It had been a long week. Eight hour days in trial had forced me to return client calls well into each evening. By the time I arrived home at night I was too tired to do much of anything. On the other hand, I was out of bed every morning before 5:00 a.m. making final preparations for the next day’s events in court.

Finally it was Friday and by 7:00 p.m. I had returned by last call, finished my work and it was time to relax. I was tired. I thought about driving home, but decided I really didn’t feel like being alone for another night. I hadn’t been to the pub at the Black Swan recently and decided to give it a try. The Black Swan is one of Kalamazoo’s finest restaurants but definitely not a place to go alone. Besides, I had little interest in a big fancy meal. Fortunately the Swan also has a small English style pub attached to it. I knew I could get there what I really wanted: a beer, one of their excellent prime rib sandwiches and if I were lucky, maybe a bit of conversation.

I arrived, parked, opened my door, had a second thought, had a third thought and decided, what the Hell, you’ve earned it.

I walked into the pub, found a stool at the bar, and ordered a cold bottle of Paulaner’s Salvator, Germany’s first and only authentic dopplebock. That first long, malty, almost caramel pull, hit the spot so perfectly that it seemed to melt away the long week. A few minutes later after gulping down my last drop of nectar, I closed my eyes and held the cool bottle to my forehead. I stood and literally shook the stress from my body like a dog shaking water from his fur. It was then that I heard a giggle off to my right. I lowered my bottle to the bar and looked over my shoulder to see whom it was who had found my actions so amusing. I found myself staring into a pair of deep blue eyes and two full, smiling lips. Before I could say anything she quipped, “Did you have that bad a day?”

I turned away raising my hand to get Michele, the bartender’s, attention, “Yea, a long week.”

She replied, “Well, watching you was pretty funny.”

Curtly, “That’s exactly what I’m here for . . . your amusement.”

From the corner of my eye I could see the smile leave her face as she fell silent for a moment and then added, “Sorry, didn’t mean to bother you. I was just trying to make a little talk.”

I finally got Michele’s attention and she approached asking, “Another one Jake?”


Out of curiosity I glanced over at Ms. Blue Eyes and secretly gave her the once over. She had turned on her bar stool so she faced away from the bar. Not too bad I thought. Cute face, nice full breasts and she definitely had it going on from the waist down. She wore a clinging navy dress which was just long enough for business purposes and just short enough to make a guy wonder. Her legs were bare, crossed and as my eyes followed the curve of her calf, I caught the matching, heeled sandals. Her hair: full, thick, wavy and red, falling just past her neck. What attracted me most were those legs: very smooth, very toned, and very tanned. It was obvious she took care of them the legs of an athlete. When I looked back up she was staring at me. A shy little tease crossed her lips. I looked away. Michele set the beer in front of me. “I’ll add it to your tab Jake. Oh and by the way,” lowering her voice and nodding her head almost imperceptibly sideways, “she’s a nice lady.”

Looking up and after pausing for a moment, “Thanks Michele.”

After a quick first swig and another lingering glance at those wonderful legs, I finally turned. “Hey listen, we got off on the wrong foot. I’m really sorry about what I said earlier. I’m Jake.”

She gave me one of those quizzical sideways looks and after an uncomfortable moment of silence, she smiled, held out her hand and drawled, “I heard, I’m Suz.”

I smiled and shook her hand. “Glad to meet you Suz and again I apologize for my sour disposition.”

She swivelled on her bar stool so she faced me with those lovely legs crossed in my direction. “Fair enough.”

I just couldn’t canlı bahis help continuing to stare at those long, sexy legs and quickly enough I caught a hint of excitement beginning to stir in my stomach. “What are you drinking? It’s on me.”

A smile, “Oh, Toasted Head chard and thank you.”

I called Michele over and ordered Suz’s wine and a third Salvator for me.

We continued to talk and drink. She was an absolute pleasure, something I hadn’t experienced in way too long. I found myself becoming less inhibited as the evening progressed. [An easy feat sucking down Salvator’s which have an alcohol content almost 50% greater than American beers.] I forgot about the day and actually was beginning to enjoy myself. After an hour or so and another round of drinks the conversation began to rise to a more personal level.

“What excites you?” Suz caught me in the middle of taking a drink as I almost sprayed her with a mouthful of beer.

Wiping my mouth with a napkin and turning to her, “Well lets see, what excites me, hmm: the William Tell Overture, a fine older California cab, a great steak from any Capital Grille, winning almost anything, first kisses and,” pondering for only a moment, “interesting sensuality.”

Suz raised her eyebrows and gave me one of those grins that all guys recognize as being more than just a facial expression, “I like those, especially the last two.”

