In a small coffee shop in a run down area of town sat two people. The man looked to be about thirty but it was the stress of living on the stress that had aged him. He was twenty-five. His hair was longer and he had a bit of a beard. It was hard to find a good razor at times. The woman looked a bit younger, with her reddish locks tucked under a scarf. If you asked her she would have explained that the scarf was the last present her brother gave her. She held the coffee cup with both hands, listening to the man tell his story.


“Have you fucked her yet?”

I glanced up at my best friend and smiled. He was stretched out on his back, balanced on one of the wooden bleachers. His hands were behind his back and he was staring up at the cloudy sky.

“What do you think?’

I smirked. He had been asking this for weeks now and he knew the answer as well as I did. Emily was a nervous wreck when it came to sex.

“She’s still freaked out about what happened to Mallory. One knocked up girl in the school and all us guys aren’t getting any.”

“That’s why you need someone older and wiser. These high school girls are too much work.”

I laughed. Justin had a point. I looked over at the field and tried to pinpoint which cheerleader was Emily. Other then Emily’s dark red hair, I couldn’t distinguish between them and it made me wonder. They all had ponytails in their hair, same size breasts, and petite bodies. They were all wearing their white short shorts and blue t-shirts. A dirty thought ran through my mind. If I had my eyes closed I wouldn’t even notice whom I was kissing. It was their last practice before Christmas holidays and they were trying to concentrate. Our football practice the night before had been unproductive but we didn’t have a competition the second week of January.

“I think I love her.”


“Yeah. I’m crazy aren’t I?”

“Fuck man you’re eighteen. You’re not supposed to be in love. You’re supposed to be out fucking anything over eighteen that has a pussy.”


Just then Emily began walking towards us. I did not want her to hear Justin’s comments. She thought that he was the perfect gentleman and I didn’t want her to think otherwise.

“Hi baby.”

Emily put her hand above her head to shield her eyes from the mid afternoon sun.

“Can you drive me home after practice?”

“Yeah of course baby.”


Justin was good enough to wait until Emily hopped back down the bleacher steps and back onto the field.

“You are so whipped. Fuck man.” Justin had sat up now and I wanted to say so much to him. I wanted to tell him how she meant to me. I wanted to tell him how I would cry on the days that I didn’t see her. I didn’t of course because that would show him my weakness.

“I’m going to go work out til five. I’ll see you later.”

I needed to get away from Justin. He knew that. We’d been friends since elementary school and we knew way too much about each other. We both knew that we were getting on each other’s nerves and we’d have a huge fight. We’d forgive each other the next day but it was never pretty.


“Ryan. Please baby.”

Emily was squirming around on my lap with her hands tight around my neck. Her legs were spread wide and I knew that her shorts and panties were on the floor of my truck somewhere. I had pulled them off with my teeth when she begged me to go down on her. Of course then she had said stop, which I did. Now she was dry humping me. My mouth tingled as she slammed her mouth against mine then pulled away.

“Stop me. We can’t.”

Emily reached down and began to finger fuck herself. She knew what she needed to do to drive me crazy. Here I was sitting in my truck with a gorgeous cheerleader and she wanted me to stop her. It wasn’t the first time she had done this and it was breaking my heart to say no.

“Stop.” I gripped her wrist and looked into her eyes. I glanced down and saw her perky breasts heaving with each labored breath. “We’re not doing this. We agreed.”

I pulled her wrist up and then pinned it behind her back. I felt her wetness on my hand and I wanted a taste. Instead I pushed her back into the passenger seat and adjusted my jeans. There was silence. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her put on her panties and shorts. Her face was half a scowl and half a pout. It wasn’t until I pulled up to her house that she spoke.

“I don’t know why you love me so much. I’m such a bitch sometimes.”

“Yeah but you’re worth it. We just need to stop being alone where I can fuck your brains out.” I grinned and knew that from the streetlights she could see my facial expression.

“You are such a gentleman. Night.”

I watched as she bounced out of the truck and up her front steps. I waited until the door opened and then I drove off.

