My head was filled with such a buzzing of thoughts about Debbie that when we left the clearing I barely registered that we were both still completely naked – and wandering further from the safety of the house. We were walking hand-in-hand and it was only when she stopped abruptly and pointed between two trees when I really realised just how exposed we were.

“Look!” she whispered.

I peered over her shoulder, “The footpath! That’s where I saw the old woman with her even older dog yesterday.”

“I nearly walked right on to it,” Debbie suppressed a laugh.

I felt my body shiver with a different kind of excitement, “Well, there’s no one about.”

She turned to me and kissed my nose, “You are terrible!”

“I mean it,” I grinned.

“What if someone comes along?”

“We’d hear them ages before we saw them.”

Debbie put her hand on my heart, “You’re getting a kick out of that thought, aren’t you?”

“Your nipples say the same thing,” I grinned at her, cupping her breasts. What a difference, I thought, a day makes.

“I think, Dallas,” Debbie groaned, “You’d better let go.”

“Oh yes?” I squeezed gently.

She groaned louder, “Yes. If you don’t I might drag you to the ground right here and who knows who might get to see?”

“Not sure I care,” I laughed, “But maybe you’re right. I still want to walk on the path though.”

“I’m starting to feel very naked, but I’m not letting you get more than a couple of feet away. Come on then!”

I giggled as Debbie took my hand and we broke out of the trees and onto the footpath. We stopped on the rough asphalt and looked all around, the trees looming large on either side, the sun lighting up our naked bodies, the path winding away into the distance in both directions. She kissed me and then held out her arms in both directions.

“Which way, you naughty, naked lady?” She patted my belly with one hand, pulled my head close enough to give me a kiss with the other.

“Ooh, you choose. You seem to have all the right moves.”

Debbie laughed and turned to face the direction that the lane would intercept a little way ahead. “Let’s be bold then.”

We linked hands and started to walk slowly, our ears and eyes on constant alert for human sounds, our grip on each other tightening as we began to feel more and more exposed. I could feel every pore on my skin, each and every one so very visible. The pathway curved and jinked between the leafy alders, birches and ash, and where brambles occasionally blocked the gaps between the trees our pace quickened at the lowered levels of possible retreats.

Our footsteps were accompanied by our nervous giggles and I kept steeling glances down to Debbie’s incredibly perky, bare breasts, my initial light feeling of guilt quickly dispelled when I looked up and realised she was glancing at my nakedness just as often. We giggled more and I burst out laughing when she gave a mock tut and stopped, thrusting one hip sideways and her breasts forward in a deliberately brazen pose.

I leaned forward for a kiss and froze as a twig snapped in the woods away to our left. Debbie’s mouth formed a perfect, shocked circle and we stared into each other’s suddenly panicked eyes before grabbing hands and dashing off to our right and between the sunlit trees.

We ran forward, heedless of any sharp objects under our feet, until we could look back without seeing the pathway. Hearts pounding and (admittedly small) breasts heaving, we came to a stop behind an old birch and stared at each other, stifling giggles, and trying to listen for more noises back at, or beyond, the path.

After what must have been more than five minutes we’d heard nothing more and finally Debbie shrugged. “Squirrel or something?” she whispered.

“I guess, but it seemed very loud.”

“Fox then?”

“Maybe, but anyway there’s been nothing else, has there? No sounds at all.”

Debbie nodded and gave another shrug, “Nothing. Except maybe my heart going pop.”

“You certainly look spooked.”

“Gee thanks. You look a bit ghosted yourself.”

“Cute, though, right?”

Debbie snorted a quiet laugh, “Edible.”

“Thanks. Think it’s safe to go back to the path?”

“I think my heart might manage it. Just so long as I can keep looking at your gorgeous bod right by my side.”

“Debbie, it really would be my pleasure.” And I meant that in every sense.

We took a few moments more before a quick kiss had us slowly walking back to the pathway. We stopped behind the last trees and peeked out, once more all eyes and ears. My body had never felt so exposed and I adored the way that the nakedness affected me – and the way Debbie’s nudity compounded all of those sensations. I was suddenly eager to step out of our hiding place and somehow felt my friend’s keenness alongside me. I took her willing hand in mine and stepped around the tree and onto the warm asphalt.

