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Session II: Bared Bottom

Friday came quickly and at 3:45 I was sitting in Dr. Gupta’s waiting room, waiting for her to call me into her office. She had been right: I had been able to rearrange my hours easily. I work in IT at a local university and I’m usually running all over the campus. It’s fairly easy to change my schedule. And late Friday no one wants to talk to IT anyway.

Right at four, the door opened. “Pam?” I stood up. “Come in, please.” I followed her into her office and went to take my usual seat on the couch. “No, stay standing, please, Pam.” She sat in her seat as usual.

“Listen to me, Pamela,” she said. “You will receive two spankings today and in between we will talk about how you are feeling. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Now, come over and stand by me.” I did so. “Lift your skirt up.” I hadn’t thought about this moment when I got dressed that morning, but I should have. I’d known what was coming, but I ignored it. I was wearing a red blouse and black jean skirt with red tights. On command, I reached down and grabbed my hem, scrunching it up and holding it at my waist.

Without any prelude, Dr. Gupta hooked her thumbs into the sides of my tights and pulled them with my panties down to mid-thighs. “Hey!” I exclaimed, startled. I was embarrassed to be exposed like that. My eyes began to water.

“Quiet, Pamela. Over my knees.” I hesitated for the briefest second, then lay down where I knew I would wind up even if I argued. My pubic bone lay atop her thigh and I could feel the rough wool of her slacks pressing up through my curly hairs into my mound.

She started spanking me immediately with her bare hand. The blows were hard and relentless. Staring out, they sparked a small pain, but like a brushfire erupted into great torrents of flaming pain. At first my tears flowed slowly, but after a few minutes I started sobbing, which was apparently enough for her. Without warning, she stopped.

My gasps and tears slowly abated, and when she thought I could güvenilir bahis hear her again she said, “your bottom is almost as red as your tights, Pam.” I was beyond embarrassment at that point and I don’t think there was any way I could have blushed. But I wanted to. “Stand up, we should talk now.”

I stood up and reached down to pull my tights back up. “You might as well just take those all the way off for now,” Dr. Gupta said gently. “Go and sit down.”

I shuffled the couple of feet over to the couch with my tights around my knees and gingerly sat down. I reached down and slipped my shoes off and pushed my tights and panties off my legs.

“How does your bottom feel?”

“It hurts,” I said, “it hurts like hell.”

“Would you rather stand up?” I was very conscious of sitting there with no underwear on.

“Yes, please.”

“Go ahead, that’s fine.” I rose. “Tell me about your last few days.”

I told her that they had been good days for me. I hadn’t been depressed at all and I’d been very productive, except when I drifted off remembering my last session with her.

“And how did you feel about the spanking you received?”

“It was strange. It made me feel better. Like it washed the slate clean or something. And I was proud that I had taken it.”

“What do you mean, washed the slate clean?”

“I don’t know. It was kind of, um, like the spanking was like penance, you know. Like I’d paid for the things I’d fucked up.”

“Do you think you fucked up a lot?” It was a little strange to hear her say, “fucked up.” Especially in her accent. She paused just before and after it to emphasize it, I think.

“Yeah, I guess I did.” We talked about that for a few more minutes.

Then she changed the subject. “How have you been sleeping the last few nights?”

“Not any better. Still tossing and turning.”

“When was the last time you and your husband were intimate?”

“Bob? Oh God, I don’t know. It’s been months.”

“Do you own a vibrator?”

“What? No.”

“They are nothing to be ashamed about. türkçe bahis Many women have them. I have several.” She reach out and grabbed a pen and pad and wrote down an address. She handed it to me. “This is a very reputable shop in town. I want you to stop on the way home from here and buy yourself one. Here, give that back to me.”

She took the paper back and wrote a couple of words down. “That’s a model they should have. Buy that one. If they don’t have it ask the clerk — don’t worry, they’re all women — for something like it. Now, Pamela, listen to me.” There was that mantra again. “From now on, every night, before bed, I want you to find some private time, in the bedroom or in the bathroom and use the vibrator to bring yourself to an orgasm. That will help you sleep.”

We talked about that for a couple more embarrassing minutes. Then she said, “did you download that App to your phone?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Good. Get your phone and start it up.” I crouched down to get into my purse and pulled out the phone. I hit a couple of buttons and started up the App. I’d started it up at home but it had asked for a passkey. I didn’t know what to put in, so I’d just turned it off. “It wants a pass key,” I told the doctor.

“Yes, I know. Give it to me.” I handed it over. She punched in something and then handed it back to me. “It will ring occasionally for the next few days and ask you a question or two. You must answer them as truthfully as you can. It should call…” The phone started vibrating in my hand, “…right about now with the first question.”

I answered the phone and a screen popped up with the question, “How do you feel right now?” Followed by the buttons, “Embarrassed,” “Aroused,” “Angry,” and “Hurting.”

“It’s a multiple choice,” I said. “What if more than one is true?”

“Pick the one that’s most correct or you are most agreeing with.” I starred at it for a second then, pushed “Embarrassed.” I wasn’t sure I was being truthful though, because as soon as I saw the word “Aroused,” I realized I really was feeling that. I was just way güvenilir bahis siteleri too embarrassed to say that.

“Put the phone back in your purse, Pamela and come back her over my lap.”

I did as I was told. I remembered to pull my skirt up before I bent over her lap. I knew that if I didn’t, she would have anyway. She reached over to the desk and picked up her ruler and the spanking started without any more hesitation. My tears soon followed.

After I’d almost gotten used to the pain of the blows on my fleshy bottom, she paused, then I felt the ruler hit between my thighs, right on my sex. I yelped and realized that without even thinking about it, my legs had drifted apart, spreading out while she spanked me. I immediately pulled them back together and Dr. Gupta returned to spanking my bottom. But — Oh my god — after a few more whacks to my bottom she struck my sex again. My legs had splayed out once more. From that point on I concentrated more on keeping my knees together than on the crying or the burning pain on my ass.

I don’t know how long it was before she stopped. Actually she must have stopped well before I noticed it. I think I went somewhere else entirely. When I slowly came back to awareness, I was crying softly and Dr. Gupta’s hand was resting gently on my inflamed buttocks.

“Time to get up, Pamela,” she said when she realized I was back from my zone. “Go and wrap yourself up in the blanket.”

Once again the cold came on as soon as I wrapped up. I sat and shivered for five minutes before it finally passed.

“I want you back here next Tuesday, Pamela,” Dr. Gupta said. I nodded meekly. “We will have a group session at two. Two other of my patients also starting this therapy will be here at the same time. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Two o’clock on Tuesday.”

“Good. Now, your time is almost up. I would ask you to please get dressed. You remember your assignments for the way home and every night?”

“Yes, Dr. Gupta.”

“Very good, Pamela.”

She ignored me for the next few minutes while I pulled on my panties and tights and shoes. When I stood up to go she said, “You did very well again today, Pamela. I am proud of you. Have a good weekend.”

“Thank you, Dr. Gupta. You have a good weekend as well.”

She let me out of her office.



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