I loved her so much. I knew one day I would fuck her and I wouldn’t call it fucking. I knew it would be good and almost a year of waiting would be worth it. Our relationship had been a whirlwind. She had transferred here from out of state and hadn’t made a pendik escort lot of friends. I had been her lab partner for advanced level chemistry and things had gone from there. It was on our third date we almost did it. Then she had backed off. I had thought I had scared her but she had cried on the phone, saying how much she was falling for me and she couldn’t handle the emotions. It was sweet and since I had to be the strong masculine type, I wasn’t going to tell her I had the same feelings.

I figured senior year would be different. My parents gave me a truck in the summer and I knew they trusted me. I expected to go parking most nights and see how many positions we could get into in the truck. Instead I was making out with her, my cock throbbing in my jeans. I surprised myself in being the strong one and telling her to stop. This was all because of one stupid girl that got knocked up. It had rocked our small town and Emily hadn’t taken it very well.

I lay on my bed stroking my cock hard and fast. Sometimes I liked to tease myself but tonight was not the case. I needed to cum hard and fast and knew my cock would hurt afterwards. I closed my eyes and imagined Emily bouncing on my cock. I wanted her wet pussy wrapped so tight around my cock that I’d have to slow her down. I jerked up hard and licked my lips, craving her perky pink nipples. They were so delicious and I wanted at this moment to hear her small whimpers. I grunted and lifted my hips. My hand was not as good as her pussy but it would have to do. After a few minutes I came into the bunched up t-shirt that I grabbed from off the floor. I felt my cock spasm four times, each time soaking the material. I felt good but would feel a lot better once Emily let me make love to her. I then closed my eyes and fell into slumber.


Ryan had just dropped me off and I made my way into the house. My panties were soaking and my nipples still tingled. I had to repeat in my head how much I loved him. The house was quiet. My parents were on a Christmas cruise. It was their first anniversary present to each other. They had asked us if we wanted to come along but neither Jordan nor I wanted that. We had both made up excuses but in reality we could not handle being in the same room as each other. Of course our parents wouldn’t see an issue with us sharing a room and there was no way we were going to be in the same room as our parents. It was best for us to stay home and away from each other.

My mom had always been the quiet reserved type but then when she started dating Dave everything changed. She started going to dinner parties and soon they were visiting beach houses and flying to private islands off the coast. My mom had survived as a single mom and I had never been without normal teenager things. Dave was a millionaire and the lifestyle he lived was insane. Of course once he fell head over heels in love with my mom, we both got to share in his excessive amount of money. I was fine with living in a big house and not having to take a part time job like a lot of my friends but it was my mom who had gone wild. It was like overnight my mother had changed. Instead of being a homebody she was a party animal. I wondered how it was possible for someone to change but then again I had changed as well, just in a different way.

I had gone from being the good girl to being what other would consider a complete slut. I played the role well at school. I had to. There was no way anyone at school was going to find out my dark side. I was the cute cheerleader who dated the sexy football player. It was assumed we’d get married and I’d start popping out babies. It was assumed I was a virgin as Ryan was my first boyfriend. Everyone at school assumed so much about me, including Ryan, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone and tell them the truth. The truth hurt and it was easier to pretend that I was the good girl.

After brushing my teeth and changing into my pajamas I crawled into bed. I hated how quiet the house sounded. It was unnerving. Lying in bed I played with my clit. I wasn’t horny anymore but I liked touching myself, thinking of him. My sensitive bud was sore and red from when I had rubbed myself for Ryan. As I fell asleep, my mind was filled with images of him and I prayed that he would forgive me for what I had done tonight.


Jordan didn’t know why he had chosen this girl to go home with. She wasn’t anything special and as he lay there listening to her breathing he knew it was a bad decision. She was the typical blonde bimbo with fake breasts. She had sucked his cock and had objected when instead of returning the favor; he had just flipped her onto her hands and knees and plowed into her. He had cum twice, both times into a condom. He didn’t want his juices inside her and didn’t want to taste her juices either. The sex was not anything special but considering he knew her first name and nothing more, it didn’t matter. If he hadn’t brought her home he’d be jerking off into his hand. He thought she had cum so at least he had given her a little pleasure, not like that mattered. Now she was passed kartal escort out on his bed and he was wide-awake. He had almost fallen asleep but then his mind had filled with thoughts of her.