As the sun washed over my naked body I almost gasped in delighted exposure, a pleasure that was multiplied illegal bahis a hundred-fold as I looked across at Debbie and her gorgeous nakedness. Her smile told me that she was as happy as I felt.

“Dallas?” she said, quietly, “What would have happened if that really had been a person?”

My eyes widened at the thought but I couldn’t work our whether it was fear or excitement. In a weird way I wanted a clue from Debbie. “It’s a wild thought, isn’t it?”

Her lips twitched and I guessed she was feeling much the same as I was, “I’d never thought about really being caught even playing before… but this? So exposed, but with someone I… I love? It’s all so new but… it excites me.”

“Me too,” I said gratefully. I stood straighter, somehow more naked but more proud, and I held out my hand, nodding to the pathway beside us, “Shall we?”

Debbie chuckled quietly. She took my hand and nodded, “Yeah, let’s. But all this doesn’t mean we stop looking and listening, right?”

“Too damned right. I don’t intend to let anyone see us, no matter that the idea might excite in such a naughty way.” I turned and started walking, Debbie falling into step beside me.

This time we didn’t hide our appreciative glances and stares.

We’d travelled no more than fifty yards before Debbie slowed, “How far do you think the lane is?”

“It must be close but I haven’t heard any cars or anything-” My voice choked off as the noise of an engine rumbled past no more than a few yards in front of us around a sharp bend in the footpath.

“Oh my god!” Debbie breathed.

I stifled a giggle, “Debbie!” I looked down at my nakedness then hers, “We’re only a few steps away!”

Her eyes were wide and shining, “We almost walked straight out of here right in front of a passing car.”

The thought was whirring around my head, scaring and thrilling me by turn, “They would have seen your beautiful naked body.” I brought a hand up to her breasts.

“And yours,” Debbie smiled, her own hands rising to cup my exposed tits.

I groaned, “Can you imagine that? So bad…”

“So naughty,” she nodded, “And so hot.”

“Red hot.” I leaned into Debbie and kissed her, letting our bodies meld together in the middle of the footpath, the trees either side filtering the sun’s steamy rays. I felt her hands cup my bare ass and I whimpered, my own hands desperate to squeeze her own firm mounds.

Our kiss deepened and strengthened as our hands began to explore, to knead (and need) and caress. Her mouth was hot and yet oh-so soft, her tongue agile, her dazzling teeth so sensitive as they nipped gently. Another vehicle purred along the lane just yards away and our embrace tightened, our breathing deepened and the passion we were sharing soared.

I broke the kiss long enough to whisper my love and had just brought my lips back to Debbie’s when we heard the sharp snapping of another twig.

We froze, our eyes staring into each other’s from a few inches apart. And then, excitement or not, we turned and shot into the cover of the trees on the opposite side of the footpath from where the breaking wood had obviously come.

As soon as there were a few yards of trees between us and the path we ducked down and put our arms around each other, our breaths coming in rapid pants, our eyes locked again as we silently mouthed our thoughts and fears.

‘That couldn’t have been another squirrel, right?’

‘Nor a fox,’ my eyes confirmed.

‘Are we sure?’

I was about to shrug when another small branch crackled in the distance.

“Shit, Dallas-”

I shushed Debbie and stared frantically back the way we had come. I dropped my voice to the quietest whisper, “Shit’s right. I think that might really be someone!”

We were side by side on our knees, but I could still feel Debbie’s urgent nod, “I agree. Not far the other side of the path where we were. Oh my god, d’you think they could see us?”

My answer was, I knew even as I whispered it, born of more hope than expectation, “I’m sure they couldn’t. We were there ages, they’d have been noisier in all that time.”

“You reckon?” Doubt and hopefulness filled Debbie’s throat.

“Well I sure-“

The distant male voice made no effort to be quiet. “Did you see the cute little tits on her?”

I choked a squeak even as Debbie moaned softly. “Bet he meant you!” she whispered.

Despite the blooms of fear, I had to choke a delighted laugh, “Definitely yours!”

Another young male voice made itself heard, “They both had cute tits. And if we’d got there sooner I reckon we would have seen some cute pussy too. I still say they were nude.”

We nudged each other, both of now snorting giggles even though panic was beginning to flower. “At least our pussies aren’t up for judgement,” I whispered.

“Another one you’d win,” Debbie grinned at me.

“As if!”

Branches snapping back towards the path had me dragging her to her feet and I looked around wildly for an escape route.

