Every year the preparations seem to get more complicated. Kim had been in charge of arranging the office Christmas party for almost 5 years in a row. The organization seemed to grow in numbers and it became more difficult to accommodate so many people.

In between work and home, she had spent many hours preparing. Good was not enough, it had to be spectacular. And like always, after the hours went on, people laughing, having a good time, celebrating, no one would remember what it was all about anyway, but Kim would, she wanted it to be perfect.

These weeks had been busy and that was a good thing. Jon was away on business and would not be home until the day of the party. She missed him so badly, so she threw herself into her work and the preparations. The scene was set, a popular hotel ballroom, decorated with pearls, lace and evergreen boughs. The white lights added the magical touch and set the Christmas mood. The caterers were busy in the kitchen; the bar was set up, the servers in black tuxedos. All was ready.

Kim had taken a room in the hotel, as she had to spend the day supervising the preparations. She stood back and admired her work. In a few hours, the office staff would arrive and begin their yearly celebration of the holiday. But the best part was that Jon should be arriving within the hour and would meet her at the room before the party.

She rushed back to her room. She wanted time to pamper herself, a long bubble bath, leisurely dressing. She had picked a beautiful suite and had the hotel put a small Christmas tree in the sitting area. There were white roses and red freesia in vases around the room. Her favorite flowers. Champagne ready in a bucket of ice. All looked perfect. Oh how she missed him. The anticipation of his arrival made her tingle with excitement. Even though she was tired from all the work, she knew this night would be perfect. She was in love.

Music shook her from her reverie. She looked out the window to see where it was coming from and noticed a group of musicians set up in the archway of the hotel. A nice touch, one she thought of at the last minute. She almost forgot about that little detail. It was happening…

This year would be one to remember. Light snowflakes began to fall and the Christmas lights of the city twinkled as if on cue.

She must hurry…

She ran a long fragrant bath in the big Jacuzzi tub. She undressed and settled down in the bubbles letting the warm water caress her skin. Closing her eyes, she imagined being in the Jacuzzi with Jon, later tonight after the festivities, when they would finally be alone. Her senses tingling, she ran her hands softly over her breasts, the nipples hardening at the thought of his hands on her.

She stretched out full length and ran her fingers along her legs opening them a little. The sensations of the swirling water against her inner thighs made her sigh aloud as she opened her knees further. The rush of the jets against her, the thoughts of Jon making love to her, the scent of the freesia, all together, took her to a place in her head and she lost all control of her body. Her back arched and the water licked at her swollen clit, just as Jon’s tongue would do, she moaned and with one great squeal, she orgasmed, her body convulsing in the suds, her breath ragged. She opened her eyes and prayed for the vision of him to walk through that door.

She gathered herself up and wrapped in a luxurious bathrobe. She had to be mindful of the time, Jon would be here soon and she wanted to be ready. She spent the next half-hour primping and doing her hair. Sparkling clips to hold the curls from her face, glittering lotion on her skin. Sexy red lipstick on her lips, knowing that Jon would kiss it off quickly, she giggled to herself. Oh his lips did wild things to her… She shook herself from her daydreaming and started to dress.

Silky black stockings held up by a darling lacy garter belt. Matching demi cup bra that accentuated her breasts. A little thong with red lace. Sexy, strappy heels. What? no dress? She laughed at her audacity, knowing she would love to greet Jon at the door this way. They would probably not even get downstairs if she did that. She liked that idea.mmmmmmmmmmm.

She could envision his hands caressing and probing, feeling her swelling under the silk of the panties. He would maneuver her against the wall and lift one leg to curl around his waist. She could feel his hardness now. They would be lost in their lust, his fingers pulling aside the thong and thrusting inside against her G spot. He would massage it as she would moan and whimper. His mouth moving to the top of her bra, pulling it down with his teeth, he would bite on her nipple as his fingers delved deeper pushing her against the wall.

