The bar was overly crowded, smoky and loud. But, what else was there in the town for a thirty five year old single man to do? James sat on the barstool looking into the beer he had been nursing for over an hour and sighed. “What am I doing here?” he thought to himself “I’m not young anymore and these places just end up depressing me.” HIs mind drifted back a few hours to the point at which he had lost the argument with his friend Robert.

“Rob I really don’t think going to the bar would be a good idea, I have a lot of paperwork to finish before tomorrow. If I don’t get it done none of my employees will get paid this week.” James said to the overly critical looking man who stood in front of the desk in the small office he occupied.

“Look James I have known you for what? Thirty four years now?” The shaggy head shook side to side as Robert chided him. “I know you’re still hurting from Janette leaving you. But! It really is time you got out and away from this stuffy office. You need some time outside of work.”

“Rob I really appreciate the offer but I am not in the mood. Besides its cold out tonight and all the young guys and girls will be going to try and find a warm body for the night. I am too old for the bar now.”

“Too old? Shit my friend if you’re old then what am I?” Robert said hands outstretched. “I am nearly three years older than you, and as for the warm body comment. You of all people need a warm body to comfort you tonight. It’s been what five; maybe six years since Janette left you for that rich asshole from New York?”

The pained expression in James’ eyes made Robert shudder from his blunt assessment of his friend’s tragedy. “I’m sorry James, but you need to come out of that fortress you have built and meet with people again. Who knows maybe you will actually have fun for once.”

“I have fun!” James protested. “Wasn’t the golf outing to Myrtle Beach fun Robert? I didn’t hear you complaining while we were there.” His eyes were locked on his friend daring him to deny he had fun. James knew that Robert had met up with a pair of girls at a nightclub there. He knew because he could hear them through the wall of his hotel room as his friend brought them both to shrieking ecstasy time and again.

With a shaking head and a slightly pained look in his eyes Robert said softly. “James my friend that was over two years ago. You have spent the last six years since Janette left here in the office or at home in a truly depressing funk. You are coming out tonight if I have to drag you out.” The finality of that statement sounded like a death knell to James, but he nodded with resignation.

So like a good friend James sat at the bar while Robert flirted outrageously with a twenty something blonde. He noted the blonde looked a great deal like the office assistant he had just hired. If that was the case she had just turned twenty one and he knew her father quite well. Her short skirt and nearly see through black top showed off her ample breasts and her nice, all be it flattish bottom. With a shake of his head and another look into the still unfinished beer James began another delving into his memory. He was twenty when had first met Janette. She was a hazel eyed beauty he had met while attending college out of state. Her light laugh and sincere smile drew him instantly.

James remembered the first night they had spent in each other’s arms. She had been dressed for a formal dance, a beautiful scarlet dress that cascaded down her body. Her shoulders were bare and her tanned skin drew James’ eyes and heart like no woman ever had. No one could say that James looked like a slob either. His suit was of a pale grey and looked very elegant. James always looked good in a suit. They had danced the night away with reckless abandon, laughing and enjoying the closeness of each other. When the time came for them to depart they wandered slowly to her apartment just off campus. James held her tight as he planned to make his goodnight and leave her to return to his own dorm room.

“Stay with me tonight James.” The words still sounded sweet in his memories. “I want you to stay with me tonight and forever” Her eyes were filled almost with tears as her words flooded out.

Without a word of protest or acceptance James followed her to her apartment. Once inside the door however the mood changed from the somber proclamation of love to one of pure young lust. James pinned her to the wall just inside the door and kissed her ruby lips with an almost animal need. Janette’s lips were soft, sweet, and inviting. She parted them and sought his tongue for that most intimate of kisses. Long they stayed in that embrace, his body pinning her to the wall and her arms flung around his shoulders. The heat between them was nearly stifling as they broke from the kiss to stare in each other’s eyes. He knew what she wanted of him and Janette knew her body would bring about his own pleasure. She took James’ hand and quickly led him to the bedroom. Once inside she pushed ataşehir escort him playfully onto her large bed. His smile was filled with love and joy as he watched her swirl in a dance just for him.

