I remember fondly the time my cousin Jackie came to stay. We were just turned 18, an age when our parents felt it still safe for us to share a room. On that visit the house was full and we were asked to share a bed.

We knew each other very well having more or less grown up together. We both knew what we looked like naked after many happy hours playing “doctors and nurses” before we really understood what the feelings we felt meant, She had seen me erect and I had examined her wide open cunt on many occasions. In hindsight I think she enjoyed me touching her clitoris although I didn’t really know what it was or how it worked. I just remember her lying with her legs spread for long periods of time asking me to “Keep tickling me”. I used to masturbate afterwards in private so she never saw that.

We undressed without embarrassment, her down to her knickers, me my boxers. I had a quick glimpse of her breasts in a mirror as she changed her T-shirt with her back to me. She climbed into the big double bed first and giggled a little as I joined her, taking care not to touch.

“No ‘doctors and nurses’ tonight I’m afraid” she said wistfully. “Ï really used to enjoy our games you know!”

“So did I!”

“I’ll let you into a little secret. Your fingers showed me what my clitoris could do. I used to lie there waiting for you to touch it. It was so nice that I tried myself when I was alone. And orgasmed.”

“Ï used to think of you lying like that when I was alone…”


I blushed. “Yes”

“I’m flattered!… Do you still think of me when you …”

“Sometimes. You’re very pretty. And sexy”

“Oooh you silly thing!” she said, reaching for my hand. “I look a bit different down there now. All hairy. Look…”

She kicked the covers off and pulled her knicker waistband open. The sight of her sweet blonde bush gave me an instant erection. She nestled close to me and we chatted about old times for a while. She didn’t object when my hand fell on her breast, nor I when she lightly stroked the bulge in my boxers.

Eventually we separated. “Those were the days eh. Innocent exploration. Tingles and tickles. We each settled on our sides of the bed, the light went out and we both dropped off to sleep.

I awoke some hours later. The room wasn’t pitch dark and at first I couldn’t figure out what had woken me. Then I gradually became aware of a movement next to me, behind my back. Turning very slowly and gently so as not to wake my Jackie I saw that she seemed to be sleeping on her back. However her knees were drawn up under the covers, which I thought a strange sleeping position.

Then I realised what the movement was. It was her hand, under the covers and between her legs. She was paying with herself, masturbating, trying to be careful not to wake me! I became erect almost as soon as I realised what was happening but daren’t even touch myself for fear she should notice I was awake. I didn’t want to spoil her pleasure.

In the gloom I could see that she had lifted her T-shirt and I could just make out the curve of her exposed breasts as she caressed them.

I lay still sensing the slight movement increase in pace. Her breathing speeded up. She buried her face in the pillow as, with a shudder, she came with a barely audible stifled moan. After a few moments pause she slowly straightened her legs and rolled to turn her back to me.

I turned away, still afraid to deal with my erection and found myself drifting off to sleep again as I listened to her steady breathing, the image of her cunt burning in my brain

Dawn found me awake and still erect with an urgent need to orgasm myself. I considered the bathroom but thought why should I not do as she had. Enjoy the comfort of the bed. Taking my cock in my hand I looked across at her. She had shifted to sleeping on her halkalı escort back and her breasts thrust up under the sheet. I wondered if she had remembered to pull her T-shirt down and so, as I stroked myself, I carefully eased the sheet down inch by inch.

She had forgotten! There they were, two fine firm breasts exposed to my gaze, rising and falling as she continued to sleep deeply. My cock stiffened and my pleasure in my strokes intensified.

I then thought about her knickers. Had she kicked them off to gain easier access or were they still in place? Pulling the sheet down further would risk exposing me and waking her. Instead I slid my hand across the narrow gap between us until I touched her thigh. Moving my fingertip slowly up I was a little disappointed to find her knickers still in place. I lay still for a while then slowly moved my hand across the fabric until it was resting on the mound above her sex. Her legs were tight together. Now excited, I wondered if I could reach between them and work a finger underneath. To touch her cunt while wanking would surely bring me off quickly.

I knew all about wet dreams having experienced quite a few and it occurred to me that maybe girls had something similar… Could they actually come in their sleep? I applied a little pressure to her mound and then froze as she sighed and parted her legs a little! Was this a sign that I was triggering some erotic dream? I slowly slid my hand down finding the fabric wetter as I moved closer to my target. Very carefully I slid my finger under the edge of her knickers. I waited for a reaction. There was none. She slept on. Moving very, very slowly I found the top of her slit and was pleased to find it too rather wet. She was aroused, or still moist from her orgasm during the night. Perhaps she had had another as I slept.

