Fortunately, I did not have long to wait before he entered.

“Good, you look cute on your knees, but we don’t have long, so open wide.” He unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and inserted it into my mouth. I eagerly sucked him and moved my tongue rapidly. I had started to swirl my tongue when he grabbed my head and started thrusting. So, I focused on relaxing my mouth and to allow him to do the work. He was soon panting and his cock was swelling, making it difficult to take him all the way in. With my jaw aching and the position becoming increasingly awkward, when he cried out and gave one hard thrust before he came. I tried to swallow as best as I could before he slowly pulled out and sat on the couch, while I collapsed on the floor. After a few moments I sat up and remembering what he said I stood up and dressed. When I returned to the living room he was standing up from the couch and smiled as I returned.

“Ready? Good let’s go.” He drove to a nearby restaurant, which while it was hardly going to leave me broke, it was still one of the pricier ones in town. However he made it clear that he wanted to treat me. The meal was an excellent Middle Eastern dish that primarily consisted of lamb. Once we had finished he drove back to his place. As we walked into what turned out to be a nice, decent house in the suburbs. As we got out he got a phone call. He smiled and spoke briefly before hanging up. Once inside he mixed some drinks and we sat on the couch drinking. He appeared completely relaxed as he waited for us to finish. He set aside his empty glass, kicking off his shoes and removed his jacket. I soon followed suit and he directed me to the floor. I didn’t hesitate to follow his direction, soon finding his semi-hard cock in my face. With a few licks he grew harder and I took him in my mouth.

“Don’t rush.” I nodded and focused on sucking around the head, swirling my tongue, before taking in more of him. I soon lost track of time as I worked my way up and down. Suddenly there was a knock at the door illegal bahis and I paused.

“Come in.” I turned around to see who had entered. I didn’t know him, but there was no denying he was good looking, easily six feet tall, dark skin and his straining t-shirt made it clear that he hit the gym with enthusiasm.

“Hey Marcus, glad you could make it.” At a nod from Gavin, Marcus quickly undressed, first removing his t-shirt revealing well-developed pecs, followed soon by his pants and out sprang his semi-hard cock. Even partially erect he was bigger than Gavin. I turned to Gavin as I was uncertain about taking Marcus inside any hole of mine. Gavin patted me on the head smiling reassuringly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it. It may look scary, but it’s as amazing as Marcus is.” Marcus, although it seemed with embarrassment more than anything else, grinned. Gavin joined me on the floor and guided my head to Marcus’ cock. I hesitated but opened my mouth as Gavin eased my head onto Marcus’ cock. The head of his cock wasn’t too big, but the length was still intimidating. He continued to harden as I slowly eased my way towards his base. Soon he was fully erect and I had only reached a little over half-way, this was only about six inches, but he was thicker than Gavin. Gagging I pulled off and struggled to catch my breath.

“You okay, man?” I looked up to Marcus through tear-filled eyes and nodded. Gavin signaled for Marcus to sit on the couch, who stroked himself slowly to keep hard.

“How long you been sucking cock, that was good?” I was still struggling to get my breath back so Gavin responded.

“Would believe a little over a week?” Marcus whistled softly as he shook his head. Gavin gestured for me to bend over the couch. I was not in this position long before I felt Gavin behind me. Clearly applying lube that he must have already had in the room in reach. He must have emptied a tube, given how much it felt that was going into my ass. I moaned loudly as he thrust three fingers illegal bahis siteleri in and out, soon I felt that I would soon cum if he kept it up. However he was paying attention and stopped, prompting me to moan my disappointment. He patted my ass.

“Not yet.” Once I had relaxed somewhat he inserted four fingers, soon followed by his thumb, thrusting and flexing his fingers, further opening me up. My moaning continued until he was satisfied. “Okay, you’re up Marcus.” Gavin sat on the couch, holding up his cock and I quickly took him in my mouth, Marcus knelt behind me.

“Spread your cheeks, it’s going to be a bit hard to get in.” While trying to continue sucking Gavin I reached back to spread my ass and Marcus lined up his cock with my hole. Still focusing on keeping my lips and tongue moving, Marcus slowly pushed forward, easing more of himself inside me. I moaned around Gavin’s cock as I felt Marcus continue to push forward. There was no pain, but it was a little uncomfortable, however I was mainly feeling full and yet he kept coming. When he finally bottomed out I moaned even louder and it was a wonder that I only squeezed Gavin with my lips and not my teeth. The pounding from behind soon began and I moved my hands to steady myself on Gavin.

Soon I lost all track of time as I felt both of them thrusting in both ends. At some point I felt myself swelling even more as I felt almost as if Marcus was pushing against my cock from behind. In time I let out an even louder moan as I came, harder than I could remember having done before. I collapsed no longer able to support myself after that orgasm. However the two of them continued to pound away from both ends. I moaned occasionally as this continued until Gavin came in my mouth, but it was soon too much and some ended up on my face.

When Gavin finished I collapsed with my head resting on the floor as Marcus continued. He seemed to say something at one point, but I was only noticing the sensations of his cock filling my ass pulling almost canlı bahis siteleri all the way out, before slamming back in. Before long I felt his grip tighten on my ass as his pace become more rapid, but also more random. I soon became aware that my own cock had become hard again. Suddenly the largely taciturn Marcus let out a loud moan as he made several final frantic thrusts before a last one found him cumming in my ass. He had collapsed on top of me as I began to feel my own orgasm hit. When his orgasm subsided, he kissed the back of my neck before slowly pulling out and moving to the couch. It was only then that I realized that he had been supporting me and I collapsed on the floor.

I awoke to realize that someone was using a washcloth on my rear. The water was warm and I moaned softly, but too spent to react further. In time they finished and I sat up to notice it was Marcus. It was at this moment that Gavin entered bearing three glasses of wine. I was a bit hesitant as wine had never been of interest to me, but a taste proved that it was actually delicious. With a little help from both of them I sat on the couch between them, sipping wine.

“So Marcus, thoughts?” Marcus kissed me softly before responding.

“Single?” I laughed softly.

“I am right now.” I barely noticed as Marcus glanced at Gavin, who nodded.

“Free tomorrow?” I nodded as I continued to sip the wine. “Let’s meet for lunch then.” I considered this for a moment as I wasn’t nearly as attracted to him as I was to Gavin, however there was not denying he was really attractive and had made me cum, twice.

“Alright, sounds good.” He grinned and picked up his phone from the coffee table.

“What’s your number? I’ll text you the address.” I picked up my own phone and gave my own number. He texted me and I added him to contacts.

“Well, I gotta run, I’ve things to do before tomorrow. Thanks again Gavin, this was great.” He kissed me again, this time with tongue and a little more aggressively. “Bye.” Gavin dressed and I did as well.

“Well, I guess I’ll take you home now.” I nodded as I was ready to go to bed.

This will be continued with my interactions with other characters and more with Marcus. However I will be posting a few other stories first.



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