He wondered if Emily was home yet. He hadn’t heard anything but then again if she had come home while he was fucking Tessa he wouldn’t have heard anything over the moans and screams she made. It was terrible. He thought of Emily no matter who he was with. Every girl he picked looked nothing like Emily. He made sure of that. Any girl who had small breasts and red hair was off limits. He didn’t want to replace her. He wanted someone who wasn’t her so he could imagine in her head that the girl of the week was in fact Emily.



Emily looked up and saw Jordan walk into the kitchen. His red hair was tousled and he was wearing loose fitting gray work out shorts. His body towered over her as he reached over her to get the cereal from the cupboard. Emily held her breath, hoping and praying that he wouldn’t touch her. He didn’t. Instead he turned and grabbed a bowl from the opposite side of the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

“How was your evening?”

“It was fine.”

Emily opened the fridge door, looking for the milk. She didn’t even think how naughty that was. She was wearing panties and one of her long pajama t-shirts. When she bent down the material slid up, revealing the silk panties that covered her butt.

“How’s Ryan? Has the football season started yet?”

“It’s fine.”

Emily hated how Jordan thought it was fine to ask about Ryan. She despised how nonchalant he was. It wasn’t fair. She was never allowed to ask about his girlfriends. She was mad and frustrated and was losing control.

Jordan put his bowl down and took two strides towards Emily. He grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around.

“Tell me what’s wrong!”

His voice was stern and quiet at the same time. Emily was breathing fast, knowing that his touch was causing that tingling between her legs. She didn’t pull away. She glared at him, trying to look mean and upset.

“I’m trying O.K.” Jordan pulled away and stepped back. “I am. I want the two of you to be happy. I want you to stay out late when our parents are away. I want you sneaking into the house. I don’t want you coming home feeling frustrated and angry. Fuck!”

Jordan had had enough. He slammed his fist down on the marble counter and then winced at the pain it had caused him. He wanted her to respond. He needed her to say something, anything.

“It’s your fault that I feel like this. He thinks I don’t want sex because of Mallory getting knocked up. He tells me he loves me every day. I can’t break his heart.”

Jordan watched as Emily took a deep breath, continuing her rant.

“I’ve told her I love him but I don’t. I pretend to be in love. I pretend to be aroused. Damn it I have to imagine he’s you otherwise he’ll know. Why the hell did you have to kiss me?”

Jordan was shocked as Emily rushed to him and slapped him across the face. The sound of her hand smacking against his cheek echoed in the kitchen. In a split second he grabbed her left wrist and twisted it behind her back. He then grabbed her other wrist and did the same thing, securing her hands behind her back with one of his large hands. His other hand rubbed his burning red cheek.

“I hate this more then you do Emily.” Jordan opened his mouth to say more but then closed it. He had nothing more to say. Nothing he said would erase the pain that he was causing Emily. He wanted to push her away but she wouldn’t let him. She was pushing against him and he could feel her hard nipples against his bare chest.



Jordan held her wrists with one hand as his other hand snaked up her body until he held her chin. He leaned down until their noses touched. She was continuing to grind against him.

“One last time.”

Emily nodded and then moaned as he kissed her. It was a frantic kiss as their tongues danced. He spun around and pinned her to the counter, his tongue licking the inside of her mouth. He let go of her wrists for a split second, enough time to lift her up on the counter. His hand slid down her chin and then clutched her neck. She cried out against his rough lips and that made his cock swell.

Emily was panting hard. She was impatient and demanding but Jordan wasn’t listening. He let go of her wrists and yanked down her panties. He held them to his face and inhaled. God that was an amazing smell. She lay back on the counter and widened her legs. He leaned forward and licked her outer lips. Jordan smiled. He loved the taste of her pussy and knew that she adored it. He ran his tongue up and down her folds, sticking his tongue inside. He licked down then stuck his tongue in deeper, licking up until he found the throbbing bud. He could hear her cries and moans and that just encouraged him even more.

“Stop teasing!”

Jordan loved how she begged him to go fast. It was amusing how the roles were reversed. She wanted a wham bam maltepe escort whereas he wanted a long drawn out love making session. He was taller and bigger then she so he always won that battle.

