“Thats the end of the day folks, happy Friday! Mr. Abernathy, would you please come see me during my office hours?”

Everyone fled the lecture hall like they were running from the plague.

“What did you do now Abernathy? Coach isn’t going to be happy with you being late for practice.”

“I don’t know Trev, but I’m sure it won’t take long. I’ll text you when I’m on my way.”

“Yeah, yeah. Make it quick.”

I wasn’t complaining as Ms. Carlson was hands-down, the hottest prof here at school.

Ms. Carlson sat on the corner of her desk as I entered her office.

“I wanted to personally wish you a happy 18th birthday Angus. I do have to say though, out of all the students here, I was shocked to find I was the subject of your gaze when you were supposed to be paying attention to your classmates presentation. ”

I was dumbfounded! Is this all she wanted? To lambast me for checking her out during class? It was MY birthday after all! Coach is gonna kill me for being late, especially when he finds out it was for something so inconsequential!

It’s not my fault Ms. Carlson wore a tight skirt with a blouse that exposed her cleavage. She was literally asking for everyone to stare! Especially when she never dresses like that. EVER.

“I…umm….I uhh….I’m sorry Ms…..”

Ms. Carlson started to unbutton the remainder of her blouse, exposing her black lace bra as she uncrossed her legs.

“Now, now Angus, did you think I was reprimanding you? I do have to admit, I have been waiting for the day you turned 18 ever since you first walked into my class.”

I was speechless for the first time in my life. I looked around as if caught red-handed. I was sure my team was playing a prank on me!

“Were you expecting anyone else Angus? Or is there somewhere else you needed to be? I’ve already emailed your coach, informing him that you have a hands-on lab to redo for my class. Apparently your in-class presentation was not up to snuff. He was disappointed but stressed your grades were the top priority.”

As Ms. Carlson continued to talk, she finished unbuttoning her blouse and was shimmying out of her skirt leaving her black lace panties exposed.

I was silent. I didn’t know what to do or say. A fantasy was playing out before my eyes.

“Cat got your tongue Mr. Abernathy?”

Ms. Carlson reached towards my arms and squeezed my biceps. She trailed her fingertips across my chest and started to caress my toned stomach through my t-shirt. As her hand sunk lower, teasing the elastic of my underwear, she kissed my hard. Her hand landed on my hardening cock, softly rubbing it as it begged to be free from the confines of my pants.

I snapped out of my trance. Here I was with the hottest prof in college and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I started to remove her open blouse from her shoulders as she released my fully hardened 9 inch cock from its’ cage. kartal escort

“Well well well, someone’s come out to play!

Ms. Carlson went down on me, licking me from hilt to tip as I undid her bra, fully exposing her succulent breasts. She then took my full length into her mouth.

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t last long before I erupted into her mouth as she milked me for every last drop.

“I’m sorry Ms…..”

“Thats the second time you’ve tried apologizing to me today. Does someone have a guilty conscience? You have nothing to feel guilty about…..yet.”

With that, Ms. Carlson kissed me hard and fast, letting her tongue explore every crevasse of my mouth. I could taste myself on her. I bent her backwards onto her desk as I made my way down her body. I latched onto her left nipple, sucking, licking and biting it as i went. Ms. Carlson moaned and squirmed with pleasure. I switched sides while I massaged the other orb.

I eventually arrived at her naval as I played i her bellybutton. I licked her cunt through her soaked panties. Her smell was so intoxicating! When I slid her wet black lace panties off, exposing her trimmed bush, she started to push my head toward her glistening pussy. I started playing with her clit as my hands returned to her tits.

After a few minutes. Ms. Carlson was writhing with excitement.

“I need you to fuck me Mr. Abernathy, fuck me till I scream Angus!”

I took my 9 inch cock and slammed it into her. I can give her hard and fast! I turned her over and jackhammered into her, using her auburn hair as a handle. She was letting out guttural moans and writhing beneath me like an animal caught in a trap.

“C’mon Angus, give it to me harder! Cum in me and you’ll get an A plus for sure!”

It was then we both heard it, a rather loud knocking on her office door.

“Ms. Carlson, Claire hunny, are you okay in there?”

It was Dr. Robinson, the Dean of my program. We both froze like a deer in headlights.

“…..Ye…..yes…. Dr. Robinson, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern!”.

The doorhandle started to turn. I made a beeline to her ensuite private bathroom, closing the door behind me. I leaned against the door as I tried to catch my breath, my pants around my knees and my cock glisteningwet. How could Ms. Carlson been so stupid as to not lock her office door? I heard an audible gasp as Dr. Robinson entered the room.

“Ms. Carlson….Claire….what in God’s name are you doing?”


“What? You were just frigging yourself off on your desk stark naked? What if someone else had walked in on your escapade? I thought I had taught you better than that?”

“I’m sorry Mother, I…”

“I don’t want to hear it. You deserve to be punished. Turn around, ass in the air…. You know what, I changed my mind. Come eat Mommy’s pussy.”

