WE are standing together and I am kissing you deeply with my fingers running through your hair and pulling gently at the nape of your neck. I look at you then look down at my chest and begin to unbutton my blouse…but only half way and you can see the rise of cleavage and the beginning of my black silky bra. I kiss you again and start to run my hands up your sides under your shirt and pull it over your head. I start to kiss the side of your neck move my way to your earlobes and down to your shoulder listening to hear what kind of response you have. I stop where I get the most response and spend some time there while I run my hands and fingers up and down. I run my hands up and down the backs of your thighs before grasping your cheeks in my hands and pressing your erection against my stomach. I rock my pelvis gently against you while I return my lips to your mouth and French kiss you gently.

I slowly run my hands from your butt upwards and dip my fingers just below the waistband of your pants while I bring my hands in front of you and undo your pants. You feel my fingers lightly brush you erection then I gently tug your pants down over your hips. I look up at your eyes while I continue to undo my blouse and remove it completely. Then I run my hands back up your chest and gently flick my fingertips across your nipples to see if they are sensitive. If they are I lean forward and flick my tongue over them one at a time …while they are still wet I circle each one with my fingertips.

Now I give you a push and you fall backwards onto the bed where I finish removing your pants and underwear. You are lying on the bed hard and waiting. My eyes meet yours which are looking at me so intensely that I blush and look away. I reach behind my back and remove my bra so that my breasts fall free…I run my hands up my sides and cup my breasts and draw my hands away slowly until my thumb and first two fingers are pulling my nipple away from my breast. pendik escort I throw my head back with my eyes closed and you hear me groan as I begin to roll my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I begin to flick my thumbnail over my nipple at the same speed I rub my clitoris when I masturbate and feel the sensations ripple through my cunt and tugging at me deep inside.

I lie down next to you still wearing a short back skirt and tights. You turn towards me and attempt to run your hands up the back of my legs and under my skirt. I stop you when you reach the curve of my buttocks. I tell you how much my nipples are aching for you to suck them. You put your mouth on that spot on my neck that drives me wild and suck it gently before biting a path towards my nipples which are darker and more erect now. “Yes,” I tell you “that is so good.”…You feel one of my hands trailing down between us and wrapping around your aching erection…my hand begins to move up and down twisting slightly each time. My insides quiver anticipating how you are going to feel inside me while you suck harder on my nipples and hear my breath moving faster as I let out a deep throaty sigh. Your hands are cupping my breasts while you rub my nipples and flick them with your tongue. I place one of my hands over one of yours and guide it to my knee and you feel the smooth silkiness of my tights. I guide your hand from my knee in slow circles up my inner thigh and you feel the heat increasing between my legs.

Just as you are beginning to groan at the thought of rubbing your hand over the tights covering the entrance to my body and feeling how damp they are I pull your hand away and push you onto your back. With a wicked smile on my face I straddle you and slide my skirt up to my waist. I lower my body down and you feel the unexpected shock of my smooth hot, wet skin meet the length of your penis that is so hard it is straining against kartal escort your stomach. You realize that the crotch of my tights is missing and I am not wearing anything underneath. Slowly I rub my body up and down then faster enjoying the pressure against my clitoris…. Finally when you think you can’t stand it anymore I lift my hips and grasp your penis in my hand and gently rub the opening of my body over the tip of your penis. I slide the tip in an inch or so and move my body in a circular motion then I slide it out and begin to rub myself with your penis back forth over the length of my vagina.

You are silent but in your head you are battling with yourself not to grab my hips force me on my back and drive as deeply as you can into my body. You do place your hands firmly on my hips and look at me as I meet your eyes then say in a husky voice “No more” I inhale deeply and as your hear me exhale I slowly lower my body onto yours taking the entire length of your erection inside. I begin too rock slowly and then with every plunge I increase the rhythm till our bodies are pounding together and I am crying out in pain and pleasure every time our bodies meet. You raise your hands and work my nipples like before twisting and pulling, squeezing and flicking your thumbnail over them like you witnessed me do earlier.

When you look down you see my hand outlined against the tights I am wearing and my finger rubbing my clitoris. You feel the tights rubbing on your legs driving you crazy with the need to explode but you force your body to hold back knowing I need more. Finally you feel that unmistakable rhythmic tightening of my body around yours and hear my breath coming in panting breaths till I relax around you. Then I quickly pull my body away removing the incredible pleasure you were feeling from the pressure holding your penis in my body and the sensation of my cervix rubbing the tip of our penis. You maltepe escort are disappointed and dealing with your surprise…. Considering your next move knowing you need to find release you imagine the sensation of rubbing your penis against my tights over my stomach, the back of my legs, my inner thighs and the bend behind my knee. You hear me order you stand up next to the bed.

I am lying across the bed with my head hanging down from the mattress and I gently take your penis into my mouth swirling and flicking my tongue over and around the tip. Slowly I suck it in to my mouth and release it bringing it deeper into my mouth with every suck until finally the whole length or your throbbing erection is engulfed in my hot, wet throat. You begin to thrust your hips moving your penis in and out of my mouth amazed at the sensations of my throat pulling on the skin of your penis. I lift my legs, still encased in pair of black tights, so that you are able to caress them with your hands and face while looking down at my body, my breasts…you watch me take one of my hands and bring it down between my legs…. You are surprised after the orgasm I just experienced yet turned on.

I place my index finger into my body and wiggle it around then withdraw it.
You see how wet my finger is and watch as I take my hand and reach towards you…. You are curious and feel me begin to move my hand behind you and caress you between the cheeks of your buttocks. You gasp as I place my wet finger on your anus and slowly press it inside your body and wiggle it around. The sensation in your body overwhelm you and you begin to come. You let go and the first time you ejaculate it slides down my throat. I pull my mouth away and press my breasts together with my hands. You barely hear what I am saying as you are engrossed in sensation but eventually comply and slide your penis between my breasts where your come shoots over my breast and again it shoots over my stomach and you see it on my tights. Your body releases one last time over my breasts until you are drained and shattered.

You fall exhausted onto the bed and groan because you know it is still early in the evening and it looks like it will be a long time before I let you get any rest.



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