A Date with Mr thickThis happened a couple of years after we had met Eric ( Mr Thick) as some of you may know he is a friend I share my wife with on occasionIt was in the middle of the week when I got a message from Mr Thick letting me know he would be in town for 1 day not his usual 2- 3 day stay for business.He said I have a favor to ask, its ok if you have reservations about it and say no but I was wondering if I could have Marie accompany me to a business dinner meeting on Friday evening it may be over late and she would have to stay out late dont worry I will look after her well if you dont mind.My response was let me ask her about it and get right back to you, I call Marie to let her know and she asks me how I feel about it since I wont be able to join them since its a business dinner type of deal , I told her Im ok with it after all what could happen he has always been a gentleman each time we have met him so she says “how about I just spend the night with him since it may be over late ?” ( i was hoping she would say that) So she agreed to meet him alone this time and so I get back to him with the news he tells me Ok great have her meet me at my hotel by 3 pm that day so I can take her shopping for an outfit for the evening , I respond ok I will tell her she will love that part and I didnt tell him she had agreed to spend the night with him I figured that would be her surprise to him. I knew he would be fucking and filling her married pussy damn good.Friday arrives and she gets her things ready I drive her over to the hotel to illegal bahis meet Eric and along the way she tells me that she is very wet with the anticipation of meeting Eric for the evening she even wore his favorite color of panties , red . I tell her he doesnt know that you will be spending the night so he is in for a big surprise , we arrive and he is waiting in in the lobby says lets get going we need to get over to the Galleria and buy you an outfit for the night he Thanks me for allowing Marie to accompany him since it was last minute , ” I tell him she is your wife for the night ” while grinning, so I leave her there with him and I go on back home.I knew it was going to be a long night for me with the thought that my wife was going to be out for an evening with her lover and I was not going to be a witness to their fucking session much less join in I would just have to wait until she came home the next day it was difficult to keep from stroking one off.She came home close to noon the next day with her hair all a mess and the smell of sex lingering on her body I was sitting enjoying a coffee in the kitchen and I ask her ” How did it go?” but I could tell she had an exciting evening I get up guide her to the bedroom I give her a deep kiss and take in the aroma of a freshly fucked woman , she undresses down to her panties which are now showing a growing wet spot at the crotch I reach out and feel them and yes they are soaked I stick a finger around the leg elastic and sink into hot sticky wetness , She says” I know youre horny illegal bahis siteleri and want me but please be gentle my pussy is so sore he wore me out “So she proceeds to tell me about their evening , they went shopping where he bought her a dress, lingerie and shoes for the evening they go back to his room where she gets herself ready and he fixes them drinks , they finish their drinks he compliments her looks ( that sly devil got her a short cocktail dress to show off her legs) off they go to the restaurant for the dinner meeting they dine and drink he takes care of business as she makes small talk with his colleagues dates amazingly they finish up early and head back to the hotel on the way he tells her ” well I guess you wont be home late after all its only 9 and I expected we would go on much longer” , she coyly replies “Actually how about WE make it a late night ourselves and I can just go home in morning ” He was certainly surprised by that answer she assured him that we had planned it out and agreed to it. they arrive at the hotel and proceed to the room he couldnt get ther fast enough he as feeling on her ass and kissing her in the elevator and as they get into the room he quickly grabs her kisses her deeply and proceeds to undress her leaving her panties on forces her on her knees and out comes his thick cock for some hot mouth action from Maries greedy mouth he undressed himself and guides her to the bed where he lays her down and begins eating her pussy by pushing her panties aside soon enough he is pushing her canlı bahis siteleri panties aside to guide his cock into her waiting cunt , she said she was so wet that her pussy made squishing sounds as he pumped her taking her in various positions until they both came , she told me that they fucked through the night taking small breaks in between, hardly slept and at times got loud all this time her never took her panties off her and he creampied her each and ever time , she is a squirter and each time she came she squirted it was all over him , the bed and her panties ( he never took them off or let her remove them ) , they fell asleep after one long session of her riding him where she collapsed on top of him they woke up late and he said he wanted her again one last time before she had to go home so he proceeded to remove her now cum soaked panties and putting his cock in her mouth to get him hard again to give her another royal fucking this time he turned her over on her knees really going hard and deep before coming one last time into her horny married cunt , she was spent and so was he , she looked at the time and realized it was time she should get home she thanked him for the evening and for the outfit he said ” no THANK YOU and Rey for this and for being my friends the pleasure is all mine ” he saysSo she gets a cab gets home not bothering to shower she arrives with a pussy full of another mans cum but satisfied , she related all this to me as I too pushed her panties aside and fucked her trying to be as gentle as possible on her sore swollen cunt it felt so loose , wet and hot I didnt last too long while fucking her but I got mine she soon fell asleep and woke up several hours later to shower. We still talk about it and may let it happen again but just dont know when.



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