Having turned 18 and in the last few months of Sixth Form I felt quietly confident about life and my future. University beckoned with the freedom and fun (and sex hopefully) that that entailed.

Plus, today there were no classes, a trip had been organised to the theatre to see Henry IV Part One. The A level English students were studying it and although I wasn’t doing that course my form teacher Miss Summers was teaching it so when a place came open, she offered it first to us and I put my name forward and got it. Better than a day of lessons I thought.

It was a Matinee performance, so we headed off after lunch on the minibus to the theatre, a trip of around twenty miles. As I got on the bus, I noticed that all the others were girls (Donna, Rhonda, Debbie, Carrie, Louise and Nicola), it never crossed my mind that I’d be the only boy there. The two teachers were, Miss Summers and driving was Miss Frost. Miss Frost was a PE teacher and my first form teacher when I started at the school over five years ago. I had a bit of a crush on her back in the day, she wasn’t exactly pretty but she had that stern streak that all good PE teachers had and I found fascinating in her.

I knew nothing of the play so on the way I found out a few details that would make watching it a bit easier and also that it was being performed ‘in the round’, which I found out meant the play was being performed in a circle in the centre of the theatre with the audience all around this circle, which actually sounded quite good to me.

The journey also gave me chance to ogle the girls a bit. We were all in our sixth form uniforms, but they weren’t a bad design, white shirt and tie, black jumper and grey or black trousers for the boys and white blouse, black cardigan or jumper and black skirt for the girls. The girls weren’t allowed very short skirts, but Donna and Nicola had ones there were just above the knee and both also worn those patterned tights that I found so attractive. All in all, a good trip, and not much traffic either.

Arriving at the theatre we quickly took our seat, luckily, we had front row ones, though to be fair the theatre looked only about half full. Waiting for the lights to go out and the play to begin I looked across the circular stage to the people sitting opposite. Seemed to be another group, possibly school group but they weren’t in any kind of uniform and they did look slightly older, so they could have been a university or collage group. Whilst I was wondering this directly opposite me the finest pair of legs I had ever seen took her seat. Long, slim with a skirt much shorter than any of the girls in my group, she crossed them and settled back in her chair.

After several seconds of staring at her legs I slowly moved my gaze upwards. She was gorgeous, short black hair, beautiful face, lovely eyes that were … looking straight at me! Oh dear, I felt myself turning red and looked away. I sideways glanced at her to she if she had looked away, but she was still looking, and noticing me glance back at her she raised her eyebrows, seeming to say ‘Yes, what exactly were you doing there?’ I looked away again, turning an even brighter shade of red.

Donna who was sitting next to me must have noticed what was going on, smirked at me and said ‘Are you OK? You look a little flush there.’

‘Yes, fine it’s just a little hot in here’ I squeaked.

‘Don’t worry, she is quite attractive but try not to stare, it’s not an attractive trait, plus it might make getting up for the interval quite tricky’ she replied, and her eyes glanced down at my crotch.

Instinctively I put my hand across my crotch to cover up which prompted a snigger from Donna.

Her snigger got the attention of Carrie who was sitting next to her, she turned to Donna to see what was so funny and Donna started to whisper in her ear. I heard a stifled giggle from Carrie and she turned to Rhonda and whispered something. ‘Oh great!’ I thought, soon all the minibus will know I’ve got the hots for the girl opposite and I popped an erection without even knowing it. Well all the sixth formers anyway, hopefully that isn’t something they’d share with the teachers. Hopefully…

The play started but honestly, I couldn’t really give it my attention. Although the lights had dimmed, and the stage was the only lit area I could still just about see the girl opposite, her legs illuminated by the low lights around the circle. I found them very distracting and when the lights came on for the interval I was once again caught by her staring at them. Fortunately, I didn’t keep my erection through the entire first half so I quickly stood up and made my way to the bar area.

The rest of the group gathered around after a minute or so and talk started on what they thought of the play so far. The general consensus was that it was pretty good, the acting was excellent and the fact that the stage was so close and ‘in the round’ made it feel all the more real. ‘What did you think Brad?’ enquired Debbie.

‘Err, it’s was menderes escort good yes’ I replied.

‘He doesn’t know if it was any good or not’ Donna stated, ‘He was too busy creeping out the girl opposite.’ She leant in and soft said ‘You were playing with yourself through your pockets weren’t you.’

