It had been a tough year for my business. Every time we thought we had hit bottom, some new twist would put more pressure on us, forcing round after round of layoffs until I finally closed the office and began working from home. I felt terrible about losing the friends and colleagues I had developed over the years and it was frankly depressing.

Working from home wasn’t all bad though. There is a lot to be said for the freedom a one man shop offers.

During one of the many quiet moments I had early in December I wrote a quick note to many of my former colleagues wishing everyone a happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

Moments after I had sent the emails out, I received a reply from our former CFO Mary.

Mary was one of several women in our office but she was the one that I caught myself fantasizing about most often. She was tall and slim with piercing blue eyes and long brown hair that glowed with an amazing red fire when the sunlight hit it.

Being the CFO she was very conservative in manner and dress; which added to my fantasy about what she looked like underneath the sweaters which she routinely wore almost as a uniform. Occasionally she’d leave the top button undone giving me a glimpse into that secret world leading down between her breasts.

On the rare occasions Mary would have a glass of wine after work, she’d smile and laugh in a way that lit up the room, but all too soon she’d catch herself and before long she’d head home to her husband who I’d only met once, and wasn’t very impressed with.

Alas, workplace propriety and the fact that she was married kept me from ever pursuing her any further than masturbation fantasies.

At first I didn’t recognize the name when her response came in. The name read Mary Stone. I remembered that Stone was Mary’s maiden name. I thought ‘wow, I guess things have changed in the last six months’.

I opened the email and it read: I was just thinking about you the other day! Hope you are doing well too! -Mary

I quickly shot back an email saying that ‘I hoped she was thinking good thoughts’, almost immediately she replied ‘Always…’

I tried to get some work done but it was no use. The old fantasies had crowded out any room for work, so I crafted an email re-writing it over and over. I felt like Shakespeare working on a sonnet, but my masterpiece ended up reading, simply: ‘Would you like to go to lunch and catch up some time?’

Not quite D. H. Lawrence, I know.

The reply came quickly. ‘I’m free today’. Four syllables that were as sweet to me, as any line transmitted via Ethernet.

Two hours later I walked into the restaurant we used to take clients to. I had shaved (first time in days) and put on a suit (first time in months) and was feeling pretty good.

There she was. Standing by the hostess station smiling. The red in her hair blazed, and her eyes dragged me in. She was wearing her usual sweater with a green and red Christmas vib, however this sweater was much tighter than any I had remembered. Her cleavage was clearly visible forced up by a push up bra that I could just see a hint of.

“Hi, wow.” I stammered.

“Hi, you look great.” Mary replied.

We had an awkward handshake/hug that felt pretty good in spite of its clumsy execution.

We sat at a table and smiled at each other for a moment, I was afraid to break the spell, and she seemed happy to enjoy the anticipation. The spell was broken, not by me but by the server as she asked us for our drink order. I was caught off guard and was happy to let Mary order first.

She said, “I think… I’d like a glass of champagne, the Roerder.”

The server turned to me and I said “Why don’t we share a bottle?”

“Why not? A bottle it is.” Mary agreed.

We spent the next few minutes quickly recapping the last few depressing months. I told her how bad I felt about the company failure, and she told me about walking in on her husband with his assistant.

Her story though rather than depressing was liberating. Like the song says, she let herself go… to Hawaii. She spent time doing things for herself.

We shared the champagne as she told me stories of her adventures and as the champagne disappeared the stories became more intimate.

Mary told me that before she had married she had only had three lovers, and in the last five months she has had six. One of them she confided was a true one night stand, a man she had met in the bar across the street; she had even had to perform the walk of shame the next morning.

As she spoke she’d lean close to half whisper and her breasts would be shoved together and towards me. I could feel my temperature rise, and I could feel my cock take notice.

She went on to tell me how she felt like a new person. She felt comfortable with herself and for the first time in a long time she was really happy. She was exploring in a way she hadn’t since she was a teen.

When she finished she stared at me and smiled, studying my face, still leaning canlı bahis şirketleri across the table, still pressing her amazing breasts together.

I leaned across the table and kissed her.

I think she was surprised, but only for a moment. Her lips melted into mine and the kiss went from contact to passionate in moments flat.

