Author’s note: Well, this is the last episode of the “A First Time” series. I hope you have enjoyed Laurie’s sexual evolution that culminates with her final and greatest incestuous taboo.

Thank you, Amela, for your editing of the series and your efforts to take my writing to a higher level. Much appreciated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s funny how you can talk yourself into believing that incest is acceptable. I broke the first taboo when I lost my virginity to Kenny, my younger brother. I naively let myself be swept into a youthful and exciting love affair that ultimately conceived Jonathan, my love child by Kenny, and in so doing, committed another big taboo. Little did I know that eighteen years later Jonathan would seduce me and lay claim to the title of “motherfucker.” Talk about a major no-no.

While some may consider letting Jonathan introduce his raging hard-on up his mom’s poop chute or fist pump her sex to be taboo, such acts paled enormously compared to Jonathan deciding to indelibly “brand” me by having me bear his son. The greatest taboo of all time was when I gave birth to my own grandson.

It was a lazy Saturday that had Bruce, my husband, and Andrew, my son by Bruce, at the firing range once again doing some father-son bonding. Jonathan seized the opportunity to do some serious mother-son bonding which involved an extremely strenuous love-making session in bed. It was only after I laid sweaty and exhausted, enjoying the feel of his creamy semen slowly seeping from my dilated anus, that Jonathan whispered in my ear, “Mom – I want you to give birth to my child.”

As his mind-boggling announcement blew away my post-orgasmic bliss, I immediately blurted, “No, Jonathan! How can you even think it! What you’re talking about is extraordinarily perverse and sinfully wrong! Have you thought that if I did what you want, that I would not only be giving birth to your child…my son or daughter…but also to my grandchild? No, Jonathan – hell no! I won’t let you!”

However, in true Jonathan style, my son let his actions speak louder than words. Smoldering kisses and stimulating caresses overwhelmed my senses and a very rigid penis battered me into helpless submission. As my arguments were countered and negated, the walls of my resistance crumbled and my efforts to dissuade my son failed miserably. What is it about me not being able to say “no” to the sexual demands of my incestuous male family members?

As he did when he first plotted to seduce me, Jonathan patiently and systematically went about achieving his goal. Paying no heed to my wimpy refusals and meaningless threats, he ferreted out and disposed of my hidden contraceptive stash. He then went about tracking my menstruation cycles until he knew exactly when I would be ovulating each month. Finally, he waited patiently until Bruce and Andrew were off the island on another one of their damn hunting trips. It was only when all the stars aligned that Jonathan made his move.

“Jonathan, stop. Please stop. This is wrong. I should have never let you make love to me in the first place. I’m you mother, please, Jonathan. It is wrong for us to be having sex, but it’s really wrong for me to have your child. It’s incest – the worst kind. If I had known, I wouldn’t…”

Jonathan said nothing as he slipped the straps of my loose smock from my shoulders, the cloth easily slipping down my body and falling to the floor. Covering my breasts, I tried to step away. However, I was yanked back by my flimsy panties which were violently torn from me.

“Oh god, Jonathan, please listen to me. We can’t do this.” I pleaded as I covered myself in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable. “Why not? Because where you want to shoot your sperm is where you were made and born. This is can’t happen! Jonathan, please don’t…”

I never got a chance to complete my plea as sarıyer escort I was suddenly thrown across Jonathan’s naked lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. With a confidence beyond his years, Jonathan quickly silenced my protests with the flat of his palm landing resoundingly on my curved buttocks. Holding me down with one hand to control my struggling, Jonathan uttered, “Mom, stop this whining. Don’t make me punish you for disobeying me. You know you’ll eventually do what I want you to do…and ultimately what you want to do.”

I was about to make another last-ditch entreaty when his palm once more landed resoundingly on my rounded butt cheeks. I cried out in shock, pain and indignation, struggling violently to escape. However, Jonathan would have none of this. “Don’t you dare resist,” he growled, “because then I will really have to discipline you like a naughty little girl who needs to be taught a lesson.”

Jonathan grunted as he whacked my rounded buns until they were a bright crimson and tears flowed freely from my eyes. In my entire life, I had never been spanked like this. More than it was physically painful, it was stingingly humiliating. I was Jonathan’s thirty-eight-year-old mother, and yet I was being spanked as if I was some willful little girl who needed to be taught a lesson in listening and obeying.

