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London braced itself again as high above the drone of the German bombers became more insistent. The sirens had been sounding for half an hour giving everyone plenty of time to get to a shelter.

Henry Watson had just managed to close his shop in Hackney Road and scamper down Cambridge Heath road to the underground as the first bombs fell.

It was mid October 1940 and the bombers had been coming over every night since early September. East London was taking a hammering because of the nearby docks and many small industrial factories in the area. Bethnall Green had been heavily hit, even in Parmiter Road where Henry lived.

As Henry reached the lower level he was greeted by a near neighbour Fred Smailes who saw him arrive.

“Wotcher ‘enry, left it a bleeding bit last minute haven’ch.” grinned Fred.

“Ah gotta give them Jerries summit to aim at don’t I.” responded Henry with a lopsided grin.

“Some chance mate, them buggers don’t give a sod wot they ‘it. Never mind, me and Marge kept you a space.” said Fred.

“Wotcher Marge.” greeted Henry.

“‘ello love, how yer been?” smiled Marge and her look made Henry’s heart flip flop. He had always been sweet on her, ever since school days but when he had gone to learn about running his grocery shop, Fred had hopped in and married her.

Henry flopped down next to her in the space they had kept for him. The Underground was pretty full tonight so although he knew most people there from school and as customers, most of them had their kids there and they could get pretty noisy.

The ground suddenly shook as a bomb burst nearby and showers of dust rained down on everyone. This was followed by another close hit and Marge grabbed his arm in alarm. He allowed her to snuggle closer for a while and when it went quiet again they laid themselves out on the blanket Marge had brought. She had also brought a cushion for Henry as well.

“Wonder how long this lot will stay?” asked Fred.

“As long as their fuel lasts I expect.” said Henry. ” But they might have another lot already on its way.”

“Oh well, better settle in for a doze then.” said Fred and proceeded to settle himself with his back to Marge.

It was pretty quiet for about 15 minutes and people began to settle in to sleep. They could still hear faint explosions away to the west. Fred was soon snoring and Marge turned over to face Henry.

“You awake love.” she whispered.

“I am chuck — what’s on your mind then?” Henry whispered back.

“Was wondering how you’re coping since you lost Anne last month?” Marge asked softly.

“Not well love. She was a big part of our business and my life. It’s lonely without her and hard to stay focussed now she’s gone.” Henry replied sadly.

Marge leant over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Well love just let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Shudn’t be saying but, I still have a fancy for you. Don’t know why I married Fred; I should have waited till you came back.”

“Thanks Marge, I still love you too but with Anne gone so recent and sudden, it don’t seem right somehow.” Henry murmured.

“Never mind love, things have a way of sorting themselves out.” Marge said and then held him tight in a passionate cuddle.

He could feel himself beginning to respond because it felt good to be held by a woman again. Anne hadn’t been one for passion or even love making. She was always too busy organizing things to be bothered by that side of life.

So he just settled for enjoying the cuddles until he fell asleep. He didn’t hear the second wave of bombers arrive and only woke when Marge kissed him and said “Time to go home love, the all clear has sounded.”

He joined the exodus from the underground and like them was astounded by the mass destruction of nearby buildings, the fires that had started and the noise of the fire engines and ambulances arriving.

His flat in Parmiter St was just across the road and despite a couple of near misses was still intact. He spent about an hour helping to rescue an elderly couple from their ruined flat across the road then finally about 2:30 am climbed into bed.

Sleep was what he needed but his mind was full of Marge. Like most folk around here she was of mixed background though he istanbul escort had no idea of her heritage. She had been born here in the East End and he had known her since she was about 5 years old. He was only a few years older than her at 38. She had grown into a very attractive woman about 5 feet 6 inches tall with raven hair and big breasts.

He agonized for a long time about his feelings for her and his guilt that with Anne’s death from a direct bomb hit on the bus she was travelling in, he was already thinking about another woman.

No, that wasn’t right; he was thinking about someone who had been part of his growing up years. Someone that had taken him from boyhood to manhood all those years ago and whom he had almost married. And it was his best friend who had stepped in and nabbed her.

Remembering that he had to go to the Head Office tomorrow he finally fell asleep.

Next day he got up as usual and arrived to find the store intact although a bit wet inside from the fire fighters trying to put out a blaze in the factory next door. With the assistance of Carl and Brian, his counter staff, they got the place cleaned up in time for Henry to catch the Tube into town.

The centre of London was a blazing heap of rubble and although a bomb had gone off in the street in front of the Head Office, it seemed that only the windows that suffered damage.

He joined a whole group of other franchise owners for the meeting and they all went to the nearest pub for a snack and a pint. Luckily he had brought his wallet with a few quid but having heard of Anne’s death he hardly had to put his hand in his pocket all night.