She could feel it as if it was now in this moment, the loss of control of her senses and her juices flowing over his hand. She would frantically pull at his belt, unleashing his hard swollen cock. Pried against the wall, esenyurt escort her other leg would wrap around him as he would thrust hard into her, putting his pussy soaked fingers in her mouth for her to lick. He would fuck her relentlessly, their bodies one, sweat running down between her breasts, his thrusting profound. One last thrust and she would scream aloud as they both reached orgasm. Juices mixed flowing down her leg. He would carry her to the bed and they would lie side by side regaining breath and she would curl into his arms, cooing and holding on tight…

She shook her head and smiled, oh yessssssssssssssss… She broke her concentration, looked at her watch and with Jon not here yet, she decided she must dress. She finally donned the long chiffon dress that had a slit up the side to her thigh, the material in layers around her body. The low cut neckline showing her cleavage. She donned the earrings and necklace that Jon had brought for her the last time they were together. It was perfect. Little purple jewels in strands that lay across her neck and chest. The earrings hung down peeking out of her curls. All was ready. Now she just had to wait for him…a few more minutes

As she looked out the window at the snow and listened to the music from down below, her thoughts wandered to the days of summer…

She and Jon had spent their time together at the lake, fishing and enjoying the nature. How much fun they had. He had taught her to fish and she had taken to it wholeheartedly. She loved being in the boat in the morning sun, her hair in ponytails and dressed in old shorts and rubber boots. She drove him crazy, she seemed to have her own technique in fishing and she had a lot to learn, but she managed to outfish him a couple of times.

She remembered the laughter and the late nights cooking dinner. Falling into bed together exhausted and making love in the early hours before sunup. Now it was winter and he had business out of the country but always made sure he got home over the holidays to be with her. The sound of the phone broke her concentration and startled, she rushed to pick it up.

It was Jon, her love. He was at the airport and being the busy season would be delayed getting baggage etc. She breathed a sigh of relief. At least he was in the city finally. He told her to go ahead downstairs and make sure her party got underway okay and he would join her as soon as he could. She reluctantly agreed, wishing she could wait for him. His voice touched her heart and all the weeks of being without him caused her to tremble with longing. He was so sweet, he urged her to get going and he would see her soon.

She gathered her wrap and bag and descended to the ballroom. The staff had mostly arrived and was going about checking coats and getting assembled. The music was playing, the lights twinkled and the champagne flowed. It was going to be fine, everything seemed to be in order. She did her duty, greeting the guests and checking on the caterers, smiling, chatting. Everyone complimented her on a wonderful job, it was the best party she had put together yet.

Dancing started and everyone got into the swing of things. She looked at her watch and noticed that an hour had passed. Where was Jon?

She felt a twinge of concern and made her way to the big doors to look out at the parking lot. The party carried on and she wandered around, every few seconds her eyes riveted to the doors. The musicians announced that they would be playing some special songs by request and many gave their choices in to the band. She stood to the side and watched everyone have a good time. The lights dimmed and all was quiet. The leader of the band stood at the microphone and announced that he had a special request.

He mentioned that it was for the hostess and a round of applause followed showing her that they all appreciated her hard work. She was gracious and stood there in the centre, acknowledging the praise, but inwardly craving the man she loved. She was worried, he was not here, what had happened? A small tear ran down her cheeks, hidden by the dimness of the room.

It was silent for a moment and the music started to play. The words were sung… ” I don’t like to.. be alone in the night, and I don’t like to… say I’m wrong when I’m right… I do love you… It was the song she sang to Jon,one she even recorded on a tape to him and everytime she heard it, the most magnificent warmth of her love for him flooded her senses. Her breath caught in her throat. Everyone around her dancing, she stood there in the middle of the room., the music reverberating in her mind.

All at once, a breath caressed the back of her neck. A whisper, the touch of soft lips against her curls. She turned and stared into those dark sexy eyes. She squealed out loud, love,anticipation,and relief flooding out. Her knees almost buckled. He caught her in his arms folding her close to him. His scent was intoxicating, wafting through her senses. avrupa yakası escort He looked amazing. Dressed in black, a silver tie, God he was so handsome.

