I was watching the sunbeam from the window of my psychiatry office, it had gone from my encyclopedia set to the latest addition of the DSM over the last two appointments. I had almost an hour to wait now, Mrs. Jenkins had cancelled this week. Fred would be here at 4 for my last appointment of the day. Fred was never much fun, he was a paranoid xenophobic. Coming to my office was the only time he went outside anymore and that was only because his mom had told him otherwise she was taking him back to the mental ward.

I had gotten my bachelor’s from Princeton and then went to Cornell for my doctorate. I had married my college girlfriend Nancy and I had a pretty good academic career. I was on the fast track to some administrative positions on governmental commissions but turned them down since I wanted to get into patient care, which is why I entered the field in the first place. Nancy and I had moved to downtown Atlanta where she grew up, and I had really been drawn to the idea of helping at risk kids pull their lives together, as I had a suspicion the high number of teenagers that were held back in the city might have been held back for mental reasons as much as anything else.

Things were very good for a few years, my marriage was good, the practice was thriving and I was really enjoying feeling like I had put a lot of kids back on the right path and a solid number of my troubled flock were even attending junior college. It was at that point that Nancy had decided she wanted a family and I completely agreed. We had never thought it would be hard to conceive children but after 6 months of trying, we decided to get checked out.

My plumbing came back just fine so Nancy went to a specialist. That night was when I learned my wife had aggressive stage III cancer of the cervix and ovaries. Worse than that, in a few weeks it was clear the cancer was spreading already. The next year was very painful as I watch my wife get sicker and sicker until she needed round the clock care. I am sure you can tell what came next, as she died that summer.

It was brutal on me, my heart felt hardened and I ended up diving into my work and increased my patient load. The positive results of my patients was the only joy I felt anymore, and it was my total focus.

That was six years ago that all happened and I hadn’t been on a date with a single woman or had a single intimate encounter in that time. I just wasn’t interested. After losing the one woman who had challenged and driven me, and then watching her crumble before me, I honestly don’t remember even feeling the slightest ping of sexual interest in anyone. I was nearly 50 now, still stayed in pretty good shape as I always enjoyed running. It was such a release of the pain I used to carry, and now was a habit, at least it was a healthy one.

My buzzer rang pulling me out of my nostalgia. “Yes Carol?”

“Dr. Davenport, I have a Julie Martel here to see you if you can. It’s about her daughter Adrianna.”

“Sure Carol, send her in.”

I got up to meet her at the door. “Hello Mrs. Martel.”

“Hello Dr. Davenport.” She replied as she took a seat.

“Please, call me Roger.”

“Ok, well Roger, it’s about my daughter Adrianna. We have tried so hard to provide for her and give her a good life. My husband came over to America from Portugal and we have built a strong home. We have two kids who are both in college. Adrianna should be too but she has been held back once already.”

“I see, continue”

“Well, at first I assumed she was just acting out and would grow out of it but things are getting worse. We have found marijuana in her dresser, she tries to wear more and more inappropriate outfits, and she turned 18 last year and if she gets in trouble again, it will go on her permanent record.”

“A valid concern Julie. So Adrianna’s main issues are acting out with drugs and, if I have it right, promiscuity?”

“I didn’t think so, despite her other behaviors and suggestibility, she never seemed to have that much interest in boys other than teasing them. . . but. . . but then. Oh lord!” Julie began to sob into a handkerchief from her purse.

I sat next to her and comforted her. “What? What happened?”

“Oh. I am so ashamed. Adrianna, she. . . she slept with her teacher.” Julie broke into another chorus of sobs.

“Oh, well you shouldn’t be ashamed, that teacher should be. Have you notified the authorities?”

“Yes, but because he denies it and Adrianna is 18, they won’t press charges. The school has suspended him without pay and I think he will be fired, but nothing more. Please help my little girl before she gets in trouble she can’t get out of. You come highly recommended from the Maldonaldo’s.”

I thought for a moment, she must have meant Jesse. He was a troubled kid, obvious case of ADHD. A little medication and a bit of cognitive therapy and the kid did a 180. I hoped her daughter would be just as easy, for her mother’s sake.

“Well, I would be happy to try Julie, set up an appointment with Carol for Adrianna. Give me an hour and a half to review with her. We will go from there.”

“Thank you, thank you so much!” Julie hugged me and I lead her to the door.

I didn’t think much about it until I was buzzed by Carol the following Thursday at 4:00. Adrianna was coming from school and would be my last appointment of the day. She showed up with her mother and her mother told Adrianna to illegal bahis take Uber back to the house because she had to run some errands.

Adrianna was certainly a beautiful young lady, but didn’t seem super racy or inappropriate to me. But I would learn.