‘I was not!’ I blurted out, much louder than I intended. Everyone looked at me. I turned red again. Donna let out a sharp laugh.

No one else had heard Donnas comment so they assumed I was replying to her accusation of creeping out the girl. ‘The Lady doth protest to much, methinks’ said Nicola. ‘Very funny, a Shakespeare quote’ I thought. I excused myself and headed to the toilet, didn’t need to go but really wanted to stop my embarrassed face going a deeper shade.

I composed myself for a few minutes then headed back out. The girls were talking as I approached but they stopped as they saw me. Right well that wasn’t strange at all I thought, and I felt a little nervous, but no one said anything and the bell rang to signify the second half was about to start.

I took my seat, noticed that the girl opposite wasn’t there yet, I hoped Donna wasn’t right about me creeping her out. Just before the lights went out, she did appear and took her seat, Carrie also took her seat at around the same time, she smiled at me as she sat down. That was a little worrying as she doesn’t normally smile at me, in fact I was pretty certain she didn’t like me at all. A year or so ago I’d made a flippant comment about ginger people having no soul, it was just to end an amusing story but she took offence, we had a bit of a row, I tried to justify it by saying I didn’t think anyone had a soul anyway but that didn’t really help. Since then we had hardly spoken.

As the lights went out, I chanced a look at the girl opposite, wait did she wink at me! The lights dimmed but I’m sure she did. Maybe she hadn’t been creeped out at all, maybe she liked me looking at her, maybe I could talk to her after the play, maybe I’d get her phone number and we could chat and go out, maybe she’d be my girlfriend and we’d have… ‘Michael!’ hissed Donna. ‘Eh, what?’ I looked confused, opened my eyes and saw Miss Frost in the seat behind looking down at me. I’d slid back in the seat and my feet were about to kick one of the lights. ‘Sorry!’ I quickly straightened up and looked directly ahead.

The second part of the play went by, I tried to follow it, but I’d missed too much in the first part to really know what was going on, plus I kept glancing at those legs.

When the play ended Miss, Summers asked us to remain in the seats whilst she and Miss Frost went off to speak to the manager of the theatre about booking her fifth form class in. I watched everyone trail out of the theatre, watched those legs disappear through the exit. Oh well I thought, probably never see her again now, why couldn’t we leave with everyone else and just meet up at the minibus?

After about ten minutes I started to feel the need to use the toilet, I looked around for Miss Summers, but she wasn’t around. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer so got up to go. ‘Where are off to? We are supposed to wait here.’ Said Carrie. ‘I need the toilet, I won’t be long.’ I replied and walk out through the exit. There was no one around, trying to get away before the rush hour started, I guess.

I found the toilet and was out again in a few minutes. Standing in the corridor was the girl with the lovely legs. I looked a bit shocked and stood still, not knowing what to do. She winked at me, I hadn’t imagined it, she did like me… then she started screaming ‘Pervert! Get out, you filthy pig! Help!’ I stood motionless, not knowing what was happening. Her screams got the attention of Miss Summers, Miss Frost and a lady I assumed was the theatre manager and they appeared from around the corner to see what was going on.

‘What is going on Anne?’ the manageress asked.

‘This pervert was spying on me in the ladies toilet mother.’

Mother I thought, she’s the daughter of the theatre manager? ‘I didn’t’ I protested, ‘I went to the gents and came out and she was there and then started screaming for no reason!’ I protested.

A cry of ‘Liar!’ came from further down the corridor. Standing there was Carrie. ‘I saw him dash out from the ladies just after I heard the scream.’ I looked shock and Carrie smirked at me before putting on a fixed face.

The three ladies looked at me ‘What the hell do you think you are doing young man!’ said Miss Summers, her face red with rage. ‘I can only apologise for this behaviour and I can assure you that once we are back I will take this up with the headmaster and punishment will be firm and swift!’

‘Anne darling are you OK?’ said the manageress and she went to put her arms around her daughter.

‘Yes mom, I’m Ok but I have to tell you that this ‘man’ has been ogling me all through the show, he didn’t watch the play he was just staring at me. It really made my escort menderes skin crawl and now this in the toilet, I just don’t think it’s fair that he will get off home scot free.’

‘I understand dear and I do agree, Miss Summers was it? What punishment will the boy get when you get back?’

‘I assume the head will get the cane out for this, even though he’s in the sixth form, and depending on the governor’s decision a suspension or expulsion.’ Miss Summers replied.