I paid the bill (I think) and in moments we were opening the door to her apartment. We stepped inside and as soon as we did she turned on me and stepped close, I fell back against the door forcing it shut with a bang. We stood there kissing and hugging. Our lips pressed against each other exploring and probing. I touched her lips with my tongue and they parted. I tasted her lips; the hint of champagne and of her warmth invited me deeper. Her tongue teased mine for a moment then attacked. We tasted each other and she forced her tongue deep into my mouth I held her face against mine and I felt her hands on my chest.

She broke the kiss and began to push away. I was still leaning against the door and as she turned away from me I grabbed her hips and pulled her back against me. She let out a surprised ‘ooh’ as her amazing ass came into contact with my crotch. I held her hips there against me pulling them against my raging hard on. She leaned forward, arching her back and began to grind her ass against me. Her hips moved in powerful circles then up and down.

“Do you like that?” She said looking back to me.

“Yes, it’s incredible, God don’t stop.” I replied.

She said “I went to a strip club and I saw what the girls there would do. It was a total fucking turn on.”

As she said that she bounced against me.

To hear her say ‘fuck’ was too much. I had never heard her swear before. My hands roamed over her back. I took a handful of her long brown hair and pulled. It caused her back to arch further and increased the pressure on my groin.

“Yes” she hissed “I love that.”

I pulled her hair harder, bending her towards me. I let my free hand run over her hip and her side then over the magically soft sweater to her chest. I felt the base of her tit and the hardware of her bra, and then I felt up and over, exploring the mysterious shape of the chest I had fantasized about so often.

She kept grinding as though music were playing and I kept exploring every inch of her chest.

“Come on.” She said. I need to fuck you so bad.

This time I let her break contact, although she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bedroom.

She stood by the bed and began to pull her sweater off. She stopped half way and stared at me.

“Well” she said expectantly.

I got her meaning and dropped my coat and began stripping as she revealed more and more to me. The sweater removed, revealed a beautiful porcelain skin tone, unmarred by ink, only a few beauty marks here and there.

Next came the skirt, button, zip, drop, revealing sexy black panties that disappeared between her large firm ass cheeks.

She was impatient and I was falling behind. She stepped close and unclasped my belt and undid the button. She tugged my pants down kneeling as she pushed them down. I stepped free of them as she took hold of my boxers. She pulled them down, slowly at first sliding the fabric over my stiff erection. She pulled and my cock sprung free bobbing lustily before her as she pushed my boxers to the floor.

She looked up at me with a smile. “I like it” she said.

Then Mary took my cock in her hand, stroking it and running her fingers over it. She raked her nails gently down the shaft and over my balls, then stopped and cupped them squeezing gently. She heard my moan and looked up.

“I never used to take the time to explore cock, now I love it.”

I said “Then by all means, explore.” and I put my hand against her head and pressed her close. She pointed my cockhead to her mouth and took me to her lips. I stopped pressing so that she could tease the head with her tongue swirling around, wetting it kissing it, then slowly bobbing her mouth on it. With one hand she stroked the shaft and with the other she squeezed my balls playing me like a musician.

I pulled her against me, and I felt her hands go to my hips, stopping me. She sucked and bobbed, I rotated my hips, fucking her face, taking my cock out to her lips then pulling her mouth onto me again. Each time she’d stop me, until I pulled her onto me and she gagged. She pulled back and looked up with watery eyes.

“I think I need more practice” she said.

I lifted her to her feet and we kissed deeply. Her hand was slowly kneading and stroking my cock.

“I love sucking cock. It turns me on so much. I really love sucking your cock, see?”

She took my hand in hers and pressed my fingers against her panty clad pussy. I love the feel of silky underwear and as she ran my fingers over her I could feel how swollen her labia were and as we slid further between her legs I felt wetness and then how soaked she was. She cooed lustily as we ran canlı kaçak iddaa our knotted fingers over her sodden panties. She guided my fingers and pressed them against her. Her breathing was heavy and she rocked her hips forward trying to give me better access. I felt the blood coursing through my veins and causing my swollen cock to bob in time with my heart beat. I wanted her so badly, and now I was about to have her.

“I’m so wet. God you’ve got me so fucking wet” she whispered. “I want your cock inside me so badly.”

