Richard’s Grey Horse trotted down the crowded London streets, following the path of the mighty Thames. Low clouds hung delicately in the air, whipped into fluffiness by a light breeze as the knight took in his crowded surroundings. Tall, ancient and magnificent buildings rose up from the cobbled streets, sheltering the tinkers and tradesmen trying to sell their wares and services. He was surrounded by the sounds of Smithies and their forges, horses, arguments, the buzz from taverns and the everyday bustle of courtiers and nobles passing through the poorer parts of town on their way to the palaces and official buildings.

Richard was heading for the political region of Westminster, in search of the embassy of the royal court of Madrid. He had recently been mysteriously seduced by Lady Isabella Francisco who somehow knew his name and of his reputation as a gifted lover, and after much contemplation he had decided to find her again in the sprawling stone and thatch animal that was London town. He wanted answers. It was as if she had hunted him down, just to seduce him and had left in the early hours suggesting he follow her. He wanted to go and search for his lost love, Jenny who lived in the country, but curiosity and sheer physical attraction to a woman who had dominated him like no other drew him to the city. He wanted more.

As he approached the centre of the political heart of Westminster, the clothes of the people around him grew finer, more powdered wigs, coats of arms and ornate architecture could be passed in wider, cleaner roads. He stabled his horse at an inn and, still wearing parts of his armour began to wander around, looking up from doorway to doorway to read in heavy, gothic script the names of their occupants. The courts of Florence, Paris, Constantinople and Amsterdam passed by, all adorned with proud, billowing flags and watched over by armed guards in various uniforms. The flag of Madrid was nowhere to be seen and after an hour or so of searching, Richard sat down in an inn, rubbing the coarse stubble on his strong jaw and wondering what he could do next. He contemplated forgetting it all and heading back for Jenny, or retiring to his fathers house for a period of rest. He felt lost and tired.

As he sipped his beer, depressed at the futility of his search a figure in a dark, hooded cloak sat down on the opposite side of his table.

“Senor, you seek Lady Isabella? I can take you to her.” said a female voice, which sounded like it rolled out of an orange grove on sun drenched, Mediterranean foot hills, from beneath the hood. Richard’s eyes stared in shock at the space beneath the hood.

“Who art thou?” he demanded “And how in the seven circles of Hell did thou know of my quest?” The silky Spanish voice, much softer than anything Isabella was capable of replied,

“I am of no importance, but if thou follows me, I will take you to her world.” she stood and walked towards the door as Richard choked down the last of his beer and hurriedly followed her out.

They walked down the streets in silence, gliding in between horses and men, like a determined arrow, intent on fore filling it’s goal without distraction. He passed the same embassies as before and still saw no sign of Madrid’s flag. The caped girl stopped suddenly in the street and motioned Richard down an alleyway, which was dark and pendik escort almost invisible between two other elaborate embassies. He walked down it, now followed by his guide who pointed to an unmarked simple door not more than 20ft down the passage. He knocked, and after a brief interval it opened to reveal darkness behind it. He stepped into the gloom and heard the door close behind him. He stood in pitch for a minute or two, before a thick curtain was swung back to reveal glimmering gold and what must have been a thousand candles illuminating a gloriously decorated tunnel of a room.

After gazing at the room he turned to ask something of his guide, who was nowhere to be seen. He began walking into the room, over warm stone floors, littered with fine silk cushions and beautiful fainting couches with a large bed in the centre. The walls were covered with eastern art in the form of mosaics depicting strange figures doing even stranger things to each other, bending in the most unbelievable positions. Gold leaf and candles floated in large glass bowls, while exotic incense burned by the side of a large pool which dominated the far wall of the room. He stood in the glimmering light and the hot, moist air gazing in disbelief at his sumptuous surroundings.

“It’s not the official reception room, you’ll understand, but my friends prefer less obvious surroundings and a lack of windows.” said Isabella’s voice from behind him. She was nearly naked, except for a bejewelled, gold belt with a long white cotton loincloth flowing between her strong, tanned thighs. Her hair was up, in a bundle of black curls and her large, sumptuous and perfectly formed breasts were oiled and glistened in the bright candle light.

“Who are you?” asked Richard as a group nearly naked figures, both male and female, filtered into the room and took up relaxed positions on the couches around him. Some wore masks while others had had their skin painted in bright patterns.

“You know who I am, Richard, but I think you wanted to ask the question ‘why am I so interested in you?’ Am I right?”

“This is so.” replied Richard stiffly.

“I am renowned throughout the world as a woman of insatiable desires. I have travelled as far as India and committed carnal acts with the most virile and beautiful men who have lived in these times”

Richard listened to Isabella speaking at length of sexual encounters where she claimed to have slept with monsters, taken part in orgies with the rich and powerful and found men with the largest tools and reputations to fore fill all of her wants. She boasted of re-enacting every scene that covered her walls and how she had used her body to make her father powerful.

“I had heard of you, while I was in London. The magnificent Richard of Kent who fucked like a machine and loved like a God. I was not disappointed when we met at the inn, though my spies told me that you were not as concentrated as you would have been.” Richard was bemused to hear of spies, but not too surprised to hear that his reputation had travelled. But now his mind was drawn back to Jenny, who he missed with every second and every fibre of his life. His guilt returned, wishing he had headed back to the farm and made her his wife.

“You’re thinking of young Jenny aren’t you?” asked an almost telepathic kartal escort Isabella.

“How do you know about her?” asked a shocked Richard “I never mentioned her to you.”