I stole another long stare at Suz’s legs and realized that some time ago we each had turned on our stools so we were facing each other. I was beginning to wonder if Suz had noticed my staring at her legs when she unexpectedly scooted her chair in closer. Without thinking I spread my legs slightly making room for hers to slide between mine. With her left leg crossed over her right, her knee was mere inches from my groin. She smiled, knowing exactly where she sat, and continued talking to me nonchalantly. I was becoming aroused, what with listening to her beguiling southern drawl, watching her and knowing her leg was almost touching me. She knowingly began swinging her leg ever so slightly, occasionally running her hands up and down her shapely thigh and calf. With Suz’s teasing and my Salvators, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep my mind on our conversation. I also could see Suz’s beginning to take notice of the bulge growing between my legs, as her eyes seemed to be lowered more often than they were looking into my face.

I realized our faces had moved closer and closer to each other as the barroom din had increased.

Without thinking I scooted forward to the very edge of my stool and unexpectedly felt Suz’s knee pressing against me. A gasp of embarrassment escaped my throat at the same time my lips were mere inches from her ear. She responded with a knowing giggle. I pulled back immediately only to see a smile crossing her face as she looked down into my lap. She slowly raised her eyes to meet mine, raised the index finger of her left hand and seductively gestured for me to move closer again.

My heart raced as I leaned in and Suz slid one hand onto each of my shoulders. I felt her press the front of her knee into me as she whispered into my ear, “You’ve been staring at my legs all night long Jake. You tell me now, how does this feel?” She began stroking me up and down by raising and lowering her knee.

Swallowing hard, “I’ve always loved legs and yours are well beyond special. I’m only a guy and I just couldn’t help but stare.” Gaining a bit of confidence, I challenged, “Oh, and if you’re curious, your knee feels absolutely exquisite right now.”

“Jake, you can reach down and touch my legs if you like.”

I pulled back realizing where we were. “Not here, let’s move.” I looked around noticing that the stools at the end of the bar were empty. Taking Suz’s hand I led her to the far end of the bar. We sat, two stools facing each other. Suz smiled slyly and ordered, “Spread ’em. You’re about to get busted.” Reaching down she placed her hands on top of my knees and slowly forced my legs apart. I bahis siteleri wasn’t resisting.

I watched as she stared into my lap, smiled, bit her lower lip in mock concentration, slid her knee back up against me and began moving her knee up and down again. Tilting her head to one side and grinning, she inquired less than sincerely, “How’s that feeling now Jake?”

“Beautiful” as I reached across, slid my hands barely beneath the hem of her dress and felt for the first time the electricity of bare skin against bare skin just above her knee.

Scooting her stool even closer and moving her lips next to my ear, “I see you really are a leg man. I can do this all night you know. It makes me so hot knowing I’m turning you on this way.”

And with that, she continued rubbing me with the front of her knee. I was fully erect and could feel myself aching for release. “So talk to me Jake, tell me what you like about my legs.”

Breathing hard with excitement I was able to respond between gasps, “They’re long and beautiful and tanned and smooth and they’re making such an exquisite motion.”

Suz laughed, “Well they should be. I tend to them every morning and spend as much time in the sun as I can. Judging by that lump in your pants I would say you’re getting pretty hot. I want to hear it from you though Jake. Keep talking.”

I groaned, looking down at her knee as it moved up and down, “Oh my gawd. You have put me right on the edge. That knee of yours is a genius. Don’t stop though, because although I’m on the edge, I can hold it right here for as long as you can stroke it and oh my, does it ever feel good.”

She giggled, “Hmm, I like that, but let’s see if we can’t get you just a little bit hotter.” I watched as the palms of her hands slid slowly along the inside of my trembling thighs right up into my groin. She spread her fingers and began kneading my thighs on either side of her knee. “How’s that feel now Jake? Can you still hold off?” She teased.

Leaning toward her, I raised my hands from her pumping thigh and placed them on top of her shoulders. Gasping into her ear, “I could handle just your knee, but with your hands down there also, my time may be limited.” She giggled again and took me completely by surprise by removing her hands from my thighs and her knee from my groin. Disappointment surged through my mind. Excitement returned a moment later as I watched her slide her dress forward to cover my lap and felt her fingers reach for the tab of my fly and tug. I was unzipped.

“What are you doing? Not here.”

“Come on now Jake. It’ll be all right. It’s dark over here and no one is paying any attention to us and even if they were, they couldn’t see anything. Besides I want to feel that hot cock of yours against my leg. I want to see and feel your cum shoot onto my leg. Don’t you want to feel that too?” Raising my head I looked around. No one was watching.