Holy bostancı escort shit! Not only was the Dean my professor’s mother, but also her lover? I didn’t have time to try and wrap my head around it, I had to get out of there.

The only window was a half window high above the sink. I stood on the sink and opened the window. I hoisted myself up and had to wriggle my way out of there, eventually falling face first onto the grass outside. Thankfully no one was around to see that. I high-tailed it across campus to my car half-naked, shirt in hand. I started driving home, not believing what had the recent turn of events.

I go to a community College 20 minutes from home. I lived off-campus with my parents and older sister in a typical 2 storey house. My family was squarely middle-class. My dad was in sales and traveled alot while my mother was a secretary for a local law firm. My sister had previously graduated from Boston College and was living back home for a while.

I couldn’t help but think of the events over the past couple of hours. My prof gave me a blow job. She wanted to fuck me. Started to fuck me. Why leave the door unlocked? Did she want to get caught? The Dean is her mother. She has an incestuous relationship with her mother. It was so taboo but thinking about it had caused a stirring of my cock. She gave my blue balls, BLU BALLS! That bitch!

I arrived home to find three cars in the drive; my mother’s, my sister’s, and my sister’s boyfriend’s. I quietly entered the house through the garage. I could could hear a shower going and tv blaring somewhere in the distance. My mother was usually napping before dinner after a long days work.

On the way to my room, I could hear someone in the laundry room. I was about to say hi when I glanced in the room and saw my sister’s feet dangling, bent at the waist, and ass in the air. It looked as though she was trying to get something from the bottom of the washer. Yes that’s correct, my parents still have a top load washer and dryer. At 25 years old, my sister Rebecca was only 5’1″, so it’s ordinarily quite hilarious. I would normally laugh at her. Usually my sister wore sweatpants to which hugged her tight ass. Today, she was wearing a short skirt giving my a view of a lifetime!

I have never, ever, thought about Rebecca or my mother, Julia, in a sexual manner before. I couldn’t help but think about my professor and Dean, mother and daughter. My cock stirred again. I couldn’t help myself. I quietly entered the room and placed my hand firmly on her ass cheek I was expecting a scream or kick, but none came.

“Miles, you startled me! I thought you were going to take a shower. Could you help me out of here? I was trying to reach my shirt at the bottom but can’t reach it.”

She thought I was her boyfriend. I couldn’t help it. I gripped her ass with both hands now and started moving them in circles, maltepe escort kneading her flesh beneath my fingers.

I was anticipating having to brush aside her panties, but to my excitement, she was not wearing any. I edged my hands toward her crack and gazed upon her rose bud. I couldn’t resist any longer, I started tonguing her asshole.

“What the fuck are you doing Miles? I asked you to help me out of here! You’ve always said no to licking me down there or giving me head, what the hell? Now, as I’m bent over, feet dangling, ass in the air, half my body in the washing machine, you decide to concede?”

I didn’t care. I started to lick my way to her pussy. My hands were there before my tongue was. I couldn’t believe it, Rebecca had a bush! I started to finger her. Boy was she wet! As I started to eat her out, she started to moan and writhe with excitement.

“I’m gonna cum, Miles!”

All of a sudden, it was like someone turn a tap on in my mouth. My sister was a squirter!

“I know I asked you to help me out of here, but that was amazing Miles! Have you been holding out on me this whole time?Simply put, I need you to fuck me.

I couldn’t argue with that, even if I wasn’t who she thought I was. I’m not going to let this go to waste, sister or not! I reased my 9″ cock and started rubbing it along her folds. I entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt her.

“Oh fuck your big today!”

I moved out and in a little more. My sister was tight as a vice. I had been confident she wasn’t a virgin, but now I wasn’t sure. I started pounding her harder and harder, all the way to the hilt. She started to yelp and scream had another orgasm. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t have anyone finding out. My mother was napping in front of the television and her boyfriend showering, I had to think of something and fast!

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I closed the washer lid as far as it would go. I rested it on my sister’s backside as a furiously pounded her harder and harder. Did Rebecca just say something? I couldn’t be sure.

As I fucked my sister, I lifted the lid to listen. It was almost a whisper, but I started to make out what she was saying.

“Fuck me, c’mon Angus, cum in me you piece of shit, fill me with your seed!”

Hearing that pushed me over the edge. I erupted like Mount Vesuvius, filling her with my cum which let another powerful orgasm rip through her like a tidal wave! As we came down from our euphoric high, I was in disbelief. I finally helped my sister out of the washer. Thats when I noticed the washer was completely empty!

“When did you know….why didn’t you stop me?”

“I knew as soon as you first touched my ass. You have large, calloused hands and Miles does not. I saw you changing the other day and knew I had to have you so I came up with this plan.”

“But Mom and Miles are in the house…”

“That’s partially true. Miles left his car here while he’s out of town on business with Dad. Mom is here but isn’t napping. Even if she was, do you honestly think she could nap in front of the television through all that commotion? C’mon bro, she wants us to join her so she can give you her birthday present. We do need a shower after all that hard work!”



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