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How did that happen? I’d drunk too much at the pub and sucked off Steve in the toilet. Now I was back with the guys at the bar and heady with alcohol and lust. To make it worse Steve was ignoring me and chatting to Pete and another guy I didn’t know. They were laughing and drinking; probably talking about me and how easy I was in the loo. I certainly shouldn’t have sucked so greedily and swallowed all that cum… but it did taste good, I had to admit.

“Hi matey,” said Rick as he moved over to my side and leaned his arm on my shoulder. “What ya up to, deep in thought and all by yourself?”

I glanced into his eyes. Could he tell that I’d just sucked cock and swallowed a load? God I hope not.

“I’m fine,” I said and adjusted my shrinking cock as discretely as I could. “Needed to pee. Don’t think I’ll hang about long. Got a busy day tomorrow.”

“Ok,” replied Rick. “I’m ready to leave. I’ll walk back with you. Case you get lost.”

We gathered up our things and Rick helped me on with my jacket. He had good strong arms that steadied me without being intrusive. His hands smoothed my chest and adjusted my shirt. He leaned in close and I drew in his terrific scent. Wow. Was I horny or what.

“OK buddy. Lets get you home.” He steered me out with a firm hand on my back. Was I imagining this or did he fancy me? I was getting hard again and gave my cock a quick grope to sort it out. I leaned against him, accidentally on purpose, and rested my head on his shoulder. He had a really firm chest and smelt so good.

Just then Steve called over as he had seen us leaving.

“Hey you two, see you later guys. Be sure to leave the door open for me,” and grinned at me. Did he mean the house door or MY BEDROOM DOOR? Fuck I just needed to sleep. I was really out of it and was in danger of fantasising and imagining things. Did I really want to suck another cock or was the beer talking? Whatever Steve had in mind could wait for another day.

Rick and I staggered outside and walked side by side back to the house. He had his arm around my shoulder to steady me and I liked the feel of it. I didn’t want to turn gay but whatever would be as the song went. The night air sobered me up enough to realise Rick was probably just being thoughtful and I was quickly able to match his step stride for stride. We chatted as we walked and I found that he was a second year art student and we would be in the same life class tomorrow. Yipee. I wouldn’t mind drawing him in the buff, or Steve either. The beer was talking again and my cock kept swelling and shrinking as we walked along.

“Fuck, make up your mind,” I thought.

Rick said he’d look out for me tomorrow and as we reached the door he opened it with his key and let me in. No groping or touching, no innuendo, just a nice normal guy. What a pity he didn’t hit on me. Yep I guess I’d have to think of him as just a possible good friend. He already had led me to my bedroom and I’d thought about stumbling against him and feeling him up, you know, like it was an accident. He must have read my mind because he said, “You know Joe, I think we’ll get on fine, you and I. I like you and hope we’ll be good mates. You aren’t overly sexy like Steve and Pete. You seem more of a straight acting, genuine guy. I like that. I’d like to be your mate, at least until you make some friends in your own year. What do you think?”

“O O OK,” I stuttered. “Yeh, great.”

What no goodnight kiss? I thought as Rick moved past me. I looked into his eyes and he smiled the cutest smile. “OK then .Take it easy.”

We said our goodnight’s on the landing and I quickly used the bathroom: another piss through an erection. Did I have enough material for a wank in bed? You betcha! I tidied up and did my teeth. I was quickly into my bedroom and tugging on my cock, fantasising about Steve AND Rick, having them both grope me and kiss me at the same time . I’d cleaned up with a tissue and was in my sweat shorts before I heard Steve come in.

He made a bit of noise, banging into furniture and giggling with what I thought was Pete. I heard them climb the stairs to the attic room, moving right past my door without stopping. Well fuck him!

“Come on you big lug. Lets get you up to bed.” Yes it was definitely Pete helping him. One part of me was disappointed but I was ready for sleep now and would at least be fresh to take on anything tomorrow might bring. The last thing I remember was hearing the springs of Steve’s bed creaking and groaning as they got down to business. I fell asleep quickly, dreaming of my assailants on the underground, but when I looked closely their faces belonged to Steve and Rick. And this time there was no pain, only a great deal of pleasure.

