It was a rainy and cold day. The kind of day that makes your bones ache and where you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed. However, our time together is limited and since we don’t control the weather we had to make due. The sound of the rain on the roof of the tiny cabin we were in was actually kind of relaxing. The darkness of the clouds also set a different mood than last time we were together and the sun permeated every corner of the small room.

Last time we were together was fantastic, sexually. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it actually. Perhaps the only fault was that it was so good I knew the second time would be almost intimidating. You’re so kind that I’m sure you would have said we could do the exact same routine and you’d be more than happy with it. Truth be told, I probably would be too. But from the moment you left last time, my mind had been racing… trying to figure out what we would do next. That was why I had asked you to knit me a little something.

“How’d it come out?” I asked.

“It will do the job.” you replied with a slight smirk on your face.

You reached in your bag and pulled out your knitted creation. In the past I’ve always admired what you could create with you hands and this time was no exception. You had knitted us a combination blindfold/restraint. Basically it was a long soft scarf like creation but on each end you had sewn on two fairly good sized buttons. The buttons could be pushed through the knitting to secure it around ones head. Alternatively, they could be wrapped around ones wrists and used as knitted hand cuffs. Nothing too restraining, they could be easily slipped out of but we both got the idea.

“Perfect!” I replied excitedly. “You do some very nice work with those hands.”

“I do!” you said confidently. “But between this weather and all the knitting I’ve been doing around the holidays it’s really started to bother my hands” You added, while rubbing your hands a bit.

“Why don’t you let me rub them for a bit?” I replied as we walked over to the bed and sat down.

Giving you a full body massage had been in my plans all along but this seemed like an easier segue into that than I had planned.

“Let me see” I said while motioning towards your hands.

I held your hand with both of mine, using my thumbs to firmly massage your palm. Then I worked my way out each of your fingers.

“Let me see your other hand?” I asked. But bringing it across your body would have been a bit awkward. “Maybe you should just lay down” I added a bit nervously. You did as I asked but now my trepid mind was left wondering if I should move around to the other side or just climb right on top of you. I managed to finally convince myself that you wanted all of this just as much as I did and I decided to just climb over and straddle you. You put your hand on the small of your back and again I grasped it with both hands. Massaging your tissue deeply and working my way to your finger tips.

“You know if you wanted, we could get these cloths off you and I could do the rest of your body?” That just came out of my mouth before I had time to think and over think.

You reached up on your back and pulled your shirt off and bakırköy escort over your head. Your bra was off in short order also. I figured to be fair I should probably remove my clothing as well so I momentarily got off you. I stripped down to nothing while watching you shimmy out of your jeans. You weren’t facing me but I could tell you were enjoying the slight tease you were giving me while they were coming off. Then without much fuss you plunked silently back down on the bed. I took a second to take in your body. Your hair off to one side and your milky white skin. I had watched enough porn in my life to know where this would eventually lead but I was determined to take my time.

Moving back on top of you I settled down near your thighs, my shaved balls nestling between them and fairly rigid member resting between the checks of your ass. I reached over to my phone and put one some soft relaxing music. Then my hands found their way to your shoulders. My strong hands dug into your muscles, kneading them like clay. We did that for a bit and I worked my thumbs up along your shoulder blades and to your neck. Forcefully working them deeper and deeper. A few times you let out an involuntary soft moan. I was enjoying making you happy and having the chance to run my hands all over your gorgeous body was certainly making my day as well. I know you, like everyone, has their insecurities but looking at your body alone was more than enough to get me hard.

After working on your neck for a while I ran my hands down the back of your arms and then down to the small of your back. With my hands just above your hips I grabbed on and then forced my thumbs into the muscles just above your ass. You had a lot of stress there and your back was very stiff.

By this point my cock was achingly hard. I thought about trying to slip it in you but I was determined to tease you a bit and finish what I had started.

When I was satisfied your back had received enough attention I shifted down your body a bit more. Now I was over your calves and before me was a sight that tested my self control. When I had moved down you had spread your legs, just a little bit. I reached forward to the top of your left thigh and grabbed it with both hands. Thumbs on top and fingers down the side. I deliberately let one finger trace from your clit and over pussy’s lips. Alas, I had a massage to give and I wouldn’t give up no matter how hard you and your body teased me. I worked your thigh and then moved to the opposite one. Again teasing your vagina with a touch. Finally, I moved completely off you and rubbed your calves. They probably received the least amount of attention of any part of your body but my horny-ness was getting the better of me.

“Okay, now the front.” you suddenly blurted out. Something I was not completely expecting but at the same time I was not going to complain at all.

“And hand me my bag, please” you added. I gave you your bag and you removed your knitted creation and another item. You placed the blindfold over your eyes and around your head before asking for some help to button it, which I did. If you really wanted to I’m sure you could have seen out of it through the knitting but beşiktaş escort the symbolism of it all turned us both on.

