A ‘maybe’ punishmentIt’s been too silent since this morning. There’s a movie playing, his keyboard clicking, the birds, phone notifications, ringtones, calls, lot of talking but it’s been silent in my head. All day long. I’d screwed up, got a punishment, and I screwed that up. Not intentionally, but I did anyway. And now it’s all silent. Blank. Dark. I’m by his feet, kneeling on a pillow. Naked, blindfolded, collared, and in rest position. And it bothers me that it’s rest. I should be doing something. There must be something to compensate with. I wasn’t really paying attention, else I’d have known when he moved. His hands came down, a finger tapped at my cheek beside my lip and I opened it. He slipped in a small bite of fruit. Papaya. He knows I’d walk around it if I could. I’m being punished, someone is pissed off alright. I chewed slow as to not get another piece. But I did. He’d fed me five pieces, there’s been two calls, and the movie was paused three times. I counted them all.I heard him move then. I smelled him close. “You want some water, pet?” “Yes, sir. Please.” And then he walked off. I wanted to take the blindfold away. I dug my nails into my palms instead. Do not screw this up anymore! I heard the vessel clang. My eyebrows pinched at the sound. He could not possibly…”There, drink.” His hand went around my nape and he pushed me down. He’d got me a fucking dog bowl to drink from. I wanted to laugh, bakırköy escort but I was smart not to. Today’s theme was pushing limits it seemed like. Still, a sip probably wouldn’t be bad. I stopped moving for a second. And he stopped too. I wanted to see if he’d push me down further, he didn’t. He waited. I waited, I counted to three, and bent down to drink from the bowl. He’d stopped. I had to know that. “Thank you, sir.””You are welcome, pet.” And then we went into the silence again. It was starting to get to me. That’s when I heard his laptop close shut. “Stand” I heard him say before I heard him rise. He took my hand and we started to walk into the house. He took my hand and placed them on the rail. “Careful, do not trip.””Yes, sir” I said. And it was a slow walk up to the first floor. We walked to his room, you have to go through a C shaped lobby to get to his. He opened and closed his door. But we weren’t going to play here. He opened another door that opens into the play room from his room. Show time!What does your kennel smells like? Like a dog, I’d presume. But mine smells clean. It smells like the man himself.. Wood, pine and earth. I don’t get into the cage. Not until like now. When I screw up, and have to be punished. Even then it’s put off until the last. He really must be at his last. It kind of hurt to have disappointed him. I couldn’t really pin beşiktaş escort down the logic of it, not now or ever. But it kind of chokes me silly. He opened the cage and I crawled in. I don’t like closed places all that much. I’d tell him if I can no longer take it, but I never really had to because he seems to know just the point when to get me out. Always. “This is not going to be about you today. You don’t deserve it.””I understand, sir.””You had no right to harm yourself. You knew enough to be mindful and not get hurt like that. “”I should have been more careful, sir.” “Kneel, and open up”And I did. I pushed myself up on my hands and opened my mouth. His dick slapped my face a good six times before I was fed its tip. I sucked at it. Licking, lathering it up with my tongue. He began to move himself against my mouth, an inch a thrust it went. He fist my hair when I’d come halfway and started thrusting into my mouth earnestly. His hold unforgiving. My breathing became erratic, I held the cage for my balance. His fist guided my face over his cock, balls and down to his anus. I licked a straight line from the tip of his cock to his asshole. I tongued it, rimmed and nibbled at the skin. He groaned. I shivered a bit. “You are not allowed to cum. Do you understand?””Yes, sir. I understand.” I wheezed the words out rather talking. He dragged me back, his another hand beylikdüzü escort cupped my chin. “Open up wide. And you’re not to miss a drop.” I nodded, with him full inside my mouth. “Do you understand?” He growled the words. His hand slapping at my tits. I gasped around his cock in surprise. But nodded again. He hit the back of my throat and held still, I gagged around him. He pulled back and I breathed in, my hold tightened over the cage’s frame. His hand came down to slap at my tits again, he caught my left nipple in a pinch and held it. Twisting it. My balance writhed in his hold. I was slipping. He then went on to fuck my mouth, the thrusts came fast and harder still. His breath lost its rhythm as mine. I knew he was close. I was too, and I had to get every bit of my wit to not let lose and cum. His hand released my nipples, slapped my right tit and came around my chin once again, and he held hitting my throat. I felt his weight on my tongue, I got how he shuddered and then he started to cum. I tried not to choke and swallow fast. But he pulled out not completely done, and his hand lifted my chin up to him so he could finish on my face. His hands left me. And the room was silent again. I then heard our breaths, his footsteps, the rustle and everything. I sighed to have had the sound back, the silence fade.I felt his hand on my shoulder, he didn’t pick me up. He held me still, and I felt something cool touch my chest. He wrote on me. This was a first he’s doing it. I followed the letters, part curious and part excited. It read ‘CUM SLUT’The last thing I heard, before he pulled my blindfold off were cellphone camera clicks. No, that wasn’t the end. It was the start of a very elaborate to be punishment.I knew.



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