Bonnie did tell Sami of her encounter with Susan after she and Sami had made love that night, and for whatever convoluted reason, Sami found it hot to hear it, but she didn’t tell Bonnie that; she did ask if Bonnie was okay with their little secret becoming not so fucking secret anymore. Bonnie said it didn’t bother her, and that she would never put herself in that position again, with Susan.

But, Bonnie knew she was lying even as she said it to Sami; she loved Sami with all her heart, but she knew that she would have sex with Susan again, whenever Susan wanted to, Bonnie did know that.

It wasn’t the only secret that Bonnie kept from Sami, no, not at all.

It would be fair to say that Bonnie had become obsessed with interracial lesbian sex, websites devoted to that genre being visited by her quite often since they’d returned to school.

When Sami had left for work one afternoon, Bonnie booted up her laptop, and went surfing. She stripped to her ‘surfing gear’, bra and panties; double checking the door to make sure it was locked, she returned to her bed and her laptop.

Finding the video she was searching for in her favorites, she watched the young white girl service the two tawny beauties in bed, gently but surely rubbing her pussy with her hand in her panties as she watched, mesmerized by the sight.

Her mind wandered to her first time with Billie and Jules, and then to those incredible threesomes she and Sami had with Jill back in Memphis. Rolling onto her back, the laptop forgotten now that it had served its purpose, Bonnie fingered herself with three fingers of one hand while two fingers of her other hand twisted her clit in small circles.

Her orgasm was a mighty one, causing her body to shake the bed she was laying upon; lying there afterwards, catching her breath and enjoying the after-sex glow, she decided not to masturbate the rest of the night, not until Sami came home from work at any rate.

Sami didn’t know what had caused Bonnie to be so horny, but she was definitely reaping the benefit, that’s for sure.

Before Sami could get into her sleep stuff, Bonnie had pulled her onto her bed and began devouring Sami-girl’s body parts with her mouth and tongue. It was only when Sami said that it was her turn now, that Bonnie quit eating Sami.

Lowering her head between Bonnie’s legs, Sami was as horny as she had ever been, and when the smell of Bonnie’s sex reached her nostrils, Sami lost control and restraint…

But, Sami wasn’t complaining, mind you.


The spring semester was moving forward rapidly and when spring break came that year, both Bonnie and Sami decided to skip it, each for their own reasons. With Sami, it was to earn extra coin at The Grille with extra shifts; for Bonnie, it was to catch up on some assignments that she was woefully behind on.

Spring break behind them, Sami’s team won their third conference trophy in as many years, and again lost at Nationals, but at least this time they had made it to the title game.

As they approached semester finals, the pressure to do well was digging at both of them, and in fairness, the girls were working and studying their young, fine asses off. They played, they loved, but they kept up with their studies, neither being prone to a ‘slacker’ mentality.

It fell to Marcia to offer an escape for the girls from their studies, from the pressure of school, even if for only one night.

Marcia was on the phone with Sami, setting up a meeting to discuss yet another project, and afterwards, she had asked Sami how school was going.

And Sami told her, unloading on her about the pressure and all; at the end of it, Marcia suggested that perhaps Sami ought to think about coming to her apartment in the Quarters for some ‘recreational sex therapy’, quite serious with her suggestion to Sami. Marcia love painting Sami-girl, but she loved loving Sami-girl just as much, finding Sami’s young body a tonic.

And it was that suggestion that caused Sami to stop and think a minute, and agreeing with Marcia, she had a suggestion of her own…

“I don’t suppose Miriam is in town, is she?” Sami asked.

“Oh no, darling, she’s back in La-La Land; why? Horny for a little threesome action with a couple of old broads?” she asked with a chuckle, “’cause if that’s what you’re craving, you know I could ask one of my friends to join us.”

“Actually, I was thinking about you and one of your pals, Jessie or Sandi maybe, and me and Bonnie,” Sami proposed.

Marcia knew of Sami and Bonnie becoming lovers; she’d known it for a while.

“Well, though I don’t know Bonnie at all, I think that Jessie would be the better choice, don’t you think? You’ve been with her, so what do you think?” Marcia asked, tossing the ball to Sami.

“Jessie would be fine, you’re right about that; she really likes young pussy,” Sami agreed.

“And I don’t?” Marcia teased, then asking, “Does Bonnie know that you’re pimping her to an older illegal bahis woman?” laughing a bit when she said it.

That remark caused Sami to pause; Sami had been having terrible battles with her conscious ever since Marcia had been ‘tipping’ her so generously when they had sex, after their work in the studio. Yeah, sure, she needed the money, Sami thought, but it just didn’t ‘feel’ right to her, anymore.

