It’s been a long, frustrating, tiring day. You sit through a long dinner with the boys, wishing you could just get back to the hotel and a nice hot shower, but they keep talking and joking around. Finally, the check comes and you see the end close at hand.

You drive back to the hotel and say your goodnights to your coworkers, thankful to be back at the hotel, and even though you are tired, you wish you weren’t going back to an empty room.

You open the door and trudge inside, dropping your laptop case and keys on the table by the door. As you come further into the room, you smell jasmine and lavender. A new smell…wasn’t there when you left that morning. Puzzled, you come further into the room and notice a few candles burning around the small space. You see a bottle of chilled wine and two wine glasses sitting on the nightstand. A smile comes to your face as you realize you have a visitor.

Just at that moment, the bathroom door opens to reveal me, dressed in a black lace teddy with a matching sheer black thigh length robe and black thigh high stockings.

I flash you an evil, yet excited grin, and whisper, “Surprise, Handsome!”

You cross the distance between us in a heartbeat, wrap your arms around me and squeeze me tight. It feels so wonderful to be in your arms again after so long.

I reluctantly break loose and take your hand.

“You need a night of being spoiled.” I lead you to the bed, where I have spread out a few towels to cover the bedspread.

I slowly undress you, letting my fingers trace over your skin very lightly as I lift your shirt over your head. My hands travel down your exquisite body to your jeans. I remove the rest of your clothes without touching you anymore…after all, you’ve got a long night ahead of you…I want you to enjoy every minute of it.

I direct you to the bed and tell you to lie on your stomach. You look at me questionably, but do as I say. I reach to the nightstand and grab the jasmine scented massage oil from the drawer. Next thing you feel is the coolness of my hands as they slide over your back, rubbing in the sweet smelling oil. I work the strained muscles in your neck, rubbing hard to work out the kinks, moving down to your shoulders.

You close your eyes and sigh. Music to my ears. That sigh tells me you are relaxing. I can feel it in your back, your muscles relaxing, the tense knots disappearing under my fingertips.

I move down your back, carefully, not so much kneading as caressing, letting the oil work into your skin as I move lower to your ass, rubbing the oil between the muscular mounds, causing you to gasp and tense slightly. I smile and repeat the motion, now causing you to groan. A new sensation, but one that is very pleasurable.

It is hard for me to move on, but my plan has a long way to go and I can’t be distracted, even though I can feel the heat building within me.

I move down your legs, working the muscles hard again. I memorize each muscle as I work, all the way down to your toes. You start laughing and jerking your legs when I reach your sensitive feet. I make a mental note about ticklish feet with thoughts to future torture and smile.

Once I have massaged every inch of your back, I ask you to roll over. You do so very eagerly and groan, “I thought you’d never ask!” As you situate yourself on your back, I’m overjoyed to see the reaction my attention has drawn. Your beautifully hard cock is standing straight up, almost begging for attention.

Again, I have to be strong and not ruin my plans. I start at your chest, working more oil between my fingers, moving down your arms, your stomach…another mental note…your sides are ticklish too. I work the oil down your stomach to the base of your cock, very careful not to touch the hardness, even though I’m aching to taste you. My fingers slide around your cock, never illegal bahis touching and around to your hips. I then notice that you were holding your breath and released it in a long, disappointed groan once you realized what I wasn’t going to do.

I jump up from the bed, wipe what’s left of the oil off my fingers and pour us each a glass of wine. I tell you to sit up and offer you the wine. I’m having a hard time standing because my legs are shaking so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you as bad as I do right now.

I take a huge gulp of the wine, hoping it will calm me down long enough to get through the evening. I ask you to sit and relax while I disappear into the bathroom. You hear the shower start and see steam come wafting out of the bathroom door. Next you see my hand and arm appear from within the bathroom as my finger is motioning you to come to me.

You saunter into the bathroom, hard cock leading the way. It’s hard for me to concentrate on the task at hand and not stare at your incredible nakedness. You see the tub filled with hot, steaming water and settle into it, letting the water cover you. You lay your head against the back of the tub and close your eyes, feeling totally relaxed. I wash your hair, your face, and your body in a continuation of the massage. You are almost asleep when I smack you on the stomach playfully and tell you to get your lazy ass out of the tub before you DO fall asleep! I pat you dry and lead you back into the bedroom. I turn the covers down and you crawl into bed, lying on your back.