He wrapped his lips tight around her clit and sucked hard. He let go and did it again. Each time she moaned louder. He knew that her clit was so sensitive and knew that by the third or fourth time she would be cumming. She didn’t disappoint. On the third round he held her tight as her whole body shook.

Emily lay back on the cold marble and begged Jordan to be inside her. He was sucking on her clit and that made her whole body tingle. Her inner thighs were shaking and she was reaching her peak. She couldn’t hear herself scream but the soreness in her throat after suggested she had in fact screamed.

Jordan didn’t stop there. He pushed three fingers inside her and found her already swollen g-spot. He massaged it as he looked up. They made eye contact. Nothing was said as the two young lovers were connected in so many ways. Emily wanted to tell him how much she loved him and how much she wanted him forever. Jordan wanted to tell her how she was her true love. They knew what each other were thinking. They knew how strong their feelings were and at the same time knew how wrong, how taboo this was.


Emily cried out. Trying to sit up. Jordan let her sit up but then kissed her.

“Tell me what you want baby.”

“I want to suck you.”

Jordan’s cock leaped as he heard her quiet voice state that she wanted his cock inside her mouth. She had never done that before and he wasn’t going to push the issue. Jordan remembered during their first time together that she hadn’t done it and all he could think of was whether she had done it to Ryan. He knew the answer was no, just as he never licked anyone else’s pussy, she had never sucked on anyone’s cock.

He picked her up and felt her wrap her legs around his hips. He carried her into the living room and sat down on one of the leather couches. She slid off and knelt beside him. Her red hair was tangled now and he smoothed it out as she leaned down. Jordan closed his eyes, trying to control the urge to cum. He didn’t want to spurt in her mouth the moment she touched it. He felt her pull his shorts down and felt the cold air of the room hit his cock. It stood at attention with drops of precum oozing down the sides. He waited in anticipation until her mouth wrapped tight around his cock. She pushed down then pulled back. She did it again, getting more of his cock into her mouth. Jordan reached up and held her hair in a ponytail. He resisted the urge to push her down more. She was not one of the whores he slept with on a regular basis. She was the girl he loved and right now he was enjoying the very first, and he hoped not last, blowjob from her.

“Oh god baby. That feels amazing.”

Emily looked up. She looked so sweet and innocent. He was torn between wanting her to continue sucking him and his need to have her velvet warm pussy wrapped tight around his cock. He knew he was losing control so he pulled her up and kissed her.

“I need you inside me.”

Emily nodded and straddled his hips. He guided his cock inside her. She was so tight he was afraid of hurting her. Jordan felt both the physical and emotional connection as his cock glided inside her. He laid still for a moment, his cock feeling every inch of her pussy. He wanted to start plowing into her but knew that she wasn’t like the fuck toys he had been bringing home for over a year. She wanted it rough but he was going to give it to her slow and sensual.

Jordan licked his tongue against her neck as his hands guided her hips up and down. He wanted to feel all of her and so leaned her back enough so that he could remove her top. Their eyes locked together as her red hair fell around her shoulders. He glanced down and saw her breasts. They were perfect in so many ways. He leaned down and sucked one delicious pink nipple into his mouth.

“Jordan. This is so wrong. God you’re not even wearing a condom.”

Jordan couldn’t understand what she was saying. Each word was followed by a loud whimper and he played along by biting her nipple just as she said each word. He didn’t care what she said. She was rocking her hips faster, the exact rhythm she needed to cum. He knew that. He knew so much about her and just continued his assault on her nipples.


Emily cried out as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. It started with her nipples and then rushed down towards her clit. Soon her whole body was on fire and once again she was screaming.

“Oh god baby.”

Emily leaned forward and kissed Jordan so hard their teeth hit. Jordan was panting, trying to slow down. He couldn’t stop himself. He grabbed her round butt and slammed her down hard.

“I wanted it slow and sensual. I can’t baby. Emily I can’t slow down.”

Emily nodded. He always tried to go slow but after her first orgasm he lost control. She gasped as he picked her up and laid her on the carpet. She had no time to protest as his cock slid out of her. He flipped her onto her hands and knees and then slid back inside her. The Christmas tree towered in the corner. In two days time they would open presents then call their parents to wish them a merry Christmas. Right now neither of them cared what happened in the next two days.



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