The crimson dress looked even more beautiful to James as Janette slowly unzipped it from the back and slid out of it. With a whisper the dress feel to the floor in circle surrounding the beautiful woman he had desired for months. Her tiny frame was there for him to behold. A smallish red strapless bra held her pert breasts up. James continued to look over his beautiful Janette. Down her body his eyes fell, her flat stomach was as golden as the rest of her skin; her tight bottom was covered with a pair of red silk panties. Down and down his vision slid, her legs were covered in that most lust inducing item, silk thigh high stockings covered the perfect curves of her legs. Her tiny feet were still in her four inch red heels.

With a nearly audible gasp James stood and moved to her, enfolding her in his warm embrace as his lips once again found hers. Her tiny hands worked at the belt at his waist as they continued to kiss. With a flourish she zipped his belt loose and then tossed it aside. The girlish giggle that followed made James even happier. The gasp that followed though dismayed him, without knowing why James looked down to see his pants around his ankles and his boxers bulging quite a ways out. Janette stood staring at him her hands to her mouth.

“My gods James!” Janette exclaimed “I mean. I mean you never. Told me.” her voice was wavering between shock, horror and total excitement.

With a bit of a blush James spoke softly “I am sorry Janette it just never seemed to come up in conversation.” His hands moved to remove his boxers. Might as well show her so as to get it out of the way James thought.

A second gasp escaped her throat as she reached out and touched his member with delicate but shaking hands. Janette slowly caressed his manhood examining the length and size of it. She looked up into James’ face and smiled wide. A smile almost wicked with delight. Later in life James would remember that smile and it would crush him as he walked in on her and the man from New York as she was stroking his penis.

“It is lovely James, so large and thick.” She whispered as she stroked his now raging hard on. James found his hands also seeking something to touch. Slowly his fingers slid into her silky panties and brushed gently on her downy hair. Without knowing why he did it he kisses Janette again as he slide a finger into her very moist pussy. Her moan was trapped in the kiss as she shivered. She squeezed his rock hard cock to let James know not to stop. Again and again his finger dipped into her, rubbing her satin inner walls.

His lips parted as he whispered to her. “I want you, I need you Janette” Her eyes sparkled as his hands gently laid her onto the bed. She unfastened her bra and tossed it at him then giggled again as her stocking clad foot rubbed up his leg to his penis. The bra would have hit James had he not been quick and dodged; her foot however was a distraction he had not anticipated. He smiled wide but did not slow as his shirt came free, buttons flying here and there as he removed it with a single jerk.

“Take me James, make me your own” Janette spoke as he moved closer, hands stopped on her panties. A lump crawled, spiderlike, into James’ throat. He could only nod as he pulled her panties down and off her stunning body. What came next shocked Janette to her core with the sheer ecstasy of it. Wordlessly James sunk to his knees and dragged her body close. His tongue, warm and wet began an exquisite search of her labia. Her legs trembled at his touch. She looked down with her hazel eyes into his own. She had never noticed that light blue haze around his grey eyes before; it was as if she looked into the eyes of an angel. She rethought that as James’ tongue delved into her now dripping pussy. “More like a devil, a very very sensual devil” she thought through the waves of pleasure his tongue was bringing about in her body.

James took to her body like a man starved for a decade. Her scent filled his nostrils and his tongue could not get enough of her taste. Again and again he delved his tongue deep into her wet folds. Her moans and shivering driving him onward as his finger found that secret button that drives all women to the peaks of passion and desire. His tongue dipped in deep as those naughty fingers of his rubbed and rolled Janette’s clit in a slow rocking circle. James was rewarded with a deep shudder and a moan that filled the room. She couldn’t contain the flood of ecstasy building inside her. Without warning it burst, crashing like thousand waves in her mind. Her scream of pleasure as her hips lifted up to James’ tongue would have woken anyone within a mile, had they cared to listen. The intensity of her orgasm caused Janette to see stars, millions and millions of them, across her vision. Her body was numb with kadıköy escort the pleasure of afterglow. Never before had she felt this kind of feeling. Oh she had had orgasms before, James was aware she was not a virgin. But this, a shudder filtered through her body, was amazing. Her pussy tingled and throbbed as she realized that James had never stopped his attention. Through all that ecstasy and the flood of her pussy juices he had continued to attend to her. His eyes sparked a deeper blue now, curious that his eyes had changed color again. Her body came down from the highest peaks and she caressed his hair as he licked her clean.