An early start, a shower, shave and some cereal had me looking and feeling my best. Rick joined me in the kitchen with no mention of the night before, and we planned on catching the güvenilir bahis underground together to the art college. I had to register and take the orientation tour before lunch so we arranged to meet in the refectory at 12 noon.

The ride in was uneventful, despite my furtive glances all around in case the men who had assaulted me were in our carriage, and my quick looks at Rick’s crotch. Why hadn’t I noticed how well hung he was?

I didn’t really relax until we were in the college building. Rick pointed out the hall where the freshers were to meet and hurried off, reminding me of our 12 o’clock meet. I watched his tight bum as it flexed in his jeans and wondered why I was getting hard again looking at a man.

The morning passed quickly with introductions, a tour, assignment of lockers and timetables. There were only ten of us in our year and sure enough we were expected to attend the life class each afternoon for the first fortnight. It was a compulsory element and we shared the room with second years on three afternoons and with third years on the other two. Everyone seemed very friendly and a couple of us sexier guys sat together for coffee and left the girls and the plainer guys to chat in a bigger group.

One tall slim black guy introduced himself as Billy. He was my age but about 4″ taller. He had a great smile and a fit, hard body, he said from running and swimming. Mark was shorter but chunkier although his body wasn’t flabby, just not so toned. He was very handsome and had long fingers and big feet and wore the tightest skinny jeans ever. He must have needed some help to get into those and I felt my cock stiffening yet again.

Another of our group was Tony. I liked him from the outset. I don’t know why but he was about my height and build with a mop of thick, wavy red hair and a marked Yorkshire accent. His T shirt was very tight and cut short so he showed off a lot of stomach. Man it was ripped. He had a great. flat six pack and a navel you could only describe as “out there.” It stuck out provocatively and I kept watching for a glimpse of it as Tony adjusted his position or gestured animatedly.

At 12 I excused myself reluctantly, explaining I had someone to meet, and headed off to the refectory. I was looking around for Rick when I felt someone grab my bum. As I turned around I felt a hard kiss, with tongue, planted on my lips. What the fuck?

As I pulled away Steve said,”Hi man. Sorry I was so out of it last night.” He had both hands on my waist and was feeling the belt of my jeans. He leaned in close. I could smell the cologne or body spray from his morning shower. Lovely!

“Want to carry on what we started in the pub?” and he seductively rubbed the cheeks of my bum. “I know one or two quiet rooms where we won’t be disturbed. What about it?” He gave me a big grin and a seductive wink with those lovely eyes of his and I was so tempted. Just standing next to him was intoxicating and I’d already tasted his cum. To say no would seem rude, wouldn’t it?

I was saved from myself when Rick walked up. “Hi guys,” he said , as if unaware of how close and intimately we were standing together. “You made it then Joe. What sort of a morning have you had?” I had stepped away from Steve and he dropped his arms.

“Look, if you two are cool I’ll catch you later at the life class. Gotta run,” and with that Steve had gone. Well that was a change. What had gotten into him?

I had no time to dwell on it as Rick was steering me to the servery and the queue of hungry students. The food smelled good and I realized how hungry I was.

We ate together in pleasurable conversation and moved off to the life class studio where we found easels, graphite sticks, charcoal and stools. We were early and only a few other students were taking up a position, mainly on “donkeys” to the front of the area in the middle of the room, surrounding a small stage on all four sides.

Rick explained that the model, man or woman, would pose for 15 minutes at a time for the first hour, have a ten minute break and then pose again for two hours with a break in the middle. There was a list of models and it seemed that there were some favorites among them. Students who wanted could put their own name up as a model and it was very common among the exhibitionists, those needing the extra cash and the very well endowed.

Today we would have a professional male model so everyone else was expected to draw.

The large room was filling up and guys and girls were greeting each other and the buzz of noise had increased to a loud rumble. At 12.30 a tall, distinguished man in his late 40’s walked to the middle and mounted the stage. He was followed by a very muscular black guy, about 6″4 and very buff. He was wearing a robe which was undone casually at the front. It swung open as he sat down on the edge of the stage and he unconcernedly allowed it to gape wide.”Well he’s a big boy,” whispered Steve as he squeezed his easel next to mine. I shifted slightly to my left türkçe bahis and Rick eased over too to accommodate Steve who was busy placing his paper and getting ready for the first pose.