I crawl in next to you and lay my head on your chest, listening to your heart beating. You wrap your arm around me and give me a squeeze. I hear you whisper, “Thank you,” to the top of my head. I lift my head to look into your eyes and slowly lower my lips to yours. “It was my pleasure,” I as my lips touch yours in a soft kiss.

I lay my head back down as my hand caresses your chest and stomach. I hear soft, heavy breathing from you, knowing you have fallen asleep. I smile. The plan worked!

I lift my head and look at you. You look so relaxed, and happy. I can’t help but watch you. My fingers trace your eyebrows, your temple, moving to your hair, your cheek. I can’t help myself.

I finally drift off to sleep in your arms, knowing that it will only be a short catnap before I’ll be awake again.

I wake up an hour later. I slowly sit up, so as not to disturb you. I move the covers off of you so I have access to your whole wonderful body.

Your cock is soft but still unbelievably tempting. I gingerly move down between your legs and move my tongue over your cock, pulling you into my mouth. Instantly I can feel you getting hard and it’s a wonderful feeling! You shift slightly and let out a little moan in your sleep. I smile and continue rolling your semi-hard cock around my tongue. My lips are touching the base of your torso, as you grow larger, and larger. The head of your cock is moving on its own, deeper down my throat. I don’t gag; I just relax and let your cock and my tongue do all the work. Your hips are moving in your sleep, slightly pumping your cock up and down. You taste so incredible.

You groan louder as your cock is now hard as steel and filling my throat. You think you are having a great dream, until you come fully awake and realize its no dream. You gasp when the realization hits you and instantly grab my head and start pumping hard. A shockwave of pleasure hits me when you do, making me throb with wanting you. You feel the pleasure building, can feel the heat rising from deep within. You are thrusting hard and fast in my throat, my groans of pleasure encouraging you. One last thrust and you feel the explosion, can feel my throat constricting around you as you explode deep inside me. I swallow every pulsating drop, sucking on you to draw even the last drop, not wanting illegal bahis siteleri to waste any of it.

As soon as the room stops spinning, you immediately start apologizing for being so forceful. I just smile. You watch me slide my hand between my legs. I bring a glistening finger to you lips and rub the moisture along the inside of your lip.

“Does it taste like you need to apologize?”

I lay back down with a cat-ate-the-canary grin on my face and say, “You know, you better get some sleep. You have to be up early.” You scowl at the top of my head. I can’t see it…but I know its there. “I told you, you are going to be spoiled tonight.”

With your body still throbbing, you fall back to sleep. I listen to your heart beat return to normal and eventually slow as you fall into a deeper sleep.

About ½ hour later, I move down to your cock again, sliding it back into my mouth and bringing it instantly back to life. Within minutes you are hard as steal again and I am smiling. This time, the torture starts!

You awake again, groaning in the sensation my tongue is creating. This time, though, I won’t let you control it. I will make you give in to the pleasure and enjoy…if it takes all night!

You try to grab my head, but I pull off and out of your reach. “Uh-huh…not this time. This time will be long, slow and agonizingly pleasurable!” I move off the bed and reach back into the nightstand. It’s dark. You can’t see what I’m pulling out of my drawer of tricks this time. Until you feel the silky material against your wrist.

You lay calmly as I tie both of your wrists to the bed, giving it a tug to make sure you can’t loosen it. I take a quick peek at your face to make sure you are ok with this and I am greeted by an ear-to-ear grin.

I tie a second scarf as a blindfold around your head, making sure my nipples touch your lips as I lean over you. Your lips instantly close around the already hard nipple, your teeth and lips tugging gently.

Now you are totally at my mercy, lying naked and bound in front of me. And I realize that if I don’t do something soon to ease my own need, the next touch anywhere on my body will result in an explosive orgasm. I straddle your hips, your cock nestle up against the hot wetness of my pussy. You can feel how much I need you and smile. I lean forward and slide my tongue along your lips. Your tongue reaches out to meet mine, but I stop you, telling you that you can’t do anything…nothing…no matter what you feel. You agree and my tongue returns, tracing the outline of your lips, sliding along the inside, around your tongue. I gently suck on your tongue, using the same motions as if I was sucking on your cock. I can feel your hips moving, can feel your cock throbbing hard against my clit. I start rocking my hips as I explore your mouth, rubbing your cock against my sensitive clit.