“I think I will defiantly keep you.” She spoke with a soft chuckle. HIs eyes twinkled as he moved up beside her, his fingers now tracing small circles on her flat stomach.

James was jolted from his memories. A feminine voice was speaking to him, and he could feel a fingertip tapping his shoulder. He turned to see a stunningly beautiful woman standing just beside his chair. Her face looked slightly familiar, but he shook off that notion.

“Excuse me?” The voice was soft, husky, and seemed too filled with all the things James missed about a woman. James shook himself free of another memory building inside him.

“Oh, Um, Yes?” He stammered. “Sorry was lost in thought”

“I was asking if anyone was sitting here.” The woman gestured to the barstool beside James.

“Oh, No, no one is sitting there. Please feel free and take it.” He said in his deep voice. He watched her as she proceeded to take the stool beside him. She was not short nor tall, her frame was slight though, not a thinness of sickness but one of natural tone. He believed Robert once called women like this waifish, but her look was not anorexic. James knew the term was fit, or even trim. This beautiful woman, though slight had all the curves of womanly attractiveness and ample breast to match. Wonder of wonders, this was the epitome of what James had wanted his entire life. His mind spun with lustful thoughts, but like the gentleman he was he pushed them aside and extended his hand to the woman.

“Hello my name is James; sorry about before I was lost in a thought. I hope I didn’t seem rude.” He spoke with a smile not only on his face but one in his voice. If Robert hadn’t left with that young blonde girl twenty minutes ago he would have rejoiced to hear that voice from his old friend.

“Hello James my name is Melissa, nice to meet you. Oh, and no I wasn’t offended.” Her voice was still filled with warmth and husky desires. James shivered involuntarily as her soft hand took his in a friendly shake. “I was worried you might be drunk or maybe passed out with your eyes open. I have seen it happen you know and it is very odd” Melissa said with a chuckle.

“Oddly this is the only beer I have had all night.” James said holding up his still half full mug. “I am not much of a drinker anymore. I think those days have slipped by me.” His smile was genuine and his eyes spoke volumes to her. She returned his smile and nodded her agreement.

“It does happen as we get older. I was a bit of a wild one when I was in my teens.” Her features puckered into an expression of self rebuke. But, the look lasted for but a moment as she continued on. “I don’t indulge that way anymore myself. I will leave that to the younger people.”

“Younger people? My dear lady I cannot believe you are more than twenty two yourself.” James said knowing that his lie was as obvious as the age that shown on his own face. “I would be surprised if you were barely out of college.”

“You are very kind, blind as a bat, but kind James. I am thirty five this month and I am proud of every year of that thirty five.” her eyes had a sparkle as she stated her age humbly. James’ mind began to roll as he thought over all the people in town that he grew up with and were his own age. He looked the woman over again as she spoke to the bartender. She was striking and he knew he should know her. Her body was accentuated by the semi short leather skirt she wore. Her breasts were large but not so hefty as to be grotesque. It was her face that struck James the most. He knew she looked memorable but he could not put his finger on where he had seen her.

The Melissa turned at that point and looked into James’ eyes. Her radiant blue eyes were nearly sparkling in the half light of the bar’s shoddy illumination. “So James, tell me what do you do for a living?” She said, her voice sounding like an angel to his ears.

“Me? Well I run a construction firm here in town. Hells I run the only construction firm for forty five miles. The darn thing has been in my family for decades now. I took over when my father passed.” He said with a little catch in his throat when speaking of his late father.

“I am sorry to hear about your father James. He was a good man.” She spoke solemnly. His mind reacted quickly to that comment. How had she known his father was a good man? He studied her for bostancı escort bayan a moment. His gaze taking her all in. Her auburn hair cascading down her shoulder. The deep rich hazel of her eyes. Even the way her fingers toyed with the straw in her drink.