Yet, at the same time, I discovered that I was a sick bitch who was getting steadily turned on by being spanked. My crimson buns were on fire and my nether region burned like a raging inferno. I became vividly aware of Jonathan’s long rock-hard erection lewdly poking from his lap into my exposed vulva. With each thunderous slap, I found myself subtly but shamelessly bumping against his helmeted penis head as my sexual juices began to flow.

Soft shameful moans escaped my lips when I was finally rolled off my son’s lap to lie face down on the bed. My hips were tugged upward until I was on my hands and knees on the mattress with my ass high in the air. When I lifted my gaze, Jonathan’s massive baby maker throbbed before my eyes.

“Suck me, Mom. Suck me the way I like it. Make me hard like the way you always do. You’ve told me that Dad always said that you give head like a Chinatown whore and, while he and I don’t agree often, on this we do. Hmm, yeah, Mom…you’re so good. I can’t believe just how much of my dong you’re able to swallow. Yeah, I can feel my nuts tightening…and my cock getting painfully hard. Ooh, if you keep that up…I’m going to blast my spunk…down your gulping throat.

“Oh fuck, wait! Why, you naughty little slut! You’re trying to suck me off! You’re trying to get me to shoot my load down your throat instead of up your cunt. Well, we can’t let that happen, can we? I think it’s time to make a baby.”

A shrill whine escaped my lips as Jonathan rounded the bed to mount me, slowly but surely entering and spreading me. ‘Oh, Christ, he’s filling me up!’ I screamed in my head. ‘He’s stretching me out! He’s going so damn deep! Banging on my cervix. Ooh, say something quickly, Laurie! Say something before it’s too late!”

“Jonathan, son, we mustn’t do this…it’s wrong…our incest is wrong…but it would be doubly wrong…for me to give birth to your child! And my grandchild! Please, Jonathan…don’t do this…don’t…arrggghhh!”

A stifled cry filled the bedroom as my face was shoved into the mattress. Jonathan thrust his hips forward, driving into my love tunnel with strong hard strokes. Again and again he plunged into my hot, sopping wet depths until his fleshy battering ram repeatedly and painfully struck the opening of my cervix. My back arched as I threw my head back to wail at the sharp pain and sudden realization that I was about to be impregnated and couldn’t do anything about it.

“You don’t get esenyurt escort it, do you, Mom? You’re my woman to fuck anyway, anytime, and anywhere I want to! You won’t deny me what I want, and right now that’s for you to become pregnant with my child! Now stop all this whining and pleading, Mom. Give in to what I want…and what you know deep down inside that you really want!”

A stinging slap to my already inflamed butt cheek brought me to the instant realization that Jonathan was in control – of me and of my life.

“I want you to fuck yourself on my cock. Do it! Do it now! Make me come – and flood your cunt with my baby batter.” A slap to the other buttock spurred me into reluctant compliance. “Do it, Mom. I want you to make me come…to shoot into your fertile womb…to make you pregnant. I want you to and you know you want to do it.”

His palm landed sharply twice. I began rocking back and forth, feeling that familiar penis of my son sliding in my well-used pussy that was undeniably and humiliatingly sopping wet with my growing sexual excitement.

‘Oooh, Laurie, this is wrong.’ I groaned to myself as I humped my son’s massive manhood. ‘Why can’t you resist? Why can’t you stop it? Look how willing you are to put out for your son. You know Jonathan will shoot his sperm into you. And because you’re no longer on birth control and are very fertile right now, you know there’s a good chance that he’ll knock you up. And you’re letting him…willingly. Admit it, Laurie, admit it! Deep down inside you want it. Don’t you?’

Jonathan’s seemingly ginormous erection slid easily in an out of me as he grunted. “You know you want to please me so much that you’re willing to have your son’s baby, don’t you? No, don’t try to deny it. Look at you…fucking your son’s cock…and loving it. You know that I’m going to come in you, but you don’t want to stop, do you? Mom, you can’t deny it – you want my baby! Admit it, Mom. Look at how willing you are for me to knock you up…how much you want it.”

Jonathan took me several times that long weekend and each time he filled me to the brim with his sperm. While I feebly objected at first, in the end I silently but willingly submitted to the inevitable. By the end of that weekend, we both knew that the odds were that he had succeeded in impregnating me. This was confirmed when I missed my period and my nipples became super sensitive.