As I kiss you deeply, I move slightly forward and the head of your cock slides easily inside me. I don’t move. I just enjoy the feeling of you inside me, knowing that you are the only one who can make me feel this way. I slowly lower my hips until you are completely filling me. You gasp against my mouth and I see your arms fighting against the bonds. You try to move your hips, but again I tell you no. I’m enjoying the feeling of you inside me, I want to make it last. I finally begin to move, riding you slowly, raising myself until you are completely out of me, and then lowering myself again. Each time you enter me is like a small orgasm building to a huge explosion.

I sit back and watch you as I ride you. I watch the muscles in your arms straining, trying to get loose, I watch your mouth open and close with each down stroke, watch you bite your lip, watch your Adams apple move frantically as you groan.

I can’t take anymore and start moving harder and faster, riding you hard until canlı bahis siteleri I explode around you. You can feel the spasms on your cock as I cum, almost making you cum.

I move down between your legs once again, knowing that now I can take my time and truly drive you crazy…at least until my need overtakes me again…which it will…

Your cock is glistening with my wetness. My lips slide over the head, my tongue enjoying the taste of the two of us together. I take all of you, making you tense. Once my lips touch the skin around the base of your cock, I stop and hold you there, making swallowing motions so my throat is constricting around you, then slowly slide back up again.

While I’m tormenting your cock, my hand is massaging your thighs, moving to your balls and gently massaging them as well. You feel me get up off the bed and ask me where I’m going. I giggle when I hear the note of frustration and worry in your voice.

I rub some of the massage oil on my hands and move back to the bed. I take you in my mouth with force, making you inhale sharply, and fuck you hard with my mouth and throat. My hand slides under you and massages your ass. You still for a moment when you feel my fingers slide easily between the mounds of your ass. I feel your hesitation and whisper, “Trust me.”

You instantly relax and let me continue.

As my mouth and tongue are sliding on your cock, my fingers are gently rubbing between your ass cheeks. I find the sensitive opening and circle my finger around the rim. I can feel your cock grow even harder in my mouth as the incredible dual sensations overcome you. I slow my mouth and tongue because I can sense that you are extremely close to cumming and I’m not finished yet!

I pull off of you and just let my tongue move on your cock, circling the head and then licking from top to bottom and then back up again. My finger still gently caressing and adding gentle pressure.

I’m watching you the whole time, though you are so lost in the feeling, you wouldn’t notice even if you weren’t blindfolded. This is what I wanted. I wanted you to let go and know that its ok. It’s more than ok. It turns on every switch I’ve got, until I am throbbing so hard, I can feel my juices dripping down my leg.

I let my tongue circle around the head of your cock one last time before I thrust you deep in my throat in one quick thrust. At the same time, I slide my finger inside you, causing you to buck your hips hard off the bed, which pushes you even deeper in my throat. I hold you there, not moving my mouth or my finger, letting you get used to this new feeling before I move.

Your hips lower slightly and I hear an animal growl come from deep within you, your cock throbbing hard against my tongue. I slowly slide my finger out and once again circle the rim gently. I swallow your cock once more, knowing that you are ready to explode. I slide my finger inside you once more and this time, slide it in and out with the same rythym that my mouth is moving on you. I can hear the material of the scarves ripping as you tear your arms free and instantly I feel your fingers in my hair, pushing my head hard down on you.

I’m groaning against your cock, the vibrations causing even more sensations to drive you wild. You are grunting with each thrust of your cock, a gutteral, animal sound that hits the very center of my being, telling me that you are out of control, letting the sensations drive you.

You thrust hard one last time as I feel your cum shoot down my throat with incredible force. You are holding my head so hard and tight against you that I can’t breath, but I don’t care…I just want more of you….

I feel your grip loosen and your hand drop to your sides. I slide up your body until we are nose to nose and I’m looking into your incredibly beautiful eyes. You don’t say anything, but your kiss tells me everything. I lay my head on your chest and smile, satisfied with how my plan worked.

Then a smile comes to my lips as I think how much fun I’m going to have waking you up for work in just a few short hours…..



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