Suspension, expulsion! ‘But I didn’t…’ ‘You will be quiet young man, you were seen by Carrie coming out of the ladies toilet and Carrie would have no reason the lie so I recommend you keep quiet if you don’t want to be in any more trouble Mr Bradford!’ Miss Summers said, cutting me short.

‘So’ the manageress said ‘Anne do you think that’s enough punishment for him?’

‘I think the cane would be painful but the expulsion would be terrible for him, it’d ruin his future plans. I think he needs to be taught a lesson but that it shouldn’t go further than these walls.’

‘That’s very thoughtful of you Anne, Miss Summers do you agree?’

‘Well he is normally a very good pupil, not sure what came over him but yes an expulsion would put his A-levels in jeopardy and that would be a shame. If Miss Frost is in agreement we can deal with the issue here?’

Miss Frost looked at me, shock her head and said ‘Yes Miss Summers, we can deal with it here.’

Miss Summers turned to the manageress ‘So Mrs Danes what do you think the punishment should be?’

‘Well it should really be up to Anne I think, Anne?’

‘He needs to be caned, but not just six, six from each of us here, you mum, Miss Summers, Miss Frost, Carrie and myself. The extra caning will make up for the fact he won’t get expelled. I’m sure we have a cane or similar in the props store.’ Carrie had a massive grin on her face but she quickly suppressed it before anyone else could see.

‘But!’ ‘Be quiet young man!’ shouted Miss Summers. ‘A lesson does need to be learnt so yes a caning seems appropriate.’

‘It should be done on the stage, will all his class mates watching. And it needs to be done on his bare backside, in fact he should be completely naked! Let’s see how he like being ogled, hopefully it will teach him so respect for others privacy!’

‘What, no you can’t do this!’ I protested.

‘It’s this or I think I want to involve the police.’ Stated Anne.

‘The police! There’s no need for them to get involved.’ I said in a panicked voice.

‘This or the police young man, your choice!’ said Anne in a voice that sounded like the final say in it.

I looked from one face to another, all had impassive, stern looks on them. It seemed that they had all decided to go with what Anne said. Crestfallen I said ‘Ok’

‘Speak up young man, we can’t hear you.’ Said Miss Frost.

‘Yes Ok.’

‘Yes Ok what?’ Said Miss Summers.

‘Yes Ok, I’ll accept a caning.’ And with that I was marched through onto the stage.

The rest of the girls watched with puzzlement and looked as Miss Summers as she said ‘Ok, settle down girls, now for reasons I won’t go into here Michael has agreed to accept some punishment that will be dealt out by myself, Miss Frost, Mrs Danes the theatre manager, Anne her daughter and Carrie.’ Carrie waved at her fellow students as a smile crept across her face.

‘Michael will receive a caning’ there was a murmur from the girls at this, ‘one his bare backside, so yes before you ask you will all get to see him naked so can I ask we all be mature about this, it’s a lesson he needs to learn but once it is over we will not talk about it again. Is that clear to everyone?’

There was a combine shocked look on the girls faces and then a small smile crept onto a few faces. They all nodded agreement.

Mrs Danes went off to find a cane from the props room. Miss Summers started to speak ‘Ok Michael I know this will be embarrassing for you but you just need to take a few deep breaths to compose yourself and then I want you to start taking your clothes off and folding them neatly and place then to the side. Ok?’

‘Erm, yes Miss Summers I think.’

‘Don’t think Michael, just do it, it will be over quickly if you just do as you’re told.’

‘Yes Ok’ I said quietly and began by taking off my shoes and socks and putting them to the side. My jumper followed next.

Now I am fairly tall at around 6’2″ and I used to sprint for the school a few years ago so I was in OK shape however exposing my chest seemed more embarrassing than my legs so my trousers came down next.

I heard a few cat calls from the seats but I kept my head down as I pulled my trousers off and folded them. ‘Shh!’ I heard Miss Summers say.

I paused for a few seconds, looking down at the stage, I heard footsteps come towards me and Miss Summers quietly say ‘It’ll be all right Michael just breathe and don’t think about it.’ I looked at her and she had a caring, menderes escort bayan sympathetic look. I closed my eyes and removed my shirt. Folding it gave me a little time and the ritual of it seemed to help me calm down.

I stood there in a pair of tight white briefs and looked at the seats where my fellow sixth formers were, they were all silent, just looking at me.

