It was 8.30am when I woke shivering under the covers and wishing the plumber would arrive early to sort out the central heating!

I lay in bed pulling the covers tightly round me thinking maybe this was the warmest place to be right now and wondering how to pass a bit of time.

My mind wandered to the man I had been exchanging sexy emails with for the past few days and parts of me warmed almost instantly. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine him there with me.

My hands began to wander and I imagined they were his. I ran them over my large full breasts pausing to tease my already hard nipples before letting one slide down over my belly and slip between my legs. I was half surprised to find myself so wet and swollen. I flicked my finger over my clit imaging it was his soft tongue, it didn’t take much.

I played out in my mind him working his way back up trailing delicate kisses up my stomach, over my breasts, my neck and eventually kissing me hard on the mouth so I could taste myself as he had. I was again surprised, this time to find that the soft warm kisses had been my fingers trailing along and the unfamiliar taste in my mouth was in fact my fingers covered in my juices.

My fantasy continued this time wanting him inside me I reached to the bedside drawer and took out my vibrator, not exactly the real thing but it would have to do. I slid it gently between my legs into my wet hole, I was so wet it slid in easily, I pumped it in and out, slowly at first then building up speed and plunging it in deeper and deeper with each thrust, teasing my breast with my other hand.

I was almost about to cum when the doorbell rang.

I jumped, startled at the bell intruding on my thoughts, and then swore before removing the vibrator from me and climbing istanbul escort out of bed. I grabbed my dressing gown on the way to the door and wrapped it around me.

At the door stood the plumber, my wish had come true and now I was wishing he had been just a few moments longer in arriving.

I let him in and was surprised, it wasn’t the usual guy this one looked uncannily like my email friend. As he passed me to come through the door he brushed again me and my dressing gown slipped slightly revealing my chest which was flushed from my recent excitement.

I saw him looking and covered myself quickly.

I showed him where the boiler was and explained the problem. A 2 minute job he assured me and he was right, he fiddled with a few nuts and the boiler was working again.

I offered him a drink which he accepted and then asked for the bathroom so he could wash his hands first. I directed him up the stairs and told him 1st on the left and went to start making drinks. I then realised I had meant 1st on the right, I had just sent him to be bedroom with the unmade bed with the used vibrator still lying on it.

I felt my face redden at the thought of him finding it. And then I heard him call. I went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted for him to repeat himself as I hadn’t heard what he had said. He shouted down that there was no towel. I started up the stairs to fetch him one, puzzled as I didn’t remember moving the ones from the bathroom.

I opened my bedroom door to get one and there he was laid on my bed completely naked with my vibrator in his hand and a hard on to rival it in size and hardness between his legs.

I stood at the door, my mouth hanging open as I stared at him.

“What avcılar escort are you doing” I yelled.

He smiled and raised an eyebrow and nodded towards my vibrator “think we can do better than this” then looked at his own erection “and it would be a shame to waste that”

“Just get your clothes on and leave please” I said half under my breath still in shock at the sight in front of me and also at myself for feeling so turned on by it.

He rose from the bed and walked towards me, I backed away and was almost up against the wall when I noticed his clothes in a heap beside my feet.

He stood in front of me, the tip of his cock almost touching my belly and whispered “are you sure?”

I licked my lips and nodded, but there was a slight hesitation as I thought no I’m not sure. He noticed it also and took it as the uncertainty it was.

He leaned towards me, his lips brushed against mine and one of his strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me to him. I could now feel his cock hard and hot against me, just a thin piece of material between us.

His other hand he stroked against my cheek and then down my neck, between my breasts and lower until he found the belt for my dressing gown, he pulled the cord and all that was holding it together was him leaning against me.

Looking right into my eyes he moved ever so slightly away from me releasing the fabric and allowing it to fall wide open revealing my nakedness to him. He gently slid it completely off my shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor, he looked me up and down, obviously appreciating what he saw as his cock twitched in excitement.

Moving to me again he pushed me up against the wall, the coldness against my back making me gasp.

He began kissing şirinevler escort me, his hands running through my hair and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him even closer to me.

Almost without me realising he slipped his feet between my own and gently parted my legs before bending his knees, I could feel his cock sliding down my belly and towards my now almost dripping hole. I raised one leg and wrapped it around him, allowing him to easily slide himself in.

Even though I was soaking wet, he was so thick that he couldn’t enter me in one thrust, I could feel myself stretching around him and it felt so good. He grabbed at my leg and pulled me harder to him with each thrust burying him deeper and deeper into me. When I thought I could take no more I felt him spasm and his hot cum filled me mixing with my own. He collapsed against me pinning me harder against the wall, breathing hard against my neck. I felt him slide out of me and pull away then he looked down at himself and me and said “I think we need to clean up”

“The bathroom’s the next door” I stammered.

He raised an eyebrow and whispered “how about we clean each other?”

He led me to the bed and told me to kneel before sitting on the edge and lying back so his face was under me. Then I felt his tongue flick against the inside of my thighs and up towards my dripping pussy. I leaned forward – my breasts flattening against his belly and took his still hard cock into my mouth. I tasted the same taste I had first encountered earlier that day but mixed with his saltiness.

As I licked all of his juices from his cock I felt his tongue flicking over my already swollen clit and then his lips around it sucking on it before he finally plunged his tongue into me. I took his cock deep in my own mouth and sucked at it, wrapping my hands firmly around the base holding it steady as he again filled me with his cum. His tongue was still in me and I followed him and released yet more of my juices into his eagerly waiting mouth.

I rolled to the side and lay gasping, my pussy throbbing and all of me exhausted.



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