Dear John,

After our meeting today I had to write you about the dramatic change in our relationship. Please don’t misunderstand me, it was great and intense seeing you today, but something happened that has changed me.

I waited patiently for you this morning knowing you are never late for our meetings. You were right on time. I opened the door to your smile. Once inside you hugged me with all your strength and passion. Our lips met briefly in a kiss as your hands slipped inside my opened robe to find my nakedness. They caressed, than grabbed the cheeks of my ass, pulling me into your body. The robe slipped from my shoulders and fell to the floor. I was naked in your embrace. This is what I was waiting for, this is what I longed for. Again our lips met softly, then I sank slowly to my knees, your hands on my shoulders gently guiding me down.

I fumbled with your belt buckle and soon found your soft cock. I would please you today, like I had on other days. I would again be your slut allowing you to take me in whatever way you desired. And I began, as before, by taking you in my mouth.

I know what you want. I know what your wife won’t give you. Starting with the bulbous head of your penis, slowly I ran my tongue down its growing shaft. Then a quick lick of your balls before I started back up your hardening pole. That’s when I engulfed the head. Your cock grew hard in my mouth.

I had been divorced a few years before we hooked up. Both of us had discovered our “bi” side. You, of course, have remained married. But you know what I can do for you. You know I’m ready and willing to service you. We had started slow with mutual oral, than progressed. I was always ready for when you could find time in your schedule or when your wife was out of town. I began to long for your hard cock and our time together as I became more submissive to you. I still remember the first time you entered me. The feeling of you inside me, thrusting and pumping your cock into my ass. And, of course, today.

This morning you were hard in my mouth and I was working you cock like never before. I was naked on my knees, you were dressed with your pants around your ankles, sitting on the couch. How many of our meetings have started this way before ending in the bedroom? And then the doorbell rang.

You smiled as I looked into your eyes. I’m sure you could read the uneasiness in my eyes, or perhaps it was fear. Fear of the unknown. Of course I knew this was coming. You had told me what you wanted and I had agreed, always willing to put out for you, to be your slut. I sat back on my ankles in front of you and you stood. As you moved to the door you pulled up your pants and fastened your belt. I remained naked, kneeling in front of the couch.

We had talked about this the last time we were together. Or perhaps it would be better to say you suggested güvenilir bahis it. I went along wanting only to please. You told me then you had a fantasy. A fantasy about you and me. A fantasy that included another man. You wanted a threesome. You wanted to watch me service another guy while you joined in. And now, three weeks later, here we are.

You opened the door and as I started to stand, still naked, you introduced me to Steve. I’m hoping my jaw didn’t drop too much. I’m still in awe of him. His dark eyes seemed to look through me. You didn’t see the smile he flashed as he passed by you to greet me. I must have turned red. He shook my hand, then as if we’d known each other for years, pulled me into a hug. He was somehow strong and gentle, brining me close to his body. That should have put me at ease. After all, he was your friend and you told me he was safe and sane. Still, even at that point, I was a bit hesitant.

When you moved beside me, your hand brushing my bare ass, I began to recover my senses. That was when you whispered in my ear that perhaps I should invite Steve to get more comfortable. I even broke a smile with that, standing naked before two clothed men. You both started to unbutton your shirts and my smile grew wider. And you followed me down the hall to the bedroom.

Facing you and Steve, I sat on the end of the bed and watched as you both undressed. I admit, as you both noticed, my cock began to get hard. My nervousness had passed by that time, or at least most of it. I was ready to give you whatever you wanted. And if that meant doing the same for Steve, I was ready.

When you finished undressing I found myself facing two semi-hard cocks. I don’t think you were surprised when I went with the one I knew. For the second time this morning I took you into my mouth. Only this time, as I sucked your hardening cock, my left hand found Steve’s balls and I gently caressed them, feeling his cock grow hard. I began stroking his cock, while my right hand pushed gently against your ass bringing you further into my mouth. You were rock hard by then and I was doing my best to take all of your 6 inches. Even thought I was stroking Steve’s cock, I believe it was you who moaned first. I actually thought you might cum then and there. But somehow you held back.

Steve is bigger than you and wider. I could tell. When I switched off, taking Steve in my mouth and stroking your cock, I could tell. He also reached down to stroke my cock and balls before you did. But then you joined him, you can’t imagine how that felt, both of you touching me all over as I sucked your cocks.

Your eyes seemed to brighten as I moved back on the bed. I was on my back, you on my right, Steve now on my left. I had no idea what would happen next. I was hoping you’d take the lead as you’ve done before. I wanted you to guide me, to take me, to make türkçe bahis me your slut willing to do whatever you wanted.