From there, it was simple to get Bruce to maul and molest me (like I needed to twist his arm). I used a condom that had been once again pricked about the tip. When I told Bruce of my ‘oops’ pregnancy, I knew he was stunned speechless. In the end, he accepted it without question (I swore he would have started beating his chest). He was clueless that I was bearing his second cuckolded baby who would eventually turn out to be Danny, my love child from my love child, Jonathan.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had to admit that I looked good after the delivery of Danny, my third son. In part this was due to knowing what to expect during pregnancy and afterwards. I was careful to avoid what I shouldn’t indulge in and kept an innovative exercise regimen that limited unnecessary weight gain. I was pleased with my naked image in the full-length mirror.

“Not bad for an almost thirty-nine-year-old Japanese woman,” I whispered to myself as I twisted and turned before the mirror. My eyes noted that the beginning of a double chin was now gone. My once swollen belly was now softly flat and my waist was trim thanks to those sit-ups and ab-crunches. Taking Danny out for those strolls has helped my hips and thighs to shed the extra padding and become shapely once again. And I liked the way my buns were firm and nicely rounded.

Although I didn’t swell too much, my small tits were fuller and my big fat nipples were always extended, avrupa yakası escort jutting like little thumbs all the time. That was to be expected since my breastfeeding and hand expressing produced just under half a gallon of mother’s milk a day. Given how often they were suckled and drained, it is little wonder my nipples were always swollen, raw, and achy, and why I’ve lost weight.

‘But who am I kidding? The real reason for me looking so good this time around and the creator of my unique exercise program is right behind me.’ God, how I love to look at Jonathan’s reflection in the mirror. His naked 6’2″ form, nineteen-years-old, lying sound asleep in my crumpled bed was something else. ‘Jeez, he looks so unbelievably handsome in his exhaustion after having made love to me all night long.’

While I was pregnant, my ass-wipe of a husband, Bruce, avoided me as expected and made me feel ugly. Jonathan, however, showed me just how desirable I was by making hot, sweaty love sessions with me. He took me when I least expected and almost always made me come repeatedly. Given such exhaustive workouts, I didn’t need to indulge in junk food as I had my son’s massive cock to suck on and savor the gallons of spunk he’d shoot down my throat. And then in addition to my nursing of Danny and supplemental expressing, there was Jonathan draining me dry and therefore causing me to produce more milk, thus helping me lose weight and enjoy the overall process.

‘There – I’ve put a contented little Danny to sleep. Oh my, it looks like my oldest son is now awake and casually looking at me from my crumpled bed.’ My eyes couldn’t help but zoom in on how his magnificent erection tented the bed linen that loosely draped around his hips. ‘By the way he’s grinning, I know that he is refreshed from his nap and horny as ever. Jeez, just look at that his sweat-glistening form and that beautiful cock of his.’

Jonathan pulled back the sheets to reveal his fully-erect baby maker and beckoned me to join him in bed. He seductively murmured to me as my body molded to his, “Since Dad and Andrew went fishing to another island, they won’t return until the end of the weekend. Now that the little monkey Danny is sleeping and you’re naked already, I need some suckling too. Hmmm, let me take care of the boob that Danny didn’t drain. You’ve got enticingly full breasts and your milk is so delicious, Mom. Am I happy that I was the first to break in these nipples and milk them all those years ago?

“I know you’re going to say that your boobs are too small, Mom,” Jonathan whispered as the tip of his tongue lightly flicked on my erect cylinders. “But to me they’re perfect. They’re just enough to fit in my mouth,” he mumbled as his open mouth descended upon and inhaled the tit that he had just left.

Groaning deliriously, I felt that familiar let down in my breasts and then my mother’s milk spurt freely from my fat nipples. My captured breast was vacuumed upwards and then tantalizingly allowed to slip between his grasping lips, his teeth lightly nipping and scraping the retreating long, fat nipple. Instead of lustily sucking me dry, Jonathan leisurely tugged and lapped my spewing milk, causing tsunamis of eroticism to surge through me.

‘Oh, Laurie.’ I thought to myself as l folded my nakedness next to my son who was tugging on my extended nipple, enjoying my milk spurting freely into his gulping mouth. ‘What an incestuous fuck-slut I am. God knows that I have come a long way since the first time I saw a cock. I’ve tasted and lusted for the forbidden fruit of my younger brother, Kenny; have given birth to our love child, Jonathan; been seduced and enslaved by the fruit of my labor; and have committed the ultimate perversion and taboo of incest by giving birth to my son’s son, Danny. Who would have thought that I would be living proof that there is a first time for everything?’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This concludes the “A First Time” series. I hope you enjoyed Laurie’s incestuous journey. Thank you to those who followed Laurie, and offered kind words of encouragement and support. I hope you will follow my other series and stand-alone stories that are to come. Until we will meet again, take care. ElderDirt



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