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A little tied upTHIS HAPPENED IN 1997Donna and I were on holiday in Spain when over dinner she said “I want you to tie me up go away for a while then sneak back and fuck me”, as we had twin beds in our hotel I thought ‘why not’. The following day we’d been around the pool and as we headed up to our room she said “Now”, we’d had a shower as she laid on the bed looking sexy.I tied her wrists loosely but firm to the bed poles, then her ankles to the bottom of the bed, she was laid there in her birthday suit, her thighs wide open, then I slipped her bedtime mask over her eyes. I said “I’m going for a cig I’ll be back soon Ok” she replied “Ok but don’t be too long”, as I made my way out of the door I walked back and licked her she moaned.Downstairs I got talking to another man, he was Mike and he hadn’t had sex for ten years, his wife went off it after an operation and now she just wanks him off now and then. As I were telling him about our sex life he said “You lucky bastard” and that got me thinking. I said to him “Where’s your wife?” and he said “Having a lie down”.I said “Then come upstairs with me” and he nearly choked on his drink, “What now” he said, “Yes right now” he looked and then said “Ok”. As we made our way upstairs I told him “She likes anal are you Ok with that” he acknowledged that he was. “When we get in the room don’t say anything and get şişli escort undressed in the bathroom I need to see you first”.I opened the door and we walked in, Donna said “About fucking time” I turned to mike and said quietly “Shhhhhh”, as I walked over to where Donna was lying I looked at her pussy and could see her juices were visible, I bent down and gave her a quick lick and she squirmed. “I’ll just be a minute” I said as I motioned for Mike to go in the bathroom.When we were in I said “Strip off then” as he took his shirt off and then his shorts I could see he had a large cock. I stripped off and was rock hard, my 6” stuck in the air, he pulled his undies down and he was also rock hard, I gripped his cock and he looked at me, “Just testing” I said as I smiled at his 8”, “Now go in there and lick her”.We walked in and mike knelt down at the foot of the bed and ran his tongue over her clitoris, she jumped and moaned, I stood watching for a minute as Mike licked my wife. I then got on the bed and ran my cock over her lips she said “Who are you” and I said “It’s me” and she said “Who’s licking me then” and I said “Just enjoy” as she moaned some more.After only around five minutes I knew she was coming as she tried to move around the bed as mike licked her off, then suddenly I knew this was her time I pulled my cock out of her mouth mecidiyeköy escort as she screamed her climax and released a fountain of juice from deep within her pussy which splattered on Mike’s face.He looked at me and I said “Fuck her” his cock was still stood upwards as he guided himself into Donna’s waiting warm wet cunt, she groaned loudly as he entered her and thrust upwards, his 8” glided up her love channel as I slotted my cock back in her mouth, fucking her mouth was difficult as she wasn’t using her hands and the position wasn’t right.I reached over and untied her wrists, as soon as I’d done it she slipped the mask off and looked at Mike who was shagging her hard, she looked at me and then grabbed my cock and licked me properly, then she started to groan in the fashion that told me she was coming again, I turned around and she and I got in a 69.As Mike thumped her cunt I placed my tongue on her clit. Come! She came in a massive orgasm, letting go of me she groaned and screamed at the same time as my tongue licked furiously as Mike slammed into her. Looking at Mike’s face I knew he wasn’t far away, I said “Mike pull out and give yourself a couple of minutes, he did and all Donna’s cream was on his cock.I got off and untied her ankles as she recovered from her climax, turning her onto her knees I slotted into her wet esenyurt escort pussy as she rode me on top, her tits swinging in my face her eyes were shut as she fucked me. Then I said “Come on Mike you know what” as Mike approached her he bent forward and licked her ass, she moaned again.Holding his cock he rubbed her ass and slipped in so easily, he lunged forward and she screamed out “Uuuuugggggggghhhhh” as Mike fucked her ass as I fucked her cunt. To be honest I was surprised at how short a time it took Mike, after only a few dozen strokes he announced “God I’m coming” as neither of said anything it was soon evident that he was spunking inside her ass.As Donna groaned Mike stood up and gasped as Donna said “Oh my God” as she got off me I pushed her onto her back as spunk dripped out of her ass and re-entered her cunt, fucking her hard I knew I wouldn’t last too long myself. “Rub her clit” I shouted to Mike, who reached over and rubbed her as I started to speed up.I knew she was close again, “Faster” I said and as Mike moved his fingers rapidly she bubbled up, then burst as she squealed out as I tipped and started to cum, my seed was quick and thick as it shot up her chunnel as she subsided Mike removed his fingers which were sticky with Donna’s juices. Donna laid flat out on the bed breathing heavily.I stood up and said to Mike “We’ll see you later” and as he walked out of the bathroom after getting dressed he said “You won’t tell my wife will you” I said “No of course not”. Donna and I started snogging and as I laid on the bed she started to lick her juice off my cock and it wasn’t too long until we were back in a 69.



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