And you did. I was sandwiched between you both, your hand on my cock as Steve caressed my chest and belly. We kissed. This time it was deeper, our tongues searching and finding each other. Steve kissed, licked and nibbled on my rock hard nipples. I don’t mind telling you now, it was very intense. Than it was you working my nipples and Steve’s tongue entwined with mine in a deep kiss. I was naked, being embraced by two naked men. My mind was turning off, my body was becoming clay in your hands. You and Steve could take me anyway you wanted. And you did.

You spread my legs and moved between them, even as Steve knelt beside my head. He gently turned my face toward his cock. Without a bit of hesitation I took him in my mouth. You may have noticed the intensity with which I sucked on his member. But I doubt it, as you were busy between my spread legs, first sucking on my cock and then fucking me. I had been sucking Steve with abandonment while you devoured my dick, and then, almost without warning, I felt the head of you cock against my asshole. I hadn’t felt you lubricate my wanting hole, or slip the condom on. Then you were in me. Gently at first, sliding in and out of me. Then harder. I continued to suck on Steve’s big cock. You had my legs spread wide, my ankles resting on your shoulders. I remember, as I’m sure you do also, glancing up at you face as you knelt pounding into me. You were intense, your eyes wide, your breathing hard and fast. As was mine. You were focused on Steve’s cock as it slid in and out of my mouth, hard and wet. I tried to thrust against you, all the while sucking Steve. You were in me deeper than ever before, hammering me like never before. With each thrust I let out a groan like yelp, both in pain and in pleasure. All the sounds, the smells and the sweat, it was incredible.

And then, suddenly, you pulled out and Steve backed away from my mouth. I lay on my back wanting more, wanting you inside me. Not realizing what was happening and what was about to happen.

You were at my side turning my face to you hard cock. I took you in my mouth and sucked you for all I was worth. Steve took you place between my legs. The scream you let out as you came was probably heard on the street outside. You were deep in my mouth as you shot your hot cum down my throat. I tried to take it all but some spilled over my lips on to my chin. You pulled out briefly and shot a stream across my cheeks and nose before I could take you inside my mouth again. I tried to take every drop on your delicious, hot fluid, in an attempt to lick you clean. And then Steve plunged into me.

He is bigger than you, but I took him easily. You had prepared me for his initial assault. But as he drove deeper into me the mixture of pain and güvenilir bahis siteleri pleasure again overwhelmed me. Your softening cock slipped from my mouth and I focused on taking every inch of Steve inside me. You stayed close, this is what you wanted, this is what you wanted to see. Even though I had just sucked you to completion, your cock grew hard again as you watched him ram into me. He was deep, deeper than you had been and I was out of my mind with pleasure. I thrashed my head about, moaning more and more loudly as Steve continued to fuck me. You started grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. I don’t think I have ever been as hard as I was then. Even when Steve stopped pumping into me I continued to thrust my hips off the bed. I was going to cum. You didn’t have time to move down to catch my shooting sperm with your mouth and it shot onto my belly and chest. At the same time Steve, who had pulled out and tried to move up to my mouth, shot his load all over my face. I opened my mouth to catch what I could of his hot cum. Then I let my head fall back onto the bed. I had cum with such intensity I thought I would pass out. The two of you fell on either side of me. Our hard, rapid breathing the only sounds.

It seemed like an hour passed, although I guess if was only a few minutes, before you stirred from the bed. Steve followed your lead. I was left lying naked in the middle of the bed, covered in cum. I heard Steve gathering his clothes. I heard you in the bathroom running water. I can’t say for sure how long it was before you came back with a warm, wet cloth and began to clean me off. I think I fell asleep.

I’m not sure how long I slept, someday you’ll have to tell me. When I woke you were getting dressed and Steve was gone. You smiled at me and thanked me for a wonderful morning, it had been just as you had fantasized. Even then I knew things had changed. Once you were dressed I walked you to the door. I felt good, I had given you what you had wanted and I had enjoyed it. We hugged at the door, then kissed. A soft kiss, an end to the day kiss. I felt it again, things had changed. Oh, I was still your slut, I am still your slut, but it’s different now.

You made me suck and fuck a man I did not know. You watched as I sucked his cock. You watched as he pounded his big dick into my ass, after you had already used me. And you watched as he came all over my face, his cum mixing with yours. I had been thoroughly used by you and your new friend.

So our relationship has changed. Sure, I’ll be your slut from time to time, but now I want more. I don’t want you alone any longer. I want you and Steve, you and anyone. I don’t just want to suck and fuck you, I want you and many more. So next time don’t ask, just bring Steve. Next time bring Steve and another friend and another. I want to suck three or four cocks and get fucked by three or four guys. Our relationship has changed because of today. I’m still your slut, but now your fantasies are my fantasies. And it’s your fault. I hope you’re happy now. I know I am.

Sincerely, Your Slut




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