Debbie’s illegal bahis siteleri smiles had been replaced by panic and she clutched at my hand hard enough to bruise “Which way?”

I shrugged and indicated that our route to the right was a no go – the lane was just a few yards through the trees – and that behind us was simply further from the house. We both pointed to our left and nodded, taking the first furtive steps, before another voice stopped me in my tracks.

“I reckon my sister would head back towards the house,” Ben called to someone unseen.

Debbie shook my shoulders, whispering, “Is that him? Your brother?”

I nodded, almost whimpering, “The dirty, fucking, little shit!”

“Only eighteen?”

I nodded again, “As old as he’ll ever get,” I hissed.

“Typical teen is all,” Debbie shrugged, “But if it’s all right with you, there’s no way they’re going to see any more of us!”

“Oh my god, yes. It’s him and his friends, I’ll bet, still pissed off they didn’t see me yesterday!”

“Sounds like they made up for it a bit today,” Debbie kissed my forehead, “Mind you, I can’t say I blame them for wanting to see your cute bod.”

I kissed her hard, “You say the sweetest, sickest things! No wonder I fell in love with you.”

Debbie whispered a laugh, “Come on beautiful, before either of us gets more exposure to that lot. My tits have never felt so naked and it sounds like your dirty little brother has seen more than down your top now!”

I smacked her bare butt, stifling giggles, “That’s not funny!”

She paused for a moment, rubbing the smack-mark, “I know we have to run, but do remember to remind you about smacks like that later.”

I groaned, “Oh fuck yes. Now come on!”

We took quick strides into the deeper woods for a couple of minutes or so, and then froze as a voice came from around twenty yards in front of us.

“I still can’t see them at all. You sure they ran this way?”

“I’m sure I saw hair moving over that way somewhere!”

I grabbed Debbie’s hand, “That’s my fucking shit of a brother again,” I hissed, “We can’t keep going that way!”

I could see panic building in her face but she took a deep breath and looked around, listening intently, “It’s okay,” she whispered, trying to sound calm, “I think they’re all moving that way up in front of us. If we double back and wait until they’re all together where we were going just now, then we should be able to cross over to the other side of the lane and head towards my parents’ place.”

“What if one or two of them hang back? We might run right into them!”

“We’ll have to be careful – keep looking and listening. And let’s face it, Dallas, we can’t carry on in this direction and we daren’t go deeper into the woods on our left because if they follow somehow then we’ll just have to keep going and we could end up anywhere!”

There was ever more panic in Debbie’s eyes and I could feel my own heart threatening to leap into my mouth. “You’re right,” I whispered, “Let’s go back and try sneaking over the path behind them.” I squeezed her hand tightly, “Fuck it, Debbie, I’m so sorry I dragged you out here now.”

“Oh Dallas, don’t you dare be! For one I was the one that asked to come and for another we had the best fun ever not half an hour ago! I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.” She hugged me tightly, “And anyway,” she stifled a giggle, “This may be the most fucked up fun I’ve had for years!”

My own laugh, part hysterical and part relieved, snorted out of me and I returned her hug, “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

“I am,” she kissed my nose, “And besides, if one of them does catch us I’m pretty sure he’d be so shocked to see your gorgeous bod that it’d give me time to castrate him with my bare hands! Now let’s get moving.”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak without letting out a giveaway giggle, and we started to move quickly but carefully through the trees, back to where we had started.

It didn’t take long to get back to there and as we approached, we became quieter and more careful. There had been a few shouts and calls from the young men but they all seemed to be moving further away and heading ever-further in the direction we had almost headed ourselves.

Debbie had been leading the way and she sank to her haunches, motioning for me to do likewise. As I crouched beside her she turned and gave me a quick kiss, “Sounds like we made the right call,” she whispered.

“It was a great idea you had, I think. You hear anything?”

“A thousand birds and bees, but no boys.”

“Me neither,” I whispered, “Reckon it’s safe to sneak back to the pathway?”

Debbie nodded and shrugged, “I don’t think we have a choice. And anyway, even if they’ve all headed off together I doubt it will take long before they realise the trail’s gone cold and they decide to head back this way.”

I could see the sense in that but still needed to take half a dozen deep breaths before I dared nod towards the hidden path, “Let’s do canlı bahis siteleri it, then.”

