My wife had left my daughter and I eight years prior, and it left us fairly shaken in the process. It turned into a regular occurrence that my daughter Jessica would come into my room late at night and fall asleep crying. We cried almost every night for the first year, but we pulled through it together. By the time that she was eighteen everything was almost normal even though we had to make it by without her. Jessica dealt with it great. She never had a rebellious stage or anything. She grew into a beautiful and well adjusted young woman. When I say beautiful, I mean drop dead gorgeous. Although, I had never really noticed that until that night.

We had finished eating a big dinner. I cleaned up and headed to bed. I was undressing to go to bed when I heard a light knock at my door and the door flew open before I could respond. I turned quickly to find my daughter standing in the doorway. I stood shocked, fully nude, and it took me a moment for my brain to stagger to the though of grab something for cover. Jessica clasped her hands over her mouth, blushed, and quickly exclaimed “SORY DADDY!” I got under my covers and told her “it’s alright. What did you want hun?”

“I was just wondering if I could talk to you about something.”

She had then come over and slipped under the covers with me. It was not odd for her to sleep next to me, but she usually had her own blanket or didn’t come all the way under the sheets as she had done at this point. Her face was still a little flush from walking in on me, and I felt that mine was a little as well. She climbed into bed only wearing her underwear as well which made it slightly more awkward, but it was my daughter so I tried to turn my thoughts away from it… Even though that I had noticed how soft and smooth her skin had looked. Not to mention her gorgeous figure and large breasts. bakırköy escort My head spinning with such thoughts started making other parts of me stir. I quickly realized and turned onto my side to avoid pitching a tent at such dirty thoughts… About my daughter, what was wrong with me?! I had not even dated since her mother and it must have been finally getting to me after ten long years. Jessica had never dated either for that matter. She had interests, but she never seemed to pursue them…

“Daddy… I was wondering… When will I know that I have found the right guy?”

“Well… hun that’s a very complicated question.”

“I know, but all of the guys at my school are such jerks! I don’t want to date or… I don’t want to… This is hard to say.”

“What is it? You could tell me anything.”

“Okay… umm, How do I know who will be the right person to lose my virginity to? I want to find a good person that is strong bodied and willed. Someone caring and loving to make it special. You have always treated me amazingly and I can’t find anyone as great as you… Is there even someone out there for me?”

I paused. I didn’t know how to talk about this with her. I couldn’t even date myself. So, how could I give her advice on her having sex?! I didn’t even want anyone touching her smooth body and holding her to an earth shaking sweaty orgasm. The stirring in my cock had returned. My thoughts kept turning to things that a father shouldn’t be having.

“I don’t know hun… You just have to make sure that your ready. You don’t want someone to hurt you.”

“Do you mean like… like mom did?”

It caught me off guard and she could see the sad expression come over my face. It still hurt after so long.

“I’m sorry daddy! I should not have brought it up.”

She beşiktaş escort came in quickly to give me a hug… Forgetting that I was naked, and her at that point realizing that I was hard. She didn’t let go though. I don’t think that either of us knew how to respond. Then she did something unexpected, she squeezed me tighter. She had to have felt it. It was poking at her bare stomach. My daughter was holding me in nothing but a pair of skimpy underwear. I grew to full erection and I felt myself give a slight twitch. I didn’t know what to do, I was panicking but my body was doing the exact opposite.

“Daddy?” she said in a light tone by my ear. “You have been so lonely lately daddy and I’m going to be leaving next year for college. You have been so loving to me and… What if you took my virginity daddy?”

“Jessica, I… I can’t. You are my daughter.”

“Yeah… but we can both help each other out and you are the only man caring enough for me to want to do this. I want my first time to be with someone as great as you. So, why shouldn’t it just be you?!”

With that her hand swiftly moved down to my hard shaft before I could react. She started stroking it hard from the base to the tip. My head was filled with incoherent fragments of thought. Lost in my own mind. She pulled my head down to her nipple where I started sucking at her supple and beautiful breast. My actions just flowed out of me like I was possessed, and it felt… great. She had then rolled onto her back while pulling me on top of her along with her. She was a small girl and I had never realized how strong she was when she was determined.

“I love you daddy. Now fuck me. Fuck your little girl good.”

I lifted my chest as I put my cock in the right position to enter her. I looked into her eyes, but her eyes beylikdüzü escort were casting down our bodies as she watched my cock slowly starting to push at her opening.

“Oh daddy! Give me your cock! Give me what I want and need!”

“Anything for you darling.”

With that I pushed forward stretching out her opening as my shaft entered her. She let out a yelp, her back arched, and then she drove her pelvis into mine even harder forcing me to push my full shaft deeply into her.

“Oh daddy! It feels so good. Make me your little whore. Make me yours daddy!”

I couldn’t hold back any part of me for any longer. I started to pick up pace as out bodies began to sweat and hands clasped desperately to hold each other tighter. I was on top buck her body bucked at a fast and glorious rhythm.

“Daddy fuck me harder! Make me your slut! Stretch that hole. OH FUCK! YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!”

I continued pounding her hard. Our pelvis’ slapped together with a loud wet noise. Bodies drenched and glistening with the hot sweat. She was not so innocent anymore, and I loved it. I clasped her ass and swung her to the top of me. She quickly returned to her pace sliding up and down my wet shaft. Taking all of my large cock inside of her like a trained slut. But this was her first time, and she was mine.

“Do want me to ride you like a cowgirl daddy?”

“Yes baby ride daddies bare cock! Show daddy how much you love his cock!”

“OH I love your cock daddy. I never want anyone else’s cock but yours. I want you to fuck your little girls little slut hole every night daddy!”

As she spoke I felt her starting to orgasm on my cock. The juices dripped down my shaft covering my balls and inner thighs as our bodies slammed together hard. Her sweet tight pussy sliding down my cock. I lost it. My balls tightened and I filled up my daughters little pussy. She let out a large moan as we convulsed together in an intense and beautiful orgasm. Her body collapsed on mine tired and worn. The breeze felt cold hitting our exerted, wet, and bare skin.

“You better give me that cock every night daddy.” I did.



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