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A Day With Daniel…3Whimpering from shame I opened my mouth and sucked his huge penis head into my mouth. After a few minutes of gagging Daniel pulled from my lips and pushed my head back down into the mattress.Daniel crawled on to my back and slid his huge penis back into my butt hole again. Crying uncontrollable I laid there as Daniel slid his gigantic man tool back and forth into my butt hole.My feet kicked rapidly at the mattress and tried to restrain Daniel from sinking his huge phallus deeper into my busted rectum. I gasped as Daniel pounded into my butt ‘…Daniel…you’ve got…to be easy…somebody…might hear the bed…’Daniel slowed easing his huge knob deep into my bung hole, Daniel whispered gruffly ‘…I want to turn you on your back, put your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck. I wanna fuck you like you’re a little bitch, you better not push me away or try to get from under me or I’ll make you wish you hadn’t. You understand what I want, nod your head and do what I want…’I nodded my head and as Daniel rose from my back, I wiped my face into the sheets. Daniel raised just high enough to be able to twist my legs around, his enormously huge penis was still lodged deep in my anal opening.As Daniel turned me, with little assistance from me, I was able to glance between my thighs and see his huge black thick penis lodged in my bung. My anal muscle clinging to his shaft as he pulled back slightly to lift his canlı bahis leg over mine.I was mesmerized by sight of his glistening huge phallus, his cum and grease caused his penis to shimmer in the small light from the lamp.I was now on my back, Daniel’s penis felt like it had grown larger as I tried to raise my feet and wrap my legs around his waist. I raised my hands just as he eased another inch of his massive penis into my aching bung hole.Reflectively I placed my hands on his chest, Daniel glared fiercely at me. Gasping in pain, I slid my hands against his chest and around his neck. Tightly closing my eyes as he eased another inch or two in to me.I knew Daniel had another six or seven inches of man meat to go before all his thick black snake was in me. I was trembling with fear and anticipation as Daniel slowly lowered his upper body down to mine. His breath quick and hot as he nestled his face into the crook of my neck and shoulder.Daniel whispered ‘yessss, that’s just how I want you…hold me tighter, I’m gonna slow fuck this pussy till you tell me how much you want it…I don’t care how long it takes I’ve come once and it’ll be awhile before I come again, so don’t rush it…’Whimpering like a puppy trapped in a trap I laid beneath Daniel as he began to slowly grind and screw his enormous joystick farther into my bung. My body was uncontrollably shaking and trembling as Daniel slowly worked his enormously thick elongated phallus bahis siteleri deeper into my bowels.I was afraid that the length of his penis would bust through my anal membrane or rip apart my insides. Daniel was kiss sucking my neck and ear, I tried to hold my head tightly against my shoulder but found myself slowly surrendering to his manipulations. Daniel seized my ear in his teeth biting just hard enough to get me to moan, through clinched teeth Daniel whispered ‘…damn bitch, this pussy of yours is tight, I can feel every muscle in your ass milking my dick…'”…Grab your ankles and pull your feet back over your head…’ I whimpered and whined ‘…nnnnoooo…IIIIIcccaaaann’ttt…’ Daniel whispered again ‘…yes you can, just take hold of your ankles and pull them back…yes just like that…’I was doing just as he asked as soon as I got my ankles back to his shoulders, Daniel raised his upper body up and placed his hands on my thighs. Daniel gave a little lung into my butt hole causing me to gasp and buck my eyes open.Between my buttocks was four to five expose inches of Daniels’ enormous thick black snake. I could not take my eyes away as he slowly pulled that huge monster back and effortlessly slide it deeper into my upturned butt.Both Daniel and I was drenched in sweat as he worked his body like a well oiled machine. Suddenly Daniel whispered ‘David, David look at me, look me in the face…’ I looked ups at Daniel güvenilir bahis and saw his wide toothy grin he said ‘…yeah, you’re so sex stoned, I can fuck you any way I want to now can’t I…’Subconsciously I nodded my head looking up into Daniels eyes, Daniel lowered his face to mine and kissed my parted lips slowly sticking his tongue between them till he found my tongue.With the skill of a trained lover, Daniel played tag with my tongue till I slowly released my ankles and grabbed his head and passionately returned his kiss to him.Daniel was now pulling his massive tool five to six inches out of my bung hole and pushing every inch of his man meat back into me. To my surprise my anal cavity was accepting every inch of his phallus and I was trying to hunch back up to him and meet his every plunge.With sweat running off of us like a waterfall, we tussled in the throes of sexual excitement. I don’t now how long Daniel and I was at it. It must have been hours by the time Daniel pulled my head to his and begin to pump vicious amounts of male sperm into my butt.Daniel had my thighs locked in his arm pits and was holding me by the back of my head with both his hands as we engaged in a wild abandoned kiss.When Daniel had emptied his enormous load of sperm into me I could feel the excess drain from my anal canal and stream down my butt crack and over my spine. I caressed Daniel’s head and nestled our faces together like a sex starved whore.My butt hole was stretched around the base of Daniel’s ten to twelve inch long five to six inch round phallus. My hips ached but I did not want Daniel to pull out of me, I only wanted him to fuck me more.A Day With Daniel…3



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