We rose together and crept forward slowly but steadily, peering around every tree before moving ever forward. It wasn’t long before the footpath came into view and we both ducked down at the same time, moving now is if we were a single unit. We crawled forward, our eyes darting from left to right to straight ahead, our ears straining to hear any noise that could conceivably have been made by one of the males.

Before many seconds passed we reached the last of the trees bordering the asphalt and froze for long seconds. All was clear it seemed and finally we looked at each other. Debbie’s eyes were wide, her colour high, her chest panting almost silently – and I’m sure I must have looked the same to her.

“Do it?” she whispered.

I let my eyes dart once left and once right, seeing no other humans, then nodded before I could lose what little nerve I had remaining.

We rose as one and dashed across the narrow path and plunged as quietly as we could despite the burgeoning panic into the trees opposite. We stopped for a few seconds, anxiously listening for shouts or calls which would tell us we had been seen, then when no human sounds came to our ears, we stepped deeper into the darkness of the woods.

With every step the lack of detection brought my panic levels lower and my need to giggle higher. I was soon clamping a hand over my mouth and looked at Debbie to see her struggling to contain her mirth with just as much difficulty. The further we moved away from the footpath, the faster our pace become, parts of our brains evidently realising that we wanted to get away from that danger-zone as quickly as possible and realising also that any noise we now made was less likely to attract the boys’ attentions.

Within a minute we were almost running and I let Debbie lead us, aware that she knew the woods far better than me and that we were hopefully heading towards her parents’ garden. And besides, now the danger was receding I was rather enjoying the view.

So much so that I ran straight into her back when she pulled up with a breathy whoop of joy. We stumbled forward, our giggles finally escaping as we both took in the nirvana of views – a rolling lawn with a dark rectangle of earth etched out of its centre. Behind it, of course, was Debbie’s parents’ house.

We turned and faced each other with matching idiot grins, and hugged, our hot, sweaty flesh mashing together in a way that was beyond wonderful. Breaking the embrace, Debbie grabbed my hand and pulled me forward, up on to the lush grass and on to the back door of the house. She bent and pushed a flowerpot to one side revealing a gleaming key which she retrieved and pushed into the back door’s lock. One click later, safety beckoned and I made to step inside.

“Hang on,” Debbie held me back, “We were having an outdoor day, right?”

“Well, yeah, but-“

Her kiss took my voice and my breath away, “We’ve got ears and we’ve got a retreat just feet away. I say…” she kissed my suddenly willing lips firmly once again, “we start right here. If we hear so much as a leaf bending underfoot from the woods, we go in pronto, right?”

I looked down as her hands, shaking slightly, cupped my breasts, “Oh Debbie…”

She squeezed lightly, “I want to see you cum again out here.”

“But it’s so-“

Debbie fell to her knees and planted a dozen gentle kisses along the inside of my left thigh, “So good?”

“I was going to say ‘dangerous’,” I managed, “But no, ‘good’ is what I really mean.”

She pulled me down until I was sitting on the lawn in front of her. “Let me see if I can change ‘good’ to ‘great’.”

I lay back on the grass, the sunlight mid-day bright against my pale, naked flesh. I felt so gloriously exposed and the feeling multiplied a thousand-fold as Debbie’s lips pecked at first one then the other inner thigh, working slowly upwards from my knees to the sudden raging heat at my groin. She licked and kissed, gentle, tiny movements making my blood sing. All thoughts of danger spiralled away as first her nose then her lips themselves pressed against the hard little nub of my clitoris.

I bucked a little and Debbie’s hands reached beneath me, squeezing my butt cheeks, holding me close to her now-eager face. Her mouth moved lower, tongue licking along the length of first one lip and then the other. The probing heat of her began to press at my very entrance and my legs spread open like the petals of a flower at first light, and as one of her hands sipped from under me, reaching up to grab at a bare breast, as her tongue began to slide inexorably inside me, I climaxed without warning, the surge of joy curling my toes, sending spasm after spasm through my belly.

A wail escaped me and Debbie began to lick and suck at the juices that welled from deep within my pussy. A second climax hit me and she pulled on a nipple sending the climactic sensation into the stratosphere. I clutched at her long hair, holding her unashamedly tight to my pulsing womanhood as her tongue licked and probed. When her teeth grazed against my sparkling clit I came again, bucking and twitching beyond control. I knew it couldn’t be any more joyful and ecstatic than that.



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