“Jon, my God , Jon you are here.” she cried out. He smiled and taking her face in his hands, he kissed her deeply. “Merry Christmas my darling,” he whispered to her. The rest of the crowd danced around them oblivious to the pair standing still holding each other in the middle of the floor as the music of the song played for them.

They started to dance slowly, his arms holding her as she trembled with joy. He whispered in her ear that he loved her and nothing would have stopped him from getting to her, not a traffic jam of taxis at the airport, not lost luggage, nothing. He breathed that the details were unimportant, but that he was here now, safe and sound. They danced, they laughed. The world around them ceased to exist .

Many couples greeted them and the women made lots of opportunities to wander by and get introduced to Jon, he was by far the hottest man there. He always got this kind of attention, but Kim knew who held the key to his heart…

As the evening wore on, Kim was getting more excited, knowing they would soon be alone upstairs and they would be able to make love for hours uninterrupted . Jon winked at her and signaled for her to follow him out to the lobby. He kissed her softly and asked if she would object to a change of plans, a surprise he had for her. She looked at his eyes and they were sparkling, He was a tease and would not let her know any details. She loved this about him and immediately agreed.

He asked her to go upstairs and grab a few things and meet him down front, they were going to go for a drive. She kissed him eagerly and hurried up to the room, grabbing a change of clothes and some decent boots to wear in the snow, her coat and at the last minute, the bottle of champagne and two glasses. What was he up to? She giggled to herself.

She met him at the front door and he ushered her to his truck. She wondered how he got it here, he had come in by plane, but no matter, she hopped in, warm and cozy inside. He drove out of the parking lot and made his way to a lookout point over the river, where they could see lights from the waterfront home, sparkling across the surface.

He stopped the truck and took her in his arms, kissing her deeply. His hands went inside her coat and he caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples,making her hot and wanting him to go further. He chuckled and held back a bit. He was teasing her. She was having none of that, and she jumped right onto his lap, making him laugh out loud. She kissed him all over his face and ran her hands in his hair and down his strong chest. He was enjoying this, she was such a touchy feely girl, all the time.

He whispered, “soon my love, soon, relax.” She reluctantly sat back on her side but her hands would not behave, she undid his zipper and pulled out his hard cock. This was not part of his plan at this point but he got lost in her touch. She stroked the length of his penis and ran her nails over the tip, all the while looking into his eyes with such an innocent look. He had no control, He pushed the seat back and she lowered her head. Her painted red lips kissed and caressed him all over, making him rock hard and pushing his cock towards her face. He put his hands in her curls, his breath ragged and she took him into her mouth, sucking him in deep, her tongue running the length with every suck and pull. She devoured him, her hands cupping his balls and massaging as she deep throated him . Her licks and sucks were taking over his senses.

He put his head back and with a final thrust, spilled his seed into her mouth as she swallowed him whole. He looked down to see her lashes batting at him and a little drop of cum running down the corner of her mouth. It was all he could do to hold himself together. His moans showed her that she had done well. She came up and kissed him, sharing his cum with him. He adjusted his clothing and laughing he said, “Kim you suck cock like a dream. Now get over there and relax, we are going for a drive.” He would not tell her where, but she did not care, just being with him, they could go to the ends of the earth and she would be happy.

He drove, music playing on the CD, making small talk. She lay her head back against the seat, just watching him, one of her favourite pastimes, just watching him. Soon of course, she dozed off and a while later, she awoke and they were on a dark country road. She had no idea where they were in the darkness, no familiar signs visible.

He pulled onto another road and there before her was the familiar sign. They were at the lake. She squealed and sat upright, looking out the window. There were no lights, no sign of anyone. The gate was open… strange, this place was all closed up for the winter. He drove through and pulled up right beside the cabin anadolu yakası escort that they stayed in during the summer fishing months. She looked at him curiously and he just smiled.