I lowered my head resting my forehead on Suz’s right shoulder and felt the nails of her teasing fingers as she reached into my open fly with two hands. The sensations of her groping around almost made me cum right there. She turned her lips to my ear, “Aww Jake, you’re wearing Jockey’s aren’t you. That makes it easy. All I need to do is pull down this little elastic band and slide it beneath your balls. Your cock will pop right straight up. Ahh there it is. Got it now.” And out I popped. Hard as a rock.

“Hmm, nice cock you’ve got there Jake.” She teased.

With my cock now fully exposed Suz kept the last three fingers of each hand inside my pants, massaging my balls. She held my cock straight out between both of her index fingers and both of her thumbs and slowly began to jerk me with those four digits. I pulled her dress back on top of myself as she moved her leg back into place and resumed rubbing the head of my cock up and down along the front and top of her smooth knee and along the side of her soft, supple calf. Her fingers continued to knead and pull on my balls. Each time I felt her fingers probe and pull, I felt the urge bahis şirketleri to cum. The skin of her leg rubbing against the sensitive underside of my cock coaxed out a drop of precum, bringing a coo of recognition to Suz’s lips. “There we go Jake. It won’t be long now,” as she dipped a finger to scoop up that glistening droplet and pulled it to her ips. “Umm, tastes great.” I wanted to add “less filling,” but the moment wasn’t quite right. “Your nuts are feeling nice and tight, so full of cum. How are you doing there Jake?”

My breathing labored and my heart raced as I groaned into her neck, “You’ve done it bewitching woman. I’m well past the point of no return and I’m going to cum any second now.” With each pull on my cock and balls I felt the urge to thrust forward.

Suz just giggled, “Your breath is so hot on my neck. Just let it fly big guy. I know you want to, I can feel your cock twitching in my fingers and against my leg. Let it all out. Feel what I’m doing, concentrate on my fingers and my leg.”

Hearing her voice urging me on was all it took. I felt myself losing control. I reached down and cupped her smooth thigh in both my hands feeling her taut muscles flex as she continued moving her leg against my swollen head. All the sensations, her nails against my sac, her fingers against my balls, her leg against my cock, her voice purring in my head were too much for me. My entire body shook uncontrollably. I gripped her thigh tightly. Suz recognized the beginning of my orgasm and gripping my balls, squeeded and pulled. At the same time she pressed the head of my cock into the side of her calf. Whispering now. “I love feeling your shaking right out of control there Jake.”

My first load shot heavily onto her leg. “Very nice Jake. Give me some more babe.” She continued squeezing and pulling on my tight balls and guiding the head of my cock along her leg up to her knee. My body shook again as I shot another rope of cum against her knee, some of it landing on top of her thigh.

“Whoooweee, that was a good one.” I gave her several more shots as she continued jerking me and guiding the head of my cock all along her leg already made slick by my cum.

Finally, my orgasm exhausted, I watched as Suz squeezed both my cock and my balls ensuring that she had drained every last drop of cum from me and onto her leg. Once satisfied she thoroughly had milked me, she tucked my cock neatly back into my pants and zipped me up. She tapped my tired groin lightly with her fingers and announced with another of those sly, teasing grins, “You had a lot in there Jake.”

I leaned back and watched her begin to pick up some napkins from the bar top to clean me from her now drenched leg. I grabbed her wrist. “Stop.” Releasing her wrist I reached to her leg with both hands and running two fingers up her leg, collected most of my cum. Holding my fingers before me, I demanded, “Come here.” She bent her head forward just as I bend mine. Our lips met for the first time around two cum drenched fingers. At first eagerly and then languidly, our tongues licked and cleaned, parried and thrust, teased and excited. In the end, I think Suz may have stolen a drop or two of nectar more than I. Slow and easy, we were two brains fully engrossed in almost indescribable sensations, both physical and mental. It was without doubt one of those first kisses I’d mentioned earlier that excite me.

“Damn that was good. I need another beer.”

Suz laughed running her fingers through my hair, “You really did well Jake. This drink’s on me.”

I reached down placing my hand on her thigh that only moments ago had brought me to orgasm, “Thanks. You’re a remarkable woman.”

Suz continued running her fingers slowly through my hair as she bragged in her finest southern drawl, “Oh, I just don’t know what got into me. I’ve never done anything like that before. For some reason I just had to feel you come.”

I laughed, “Well you saw how it made me feel.”

“Your excitement was most evident . . . all over my leg.”

Suz caught Michele’s attention and signaled two more. Michele approached, gave us a sly wink and added, “These are on me guys. Oh, and thanks.” Suz and I gave back our best, but slightly embarrassed grins as the three of us enjoyed a good chuckle.



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