He could stand it no longer, puzzles like this tended to bring out the worst in James and he blurted out suddenly, “Melissa do I know you? I mean you are not a local from the town. Yet, somehow I feel I have met you somewhere. Though I am sure it seems insulting a man not remembering such a lovely lady like yourself. But, I cannot seem to put my finger on the fact I feel we have met before.” The words spilled out quickly but without malice.

The looks she gave him was one of gentle reproach and she leaned in close. Her lips seemed soft as they parted, red as a rose and twice as delicate, and she whispered one single word. “Issa” and that is all she said as she leaned back, a self satisfied smile on her face.

It took James a few seconds to rifle through his memories. He had known a few women in his adult life but none named Issa. His brain whirled and had it not been for his skull he thought it would pop out. Then a memory as old as dust struck his mind. Issa a girl he had known when he was just ten years old was named Issa. Well to be sure it was more Melissa then the nickname he and the other kids had used back then. But it could not be. The girl he knew was a tomboy, a local ruffian like him, not this lovely woman sitting next to him. He shook his head as he looked at her and the visions merged. His eyes became like two twinkling sapphire stars as the full realization hit him. She looked at him with a very lovely wide smile. She had thought his mind had become fuddled over the years. “I mean it’s been twenty five years since he has seen me” Melissa thought wryly. Her wink took him slightly off guard and she laughed a rich throaty laugh. This was more fun then she had anticipated when she had made arrangements to come back to the old town for a long overdue visit.

“Issa? You have. Changed” James said his eyes wandering her body again. “I mean not in a bad way. But I remember you as a scrawny, dusty, rebellious, tomboy. When did you turn into such a” he stumbled over the words.

“Lady? Woman? Misses?” Issa replied with a bit of mocking in her voice. “I see you haven’t changed all that much. I noticed Robert here as well. You two were always thick as thieves when you were younger.” Her smile was deep and warm again.

With a soft chuckle laugh James leaned in and whispered to her. “If I were you I would stay away from him. He’s become like his old man and tries to bed every woman that walks into the bar, or even any woman who wander by him in town. I wouldn’t let Robert know who you are either he might try to put a frog down your underwear like when you were nine.”

“I see” She said with a twinkle in her eye “I am glad you still remember that day. I hope you also remember it was you who got the frog out of there not me. I screamed a lot at that prank. As for old Rob I think I am not his type. I saw the little trailer trollop he left with. He was always like his father in that respect, always trying to get in a girls panties.” Her smile turned sour and she shook the memories of Robert’s dad and his rude, often sexual comments to her mother out of mind. “So are you here to follow in your friend Robert’s footsteps? Are you on the prowl for some ragged trailer trash?” Her words had a slight edge to them and James knew he was walking on shaky ground with his long lost friend.

“No in fact I fought not to come here tonight.” James said defensively. “I don’t much get out now a days. I have sunk myself into the business ever since my wife left me five years ago.” even the words stung when he spoke them. Everything about that day hurt. Janette’s betrayal was firmly etched into his mind. He saw her again her legs astride that man from the city. Her moans filling the room as she ground her hips down onto him. He could even see her gaping pussy taking the man’s thick cock. He felt a passing shiver of hatred for his ex-wife and her secret lover. Now for some reason he found a need to tell someone everything. He looked at his long lost friend and with a lump in his throat he explained to her, he told her everything.

Issa had been watching James as he told her how his wife had cheated on him. How she belittled him in front of his family at the divorce proceedings. How she had trumped up charges of abuse and neglect and took fully three quarters of his money before leaving with her lover. The pain shown in James’ eyes as he told her about catching the two having sex in his marital bed. How she had ridiculed him for being less a man then her lover. He even started to choke a little as he told her about the downward spiral his father took after his ex-wife had sued him and nearly bankrupted the family business. Issa’s heart nearly broke as she listened to him explain how he had to bury his father by himself and how his drive to keep the family business had been the only thing sustaining him these last six years. With a comforting hand she reached out and touched his shoulder. That simple gesture from an old friend was enough to bring James’ to tears.



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