A DREAM I HAD NINE MONTHS AGOMy name is Kim, my husband Brad had to go on a business trip & he would be out of town for three to four weeks, but was concerned about leaving me alone. So he asked his Dad (Doug) if he would mind visiting to help me with anything around the house that I couldn’t handle. His Dad is such a sweet person and it was good to have company, especially helping out with our sons. One night about a week after Brad had left I had an extremely horny dream, understand that Brad is a very passionate man and makes love to me every night. So after he was gone a week I was one very horny wife. His Dad told me to go out with my girlfriends and to have a good time, so after much debate I decided to do it. I had a great time and a few drinks so by the time I got home I was just a wee bit tipsy. I was even to tired to wash my face and take my makeup off. I got into bed without putting anything on. It was a warm night so I tossed the sheet off me and lie there totally naked. As I slept I dreamed that I was visited by my dream lover. At first his fingers gently touched my womanhood, and then he slid a couple into my wet throbbing pussy. As this went on I got wetter & wetter. After awhile I had the feeling istanbul escort my legs were being spread and I felt the touch of a tongue to my clit.It felt good; I lay there moaning in my sleep not wanting this dream to end. As it proceeded my dream lover stopped licking my clit and placed the head of his cock to my pussy lips. He rubbed it up & down, I moaned give it to me. The next thing I felt was my pussy being spread wide. Believe me Brad is not a small cocked man, but this dream lover felt so much bigger than my husband. It felt good and I wanted it in me. At that point my dream lover penetrated my lips and I could sense the popping as the head slid past my lips. Next thing I felt is his thrusting it in, deeper & deeper. There was no end to this dream cock. I moaned that I wanted it all in me. At that point my desire became a reality and what felt like ten inches of cock bottomed out in my pussy. My sleeping mind had only one desire, for this dream to fill me up. And it did the pumping was unbelievable as was the hot load of cum that came with it. I could feel what my pussy could not contain oozing out of me and wetting my ass and the avcılar escort sheets. This was the perfect dream. After my dream lover finished he kissed me and withdrew. I lay there in total bliss. I rolled over and felt him still there so I curled up in his arm. I slept like a baby. As the sunlight started to creep into my bedroom I opened my eyes to find myself lying in my father-in-law Doug’s arm. I was shocked but could not & would not move till I figured out what happened. As I looked at his face I saw my creamy red lipstick print on his lips. I knew what he had done and I had let him. I realized that he was much bigger than his son and I touched his big tool with one hand, he stirred, he opened his eyes and stared straight into mine. He was smiling when he asked if I had enjoyed myself. I smiled and said I did and he had fucked me better than any man, including his son. I told him I wanted him in me again. He asked me if I was sure. I then said, “Doug I may be your daughter-in-law but I want to be your lover as well”. He then again got between my legs and proceeded to drive me insane with pleasure. This time he put my legs up against his shoulders & told me I was about to get şirinevler escort the screwing of a lifetime. I smiled and said that’s what I wanted. He inserted his cock and again I heard the pop as its big headed rammed past my tight lips. He was like a battering ram, each stroke going deeper & deeper. And as he did that he leaned forward till my legs were pinned to my own shoulders. I can’t put into words the extreme pleasure he was giving me. As his lips neared mine I told him I loved him & would always accept him. We kissed passionately, his tongue driving into my mouth as his cock drove into my pussy. Finally he let loose; it felt like someone had opened a fire hose loaded with cum into me, I loved it. For the next three weeks my father-in-law spent every night in bed with me making me his totally devoted lover.When Brad got home his Dad took the boys out for the day telling Brad perhaps he should show me how much he missed me. And that he did, it was great, but not as great as his Dad. Well time has gone by, just over nine months. I now have a daughter as well. Brad knowingly smiles at his Dad & says; see what four weeks of saving up can do. And I and Doug smile knowing that the three weeks Doug and I spent making love were the prime time in my period for having a baby. Doug & I know he is the father & I the mother. But we’ll let Brad thing he’s the super stud. All I know is I love it when Brad goes away on business. His next trip is scheduled again for my prime time & I want his Dad to give me another baby.



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