Everyone was very conscious of the regularity of the Blitz so proceedings were cut short in time to allow everyone to get home. However they had not allowed sufficient time as the first bombers arrived.

Everyone scampered for the nearest air raid shelter where they spent an uncomfortable night. Whilst Henry had endured many nights in a shelter tonight’s attack was close and very ferocious. No one knew that the German’s were so frustrated by their inability to bring England to its knees that the Blitz would be over in about 10 days time.

This night was the 60th successive raid on London and one of the most damaging. When they finally emerged from the shelter it was like daylight outside. Fires were raging throughout London, lighting up the sky in every direction. Roads lay full of rubble, dead bodies and water from the ineffectual efforts of the fire brigade to cope with the worst blazes.

Fortunately Head Office had once again escaped so temporary accommodation was created in the basement.

Two days later Henry made his way back to Bethnall Green in a taxi provided by the company. What was usually a 20 minute drive took 4 hours as they were directed along a limited route to their destination.

The devastation everywhere was enormous and Henry was beginning to wonder if he could keep his store open without supplies being able to be delivered. This was the primary reason for the meeting at Head Office.

On his arrival Carl said “Bad news Guv, your flat got wiped out last night along with about 15 others. Looked like Parmiter Road was a primary target for some reason or other. Fred told me about you trying to be the target the other night, so reckon they came to get ya. Sad thing is Fred’s in horspital with a broken back. Tried to save some lads when a wall fell on ‘im.”

“What about his wife Marge — is she OK?” asked Henry.

“Yep, she’s over at the horspital by Old Ford Road.” replied Carl. “She said you will need a place to stay and there’s a spare bed at their place in Minerva Street. Oy, wait a minute, that’s just across the road so that’ll be handy for work.”

“Carl, can you take over while I shoot up to see Fred. Won’t be more than a few jiffy’s OK.” said Henry, making for the door.

Not waiting for a reply he grabbed the delivery bike and set off up Bishops Way, veering down Bonner Road to enter the hospital through the delivery doors at the rear.

He found out which ward Fred was in from the nurse at reception but she cautioned him “Mr Smailes is in a bad way and not conscious at the moment.”

He dashed up the stairs to avcılar escort the second floor and ran along the corridor to the ward. Several nurses cautioned him to be quiet along his journey, so he slowed his pace. Just as he reached the ward, Marge came out crying, assisted by a nurse.

“He’s gorn , he’s gorn and died.” she whimpered.

Henry dashed around her to find Fred lying in the bed as though asleep. For the first time in his life he noticed that Fred finally had a peaceful look on his face.

He walked over to the bed and leant over Fred saying very quietly “You was me best mate Fred, now look at what you gone and done. Made yourself a bloody hero then get’s conkered. This war is hell mate, too many getting knocked off but I figured we would see it through. Oh Shit mate who’m I going to play darts with now? ”

As tears trickled down his face he said “Marge is going to put me up seein as how my place got blown apart, so I’ll do me best to look after her for you. OK? Bye Fred, you were a good un.”

He took a quick look round and as no one was watching he bent down and kissed his mate on the forehead.

He joined Marge in the waiting room, trying to dry his eyes and maintain the image of self reliance, but seeing her red eyes he softened and took her in an embrace.

They stood there quietly crying together until she said “He weren’t perfect my Fred but he gave me some fun times and never abused me. Don’t expect you can ask for more than that in a husband.”

“He was good to you Marge and I forgot my jealousy over you many years ago. He was too good a mate to let that fester in me. Now we have both lost our partners to those damned Jerries. Let’s hope we can beat them soon so we can get back to a normal life.”

“Come on love,” said Marge,” we got to arrange his funeral and then get home before bombing starts again. You got my message about staying at my place?”

“Thanks Marge. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be at this time, so long as we don’t exhaust ourselves crying over our loss.”

“Won’t happen chuck, we understand each other after all these years and no good comes from crying over spilt milk.” was Marge’s unusual reply.

They went down to reception and made enquires about Fred’s funeral. Because there had been so many deaths they were advised the hospital could arrange a cremation on the premises and there was a chapel where they could hold a service along the corridor. It seemed somewhat callous but was the most practical solution during these difficult times.

When they arrived at Marge’s place she showed him the spare room and admonished him for the look he gave her.

“You can’t share my bed yet, at least not till after Fred is taken care of. Then we can take time to get reacquainted.”

Henry had little option but to accept the conditions she had just laid down and agreed to himself that after being patient for so many years, a few more days wouldn’t hurt him.

For the next few days he was extremely busy arranging an inflow of stock and took the day off for Fred’s funeral service. It was like a school reunion at the service in the Hospital Chapel but there were many missing. The German’s bombs had decimated the ranks of his school time friends.

