from her purse and pressed the unlock button on the remote.

I took a few deep breaths as I quickly slid the door of the van open and leapt out. She was caught totally unaware as I pushed her quickly forward against the driver’s side door of her vehicle, quickly following behind with my own body, firmly pressing her against her car. The whole event seemed like it was happening in slow-motion and I distinctly remember that even in the heat of the moment, I had time to notice how good her ass felt pressed tightly against my bulging crotch.

I swiftly reached around and placed the rag over her nose and mouth, forcefully pulling her head back against my chest. She dropped her keys as both hands came up to try and force my hand away from her face, but the effects of the chloroform were quick and her strength faded fast. In no time at all, she became dead weight. I circled one arm around her waist and backed straight up to the edge of the van opening. I worked her around until she was sitting in the opening of the van door and then let her fall back into the van as I climbed back in. I slid one hand under each of her arms and finished pulling her the rest of the way into the van. I quickly retrieved her keys and bag, jumped back in the van, and slid the door home.

After a quick check to insure she was ok, I jumped into the driver’s seat and, as normally as I could with my adrenaline pumping so hard, managed to get the van out of the garage and was off into the night traffic. My cock was rock hard as the thrill about what I had just done coursed through me, and the excitement of what was yet to come raced through my mind. The initial plan had gone off without a hitch!

I drove the van to my pre-determined location, sure that I would not be bothered as I acted out the next part of the plan. After parking the van, I went back to set up the lighting and camera and check on my guest of honor. After everything was ready, I pulled her up into a sitting position and started removing her clothes. I pulled her pale pink blouse out from her gray skirt and unbuttoned it down the front, enjoying the view of her breasts coming into view, framed in a pink lace bra. After sliding each of her arms out and removing the top completely, I gently laid her back down, placing her head on one of the large pillows I had brought along for the occasion. I unsnapped the button fastening her skirt and eased the zipper down. I had to work a little to get the skirt pulled out from under her, but then it was quickly down her legs and off, thrown over to the side along with the blouse.

My prick was as hard as I can ever remember it being before in my life as I looked down at the scene before my eyes. Here was the object of my desire, istanbul escort finally, after so many years of yearning and plotting and scheming. Lying there, even unconscious, she was absolutely beautiful. Her shoulder length golden hair framing her youthful 43 year old face…her pink, lace bra holding in her 34 d-cup tits and her matching pink lace panties…all mine for the taking. Finally, I had my mother just where I wanted her!

I never did have a very good relationship with my mother. She was always busy with work and was never the doting type of mom that my friends all seemed to have. It seemed as I was hitting puberty and beyond that if and when we did have any type of conversation, it was almost business-like. She was direct and forceful with her comments, not caring if the words caused me pain or not. I was always supposed to live my life as she directed…do the things she told me to do, without regard to my feelings or what I wanted out of life for myself.

I guess a lot of her demeanor came from her work. She was the mayor of our city, you see, and was used to the cut-throat, back-stabbing political scene that a job like that entailed. So she had learned along time ago how to be hard and ruthless and relentless to get and keep her position of power. I guess she just forgot, or couldn’t, leave that attitude at the door when she came home. I was constantly reminded that my actions reflected on her, and that I had to be very careful in everything I did…that she was under a microscope and she couldn’t afford me screwing anything up by giving her detractors any ammunition that could be used against her. She made it clear on more than one occasion that she loved her job more than she loved me.

Looking down now at her sprawled in the back of the van, it was perhaps that very realization that had led me down this road I was on. The lack of love from her…the kind of love a mother should give to her son may be what led to this whole predicament. If she had given her love to me freely, then maybe my psyche wouldn’t have gotten damaged and warped to the point I felt that I had to take that love from her, whether she was willing to give it or not. But if “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

I made sure the rag was within easy reach, not knowing exactly how long she’d be out for, and put on my mask, just in case she somehow came out of her stupor long enough to open her eyes and get a glimpse of me. I had mom laid out on a blanket, her head under a pillow and just drank in the sight of her. Since I was the only child she had ever had, and she stayed active with all her banquets and charity events and what not, it was not that much of a surprise to find her body still very trim and lean. Her face had a defiantly youthful look to it, high cheekbones, pert little nose and full sensuous lips. I reached a hand out and slowly traced my way across her face with the tips of my finger…across her brow and across her cheek, down the length of her nose, then slowly tracing the outside edges of her pouty lips.

As much as I wanted to go very slow and take my time with her, I knew I had to act swift and get this phase of my plan complete. It would be a shame for it to fail at this point after starting out so successfully. I pulled one of mom’s hands up to her face and inserted one of her fingers into her own mouth. I had to position it a couple times before it would stay on it’s own, the tip of her index finger sticking into the corner of her mouth. I grabbed the camera with one hand and started snapping pictures with abandon as I let my other hand slide slowly up her belly and up onto her right breast. I squeezed and massaged first her right tit and then her left through her sexy bra as I snapped away with the camera, making sure avcılar escort to get her face in the pictures. I set the camera down and raised her into a sitting position, reaching around her with both hands to unhook her pretty pink bra, noticing how good she smelled as her head leaned against my chest. I lowered her back into position and arranged her face to be looking the other way now as my hand returned to her breasts, the pictures clicking away. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and was pleasantly surprised to see them react positively to my ministrations, getting hard and elongated between my finger tips. I lowered my mouth to them and quickly sucked and bit each one, wishing I had the time to go slow and enjoy, but knowing that I needed to move on.