Mr Richardson, our tutor for the day, introduced himself and the model, Antone. Antone removed his robe and took his place on the stage. He was bent to the left holding one knee with both hands and the twist in his body turned his head in my direction. I looked him over. What a hunk! He was mid 20’s with chiseled good looks and an enormous cock that seemed to hang down almost to his knee.

“Bet you’d like to get your lips round that, Joe,” said Steve, a little too loudly for my liking.

“Fuck off,” I retorted, hopefully so no-one else could hear.

As I looked at the model again, wondering where to start my drawing , Antone’s eyes caught mine and he winked. I immediately felt my face redden as I blushed. He grinned in return and I looked away from his face , straight to his cock. Was it my imagination or was it hardening; slowly growing longer and thicker?

“Looks like you’ve got a new friend,” mumbled Rick in my ear. I blushed again and saw Antone grin as he adjusted his growing member with a quick grope and a shake. He stayed semi hard for the 15 minutes of that pose, creating a lot of heavy breathing among the girls who were nearest to the platform.

I had to agree he was HOT. and studying his body was making me horny too. As the session came to an end I saw I had focused mainly on that large, beautiful cock. Everything else was drawn very sketchily but the cock was in great detail and somewhat larger than life.

Both Steve and Rick looked over at my work and chuckled. “MM, you’d better get ready for a very stiff crit from Henry,” said Steve.

“Henry? Henry who?” I answered.

“Henry Richardson, our tutor.” said Rick.” He’ll be round soon to chat up the new lads,” and he laughed.

“Yeh ,for some reason he ignores the girls. Likes to focus on the men. Offer them some “special” guidance with their work. I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes an extra interest in you.”

With that Antone had taken up his second pose, hands on hips back straight and looking right at me. Fuck he was hot. Such a good looking guy and so buff. I could feel my cock stiffening and was aware that Antone had fixed me with his firm gaze and sexy grin. I was blushing again and tried to concentrate on my drawing not Antone’s cock.

Steve moved behind me and pushed his hips into my bum. I could feel the hard bulge of his stiff cock

grinding into my bum.

“What say we invite him to join us in your bed tonight? Fancy a threesome? I’m game if you are and he certainly likes you.”

With that Steve reached around and groped my cock and as I looked towards Antone I could see that he had noticed. He licked his lips lasciviously and his grin widened. Fuck me if his cock hadn’t started the journey down to his knee again.

We were at the very back of the class so Steve’s attention to my bum largely went unnoticed. He was certainly giving me a hard on and as I turned to comment he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth.

“Christ Steve, give me a break. I can’t concentrate on my drawing,” I said as I pulled away from his groping hands.

“Come on Joe, you know you like it,” He replied, “and we’re putting on a show for Antone. Trying to get him hard. He’s certainly interested.”

I could see how our antics were affecting the model because this time when he switched pose he had a semi very clearly sticking up from his groin. He made no attempt to cover it and lay back on the box with his head hanging over the edge so he could see us upside down. His cock had lengthened and hardened and made an attractive arch away from his legs. Every now and then it would twitch provocatively and Antone only smiled and kept his firm gaze on me.

“Fuck, he’s hornier than I am,” said Steve as he ground his big stiff prick into my bum cheeks.

“We gotta hook up with that dude. Man he’s hot, hot, HOT!”

There was a cough from behind us and we pulled away and turned quickly to see Henry Richardson standing behind us, his arms folded across his chest and looking none too pleased.

“I’d like to see both of you in my office straight away. And bring your drawings with you, NOW.”

With that he turned away and opened the door, waiting for us to follow. I gathered the two sketches I had made and followed Steve outside. Mr Richardson led the way to his office and ushered us in. I nervously stood in front of his desk as he took a seat the other side. I’d only been here half a day and I was in deep shit already. Fuck.

“Can I see your drawings please,” he asked in a low controlled voice and I lay mine next to Steve’s on the bare desk. I have to say that Steve’s looked great. Despite the distractions he’d done a lot in the time and with a very expressive technique. They were good and Mr Richardson seemed to like them.

He spent some time looking at one güvenilir bahis siteleri and then the other.

“MM, not bad Steven, Youv’e captured that twist in the body really well and I like the way youv’e got the weight over this foot. Nicely drawn too. You can go,” and he thrust the drawing in Steve’s chest.

