Josh and Amy had met once from a popular on-line dating site. They had exchanged e-mail and phone calls and even met for dinner. Although the timing was not right for them to pursue a relationship they both enjoyed meeting each other and kept in touch. One late Saturday night/early Sunday morning they were both online and began chatting. Amy had just gotten home from a night spent playing rummy with some of her girlfriends. They discussed rummy, which Josh had not played in many years, and as happens late at night the conversation began hinting toward sex. Josh, feeling bold late at night, asked if there was a strip version of rummy. Amy replied that she saw no reason why stripping and rummy could not be combined. The conversation continued until the wee hours of the morning and since New Years was only a couple of weeks away and neither of them had plans they decided to meet at Amy on New Year’s Eve for a game of rummy.

After much anticipation, New Year’s Eve finally arrived. After work Josh drove to Amy’s apartment and was met by Amy who was wearing a black shirt and white pants. She was as he remembered her – very lovely shoulder length, tightly curled black hair, and adorable brown eyes. Amy was shorter than average and above average weight for her height, with lovely large, full breasts. Josh was as Amy remembered as well – average height, with a slim frame, brown eyes and hair, with a warming smile. Tonight he was wearing blue jeans and a pullover red shirt. After a dinner of ordered in Chinese food, they watched the local news and engaged in some small conversation. Finally, Amy asked Josh if he was interested in a game of rummy. Josh smiled and said that he was so they sat down next to each other on the floor in front of the coffee table. Since Amy was wearing a low cut black shirt, Josh enjoyed being close enough to her to take in the lovely view of her ample cleavage.

Amy cleared the table and grabbed a score sheet before shuffling the deck. Since Josh was not familiar with the rules they played a practice hand. They agreed to play each game to 200 points, meaning each game would be comprised of a few hands. Josh took advantage of beginner’s luck and won the first game. Having not decided the extra rules of the game there was a silence for a minute. Amy finally asked what happens at then end of each game and Josh suggested that the winner of each game get what he or she wants, to which Amy quickly agreed.

Since Josh had won he was the first to say what he illegal bahis wanted. His reply was “I want to find out if you are as good of a kisser as you say you are”. Amy smiled and said “No problem” and with that she moved against Josh and pressed her lips to his. The kiss quickly turned more passionate and their mouths opened allowing their tongues to begin exploring. Josh leaned back down so he was lying on the floor and pulled Amy down on top of him. Their tongues danced with each other’s and explored their warm mouths. Their kiss lasted for about 10 passion filled minutes before they came up for air and the next game.

Josh’s luck continued in the next game as he won again and had to consider what he wanted. He did not think about what he wanted this time but simply said, “I think you lost your shirt in that game.” Amy looked at him and smiled while reaching down to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up and over her head. Josh could not help but to stare as Amy revealed a lovely black bra that was struggling to contain her large tits. Her creamy white breasts were in stark contrast to her black bra, which held Josh’s gaze until Amy moved to him, placed her arms around him and begin kissing him passionately once again. This time Amy leaned back and pulled Josh down to the floor with her so that he was on top of her. Her fingers moved up and down his back as their tongues danced around inside their mouths. He could feel her breast pressing against his chest as they kissed.

When the next game started Josh was wondering if Amy may have been letting him win, it really did not matter he thought since they both seemed to be winning. As Amy dealt the cards for the next game Josh kept his focus on her sexy bra, as the passion continued to build between them. Once again Josh won and this time he requested that Amy remove her pants. She happily complied and stood up and unzipped her pants, which revealed a pair of black panties, which match her bra. She lowered her pants to expose her lovely and creamy legs.

When she sat back down they embraced in another long kiss as Josh once again ended up on his back. As they kissed his ran his hands over her ample ass feeling the softness of her panties. Amy moaned into his mouth as his hands were kneading and squeezing her ass cheeks. Their kisses became more passionate as Amy sucked Josh’s tongue deep into her mouth. They again continued their kiss until they both needed to come up for air and to start the next game.