I carefully pushed my finger between t\her cunt lips and rested it against the top of her slit where I now knew the magic button, he clitoris lay. I also knew that it was only the sensitive tip of a network of nerves that spread around and across her lower belly and around her vagina. Gradually I applied a little pressure to her mound and felt another shifting response that opened her legs a little wider. I made tiny movements with my finger tip. No reaction. Focussing on myself I left my finger in place and stroked myself closer to ejaculation.

Then she moved again! Her legs parted further and there was distinct pressure as she raised her hips slightly to meet my finger. It slid down her moist slit. Her hand moved down and rested on mine.

“That’s a very nice way to be woken” she murmured, her eyes still closed. Her other hand slid across towards me until it touched my cock.

“Äh! “she murmured. “You too!” The hand between her legs pressed mine to her. “Don’t stop. Its lovely.”

We lay together, me stroking my erection openly now and massaging her cunt. After a while she opened her eyes and turned her head toward me.

“It really is a turn on watching you do that” she said. “And even more of one when you do THAT!” she said with a broad grin has I touched her clit.

“But what I really, really crave is for you to suck me off. Will you?. We can fuck afterwards and you can come in me. What got you started by the way? What made you brave enough to touch me?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. “Well I was awake in the night when you…”

It was her turn to blush. “Oh really! You watched me bring myself off?”

“Yes. It was very sexy. And you forgot to pull your T-shirt down so I when I woke up this morning with a massive hard on I saw your tits. That gave me the courage.”

“I didn’t forget…” She replied. “I was thinking about you wanking all the time I was at it. I came when you did in my imagination. şişli escort So I left my tits out on purpose, hoping that you would get a hard on when you saw them in the morning. It worked! I was going to pretend I was asleep and play with myself quietly while watching you wank. I wasn’t expecting to get such an expert fingering though!”

“And now I wont need these. I should have left them off last night. ” She wriggled a bit and produced her bedraggled knickers from under the sheet. Naked wet and waiting for you” she ended, kicking the covers off, drawing up her legs and spreading them, tugging her cunt open. “Come on… get down to it. I’m aching for it!”

I plunged between her legs sucking her into my mouth and flicking her clit with my tongue.

She groaned and moaned loudly with pleasure, talking surprisingly direct as her pleasure mounted. “Oohh suck my fucking cunt you fucking bastard” she cried, grabbing my head and pressing it hard against me. “See to my fucking clit!”

She kept up a continual stream of invective throughout my attention, telling me exactly what she wanted from my and my cock when I was finished sucking her off. “Ram it into me and fuck me hard. Slap me. Suck my tits. And fill me with cum!”

Just as she seemed to be approaching climax there was a knock on the door.

“Everything OK in there?”, It was her mother!

“Yes Mum! Alls well, “she gasped, keeping my head jammed in place and hissing ‘Don’t stop” sotto voce.

“Ï just thought I’d tell you I’m starting breakfast”

“ÖK! Great”

Within seconds of the exchange she came powerfully, feet planted firmly on the bed and thrusting her hips and cunt up at me… “Don’t stop…there will be another soon… maybe two.”she gasped before coming again, even more powerfully. The third took longer to arrive, after which we rested and I played with myself and her nipples while she watched me wank.

Sensing I might come if I continued she crawled on her hands and knees and presented her rump to me. Shove it in!” she commanded. “We don’t want cum all over the sheets. It will give the game away to Mum. And remember what I said. Be rough with me and take whatever pleasure you want!”

She was very tight when I forced my way in. As a young girl should be. I was shagging her hard and with great pleasure when suddenly the bedroom door opened and her mother walked in carrying a trayful of breakfast. I froze, deep inside.

“Oh! I’m so sorry.” said her mother with a surprised smile. “I should have realised you aren’t the innocent children you once were. Still, we live in liberal times Don’t mind me… I’ll just put the tray down and leave you to it. Don’t let it get too cold.”

She moved closer to us. “I was in the same position myself just before I started breakfast”” she said with a wink. “My favourite actually. Enjoy your shagging my dear. And you too my boy! Your father and I did. I can be quite naughty at times! Nice bum by the way. ” she said, giving it a squeeze, before leaving and closing the door.