“But .. but … what about …”

“Just GO, before I change my mind,” and he walked to the door and held it open.

Steve walked slowly out, giving me a brief smile for support and confidence. God, I needed that. What was this guy up to?

“Now, Joe is it? or is it Joseph? I like to get things straight from the get go. We don’t want any misunderstandings do we,” and he spread my drawings apart on his desk.

He was standing on my side of the desk and I could feel how tense he was. His hands leaned on the desk top, shoulder width apart. He was about 42, 44 but still in good shape. His narrow hips were hidden by a linen jacket. He had pulled up the sleeves roughly to show fit, hairy forearms. Under this he had a tight black T, tucked into red jeans. Tight red jeans. Very tight red jeans, especially around the crotch area.

“Please, call me Joe. Everyone else does, except my dad.”

“Mm, well I would like to call you what he does. Do you mind?”

“No n no. He calls me Joey. Joey would be fine,” I stammered hesitantly.

“Good. No need to be nervous Joey. I like to have a private chat with all the new boys. See if there is anything special they need, or if they have any special talents. Do you have any special talents Joey? or is there something special I can do for you? Eh?”

Mr Richardson had moved closer to me and I could feel his breath on my face as he whispered the last words. Christ this was a little strange but I didn’t want to upset a tutor on my first day so I thought I’d better go along with it.

“No Mr Richardson, sir. I’m pleased to be here and keen to learn all I can,” I said as I felt his arm slide around my shoulders.

“Good boy Joey, now no wonder these drawings aren’t up to much. It’s hard to concentrate when that naughty boy Steven is distracting you. He was distracting you, wasn’t he Joey?” and he slid his hand off my shoulder and rested it on my bum.

Christ , he must have seen everything. No wonder he was horny. Did he want me to suck him or what?

“Yes he wa. was a l.. little distracting,” I stammered as I felt his hand grope my arse.

I wasn’t sure what to do next so I just stood and waited.

Mr Richardson slowly took off his jacket and hung it on the back of the door. As he did so I heard a click and he smiled as he walked back to me. Christ, he’s locked us in, I thought. What now?

“OK Joey, if you’d like to we can play a little game. Something that will help you concentrate if you are distracted again. What do you think? Want to play?” With this last sentence he leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “I think you’ll like it – a lot.”

“Alright, what do I have to do?” After all it was just a game, right?

He moved behind me and leaned in close to my back and neck. “Lets try the drawing task again,” and he lay a pad of paper and a few pencils on the desk.

“Now you draw whatever you can remember of that fit black model. You did like him didn’t you? And I’ll try to distract you. Just keep on drawing as though nothing is happening. It will be fun. Lets see how it goes.”

“O OK” I stammered. “I.. I’ll gi.. give it a a try, if you say so.”

“Oh no Joey. It’s YOU that have to say so. I don’t want to do anything you wouldn’t like.”

With that Mr Richardson moved his hand lower and grabbed my packet through my jeans. “Shall we get started Joey? What do you think. Want to play?”

“Yes please,” I said in barely a whisper. “Yes.”

I started to draw the black guys legs and chest from memory. I had a good memory of that part of his anatomy. As I got under way I felt Mr Richardson move round behind my. He pressed his hardening cock into my bum cheeks and licked the side of my neck. Christ this was hot!

“Well joey, you are doing surprisingly well.” he whispered in my ear as he ground his hips against my ass. He was pulling at my packet and I knew I was tenting as far as my tight jeans would allow.

“I think you like this don’t you boy,” and he reached up and squeezed my nipple through my T.

He wasn’t rough, just assertive and I knew I’d do anything he suggested or led me into.

I heard him shuck off his loafers and unbuckle his belt.

He leaned in again. “Just keep drawing, no matter what.”

I felt him lick my neck and grip my hair in his hand. Then he was lifting my shirt and scratching up and down my chest with his arms wrapped around me. He found both my nipples and rolled them between his fingers and thumbs. I let out a low moan and he ground up against me again.

“Just keep drawing boy. Keep focused, there’s a good boy.”

My mark making was getting harder and firmer as he pulled and teased me.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” I was moaning as I tried to ride with the sexual pleasure and thrill he was creating in my body. I couldn’t take much more and tried to turn around but he firmly held me in place with his hard, sinewy arms.



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