Amy was ready illegal bahis siteleri to start winning but Josh was distracting her as she dealt. He began softly kissing her shoulder and neck while he hand reached to her chest and caressed the top of her breasts. Amy overcame the distractions and finally won her first hand. Her request was for Josh to remove his shirt, which he did quickly. This time as they kissed Josh was on top of Amy and could feel the softness of her bra pressed against his bare chest. This time it was Josh who sucked Amy’s tongue into his mouth as they continued to explore each other.

The next game seemed to take forever as the tension was building. After many hands Josh was again the winner of the round. He smiled as he requester her to remove her bra for him. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and then pressed herself to him and kissed him deeply before pulling him down on top of her. As the kissed Amy reached down and slid her bra off and they both enjoyed the feeling of their bare chests pressing together.

After the long kiss Josh leaned up a bit and finally set his eyes on Amy’s full tits. They were a bit larger than he expected with perky nipples, both of which were standing straight up at him. His hands cupped her breasts as he bent down and started to lick her right nipple. Amy ran her fingers thru his hair as his tongue worked back and forth across her sensitive nipple. She moaned out loud when he wrapped his lips around her nipple and began to suck it softly. After several minutes of letting Josh play with her nipple she suggested an intermission from the card game and a trip to her bedroom. Josh slowly stood up, took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

Josh lowered her down on the bed softly and look down at her. He then lay down beside her and began kissing her neck and chin while his hands cupped her large breasts. His thumbs flicked at her hard nipples as his kissed his way down her neck to her upper chest. As his tongue licked between her breasts his fingers began tugging on her nipples, which resulted in a loud moan from Amy.

As he took her left nipple between his teeth, his hand traveled slowly down her stomach and rested on the front of her panties. He found that Amy was already very wet and began to caress the front of her panties. Having a strong desire to taste Amy, Josh slid down the bed and found himself between her legs.

He slowly lowered her panties and got his first look at her glistening canlı bahis siteleri pussy. Josh slid his tongue out and peered up at Amy who was watching him intently. He licked her creamy inner thighs and when he finally brushed his tongue against her outer pussy lips Amy grab his hair and pulled his face against her. Recognizing this sign, Josh began running his tongue up and down her moist pussy, sliding it inside her outer lips. He worked his way up to her swollen clit and took it between his lips. As he flicked his tongue against her clit he began to suck it gently.

Amy began tugging on his hair and letting him know he had found the right spot. Josh slowly slid two fingers into her soaked pussy and began to slide them in and out of her as he continued to massage her clit with his tongue. Amy’s breathing came faster and faster and she reached orgasm, she used her hands to bury his face between her legs and she came heavily.

Josh continued to lick at her juices as her breather began to return to normal. He enjoyed the taste of Amy and made sure to lick up every drop that he could. When he was done he moved up beside Amy and lay next to her. With a smile Amy slid down Josh’s body and unsnapped and unzipped his jeans before pulling them off. She could tell but the bulge in his underwear that he was enjoying the session. She slid down his underwear and without hesitation wrapped her soft hand around his very hard shaft. Josh leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he felt his hand on her.

Amy lowered her head and slipped her lips over the tip of his cock. Her tight curls were falling down and covering her face and created a tickling sensation against his shaft. She slowly lowered her lips farther down him and took his long cock fully into her moth. Josh gently tugged on her curly hair as she began to suck him deeply as she moved her mouth up and down on him.

Knowing he could not take much of this pleasurable treatment he told her to climb aboard him. She happily fulfilled his request and hovered over him before sliding her hot pussy over his cock, letting him fill her completely. As she began to ride up and down on him, Josh leaned his head up and took her nipple into his mouth. His hips matched the motion of her as she bounced on top of him.

John bit down on her nipple as he began to shoot his cum deep inside her. Feeling the pressure on her nipple and the excitement in her pussy Amy once again reached a climax and their love juices mixed together. Both panting and out of breath they collapsed together in each other’s arms.

At this point, it was well past midnight and they had missed the dropping of the ball, but as they lay together it did not appear that either of them cared.



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