About once every two weeks I have to go away overnight on business. On this night away I usually amuse (abuse) myself with a girlie magazine or two. I had bought a magazine on my most recent trip and I still had it in my briefcase when returned to work.

We are very busy and I had to work late on my first day back. My assistant, Carrie, and I had to finish an important proposal. At about 7 p.m. we were almost done. I was waiting for Carrie to copy the document and I was putting some files in my case when I came across the magazine. I couldn’t resist a peak at the two-girl set with Eve and Suzy. That has got to be one of the horniest yet.

The picture of Suzy poking her tongue out towards Eve was so sexy that I immediately got a massive hard-on. I don’t know if it was the imminent danger of my situation or what, but I was really turned-on and I was soon rubbing my cock through the material of my trousers. I got so engrossed in exciting myself that it took me several seconds to notice Carrie when she returned with the photocopying.

There was no mistaking the look of shock on her cute face, which is framed by a thick mane of black shoulder length hair. I tried to close my case as she strode across the room to come behind my desk.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a more amused than surprised tone. Her initial shock was waning only to be renewed as evidenced by her gasp at the sight of the naked women in my half closed case.

Carrie set down the copies and prised open the lid of my case to reveal the magazine completely. She picked it up and flicked through its pages for a moment before looking down at the fading but more than obvious protrusion in the front of my trousers. “You dirty sod,” she remarked, “you were having a wank over bakırköy escort these two,” holding up the pictures of the two girl romp.

I tried to splutter some pathetic reply but she cut me off. “Well since you obviously didn’t care if I came in and caught you at it I think you might as well finish what you started.”

I was flabbergasted. She was obviously inviting me to wank-off in front of her. Her tone was now softer and slightly sultry and she slowly slid along the edge of the desk to lay the magazine back down in front of me. Standing very close in front of me so that her tits were gently brushing my shirt she almost whispered, “Sit back. Relax and show me. I want to see you play with yourself.”

I did as she asked and I started to rub my cock as before. Carrie was just standing there staring at my crotch. Then her eyes came up to meet mine and she nearly took my breath away when she told me she was going to get it out for me.

“I want to see it.” With that she brushed my hands aside and fumbled for my belt. In no time at all she had my trousers undone and pulled wide to reveal my almost stiff cock sticking up out of the front of my shorts.

Carrie was very close beside me. She leaned over further and gently brushed my cock with her fingertips. I drew in my breath sharply and she looked into my eyes and smiled. “I suppose you want me to do it for you.”

It wasn’t really a question and I didn’t reply. Without looking away from my face Carrie circled her fingers round my now rock hard manhood and slowly began to draw her hand up and down in a steady wanking rhythm.

As she did this she was constantly talking to me in a husky whisper. She was telling me how she thought I was pathetic beşiktaş escort wanking over magazines when I should be working. She asked me if I wasn’t getting enough at home; and then, glancing down at the pictures, if I fancied it with two girls. All the while I was just nodding and shaking my head in reply and my breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

Carrie, as I have mentioned, has long black hair. She is 28 and very attractive in a cherub looking way. She is quite tall and has a superb hourglass figure and the loveliest legs imaginable. They are very shapely and she always shows them off in skirts cut just above the knee. On this occasion she was wearing opaque black tights. I couldn’t resist reaching down to smooth my hand up the back of her leg.

She was pumping away in a steady beat as my hand passed up under her skirt and came to rest high up on her thigh. I was a little disappointed not to discover stocking tops. I suppose in reality few women wear stockings routinely. I was just turning my hand to cup her crotch in my palm when suddenly she let go of my cock and stood up straight.

I thought for a moment someone else had come in then, her voice quite stern by contrast to her commentary before, Carrie said, “Get your hand off me! If you’re going to grope me then its over.”

I withdrew my hand at once. “That’s better,” her voice now softer again. “You mustn’t touch me. I won’t be unfaithful to my boyfriend. I’m not going to let you fuck me.”

I must admit her reasoning had me foxed but I wasn’t going to complain about getting what was a very good hand job from a sexy woman. I murmured my apology and she resumed her stroking. With her free hand she flicked over a few more pages of the magazine beylikdüzü escort until she came to a centrefold. Turning back to me she asked if I would like to see her sprawled out on the desk with her legs wide open like the girl in the magazine. I agreed that I would and her pace quickened a little. Carrie obviously got something out of being desired but remaining unattainable.

“I have bigger fanny lips than she has,” Carrie continued, “and much more hair. It’s really thick and soft but you will never see it. If I were lying there, naked, rubbing myself I bet you would want to come over me. My fanny gets really wet when I’m aroused and my nipples get very hard. They’re quite thick and I love it when my boyfriend sucks and chews them. He sometimes comes on my boobs and then I lift them up one at a time and lick his stuff off my own nipples. If you came on my boobs I might do that for you.”

Just then I suddenly stiffened and my breath came in short pants. I knew I would come soon and confirmed this to Carrie when she asked.

“Do it on her!” was the order, pointing at the centrefold picture. I managed to get to my feet with Carrie still pumping me and I was no sooner upright than I fell forward to lean on the edge of the desk.

My relief came in a massive surge. The first jet of spunk splattered onto Carrie’s arm. She immediately adjusted the aim and the remaining spurts all landed on the photo. The centrefold is forever glued shut.

Carrie held onto my wilting cock until the final jerks had passed. She then wiped the blob on her arm with her forefinger and popped it into her mouth. The finger came out clean and she smiled at me and put her arms around my neck. She pulled me to her and gave me a really deep passionate kiss during which I could taste my spunk on her tongue.

Then pulling back she said, “Well I’m off home and I think I’ll tell my boyfriend to fuck me senseless. I’ll probably be very late tomorrow. You’d better not complain or that will be the end of us having fun like this.”

And with that she was gone.



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