She was about 5 foot 2, very trim. Not skinny so much, as she didn’t appear frail, quite the opposite. She seemed to be very toned, and I had to assume she was a gym rat. I had expected over the top make up and a slutty outfit but she had very little makeup on, a muted lipstick, maybe some mascara but nothing more. She was again, very pretty, her face made me think she could pass as a sister to Jessica Alba. She had large round brown eyes, thin set on her face, a skinny nose, but not too skinny to be witch like, and she had a great smile.

Her skin was a bronzed tan, visible on her neck, face, on the shoulders coming out of her cotton blue tank top and on her legs coming out from her thigh length white skirt. She wore white flat sandals and her toes and fingers had matching french tips. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a pony tail. While she certainly was a stunning young woman, she wasn’t at all what I imagined.

“Hello Adrianna, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said as I shook her hand.

“Hi Doctor.” She gave me a tilted head smile and I swear watching those lips part halfway into the smile to show her pearl white teeth, it reminded me of the first smile I got from my wife. Just terrific.
Her hand was small and delicate, but at the same time strong and firm. Like the rest of her I thought to myself. I asked her if she wanted to sit or lay down and she decided to sit in the chair across from mine.

We chatted about mundane things, at first I wanted her to get comfortable. I have to admit, every time she looked around the room or down at her phone (which after three times I had to tell her to turn it off for the remainder of our session), I couldn’t help but steal a glance at her legs. They were just so nice. Very slender, model style, and her legs made up a considerable portion of her height.

Besides the slender legs below the knee, when she crossed her legs the skirt rode up and showed the bottom part of her thighs. Her tan didn’t change a bit, she must have got to tanning beds. Her thighs were fantastic. Rounded and tone, definitely a woman who worked hard to have them look so nice. Not a single wave of cellulite or a blemish to be seen. Her tan was accentuated by the white of her skirt. I hadn’t found myself paying so much attention to a female in a long time.

We moved on to how school was going. She gave me the typical excuses of a middle class teen who didn’t want to have to do any work. Her teachers don’t like her, she is under too much pressure, she just doesn’t have time for homework. I wanted to prod her along with the fact that she seemed to have enough time to shop for clothes to cover her tanned toned body, but would never be so inappropriate.

We were about 20 minutes into our session when I made the first push. “So Adrianna, I would now like you to tell me a bit about your relationship with your teacher. Your mother told me about it, but I want to hear your side of the story.”

She looked instantly uncomfortable. She shifted in her seat. “You want to hear about what happened with me and Mr. Jenkins?”

“If that is the one who you had intercourse with, then yes.”

“Her ears got bright red, and she got much more timid. She uncrossed her legs and put her elbows on her knees and blew out a big breath.

God, even her knees were sexy. No scars from childhood, no bony structures sticking out, just round and smooth and golden brown. I felt the slightest jolt from my testicles. I hadn’t felt anything in so long it startled me. I wasn’t sure if it was looking at her petite demur frame and delicious skin and face or the thought of hearing her devious escapade with her teacher. I had listened to many illicit tales from my patients before, not sure why this was different.

“Well . . . ” She looked right at me. “It’s . . um . . . I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it.”

“Would you feel better if you laid on the couch? You wouldn’t see me, you could pretend you were talking to the ceiling, or the wall.”

“Ok, yeah, let’s try that.” She bounced up, her small but perky breasts didn’t wobble, but stood out and pronounced. This young lady was the proof that large breasts were not important, they could be more than compensated for in other ways. In every way this young lady did. Got my mouth was watering!!!!

I watched as she turned perpendicular to me and ran her hands over the back of her skirt to smooth it out as she sat down. It made her skirt billow, and I couldn’t help but wish it had gone just a bit higher. I really wondered what kind of panties she had on.

She sat down and then spun on her tight little butt, laying full length on my couch, her pony tail flipped over the couch arm, her head resting on the arm. I could see the lower part of her torso and her legs, those awesome fucking legs. Jesus they looked even better from this angle. Down to her delicate ankles and feminine feet, topped with french tips. Her feet were offset by her white sandals like her legs with the skirt. My god I had never wanted to lick a woman’s skin like I did on this teen dream.

“Ok, so Adrianna, tell me how this started. From the beginning.” I had to adjust my posture, illegal bahis siteleri one because my boxers were riding up, two because I had grown a 3/4 hard on and was trying to keep it from showing just in case. God help me if I had to get up for some reason.

“Well, Mr. Jenkins is a pretty strict teacher. I have US History with him. Not only does he give us homework almost every night, it is always in long answer form, plus pop quizzes, plus tests and a term paper!”