“About that, Marcia,” Sami replied, “I can’t take your money anymore, you know, your ‘tips’ that you’re so generous with; I can’t do that anymore.”

“I don’t understand,” Marcia said with a bit of confusion in her voice.

“It makes me feel, I don’t know, unclean? Whorish?” was Sami’s reply.

“Well, we can’t have that now, can we?” Marcia answered, understanding exactly where Sami was coming from now, “I’m sorry, Sami, I certainly never intended you to feel like a whore or a prostitute; honestly, I never meant that, really, I mean it.”

“Well, it does make me feel that way, and while I admit that I’m a pussy-whore, to be paid extra by you to have sex with you just goes against the grain, ya know?” Sami said, “The thing is that I would have sex with you, without the money, okay?”

“Okay, baby, I promise that I will never, ever do that again, the money, I mean,” Marcia responded with truthfulness, “So are we okay, Sami; You and me, are we okay with this, now?”

“Yeah, we are Marcia, and thanks for letting me finally getting this off of my chest,” Sami replied as the weight of the matter lifted from her soul.

Later on in her life, Sami would battle again with herself about this matter, about her ‘whoring’ herself to Marcia; but it would be an internal battle, the kind that happens when one rethinks their life-path, and it would trouble her again, but for now, it was quieted in her heart.

Setting up the ‘date’ for Saturday night, they disconnected; Bonnie will know about it when I tell her in a few minutes, Sami thought as she climbed the stairwell to her floor. She had to stop and sidestep another gal who was walking down the stairs with an armload of books.

“Sorry,” Sami said, “didn’t see you,” moving aside as she did.

The girl looked at Sami, and showed a look of recognition, and stopping, she turned back towards Sami.

“You’re that chick on the Volleyball team with the killer slam-shot, aren’t you?” she asked Sami.

“Well, don’t know about a killer shot, but yeah, I’m on the team; I’m Sami,” Sami said in acknowledgement of the compliment.

The girl smiled, introducing herself to Sami as Bea, struggling to maintain control of her books, and saying, “Oh yeah, I know who you are, room 204, right?”

“Yeah, right,” Sami replied, wondering how the girl knew which room she was in.

“Look, I’ve got to get to the library, but listen,” and then Bea leaned in close to Sami so that she could lower her voice in the echoing stairwell, “if ever you feel like straying off the reservation, I’m in 312,” Bea said, adding, “you should stop by some time to hang out.”

And with that, Sami watched Bea walk down the stairwell, dumbfounded at the proposition she ‘thought’ she had just received from Bea.

But, Sami thought as she turned to finish her climb to her floor, she did have a nice-looking ass.


When Sami approached Bonnie about a night of fun and games to take their minds off of school, Bonnie simply said, “Sure,” not even caring what Sami had in mind. But when Sami told her of Marcia and Jessie, and that they were a couple of 40-somethings, well, Bonnie Sue Madison got turned on, plain and simple.

Bonnie was so enjoying the sexual animal that Sami had helped her to find within herself; she did, she really did. Why else would she be letting Susan dominate her in their sex-play?

Bonnie knew that she liked be a sub to Susan, though she really didn’t know the term; she just knew that she liked being controlled when she and Susan played. It wasn’t like that with Sami, Bonnie thought, but with Susan it was all about the sex, nothing more, nothing like it was with her Sami-girl; when she and her Sami made love, it was oh, so totally different, totally magical.

The last time they had played together, she let Susan bind her to the bed and blindfold her. Susan knelt over Bonnie’s head and lowered her pussy to Bonnie’s waiting mouth and rode to the mountaintop; and when she was satisfied, for a while anyway, she told Bonnie that she had a couple of surprises for her. Bonnie ‘felt’ the presence of others in the room, and when she felt the movement on the bed, she didn’t even fight when she serviced a couple of other girls over the course of an hour or so.

Bonnie sorta liked knowing it was some of her ‘sisters’ that she was eating, but not knowing who, for sure. And afterwards, when Bonnie was rewarded with sexual release by Susan and one of the ‘Mystery Sisters’, Bonnie thought she’d stroke out from the excitement of it all.

When she was finally untied and the blindfold illegal bahis siteleri taken off, Susan held her tight to her body, cooing sweet nothings into Bonnie’s ear as her fingers trailed across Bonnie’s cheek.

“What happened here tonight, sweetie, will stay in this room, do you understand?”

Bonnie nodded her head in understanding.

