In 2013, I decided that I would follow my lifelong dream of living in Mexico. I’d always thought of it as a truly fascinating country full of wonderful surprises around each corner, so when I had the chance to try an internship with a Guadalajara based company called “NGRP”, I hastily accepted and went on to pursue my dream. What was originally supposed to be a six-month internship soon turned out to be two whole years of steady work and interesting experiences. The only downside was that my mother had been unable to visit me for all this time. I hadn’t seen her in two whole years!

Mom had taken care of me by herself ever since my father got shot outside a market in 1999. The perpetrator was jailed for killing on sight, but my father’s life was impossible to save. A sturdy and outgoing woman, my mother always tried to look on the bright side of life and encouraged me to follow my hopes and dreams, even if it meant not being able to visit her for a while. Now, after two long years, I’d had enough of not being able to see her. I took a week off from work and booked a business class ticket to Detroit. Oh, I could only imagine the look on her face when she got to see her baby girl Barbara again!

There was a slight discomfort inside me when I stood in front of her front door, ready to ring the doorbell. What if I’d broken her heart by going this long without seeing her? What if she didn’t want to see me? She seemed happy when she phoned me for my 20th birthday, but I was still nervous. I rang the doorbell and waited impatiently for a response. The door opened, bakırköy escort and there she was.

“Barbara! Oh my god, my lovely Barbara! I’m so happy to see you!” she burst out in tears of joy.

“I’m here, ‘ma! I’ve missed you so much.”

My mother was only wearing a maroon colored bra and a pair of swimming panties; she’d probably been out for a tan before I surprised her.

“The weather’s so nice, Barbara, you chose an excellent day to arrive!” she said enthusiastically. “Come inside and I’ll fetch you some cold lemonade.”

I dropped my bags in the hallway and sat down in the living room couch as my mother pondered around the kitchen. Aah, seeing this cozy little place brought back fuzzy memories from my time growing up.

“Are any of my brothers in town, by any chance?” My brothers, Devin, Lee and Clark, all lived on the west coast. I’d never had a particularly close relationship with any of them, as I was 9 years younger than the one next in line. Being the “manly men” they were, they left it to my mom to take care of me and, like myself, skipped town only weeks after they turned 18. “Nah, Devin came for a couple days last month but had to suddenly depart for work.”

She came over with two glasses and a jug filled with ice cold lemonade. I poured us both a glass and smiled as we both took a large sip. “When life gives you lemons!” I yelled and we both laughed. “So how have things been over there?” she asked. “It’s been amazing mom, you have no idea! Work’s great and I have so many amazing beşiktaş escort memories. It just sucks that I haven’t been able to see you all this time…”

“It’s alright, darling. You look great by the way, Mexico has done you well!” she said as she placed her left palm on my thigh and squeezed lightly. “You’re starting to become a fine young woman, aren’t you?” I wasn’t sure how to react, so I nervously chucked and nodded my head as I swallowed another sip of lemonade. My mother looked surprisingly fit for a 49-year old. Her skin looked so smooth and well kept. Even her racks looked like they could’ve belonged to someone 20 years younger.

She kept running her hands up and down my thigh as she started talking about how nice the weather was. At one point she even lightly breezed my intimate area, and I felt a light tingling inside. “What is going on…” I thought, not concentrating enough to realize a single word she was saying.

“But now it’s been improving recently, so-…Barbara? Is anything wrong?” she said with a worried facial expression. “No, no, I’m just…” I didn’t finish my sentence and just lowered my sight down towards her hands. “Is anything wrong, my dear?” she asked as she kept on running her hands up and down my thigh.

I didn’t respond, but surely she could’ve heard my heart’s accelerated beats a mile away. She let out a gentle smile and ran her fingers closer to my vagina. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she placed her right hand around my waist and pulled me closer, her lips touching mine. I remained beylikdüzü escort silent and didn’t resist. I had no clue what was happening, but it didn’t feel wrong at all. I was making out with my mother less than 10 minutes after seeing her for the first time in two years!

“I want you right here and right now!” she said as she pulled my shirt off. “Your father always preferred to keep it in the family.” I was incredibly wet at this point, and within two minutes we were both completely undressed. “Oh god mother you filthy slut” I yelled out as she placed her finger inside my wet little pussyhole. “I fucking love it! Fuck yeah!” I kept screaming whilst under my state of incestuous euphoria.

She reached out to the drawer underneath the living room table and pulled out a dildo – It was attached to a belt which she hastily wrapped around her waist. “Get down on your knees Barbara, I want to fuck you like the dirty dog you are bitch!” I did as I was told, and got on all fours. I felt the dildo penetrate my ass and let out a scream. “”Aah mom fuck me in my fucking asshole you cumslut!” I said as she kept fucking her daughter deeper and deeper. “Do you fucking want it” she asked, knowing that she wouldn’t stop no matter what answer I gave. The pain and pleasure mixed together kept me from uttering a single recognizable word. “Nyargh! Aaah!” was the last thing I yelled until I suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

She suddenly stopped. “Oh shit, it must be my pilates class! Grab your clothes and go upstairs!” she said, quickly putting her clothes back on and hiding the dildo in the drawer it came from. I ran upstairs to my already prepared room, still halfway in shock from what I’d just done. I sat down in my bed and looked against the wall for a few minutes. “I think I’ll have a wonderful week” I thought to myself as I smiled to myself.

To be continued.



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