“I see, well believe it or not Adrianna, that is that rare. Continue . . .” I reached over and grabbed my mini recorder, happy I remembered it, I wanted this conversation on tape for sure.

“Well, it’s really hard, I have so many classes, and I have so much homework, I just couldn’t keep up.”

“You mom said you had been held back. Why was that Adrianna?”

She sounded hurt by this, “Well. . . I didn’t get a 2.0 GPA so they told me I had to do senior year over again to graduate. Otherwise I have to do a GED and dad told me if I went that route I have to get my own place to live. I can’t afford that.”

“Do you have a job?”


“So what do you do with all your time, without a job you should have time for homework.”

“Hey, quit picking on me!”

“Adrianna, I am just being honest, trust me as you get older, you will find no one will give you a free ride. You are pretty girl but looks don’t last as long as you think. Anyway, back to how you ended up in that situation with Mr. Jenkins.”

“So it was getting near the end of the quarter and Mr. Jenkins had me come in after classes to show me I was close to failing the class. He said if I did some extra credit, he would give me a passing grade for the quarter and I could try to get it up overall by the semester. Otherwise, I would have to take the class over again in the summer.”

“I see. And what kind of extra credit did he offer?” I was pretty sure I knew the answer that was coming. At least I hope I did. I was already picturing in my mind’s eye a scared teen, a gorgeous scared Adrianna, fearful of failing and giving her a sexual ultimatum. As the now full strength hard on in my pants, my dick wanted to hear it too. Damn it felt good to feel like a man again! I couldn’t remember the last full fledged hard on, not even the ill fated strip club visit my buddy took me on last year for my birthday.

“He told me I could do an extra research paper and if I did a good job I could get up to a C- for the quarter. But he said it had to be in before the quarter ended, which was the next day. I told him I couldn’t possibly do one over night. Then he knelt down next to me and said there was one other extra credit assignment I could do.”

I had to swallow the saliva collecting in my mouth. “What was the other extra credit?”

“Well . . .” She sighed a stuttering breath. “He .. . he put his hand on my leg and slid it up beneath my skirt.” I imagined running my hand up that firm, petite, silky smooth thigh, approaching her holiest of holies. I shifted in my seat again, my hard on was fully engorged. I wasn’t huge, a respectable 6 and a half inches, and those 6 and a half inches were trying to bore a hole through my khakis. I looked down at my tent. I hope my phone doesn’t ring.

“I pushed his hand away and asked him what he was doing. He tried to put his hand back under my skirt and I shoved it away. I started to get up to leave and he grabbed my arm and held my firm and started to laugh and asked me what my options were.”

“What were you wearing?”


“I–I was wondering if you wore something suggestive. Some times guys get the wrong idea because the clothes make them think a woman wants it despite her objections. It’s a psychological thing. Sorry, just thought I could get an idea why he would do such a thing. Continue.”

“Oh, ok. Well, it was like a white and black checkered blouse and the skirt was a slimmer skirt, also checkered and a shiny quality to it. The bottom was black fuzz and I had knee high black boots I think.” Jesus, I thought. Now she was wearing it in my minds eye, oh god the tease. Long slim boots, her perfect skin, her thighs disappearing up her fuzzy shiny tight skirt. Poor teacher, what the hell else was he supposed to do, I thought.

So he pulled me over to his desk and pressed up against me. I told him to let me go, what did he want with me. He told me he wanted a little special attention. I knew he wanted something sexual but I wasn’t sure what. I told him I am a virgin and saving myself. He told me there was no reason to save myself because a stupid bitch like me would never make money doing anything but making men smile.”

I shifted again. My dick wasn’t just hard, it was boiling hot. This sick fuck, damn I was jealous, I wanted to feel her, any of her. “Were you a virgin Adrianna?”

“Ha ha, no. Of course not. But I didn’t want to have sex or sex-sex with him.”

I stared at her lower legs, hungry for them. “What is the difference between sex and sex-sex?” God dammit. My dick was so hard it hurt. At least I had got it pointed up. That felt to much better. Laying back in my chair, I had room for it to lay hard. The base of my clipboard rubbed into my hard on. Fuck it felt good! I wanted to touch myself so much. I saw on the clock we had 30 minutes left. Fuck!

“Well you know, sex is like rubbing a guy or sucking on his dick or having him rub canlı bahis siteleri it against you or you boobs. Sex-sex is like when you fuck a guy or he uses your pooper.”

“I see. And how many guys have you had sex or sex-sex with?” Thank god sex questions were normal for a therapist. C’mon baby, I got the recorder going, give me your confession. I was continually rubbing the lower half of my cock with the clipboard.