I really didn’t know what to do. Stay off to the side, climb on top of you again? I made the decision to mount you again placed your hands over your head. My hard cock rests against your stomach. I held you by the wrists for a moment and then kissed you on the lips. I pulled back a bit and your lips opened, begging for another. I gave you another peck to tease you and you grinned with appreciation. Then we locked lips and kissed much deeper. My left arm kept your armed pinned but my right hand gently touched the side of your face and pulled you closer. I was really starting to find it difficult to keep myself composed.

When our lips parted I grabbed your wrist again and pressed my dick harder against your body. I wanted you to know just what you were doing to me. As I started to sit up I traced my fingers from your palms, over your wrists and down your arms. My full hands ran over your neck and collar bones before finding your breasts. I scooped them both up gently and suckled on them. My tongue ran circles around the nipple of your right breast while I gently pinched your left. I alternated back and forth, my warm heavy breath falling on your breasts as I did. Your hips press up against me, wanting for more.

Trying my best to complete the massage I finally give up my hold on your breasts. I sit up a bit so I can massage the front of your thighs but as I do you spread your legs and I know what you really want. I sit back down between your legs with the tip of my dick at your entrance. Pressing forward a tiny bit I part your lips and my tip is soon covered in your wetness. I rub it up and down your slit, enjoying the warmth and slickness.

I put my cock at your entrance and begin to push inside but to my surprise you pull back before I can get in. Confused I notice you fumble in the sheets for the other item you brought. I hadn’t gotten a good look at it the first when you took out the other item but somewhat to my surprise you produce a small-ish sized vibrator and hand it to me. No instructions come from your mouth. I manage to figure out how to turn it on. The buzzing sound seems amplified in such a small room as the music dips from one song to the next. I place the vibrator on your clit and run it down your wet slit and then inside you. The sight of the small plastic toy spreading your pussy open is so erotic. I push it in as far as I can go, your juices covering my fingers a bit. But I want a turn in you too! I withdraw the vibrator and replace it with my cock, sinking about half it’s length into your waiting pussy. The extra girth stretches you a bit more than the toy and I can tell by the look on your blindfolded face that you’re enjoying every bit of it. I return the vibrator to your clit and start to rhythmically insert and withdraw my penis from your vagina. The vibrations traveling through your body to my cock make the experience all the more tantalizing. Your hips begin to buck with each thrust and before long the warm rush of orgasm washes over your body.

Finally, I remove the toy and press forward my cock completely inside of you. beylikdüzü escort So warm, so wet. I grab your thighs and pound you hard. Almost as if I’m punishing you for all this teasing. Grinding my dick and pressing every last inch inside you. Your breasts bounce back and forth to the pounding and you reach up with one hand to pinch a nipple. Then I remember, that blind fold can be used as handcuffs too.

My cock pounds into you one last firm time and then I pull it from your wet hole. You gasp at the sudden emptiness. I lean forward remove the blindfold.

“Do you trust me?” I ask.

“Yes” you murmur, seemingly cock drunk from what’s been done to you.

“Why don’t you roll over for me?” More of an order than a question but you quickly do as your told.

“And put this under your hips.” I tell you. You simply do as your told and in short order the pillow is under you.

It elevates your body to just the right position and I straddle you again. I gently and carefully take one arm and place it on your back, then wrap the knitted creation around your wrist and fasten it loosely with a button. Your other arm gets the same treatment and your arms are now bound behind your back. Your ass is pointed up, helplessly, due to the pillow.

Now that I have you where and how I want you, I find your toy again. It clicks on and your pretty face which was buried against the bed opens an eye.

“Don’t worry” I say softly. And you don’t, closing your eye again.

The vibrator runs up and down your pussy a few times before I push it just between your lips. I let it settle over your clit for a bit and then bring it back up and work it in and out of your hole for a bit. You’re soaking wet which is perfect for what I have planned. I pull the toy out of your body and then up to your asshole. It vibrates there for a bit but before it dries out I slip the tip in. Sensing no protest on your part I twist it in deeper and leave it there.

Then I line my cock up again with your body and place my cock between your lips. I rub it up and down coating it in your juices. I deliberately run it under your body, pressing firmly against your clit. Then I grab it with my hand it guide it inside you. Even with just the tip inside you I can feel the vibrator in your body. The sight of you being double penetrated is pretty hot.

My hands grasp you by the hips and I drive my cock into you over and over. My shaved balls bouncing off your ass. I pick up my pace a bit and you start to force your hips and ass back at me a bit.

“I’m cumming” you barely let the words out of your mouth. “Fill me, fill my pussy with your hot cum” you manage to get out.

I don’t need to be told twice and the fact that you said that was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever heard come out of those sweet lips of yours. I grab your hips and force my dick into your depths. I can feel the warm shot of cum empty out just as clearly as I can feel the vibrations on the shaft of my rod. My cock is still buried in you as I place the rest of my sticky white load against your cervix. It is a while before I release my grip on your hips. Still inside you I remove your “handcuffs” and gently kiss your back. I remove the vibrator and finally withdraw my penis. A small amount of my semen seeps back out between your lips.

Both exhausted we collapse onto the bed. While I catch my breath you cuddle my side, my arm around your body. I pull the covers over us. It’s still early in the day, lets take a nap and do this again…



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