Her hand went back to my cock. I wrapped my hand around hers, and we stood there; me guiding her hand around my throbbing cock stroking and squeezing, and Mary guiding my fingers deftly over her swollen pussy. We rocked and stroked and moaned and swore, until I couldn’t take it any longer.

I lifted my hand from her pussy to my lips. Her scent was intoxicating. I extended my tongue and licked my finger. Mary hungrily leaned forward and sealed her lips over my finger and mouth. I felt her tongue on my fingers as we both devoured her wetness.

I needed more. I moved my hand to her ass, and kissed her deeply, then smacked her butt, feeling the wonderful fleshy sting, and enjoying the sharp crack and her surprised intake of breath. I turned her towards the bed. Unclasping her bra and sliding it from her shoulders. With her back to me I looked down over shoulders and could see her beautiful tits.

Her nipples long and rigid, were begging for attention. I hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them down gently and slowly, delighting in watching the soaked fabric cling to her pink and blossoming pussy lips.

I pushed her, she yelped and fell onto the bed. Her ass was spectacular. Round, muscular and full I could see her ass cheeks tighten and squeeze as she wriggled on the bed. I kneeled behind her and held her hips. Lifting her to her knees, she lifted herself to her hands, and on all fours looked back at me,

“Do you like what you see?” She asked.

“More than you can imagine.” I replied.

I ran my hands over her back and down over her ass. I could see a pink handprint where I smacked her.

“Show me more” I said. “Show me where you want me”.

She lowered her face to the mattress and snaked a hand between her legs, spreading her knees wide. Her fingers slid over her pussy.

“I want you here.” Mary said.

I moved closer. I placed my hands on her ass and my face close enough to take in her amazing scent. Mary continued to run her fingers in circles over her labia. I could see her clit swollen and peeking out from between those heavenly lips. I puckered my lips and blew gently on her pussy. I saw goose bumps erupt over her ass.

“Ohhhhhh” Mary moaned. I saw her fingers pick up the pace, and then spread apart, parting her pussy lips. I blew again and again she moaned. She was now working her pussy quickly. Left and right, left and right, then up and down, up and down. Unable to contain herself I watched as she slid a finger inside her succulent pussy. I almost came as I watched that finger slip inside her and heard a deep moan from Mary.

“That is so fucking hot Mary.” I said.

I moved in and kissed her pussy pressing my face fully against her slippery wet cunt. This drew the loudest moan yet.

“Oooooohhhh God YESSSS” Mary exclaimed. I ran my lips over hers the same way she touched herself. My mouth making circles, then left and right and left and right. Her hips rocked with my movements. Her back arched exposing more of her to me. Her cunt was so swollen that the lips were parting themselves. I moved my mouth up and down, and up and down.

Then I plunged my tongue deep inside her. Mary pressed hard against me crying out, “Oh fuck yes, yes, yes.”

I felt her pussy tighten on my tongue and then tent, trying to take me deep inside her. I swirled my tongue, and rubbed my lips against hers. Her taste was sweet and light, her juices were slick and hot.

I tongue fucked her again and again. My tongue plunged deep, then shallow, then around her cunt in large decadent circles. As I kissed and licked she got back into the action by flicking her fingers against her clit. I lounged and licked her fingers as they played against Mary. I then licked her from her clit, all along her delicious cunt and up between her amazing ass cheeks. I spread her ass cheeks and licked her again from pussy up and to her perfect little asshole. When my tongue swirled over her button, I felt her tense and freeze.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“I’ve never… I’ve never felt that before.” Mary admitted.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Try it again” I heard her say.

I dove back to her pussy kissing and licking and feeling her temperature rise again. I slowly worked my way back to her ass. Then I very gently slid over her asshole. She didn’t say anything so I slid back and lingered. My tongue was pressing more firmly against her ass this time. Her fingers went back to work on her clit. I heard a moan. canlı kaçak bahis She relaxed against me and I swirled my tongue against her butt. Poking and teasing.

Mary moaned “That is good… Oh that is soo good.”

She dipped a finger in her pussy and fucked herself as I wriggled my tongue against her butt.

“Oh, don’t stop. I think I’m gonna cum.” Mary said loudly.

She fucked herself and attacked her clit as I spread her ass cheeks wide and tongued her sweet butt.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” Mary cried.

