A Day at the OfficeI was dressed as your secretary wearing a black pencil skirt and a snug fitting top that showed off my cleavage. I heard your voice in a somewhat stern tone call me into your office. You had the shades drawn tight and upon entering you spoke only a single phrase “Off, now.” Without hesitation I stepped out of my clothing, allowing my skirt to pool on the ground at my feet. My blouse fluttered to the ground, leaving me in only a bra and thigh high stockings. The simple silver tone eternity collar stood out against my café au lait flesh, glinting in the dim lighting.Long ago I had learned to not wear panties in your presence. You stood up and walked around to me, fisting your fingers in my hair and sharply tugging me to my knees. Your free hand went to the fly of your slacks. Oddly I noticed how shiny your shoes were only illegal bahis moments before I groaned in appreciation and desire as my lips surrounded you. My tongue lavished attention upon your crown and the glands of your cock, rubbing, licking, sucking. I could feel you grow even more stiff than you were at the start of this engagement.Just as suddenly you tugged me up and spun me around, pushing some of the obstacles out of the way on your desk. You bent me over it and admired my ass. I loved the sensation of just your fingertips trailing over it and dipping between my cleft to test my readiness.You couldn’t resist the sight before you and knelt, your own tongue teasing the erect little nub of my clit, making me shake. I whimpered, wanting that caress again, sighing when rewarded by it and then another until I gripped the desk. I made illegal bahis siteleri sure to compose my noises, almost breaking my silence with a muffled scream as you made love to my cunt with your mouth.When I was good and slick is when you left it only to replace your tongue with your fingers, teasing me by thrusting them in and out in a pale imitation of what I really craved. The better I behaved, the better my reward. I could hear you adjusting, pulling your cock and balls free of their confinement fully through the opening of your fly.You swept the head of your cock up and down against my opening, gathering moisture on it before sinking home. Mindless, I gave myself up to your rutting need to exorcise your inner frustration. Your fingers kneaded my ass, dragging your hips slowly back to watch as you slid out. I licked my canlı bahis siteleri lips, my mouth going dry and I fought the urge to sink back down onto you. I wanted it, wanted you. I wanted to feel you pound my juicy pussy until I screamed. I craved the sensation of your hot cum caressing my inner walls, claiming me so thoroughly that “Daddy” rolled naturally off my tongue.You took your time, methodically stroking my spot to make me cum over and over, knowing that I wouldn’t be satisfied until you joined me. But you chose differently this time, waiting until you were just about ready and then you pulled out. You settled your girth between the cheeks of my ass and thrust, dry humping my crevice until you came. Thick seed pooled down my ass and your grunt filled my ears making me blush with pleasure and wiggle my hips.Removing myself from the desk I knelt again, cleaning your cock and then stood to kiss you tenderly. I loved the taste of Us mingled in the kiss. I slid my clothing back into place and left your office to return back to work. Just a little ruffled around the edges.



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