“Well, I don’t know, lots of boys have fingered me while I rubbed them. That’s just fun. But I have sucked on only like 12 guys, and three of those were just to get back at their girlfriends. I have fucked 5 guys, Carlos, Zach, my dad’s friend Ian, my RA at church camp, and well Mr. Jenkins. I only had one guy ever in my pooper.”

I was shocked. Her father’s friend? How could that have happened without her mother knowing. “Why did you have sex with Ian?”

“I was over at his place babysitting his daughter. When he got back from his work function he wouldn’t give me money for sitting because he said my dad owed him a debt and that had to be paid. Then he told me, if I wanted to work it off, he would let me. Ian pretty good looking so I told him I would fuck him if he cleared the debt and gave me $100 bucks. He did, and we did. Like I said, he’s pretty hot, so I didn’t really mind it, though he surprised me by going in my mouth.”

I was seeing every moment in my mind. I imagined her in a corset and teddy get up, with long stockings and her pretty eyes all done up. Holy fuck, what an amazing lay she must be. I wondered how any man could last more than a minute with her. “So, uh, let’s go back to Mr. Jenkins.” My heart was pounding in my ears. I was slowly sliding the clipboard up and down my shaft. God I forgot how good sexual feelings could feel.

“Well we were next to his desk and he was rubbing up against me. He reached under my skirt and into my panties and grabbed my butt. I told him to stop and he pulled his hand out and stopped pressing on me and told me I was a fool if I didn’t. He told me that if I did he would give me a B and with that I might get my GPA up high enough to graduate in December instead of June. I guess that isn’t true, but I didn’t know that. So I told him ok and we did.”

I was breathing heavy and my groin was starting to feel fuzzy. I imagined pushing my cock inside of her, sliding between her firm silky thighs, my prick sliding inside her perfect petite pussy. A spinner if there ever was one. “Did he take you to his car, his house?” I had trouble keeping my words steady. I knew I was getting close and I didn’t care.

“No, he actually just reached under my skirt and yanked my panties off. He pushed me onto my back onto the desk and pushed my legs apart. He pushed inside me and he wasn’t very big, and he has a belly, but he just instantly went really fast. Shoving in and out of me, he was wheezing and snorting and he held me on the desk and just was going as fast as he could. His eyes were rolled back in his head and his face looked like he was gonna cry.”

Oh fuck. Oh my god. I imagined myself in her teachers place, thrusting madly into her. I didn’t fault the man for a second, I would have offered her more than just a good grade. I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore and my ears were starting to ring. I rubbed my dick through my khakis with my hand.

“It wasn’t more than like a minute or a minute and a half and he kissed me once and then yelled he was gonna cum.”

My knees jerked off the floor, and my chest heaved forwards as my body seized. I came hard right in my pants. I am glad I clinched my clipboard other than dropping it. I would have had a hard time explaining my face and posture if she had looked over.

“I thought he was gonna go in me, but he pulled it out and then I thought he was gonna squirt it on me . . ”

I came another shot as the orgasm made my full body warm and fuzzy. I had hit my peak, but was coming down, yet still had a quick third cum.

“But he didn’t, he grabbed my legs and yanked me to him and spun me over. He shoved me onto the desk and pushed it into my pooper. I wasn’t ready for him so he didn’t get in far when he went. I didn’t like that. It felt really gross having something going up there, but Mr. Jenkins went there anyway. I didn’t get a passing grade at the end of the quarter and when I saw it I yelled out ‘I fucked that old guy for nothing!’. My mom was in the room and freaked out and I told her what I did for a grade.”

I had come down from my orgasm and was breathing deeply in my chair. I was so drowsy it was insane.

“She wanted to tell the cops he raped me but I knew I had agreed so I wouldn’t say that. Do you think I should have?”

I honestly had no idea she had asked me anything.

“Dr. Davenport?”

“Mmmmaaa, um, what was that you asked?”

“Should I have said Mr. Jenkins raped me?”

“Mmm. Hmmm. Mmmnnnno. If you let him it isn’t rape. But he abused his position. He shouldn’t have done that.” I looked at my pants. Jesus, they were a wet mess.

“So that is all our time for today, Same time next week, okay?”

She sat up and caressed her pony tail over her shoulder. “Well Mom said I have to or I am out of the house.” She got up and strolled to the door, not noticing my pants due to my shielding clipboard.

I watched those terrific legs walk out the door. I stopped the recorder and went to my desk. I called the buzzer. “Carol, cancel my appointments tomorrow, I have research to do.”

Hell yes I did, I had to figure out how to get Adrianna to let me fuck her like her teacher did.



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