He helped her out of the truck and he took a key from his pocket opening the door of the cabin. As they stepped inside, she could feel the warmth from the heater. He turned on the light and she opened her mouth in surprise , her voice lost. It was all heated up, there were evergreen bows adorning the old cupboards, and a tiny beautiful little Christmas tree all decorated, set in the corner. She walked to the bedroom and there were candles ready to be lit. A big bouquet of roses and freesia on the dresser.A big comfy duvet on the bed.

She turned and rushed to his arms. He held her as she melted against him and shook with total delight. She could not find the words to ask him how? Or when? Or any of the questions flooding her mind. It did not matter, the fact was, he had prepared the cabin for them and here they were together in their favourite place on earth.

They spent some time, making a quick dinner and having a little champagne and finally, he led her to the bedroom. He lit the candles and they undressed each other quickly and hopped under the duvet, cuddling together. Jon looked into her eyes with a devilish glint and asked her if she was pleased and surprised. She threw herself over his body and just gushed with joy and delight, just like a little girl, “ this is the ultimate, most wonderful thing you have ever come up with” she squealed.” God Jon I love you so much.”

They just fell together, that familiar oneness, their bodies craving each other. Jon, kissed her deeply and ran his hands down over her body. She responded in kind, caressing his chest and nuzzling into his neck. He pushed her back on the sheets and took a pillow and put it under her ass. He spread her legs, running his fingers on her inner thighs, caressing the skin close to her pussy. She moaned as he followed his fingers touch with his tongue.

He lay low on the bed, his face directly over her spread legs and just touched the tip of his tongue to her woman lips, causing her to arch upwards wanting more. He spread the lips with his fingers and used his tongue to lick up and down her slit. This started her juices to flow and he lapped them up, circling and following the droplets down towards her ass. He ran his tongue back up and he quickly swirled it around the base of her swollen clit. She screamed with passion, his hands holding her arms down, his chest on her legs so she could not move them. He took her clit in his teeth and nibbled.

She was moaning and bucking pushing her cunt against his face. He ground his mouth into her softness and ate her pussy till it was red and throbbing. She orgasmed over five times and he licked every drop of her cum. He adjusted himself so he was flat on his back and she moved over him in a 69 position. She went straight for his hard member taking it into her mouth as he positioned his face between her legs. Her pussy was raging hot and her lips puffed up from the orgasms. So sensitive, he licked and sucked and nibbled till she thought she would lose her mind.

Meanwhile she took his cock in her hands squeezing the base and sucking him in deep. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him in and her hands slid all down the length. She moved her mouth down further and she licked around his balls, her fingers massaging his ass. She could feel him start to stiffen even more and she took him deep in her mouth again, sucking and licking. They both felt that familiar crest of passion as they ate from each other. She exploded cum into his face and he licked her clean. She wanted to swallow him but he held back and all of a sudden flipped her down on the bed and pushed her on her tummy and on her knees so her ass was raised in the air. He got behind her and ran the tip of his hard cock over her ravished pussy lips. He growled and thrust his penis hard and fast into her, burying himself to the hilt in her cunt. She screamed and he held her waist, pounding, giving her the fuck of her life.

He fucked her hard, he fucked her slow, she screamed and moaned and bucked and he held her against him, his balls slapping against her ass as he thrust deep inside her. She kept cummming and cummming, flowing juices down both their legs. He pulled back a bit and ran his slippery head against her anus. She nearly lost her breath with anticipation of what was to come. She wiggled her ass to him enticing him, her puffed up pussy still dripping with cum.

He pushed a little harder until he had the head of his cock in her ass. He held her waist and pushed hard, both of them crying out , and he leaned over her and fucked her ass hard, his fingers running down to finger her cunt. She thought she would pass out from the pleasure, and she felt another powerful orgasm creeping up on her. He pounded into her, his fingers squeezing her clit, he bit her back as she arched it higher raising herself against him. She could feel him start to shudder and all of a sudden just as she was about to cum, he pulled out from her ass and thrust deep inside her cunt. He moaned as he shot his load deep inside her. She lost control and screamed aloud as she matched his orgasm with her own. They exploded together and fell onto the bed.



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