She froze and I felt her butthole spasm against my tongue, again and again. Mary then went back to frantically rubbing her clit. Her hips began rocking and her ass cheeks squeezed my face tightly.

Her pussy was gushing so I slid down and tasted her cum. Thick sweet pearly juices from deep inside her most private region coated my lips and my tongue.

She slowed her pace and I followed suit, rubbing her ass and kissing her gently.

She took me by surprise as she spun on me. She pulled me close to her by the hair and kissed me.

“I can’t believe that.” Mary said earnestly. “I have never felt that before.”

“Really?” I asked.

“That was incredible. I didn’t know my ass could be so, so, sexy.”

She pulled me up onto the bed.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Mary climbed atop me and kissed me. She pressed her pussy against my pubic bone, my cock tapping against her pussy. I moved my hips trying to get the head of my dick against her, but she kept pulling away.

She sat up and looked down at me.

“I want to make you cum as hard as you made me cum”. Mary said. She squeezed her tits, and forced them together; ll the while grinding against me, with my prick being crushed by her amazing ass.

“Tell me when you are close.” Mary instructed. I nodded.

Mary raised her knees and planted her feet on either side of me. She put a hand on my chest and pressed herself to a squat. She took my cock in her hand and placed me against her pussy lips, stroking the head against her still soaking cunt. Then without warning she dropped down, my cock boring into her. We both had the same automatic inhale followed by a moan.

“Ohhhhh yes.” Mary exclaimed.

She began to bounce. I watched as my cock disappeared and Mary ground against me, then she’d rise up and drop down again. I thrust against her, meeting her as she’d drop down then pulling back as she’d rise. We found a rhythm and rocked against each other.

Mary leaned forward and smothered me with her perfect tit. I sucked her long hard nipple between my lips and flicked my tongue against it.

“Oh fuck.” Mary said.

I ran my hands over her ass and felt her butt tighten as she thrust against me. Mary hugged me tightly against her as I suckled hard on her sweet firm nipple.

I ran a hand between her ass cheeks and pressed a finger against her asshole. This time Mary didn’t freeze, but thrust harder.

“I can’t believe how good that feels! Keep it right there” Mary commanded.

She thrust and rocked, each time her ass pressing a little harder against my finger and her cunt a lot harder on my cock.

“Yes, Yes, YES.” Mary screamed and pressed herself up away from me. Driving down on me, she had her hands on my chest, her tits squeezed seductively between them.

“I’m fucking cumming again!” Mary cried. Grinding and bouncing and grinding again. My cock sliding deep inside her, I felt the raucous spasms of her cunt muscles and it was too much for me.

“Oh God, I’m getting close!” I declared.

Mary’s eyes popped open.

“Tell me, when.” Mary continued to bounce watching me closely.

I Moaned and declared “Yes, Yes, I’m so fucking close!”

Mary quickly pulled herself away from me, my cock popping out of her pussy.

I was shocked, knowing I was at the point of no return I couldn’t stop now. Mary pivoted on the bed and took my cock in her hand, and stroked me furiously.

“Cum for me baby! I want to see it I want to see you cum for me!” Mary exclaimed.

The orgasm exploded from deep inside me. I felt my loins relax then contract as a long stream of cum erupted from my cockhead straight up, then splashing down on my cock and Mary’s hand. She was wide eyed as the next load erupted.

My body was on fire. No one had ever stroked me the way Mary was.

A third stream spumed up and covered Mary’s hand. My load lubricated her frantic stroking until I felt the waves of my orgasm pass.

Mary slowed her pace.

“I wanted to watch you cum, like in a porno. Is that ok?” Mary asked.

“Mary, you can do that to me anytime.”

She collapsed alongside me, still gently kneading my softening cum soaked cock in her hand.

“I can’t believe how good your tongue on my ass felt.” Mary said.

“I can’t believe no one has ever tried that with you. Your butt is amazing.” I replied.

“Thanks” Mary said “I guess I just never trusted anyone; back there. Clearly, I still have a lot of exploring to do.”

Mary and I spent most of the day, and the rest of the week together. Right up until Christmas Eve. She promised we could explore some more Christmas night after she went shopping.

Yes it was a very Mary Christmas.



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