You don’t realise when you first wake up. Your sleep was much deeper than normal and you were oblivious to my shenanigans. I woke up before you and took my time waking you up. Gently playing with your nipples, kissing every part of your beautiful caramel body, from your dreaming eyes to your uncharacteristically still thighs; heroically fighting the urge to unceremoniously rouse you for my game. This time I would take my time to rouse you, and to arouse you.

When your eyes finally slowly open, you don’t realise what I’ve done. You see me lying next to you waiting and smiling. I go in for the kiss. You instinctively pull away like you always do. That’s when you realise you can’t move your arms. I flash you my victory grin and land the kiss. You can’t go far, tied as you are to the headboard with the silk tie you bought me. Not too tightly though. I don’t want your hands going numb. I’ll need them later…

You grimace as I kiss you, as you always do when I kiss you in the morning, but I brushed my teeth, and I don’t care about your insignificant morning breath. You’re not happy about it, but you’re not unhappy, or rude, enough to not respond.

“Good morning gorgeous”, I say.

“Good morning”, your luscious lips reply, but the tone of your voice and your narrowed eyes are suspiciously asking me, “What are you upto?”

“I think you know what I’m up to”, my grin silently responds, as I kiss you again, slowly trailing down from your lips, biting them, then your chin, then along your jaw to that fun spot where your jaw meets your neck.

I stop here, long enough to ask you, “what did you dream about?” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri You start to answer but the first syllable turns into an exhalation as I cut you off by sucking on that spot on your neck. That wonderful spot halfway between your ear and your shoulder. I’ll never know what you were going to say. But I’m ok with that. I love interrupting your thoughts.

My sucking turns slowly to biting. Your breathing turns to moaning. My hands are not idle. They cup your breasts and tweak your nipples. I know you’re starting to get wet. My dick draws himself to attention and begins pressing against your hip. I kiss and nibble my way down your neck, your shoulder, your collarbone, the top of your breast. The left one. My hands are still tweaking and pinching your nipples. I replace the hand on your left nipple with my tongue, flicking it. I know this drives you crazy, but you’re mine, and you’ll have to put up with a little torture.

You writhe and moan, unable to decide if you want to get away, or if you want me to intensify my efforts. I climb on top of you to switch to your right breast. You briefly fight me, trying to stop me from getting between your thighs, your stubbornness instinctive. But I’m stronger than you. I take my place between your legs and the head of my dick briefly brushes your clit and slides down the lips of your cunt as I do, ending your struggling. I slide down to take your right nipple into my mouth. I’m gentler with this one at first. Just sucking and gently flicking with my tongue. But my teeth make contact with it, softly at first, then harder. Biting you as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you arch your back, once gain unable to decide if you want more or less. But the choice isn’t yours. Not right now. I continue this as I find that fine line between pain and pleasure that you love so much. I straddle that line for a short while, then keep moving southwards, ignoring your moan of disappointment.

I’ve made my way to your right hip sucking and biting all the way then I move across the smooth brown plain of you stomach, kissing my way down the top of your pubes, every once in a while sneaking a glimpse upwards at your face between the valley of your breasts. I kiss my way further south, through the delta of your pubes until I finally get to the top of your clit. I gently brush my lips across it as I pass it because I want to taste your cunt. That first taste always reminds me of strawberries which is weird because pussy is supposed to taste like pussy, not strawberries. But the first taste always reminds me of strawberries. I smile into your bush, amused at the fact that I literally have a woman whose pussy tastes sweet. But the humour passes and the lust returns.

I kiss your southern lips. They’re full and luscious, just like the other ones. I wonder if you enjoy my kissing them as much as I enjoy kissing them. I slip my tongue between them, not very deep. I separate them and slip my tongue in deeper, like a french kiss. I nibble on them gently. I kiss them harder, my tongue probing deeper. I kiss my way north again, getting to your clit. I flick it with my tongue. Faster and faster. My güvenilir bahis şirketleri finger makes it’s way to the entrance of your cunt and slowly penetrates you. Your warmth always takes me by surprise. Slowly I fuck you with my finger as I flick your clit with my tongue.

“Put another finger in.” You whisper. It’s the first thing you’ve said in a while.

I look up and smile, my lips wet from my saliva and your juices. “No.”

I have other plans for you.

I watch the surprise and disappointment register and slowly turn back to pleasure as I continue fucking you with my finger. You’re so wet. I can’t wait any longer. I take my finger out and crawl up between your thighs again, the head of my dick once again coming into contact with those lips I was just kissing. I slowly slide into your tight velvet warmth. You fit me like a tailored glove. I slowly push all the way in, watching your eyes widen. I kiss your lips. You can taste yourself. I start thrusting, and your hips buck back at me as we find our groove. It doesn’t take long for us; we move so well together. I start to feel that familiar tingling, your breathing gets quicker, your moaning gets higher. I untie your hands and you immediately wrap them around me and dig your nails into my back, pulling me into you. I can’t tell where your body ends and mine begins any more as I keep thrusting and my heartrate keeps climbing.

I come first, but I stay hard inside you, never breaking the rhythm as that incredible feeling washes over me. My orgasm sets off yours and you wrap your arms and legs around me holding me still, with your pussy spasming around my dick, squeezing me and keeping my orgasm going. I realise I’ve been holding my breath and finally exhale as your body relaxes. I slowly slide myself out of you and collapse on the bed, next to you, still trying to catch my breath.

“Let’s do that again” you quip, “and this time, I get to tie YOU up.”



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