I quickly removed all my clothing, and the rest of hers, and set the camera on the little tripod I had brought along. After getting the viewfinder set up in the right position and setting the camera to start clicking every 8 seconds, I straddled mom’s torso. This put my now rock hard prick lying squarely in her cleavage. I grabbed her hands and brought them up to the sides of her breasts, and using my hands on the outside of her hands, squeezed her tit flesh together around my throbbing member. I slowly rocked back and forth, watching my engorged dick slowly tit fucking my moms hot cleavage. Her skin was smooth and hot on my shaft.

Another change of camera angles and body positions and now the head of my penis was resting against her ruby red lip-sticked lips. As the camera continued to click away, I slowly forced the head of my rod past her lips and into her hot, wet mouth. It was almost all I could do from cumming down her throat as I worked my cock in and out of her mouth, varying the depth and angle for the camera. For one series of shots, I was even able to get one of her hands wrapped around the base of my pole as I slid the head in and out between her luscious red lips.

The time I had been waiting for had finally arrived. I repositioned mom on her back with her legs spread wide. First, I had to position her hands the way I wanted them. I needed this to look real, like she was awake and active, so I had brought along a little water-soluble adhesive I had picked up at a little crafts store in town. I placed the adhesive on the palms of each hand and the underside of each of her fingers, then positioned them on her glands with her nipples poking up between her index fingers and thumbs. It worked great, giving the illusion that she was massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples. With that taken care of, I moved south to the destination I had been waiting for. I was pleased to see that mom kept her cunt shaved bald, with just a little tuft of closely trimmed hair above her clit. I squeezed a lot of lube in my left hand and started jacking my stiffy, getting it all slick and ready. I then grabbed the camera with the other hand and started clicking away as I eased the head of my pulsing manhood into my mothers beautiful pussy. I had to take short back and forth motions, slowly getting deeper and deeper until I had finally buried my rod into her snatch to the root. She didn’t stir at all from the invasion of my cock sliding into her, something I had worried about. Once I had buried my depth in her and her love tunnel was all lubed up, I started fucking mom in earnest , sliding out until just the tip of my head was still in her and then quickly thrusting forward again until my stiff 7″ pole was buried to the hilt. Faster and faster I got until finally, knowing I had enough pictures, I tossed the camera aside, grabbed her hips and fucked her tight snatch almost violently as I felt my orgasm building up quickly. I had originally planned on spewing my load on her face, but her velvety cunt felt so good griping my pole, I couldn’t stop myself and just unloaded şirinevler escort blast after blast of my hot semen deep into her hot, tight cunt. It was by far the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. The whole thing had seemed so surreal.

But now that I was coming down from my ecstatic release, reality kicked in and I knew I had to get this finished. I spent several minutes cleaning both of us up and as quickly as I could got both of us redressed. I didn’t bother with her bra and panties though, deciding just to stuff them into her pocketbook. I ty-wrapped moms feet and hands together and then ty-wrapped each of those to the side of the van. I put a ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold on over her eyes. I didn’t chloroform her again because I needed her to start coming out from her unconsciousness. This part coming up was going to be the most dangerous part of the plan, as I was going to have to leave mom alone in the van for awhile while I printed out some of the pictures. With her securely bound and gagged, I pulled the van up about two blocks from our house in the driveway of a vacant house. After a quick scan of the area I got out of the van, made sure it was locked and bolted down the street for home. I quickly downloaded all the pics from the camera into a password protected folder on my pc and then selected 18-20 of the best shots I had and set them to print. Even though I had a state of the art set-up, it still took about 15 minutes to get all this done, and I was anxious and nervous about mom being alone in the van. I grabbed the pictures and pre-printed note, shoved them into an envelope and was back out the door.

My heart was pounding as I silently approached the van, but was glad to see no one around and heard nothing from inside. I unlocked the van and checked on mom. She was still there where I had left her. I noticed that she was starting to move around somewhat, but was still pretty out of it, so I cut the binds holding her to the frame of the van, still leaving her hands and feet bound together. I started the van and started heading to my pre-planned drop off spot, pleased beyond belief at how well the evening had gone. Mom was just starting to really come out of it when I got to my destination and put the vehicle in park. As I climbed back into the rear of the van, she was straining at the ty-wrap bonds. I pulled the voice manipulator out, you know, like the thing that they used in Scary Movie, that changes your voice when you speak into it.

“Stop struggling and sit still unless you want to be hurt!” I said. She quickly quit struggling and sat there motionless.

“I am about to release you. I am going to set you down on the ground and give you a set of snips so that you can release yourself from the binds. You will count until 100 slowly before you do anything. Do you understand?” She nodded her head yes.

I slid open the door of the van and quickly scanned the surroundings. Nothing. Just as I had hoped, there usually weren’t many people in this part of the park at this hour, and I didn’t need any witnesses to the drop off. I reached back in and quite roughly pulled/yanked mom over to the edge of the van. I slid my arms under her and picked her up and quickly walked her around to the other side of a hedge of bushes, setting her down on the dew moistened grass. I got her things from the van and laid them at her feet, making sure to push the envelope with the pictures and note into her pocketbook, right beside her bra and panties, hehehe.

“I’m going to let you go now. You will be able to use these snips to release yourself from your binds and then you’ll be free. I’m sure you are pretty foggy on what has just happened to you and will probably have a thousand questions racing through your mind. I want you to look for the envelope in your pocketbook when you get free, and the contents you find in there will go along way toward answering most of your questions. Do you understand what I’m telling you?” Again, she nodded her head yes.

I placed the snips into her hands that were still ty-wrapped behind her and quickly got into the van and was gone into the night. How the rest of the story would play out would depend on mom now….



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