“The others are bound by the same oath, and this remains within our small, selective circle of friends; are we clear about that?”

Bonnie nodded her head in understanding.

And when Susan gently pushed Bonnie to her knees, onto the floor between her legs, she said in a soft voice, “You know what to do, sweetie, don’t you?”

Bonnie nodded her head in understanding. Bonnie knew exactly what to do.

But she had learned her lesson after that first time with Susan and, after each session with Susan, she always showered and brushed her teeth in Susan’s bathroom; this was one secret that she really didn’t want Sami to know about.

The thing is, though, Sami did know; not sure what she knew, but Sami knew that Bonnie was fucking others, though just not who. I damned sure can’t cast any stones, thought Sami, not by a long shot.

And the other thing? The other thing was that, at the belly of the truth, Sami was alright with it.

“You sure you’re okay with this, baby?” Sami asked as she drove them to Marcia’s place in the quarters, in Bonnie’s car.

“Yeah, I am, should be fun with some experienced, older women,” Bonnie replied truthfully.

“Oh, it will be fun, trust me; and feel free to say ‘No’ if there’s something you’re not comfortable with, okay?”

“I know, sweetie, you’ve told me that a hundred times,” Bonnie replied patiently.

“It’s just that I feel like I’m rushing you, or pushing you into doing things you might not want,” Sami explained.

“I’ve never eaten a pussy that I didn’t want to eat, baby, okay?” Bonnie replied, hoping it would take a bit of pressure off of Sami, her Sami.

And besides, thought Bonnie, I’d be eating more pussy if I didn’t control my urges.

And that wasn’t an untruth.

Sami had shared, with Bonnie, a few tales of her and Marcia, though she never told Bonnie of Marcia’s generous tipping after those sessions; no, Sami still kept that to herself, mostly because she didn’t really want to confront the truth of the situation with Bonnie, she didn’t want Bonnie to know that, in truth, she had prostituted herself to Marcia.

Finding a parking spot a couple of blocks from Marcia’s apartment, Sami and Bonnie walked to Marcia’s place, and ringing the bell, they were buzzed into the courtyard.

Marcia and Jessie were having a drink on the patio when the girls joined them.

Jessie was Marcia’s age, and almost as tall as Sami; she was attractive, though not a knock-out and she appeared to keep her body in shape. It turned out that she, too, was a runner, trying to run a few miles every day.

She was a lawyer, Marcia’s lawyer it turned out, and had been married when in her twenties. Her hair was short and simply cut, more like a blow n’ go style which suited her lifestyle to a tee, and more to the point, Jessie liked the ‘almost’ boyish look.

Introductions were made, and pouring for them all, Marcia invited the girls to sit with them at the patio table; pulling the chair next to her out, Jessie’s eyes had latched onto Bonnie and beckoned her to sit with her, which Bonnie did.

From the moment that she set her eyes on the two older women, Bonnie felt a rush of heat to her crotch; partly because of the newness of this experience with older women, and partly because of the ‘almost’ butch look that Jessie had.

The four of them talked as a group for a while, sharing a few ribald jokes that kept them all smiling and laughing; Marcia was quite the story teller, fast with her punch lines to her stories which were always, it seemed, first-person encounters, that had her as the punch line a couple of times.

“Sami, would you give me a hand in the kitchen for a few moments?” Marcia asked when there was a lull in the conversation at the table.

Rising from their chairs, they left the patio, Bonnie and Jesse now in low, private conversation when they did so.

“Bonnie’s a cutie,” Marcia commented as she retrieved the makings for the rum punch they were drinking, “not hard to understand why you popped her Sapphic cherry,” smirking when she said it, her eyes on Sami as she said it.

“Actually, it gives me an idea for the next piece, if you think Bonnie might be receptive to it,” Marcia said as she stirred the rum mixture in the pitcher.

When Marcia saw Sami and Bonnie walking into the courtyard, her mind immediately pictured an art piece of the two of them in Sapphic repose; something sexy, but not revealing any recognizable features. Marcia was good at hiding facial features that would identify her ‘models’ to anyone; she had been using sex-partners for years as models, and selling the works, the buyer never knowing canlı bahis siteleri who belonged to the body in the portrait.

Marcia told Sami of her idea for the new project, having now seen Bonnie in person, and asked Sami her opinion of it.

“Let me talk with her about it, but, I think she might be receptive to the idea, especially since her face wouldn’t be ‘hers’, ya’ know?” Sami replied, liking the idea immediately when she heard it.

“Okay, I’ll leave it in your hands and let me know as soon as possible, so we can put together a game-plan to work around your schedules.” Marcia replied, pleased that Sami liked her idea.