Anne has a smirk on her face, to my shock so did Miss Frost. I turned to Miss Summers and I think I felt a tear forming in one eye. She looked at me and said ‘Just one more item to go, you’re holding up well, come on take them off and it will soon be over.’ I took one more breath and turned away from the stage and dropped my briefs to my ankles. I heard a few gasps as I placed them on the clothes pile and cupped my genitals with both hands before turning back to face everyone.

The silence was broken by Miss Frost ‘Mr Bradford put your hands by your side, naked means naked here, and this is a punishment so do as your told or I’ll confiscate your clothes for the journey back to!’

‘Oh god’ I thought, looking up at the lights above the stage as I left my hands drop to the side.

There was a collective intake of breathe, a moment of silence, and then ‘Oh my god, he’s got a little one!’ exclaimed Debbie. That broke the moment and people started laughing, I heard ‘Pathetic!’, ‘Like an Acorn’ and ‘Good job I bought my glasses!’ amongst other things.

Totally shocked and embarrassed, I wasn’t that small was I, I thought I was a little smaller than the guys in the showers but not that much smaller? I instinctively cupped by bits again.

‘Hands!’ shouted Miss Frost and I let them drop again.

I looked at Miss Summers who was standing next to me. Her face was looking directly at my penis, she looked up with a small grin and said ‘Well I didn’t think you’d have a small one. Tiny cocks always look funnier on big tall men.’

Anne came up on stage, she bent down to get a closer look ‘Couldn’t see it very well from all the way over there. I can see why you stare at women, you’d have no confidence to approach them with that dinky little things in you pants.’ I looked down at her crouching there, her skirt had ridden a fair bit up her legs and, oh no! I could feel a twitching in my penis. No, please not now, not here!

‘Oh I think little Boo Boo might be coming out the cave! Looks at this girls, it’s hard to tell I know but I think Michael’s little dicklet might be getting a little excited!’

I tried to concentrate on stopping it, I looked around the Stage, Anne was watching with mirth as I slowly started to get erect, Miss Summers bit her lower lip and whispered ‘Oh dear…’ Miss Frost was laughing and shaking her head ‘How pathetic!’, Louise and Nicola had left the seats for a closer look.

Nicola leaned down to have a good look then said ‘You know Michael I quite fancied you, and I think you like me too, I always wondered why you never asked me out and now I know why! I’d have said yes you know, but not now I know obviously. You better be very good to us from now on or everyone else is going to know your little secret.’

‘Nicola! We said whatever happens in these four walls stays in these four walls.’ Miss Summers said.

‘Oh come on, this little dicked loser isn’t going to do or say anything, are you little Micky?’

I shook my head slowly and noticed I was now fully erect.

Louise sniggered ‘He’s not big enough to make his foreskin pull back over the head!’

At that point the door opened and Mrs Danes walked back in carrying a wooden spoon ‘I couldn’t find a cane so I popped to the kitchen and got the biggest spoon I could find, it should do the trick but it is a little short.’

‘It certainly is mother, come and have a look at little Michael in all his glory!.’ Anne said.

Mrs Danes walked onto the stage and covered her mouth to supress a laugh. ‘Oh my lord, it’s tiny!’

‘You should have seen it before it got all ‘big’ shouldn’t she little Micky?’

I kept staring down at the stage, I wanted there to be a trap door to end this now.

‘It’s very rude not to look at someone when they talk to you little Micky, so look at me when I do!’ Anne ordered.

I slowly looked up at her now she was standing, facing me.

‘Aww, you’ve gone all red in the face, a little embarrassed are you Micky? Well you should be, it’s shameful to show a lady such a tiny little cocklet. I think you should apologise to everyone for having a such a small cock.’

I looked at her in disbelief, ‘Pardon?’

‘You heard me, apologise to everyone for having such a small cock. Go on.’

‘Erm, I’m sorry for having a small cock.’ I mumbled.

‘No, do it individually, go around to everyone and apologise and also say if you’ve ever thought of them in a dirty way and what it was, it’ll be cathartic for you to get it all out in the open. Start with Miss Summers here. Describe how small you are differently each time too.’

Broken, I turned to face Miss Summers, little cock pointing directly out. ‘I am sorry Miss Summers for having such a small cock. I have thought of you in a dirty way before. I used to think what it would be like see you naked in the form room as we all were in there for the registration period. Sorry.’



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