A Hot AfternoonThe hot afternoon sun beat down on Trish’s shoulders and it felt so good. She lay on the concrete pool deck, her colourful beach towel laid out underneath her. Trish had just turned onto her stomach, unclasped her bikini top and eyed the pool population from behind dark sunglasses.The tots played at the far shallow end with their mothers, while the majority of adults buoyantly hopped from one foot to another, immersed up to their necks while they chatted. It always surprised Trish how little of the condo complex’s residents used the pool on such a hot day.At the deep end where she lay, Lisa’s oldest son and two of his teen friends egged each other on to see who could do the most bizarre dive. Michael was first, managing to rotate almost three times before he hit the water vertically. The other two followed. One with a semi-summersault and the other doing what looked like a frog with a twist. Trish smiled as she lazily watched the boys play.Occasionally, she caught one of the teen boys trying to casually bahis siteleri look in her direction. Though half her age, Trish knew that they were all at the point in their lives where torrents of hormones coursed through their veins, and their thoughts turned towards the opposite sex.Besides, she thought, she looked pretty good in her tiny bikini, long shiny legs and her thick brunette hair tied back in a girlish ponytail. In actuality, she felt a little flattered that these young guys found her to be attractive. Resting her head on her forearm, she focused on Michael recalling that she was barely in her mid-teens when he was born.He had grown tall and handsome and his youthful muscles were cut and defined. He stood at the edge of the pool waiting his turn, and Trish could not help but be impressed with the six-pack he flaunted from the front. In another couple of years, his teen lankiness would disappear as he evolved into a real man.He was wearing white surfer-type trunks and Trish smirked at how thin and canlı bahis transparent the fabric became when it was wet. Highlighted from the sun behind him, she was sure that she could see the outline of his package. Michael was sure to please the ladies in his life.Trish felt a tiny jolt of adrenaline hit her system and she started to feel a little giddy. She shifted slightly as her breasts slightly swelled and her nipples became taut. Was it her imagination, or was she really pressing her crotch against the towel and concrete deck?Rolling her hips, Trish felt a pleasurable sensation under her bikini panties and shifted her legs to bring her pussy in closer contact with the hard surface she was laying on. The top of her mound pushed down even harder and she so wanted to grind her pelvis to relieve herself.She concentrated hard, trying not to make any overt motions that the boys or others at the pool would notice. Trish could sense the wetness spreading out from inside her, and her nipples grew in thickness till güvenilir bahis they ached from being confined.Trish shifted forward and had to bite her tongue to keep from moaning out loud. Michael and one of the boys stood nearby, their sideways gaze and whispered conversation belied the innocent look the tried to outwardly convey.Trish came, and rested her forehead on her arms savouring the orgasm she just had. She felt the cool sweat on her neck and face, and the trickle that ran down her side. The boys continued to spy her and she wondered if they realized what just happened. She didn’t really care if they did – she felt so good to have released the pent up sexual tension.After a generous amount of time, Trish clasped her bra together and sat up. She felt hot, and a dip in the pool was just the thing to take the afternoon heat off her tanned skin. Standing up, she padded on bare feet to the edge of the ten-foot section.Michael surfaced just below her, grasping the pool ledge as he wiped the water from his eyes. She stood over him almost ready to dive in. Michael looked up, briefly made eye contact and locked his gaze on her light grey bikini bottom.Trish knew she sported a dark wet spot and sprang over Michael’s head to wash it away.-30-



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