Moving towards Sami, Marcia put an arm around Sami’s waist, pulling her towards her, and reaching up with her mouth, she kissed Sami lustfully, dropping her hand so that she could squeeze Sami’s firm ass as they kissed.

Sami was kissing Marcia back, of course, loving the feel of the older woman’s soft lips against hers, and also loving the feel of Marcia’s tongue against her own as they kissed each other with a hunger.

Sami had her hand full of Marcia’s larger breasts as they continued to kiss and fondle one another, neither of them hearing Jessie and Bonnie when they had walked into the kitchen.

Leaning into Jessie’s ear, Bonnie whispered, “Looks like the party got started and nobody told us,” chuckling afterwards.

Turning her lips to Bonnie’s ear, Jessie replied, “Indeed; I guess that leaves the two of us to fend for ourselves,” flicking her tongue over Bonnie’s ear afterwards which caused a shiver to travel Bonnie’s spine, but in a good way, ya’ know?

“Let’s give them some privacy,” Jessie said as she picked up the freshly made pitcher of rum punch. Beckoning Bonnie with a head nod to follow her, Jessie led Bonnie to Marcia’s studio building and upstairs to the small bedroom/sitting room.

“To new acquaintances,” Jessie offered as a toast to Bonnie; smiling, Bonnie toasted back with, “and new experiences,” smiling back at Jessie, her eyes locked with hers as they sipped from their flutes.

“Do you want me to play the ‘game’, sweetie? Do you want me to seduce you into that bed?” Jessie asked with her eyes boring into Bonnie’s.

“No,” Bonnie replied, standing as Jessie was, “just tell me what you want me to do; anything at all, I’ll do it,” and placing a hand over Jessie’s breast, she fondled Jessie through the silk blouse, patiently waiting for her orders.

“Oooh, sweetie, I love it when you do that,” Marcia cooed as she rubbed her hands through Sami’s long, blonde tresses while Sami’s tongue worked its magic on Marcia’s swollen clitoris, her orgasm just now floating into space and away.

Lifting her mouth from Marcia’s pussy, the juice clearly showed on her lips; smiling, Sami said, “Not as much as I love tasting your sweetness, honey.”

And moving from between Marcia’s legs, Sami laid on her stomach on Marcia’s bed as Marcia sat up, running her hand down Sami’s spine, letting her fingers gently rub between Sami’s ass-crack.

Spreading her arms out from her body, Sami gripped the edge of the mattress, and closed her eyes as she felt Marcia’s finger gently probe her asshole, loving the feeling as Marcia’s finger rimmed her puckered hole.

Sami felt movement on the bed; felt the movement as Marcia reached for, and retrieved something from her nightstand drawer, but never did Marcia’s finger quit teasing, even as she got into the harness.

The shock of the coolness of the lubricant surprised Sami, but that shock soon gave way to pleasure as Marcia rubbed the lubricant, sensually applying it to Sam’s nether region.

Marcia’s finger left Sami’s body for a few seconds but the warmth and wetness of Marcia’s lips on her back kept her company as Marcia maneuvered to kneel between Sami’s legs, her hands spreading Sami’s legs wide.

Still kissing Sami’s back and shoulders, Marcia gripped Sami’s shoulders with her hands for support as she wiggled her hips to place the strapon’s faux-cock gently between Sami’s ass-cheeks, and against Sami’s lubricated hole.

Biting Sami on her shoulder blade, biting hard enough to leave teeth marks and to cause Sami to gasp from the jolt of pain/pleasure, Marcia thrust forward with her hips at the same time, impaling Sami’s asshole with the slender cock of her harness.

Recovering from the initial thrust into her, Sami relaxed and let her orgasm rise from her belly as Marcia stroked gently and slowly, completely filling her with the narrow, five inch playtoy.

Pulling Sami’s hips off of the bed with her hands and placing Sami into a kneeling position, Marcia closed her eyes as she began fucking Sami harder and harder as Sami begged her to do, Sami’s voice a mix of pain and pleasure.

Bonnie was on her back, totally naked, her breasts red and wet with teeth marks of her own, from Jessie’s welcomed oral assault of her tits; it had hurt, at first, but the pain soon gave way to pleasure as she enjoyed that, and Jessie’s fingers that were fucking her to a climax.

Feeling Jessie move over her, Bonnie opened her eyes just as Jessie’s trimmed bush crossed over her face. Gripping Jessie’s hips tightly with her hands, she pulled Jessie’s pussy to her mouth just as Jessie was doing to her own pussy.



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