He and Marge were the last to leave. The stoicism of their friends was beginning to show through. This was not a time for maudling pity — many had been through this before with family losses.

They finally arrived back to Minerva Street and Marge put on the kettle for a cuppa. They were both quietly reliving their mutual memories when Marge said “I want you in my arms love — I need a bit of comforting. Everything has happened so suddenly I am still shaky. I’m not ready for sex, just hold me please.”

And she finally allowed her grief to pour out in tears as Henry held her close with her head on his shoulder.

Over the next three days Henry stayed clear of Marge’s bed, giving her time to come to terms with her loss.

But finally in early November, as the bombing raids lessened in strength, Marge took Henry’s hand and said “I’m ready for you now love — come and sleep with me tonight.”

Henry was elated that the time had finally arrived for him to reclaim his lost love. He had a bath and a shave şirinevler escort before making his way to her room.

She was sitting in bed stark naked from the waist up. Henry could never have imagined how she had transformed into such a gorgeous goddess with her full, red tipped breasts just asking to be played with.

He discarded his pyjamas and knelt on the side of the bed, trying to hide his erection as he put out a hand to fondle her left breast.

“Oh no you don’t – don’t you dare try and hide that from me.” she squealed with laughter and put out her hand to grasp his manhood. “You have no idea how many times in my life I have thought about this great cock of yours. Fred’s was only half this size and I have dreamt often about having you fully inside me. Not like the first time we did it when you only just got the head inside me before you blew your load.”

Henry tried to hide his astonishment at this revelation. “I didn’t know that love — might have been a major case of adultery if I had.” he blurted out.

“Don’t think it didn’t enter my mind nearly every day.” she pouted. “I know he was yer best mate but he couldn’t screw a woman properly to save his life. I’m hoping you have improved from your first performance.” she laughed.

“If I get anywhere near me imagination all these years it could be fun” he replied as he lowered his mouth to her nipple.

She held his head at her breast as he suckled her nipple. “That’s a good boy, suck mummy’s tit sweetheart.” Marge said as she arched her back to push her boob fuller into his face.

“Oh god that feels so good.” she muttered but Henry wasn’t sure if she was referring to his efforts or to her own flaying of his rigid cock with her hand.

What she was doing felt wonderful but he was mindful of her wish for him to have improved his technique so he took his mind away from it.

His knees were starting to protest so he pulled back the covers in order to slide in alongside her. He couldn’t help noticing the carefully trimmed bush of raven coloured hair forming a perfect triangle pointing down to her cunt. He slid one hand down to it as he moved alongside her. His fingers found the hair patch on her prominent pubic mound and he began to curl his fingers through it.

Marge took a sudden intake of breath as he confidently allowed his hand to move down and encompass her womanhood. It was already sticky and hot so he had no hesitation in sliding a finger along the prominent outer lips.

They seemed to open to his touch as Marge lifted her pelvis. His finger slid easily into the warmth and wetness and he marvelled at the velvety feel inside her vagina. She was busy running her finger along his anal crack and almost made him come as he felt a small finger enter his anus. He gasped but gritted his teeth to stop from exploding.

His finger had penetrated quite deep and he moved his thumb over her little rosebud anal entrance. It was her turn to gasp and as he began a simulated fuck with his finger she started to hump her hips.

Marge said quietly “Can you do that with your tongue darling man. I have never had it done to me before and some of my friends say it is wonderful.”

So Henry slid down her body and started to lick at her pussy lips, slowly increasing the tempo and every now and then sticking his tongue as deep as it would go. Every time he did that Marge let out a gentle whimper of pleasure and pushed her mound harder into his face.

He moved his tongue up to her clit and began to tease it with little flicks until it extended out. Then he put his mouth over her whole entrance and began to suck her clit.

Marge let out a huge sigh and began to buck into his face. “Oh bloody hell that is amazing and I-I-I’m coming.” “Oh fuck that is so good — nnnnnnnh.” she moaned as she reached her climax.

Her body was bucking hard and Henry looked up to see her tits bouncing in rhythm to her gyrations.

He pulled himself up onto her body, took one nipple into his mouth and she guided his cock towards her vagina entrance.

His head was saturated with pre-come but she was so wet he was able to thrust his cock deep into her pussy and begin to ride her with harder and faster thrusts.

Marge was keeping pace and already riding another climactic wave. They came together, rocking into each other as he felt the spurts exploding from his cock. He could also feel the ripples as her vagina alternately squeezed and released around his length.

“Oh darling that was heaven.” said Marge just as a Heinkel HE 111 was shot down and crashed into the house, killing them both instantly.



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