We were both frozen in shocked silence. The we broke into hysterical laughter.

“Oh I can’t imagine my mother taking it from Dad like this! I know they still shag like rabbits. She can be quite noisy. But I always imagined them as more “missionary” than “doggie” I’m pleased she approves though. Especially of your bum. I wonder if she’ll tell him what she saw. And what she might say after breakfast! What will WE say? Anyway, get on with it. Like she says, the food is getting cold.”

Remarkably I was still hard, trapped deep inside her. The experience of being caught at it and the image of her mother on her hands and knees proved stimulating and it wasn”t very long before a dumped my load into her which was very satisfying for both of us.

We ate, rested sarıyer escort showered . We soaped each others bits as we had done as children. She laughed at my flaccid cock. I slapped her bum hard!

She pulled on some clean knickers, pulled a T-shirt over her head and set off for the door.

“No skirt or jeans?” I commented.

“Its Sunday. I live here. I’m decent enough. You should put shorts on though as no doubt the sight of me in my panties will be giving you a boner again soon.” She kissed me. “Maybe we can do it again this afternoon?”

I dressed and we went down together.

My aunt was in the kitchen, still in her dressing gown. She hugged Jackie close to her. “Big girl now then?”

“I have been for quite a while Mum. Just kept it quiet. Which is more than you do sometimes!”

“Shush… you’re embarrassing me! Have to say that after all these years your Dad can still deliver the goods. Quite takes my breath away! He’s out by the way and I said nothing.”

They separated and my aunt’s dressing gown fell open a little.

“Mum! What ARE you wearing?”

My cousin pulled her mother’s gown open. It fell off. She was dressed in the sexiest red underwear I had ever seen, complete with suspender belt and black stockings. Her panties looked a size or so too small for the older woman. Her nipples poked through her bra. She carried herself very well. I found her very tempting. My cock stiffened. My cousin looked at me and noticed the bulge.

“Look what you’ve done! He’s got a boner!”

“That was kind of what I was hoping would happen. I’m dressed like this for your father. He has gone to collect a couple we know and we planned a foursome this afternoon. Our little secret peccadillo. But now he’s seen me,, and is impressed “


“Well I told you I thought he had a nice bum. And I assume he has a nice cock. Seeing you getting it rather excited me. Its been a long time since I had someone young, vigorous and enthusiastic. So I thought I might try my luck”

“You want to engage in sexual intercourse with HIM?”

“Well I’d rather he fucked me actually. If you don’t mind of course. ‘sexual intercourse” is so middle class! Or I could maybe watch and bring myself off if he’d rather shag you again.”

“What do you want to do?” Jackie asked me.

“Well the combination of you in your panties and your mother looking so sexy… Could I just fuck you both? You could toss a coin for who I come in…”

“Oh my dear boy!” my aunt exclaimed. ” What a wonderful idea! What do you think darling? I mean you ARE growing up. It won’t be you last threesome.”

“Nor the first. I rather imagine threesomes as being me with two boys. Not me and my mother and my cousin. Both of whom I love dearly of course!”

She turned her mother round. Her panties were jammed in her crack. “She has a nice bum too don’t you think?” She yanked her own panties up tight forcing them into her crack, and presented her rear to me alongside her mother’s.

“How do we compare?”

“Very well… Can’t wait to get my hands on them”

“Well said” my aunt chuckled, walking over to me, guiding my hand between her legs, and slipping hers down my shorts. “Ooh… very promising,, Feel how ready I am for it? Your room or mine daughter dear?”

“Mum you are outrageous! Mine” said my cousin with a broad grin. “I’m getting used to the idea of watching my mother get shagged until she can’t stand up! You can have him first. I’m still oozing his cum from earlier. She put her arm around her mother’s shoulders and slipped a hand down her panties. My goodness, you are ready aren’t you? You can have his load too. I have something else up my sleeve that might shock you both!”

“Oohh I bet he would like to see that. Your Dad loves it when he gets seconds and can watch me ooze…”

She retrieved her gown and felt in a pocket. “Here. Take this. It will improve your stamina.” She offered me a blue pill.

“Go on take it” my cousin said. “They work. You’ll need it. And we will enjoy it won’t we mother?”

“Yes we will!” exclaimed her mother heading for the stairs. ” Come on! I’m dripping with anticipation”

End of Part one



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