“I have many eyes, my dear” said a smug Isabella “Even those in dark barns on lonely farms.” Had there really been someone there, that night? Before Richard had time to absorb this shocking information, the Spanish beauty strolled towards a red, velvet curtain and tugged at a thick rope beside it.

When she tugged, the curtain fell away and to his shock and amazement, there, wearing the same non-uniform as Isabella, was Jenny. Her blonde hair hugged her shoulders and her perfect little breasts gleamed with an almost divine light. Her innocent eyes, darted nervously around the room before they landed on Richard, who stood, mouth open with astonishment.

“Richard!” she shouted and ran towards him. He took her in his arms and held her tightly to his chest, kissing her head as she wrapped her arms around his muscle bound body. Their embrace lasted for some time, before they parted slightly and gazed into each others eyes.

“I wanted to come back to you, but I didn’t want to risk your life…” he started but she put her hand to his lips.

“It’s okay. Isabella has told me everything. I understand.” The two turned to look at Isabella who was now sitting on the large bed in the centre of the room, smiling with devious delight.

“How can we ever thank-you?” asked Richard in naive innocence.

“It is curious that you should mention this, my dear.” said a smug Isabella “I would ask of you, some entertainment. I think you know what I mean.” She rose from the bed and gestured for them to take her place. As the two moved over to the soft, down filled, silk covered mattress, the Lady sat on a fainting couch and clicked her fingers. A woman came over and knelt on the floor in front of her and placed her head beneath the loincloth.

“The stage is yours.”

Richard sat beside Jenny on the bed and cupped one of her exquisite, familiar, little breasts. He leant in to her and kissed her quivering lips, feeling the softness which he had dreamt of ever since that night. Tenderly, he lightly pressed his mouth to hers and she moaned as his thumb circled her nipple. The room melted away as she placed her hand on his leg, and began to stroke his strong thigh. The kisses slowly became more intense, tongues first probing and now exploring willing mouths tasted each other. His fingers tugged at her nipples, making her moan and shudder while her hand moved from his leg to caress his chest.

He pulled off his shirt and loosened his britches while she pulled the belt from her waste. As they continued to kiss, her hand shot down to his trousers and she slowly fondled and caressed his cock. Her warm hand coaxed his piece into life and before long, she was wanking him off as the blood began to harden him. His hand slipped to her side as he slowly leaned her back onto the soft bed, where his long dark hair fell across her face while hers spread over the silken sheets. His hand then found it’s way to her warm, moist pussy. He fondled it’s soft lips and rubbed it with gentle but firm fingers which soon found their way deeper into it’s welcoming heat.

He stood and moved in between her legs before he lowered his maltepe escort head and bent to his knees. He kissed the inside of her thighs while she played with her breasts, purring and giggling to herself. His kisses moved agonisingly close to her crotch before he went back to her inner thigh, building her up slowly before he moved in. His kisses eventually got to her wet cunt where they became tender, probing licks. His hot breath and rough tongue made her instantly soaking and her moans grew louder with every stroke. His lapping got faster and deeper before two of his fingers found their way into her pink space exciting her beyond containment. She came, convulsing on the bed in throws of ecstasy as her sweet nectar ran into his sucking, licking mouth.

As she calmed, she sat up and pulled Richard to standing so that his cock was inches away from her face. She lifted it at the base with one hand and slowly slid the head into her mouth, tickling it with her tongue and sucking it hard. She began to slide it in and out of her mouth, brushing it with her teeth and taking it deeper with each movement. Richard looked up and groaned with comfort and pleasure as she began to take it ever more in her hot mouth. She gagged slightly as it touched the back of her throat, but kept going, harder and faster still while she massaged his balls with her free hand. Richard placed his hands on her head like he had done in the barn. He began to slowly move his hips, fucking her face and growing in excitement.

When he felt he was ready he lifted her up and moved her so she was kneeling on the bed. He placed his hands on her hips and touched the head of his dick to her pussy lips. He slowly pushed his beast inside of her and she came again, fluid trickling down her legs as he pumped slowly, getting deeper inside of her. He grunted. She moaned. His cock pushed into her cunt and she screamed in delight as he moved his hips and squeezed her sides. He began to fuck her hard and she came over and over again, her body responding to her throbbing clitoris and her joy filled heart. His pumping got even faster until she thought she would die of delight before he came. The feeling of his juices mixing with hers made her cum once again and this glorious happening between her legs felt alien but beautiful.

He withdrew and before Richard knew what was happening she had turned around and was sucking their cum from his cock, not wasting a single drop. While she was doing this, the room began to filter back into view. Groups or pairs of people were engaged in sex, and Isabella herself had discarded her woman and was currently sandwiched between two men, filling both of her holes as she came with euphoric shouts, grunts and moans. Richard lifted Jenny up and whispered into her ears

“Our love does not belong in this place. We have paid the woman what we owed, now let us leave in love, before she makes us join this circle” Jenny nodded and ran behind the curtain to put on her clothes while Richard dressed. They met at the door and moved silently through it as the orgy continued.

Two hours later, Isabella lay naked on her couch, reflecting on a good day. The caped girl approached her and knelt in submission to her mistress.

“What news of Kent and the girl, Maria?” asked the fulfilled Isabella.

“They have left London and are heading for the south coast, my Lady. Our agents follow them and will continue to do so until you say otherwise.” said the girl. Isabella chuckled and lent forward so that she kissed the head of Maria.

“Do not worry, my dear. I am sure we shall be seeing more of Richard and his woman. I am sure…”



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