Tasha was the head of the scientific expedition to explore ancient peoples in Northern Europe. She smirked to herself as she read the letter one more time. She had been chosen to travel back in time using newly discovered time stream technology to study ancient cultures and people in Northern Europe. The letter warned that she would be the only one on the expedition and would not be retrievable if she experienced DNA alterations such as infection, insemination/pregnancy, or emergency transplant of organs/stem cells or viral immune enhancements.

Walking to her alcove she looked at the optic scanner and went to her room to pack. It would be a great opportunity to prove if her theories were correct about evolution being caused by retroviral activity on a micro level. Tasha smiled to herself she had two days to prepare.

The clothes she needed to pack were basic and utilitarian. Food supplies for a week of studying the indigenous peoples of the Neolithic and basic recording devices for her studies and the genetic sampling she would need to compare accurately.

The plants and the mammalian species would need genetic cataloguing and screening for bacterial and viral influences. The scanning devices would help select materials for cataloguing and oh Tasha couldn’t wait to be back thousands of years ago at the dawn of human history.

The days and the preparations sped by and Tasha reported to the time stream technology government site and went through the tests and finally stepped into the black water like time stream with the retrieval marker on her wrist in the form of a biomarker tattoo.

Everything blurred and she felt a cold snapping and then ripped in shreds before emerging into what was supposed to be a grassland. Instead she was standing in a wooded area near a lake. Looking past the woods out to the crystalline lake Tasha gasped it was so pristine and gorgeous. Tasha couldn’t wait to do genetic sampling and start her studies. The Neanderthals that were supposed to live nearby would be perfect to sample thought Tasha. With her classic high cheek bones, bright blue eyes, blond hair, 36 D breasts and wide hips Tasha turned heads but nobody was really into what she looked like in modern times. Standing in the clearing was a large set of stone statues. They were worn down to stones sitting just an inch or so above the ground in her time but here they were at least four stories up. From the woods Tasha had a good view of the clearing. People in oddly modern clothes were herding what looked like Neanderthals and they wore masks over their faces. Were they people? They were humanoid in shape but they held large spears that blasted energy at the Neanderthals who did not do as they were told. Odd but the people of this time shouldn’t have that technology and the humanoids doing the herding looked like they were wearing synthetic fibers that wouldn’t exist until 20th century manufacturing, at least.

Maybe, Tasha thought something had gone wrong in the time travel matrix but all the carbon and star charts were reading correctly which meant something was amiss. Most time travelers had no interest in this era and Tasha was the first to travel to this time period. The Neanderthals looked about as expected big primitive with huge eyebrows, naked, covered in hair, with thick noses. Easily 7 feet tall and 250 lbs. compared to Tasha’s 110 lbs. and 5’4”height. Tasha carefully scanned one of the humanoids and then an alarm in her scanner began going off. The thing wasn’t human or Neanderthal or any of the other subspecies. Worse they were pointing in her direction and Tasha worried she should run and turned to run. Unfortunately, a net of light was shot in her direction and landed all around her. Trying to move within the net Tasha found it nearly impossible.

The creatures surrounded her and pointed their light spears at her.

Tasha opened her mouth and asked what they were.

A hush fell over them all and one of them held the spear directly at her and moved in closer.

“Species 796 subset F female and capable of speech frontal lobe fully developed and reproductive organs functional language uncategorized but speech algorithm initialized.” A mechanized voice stated in an oddly disturbing voice.

“We are the overlords/Gods and you are to serve us.” One of the humanoids said through the translator.

“You appear to be an alien race on ancient Earth attempting to fool the indigenous life into thinking you are Gods.” Tasha said looking at the creature suspiciously.

“Species 796 subset F whence do you have the idea of alien?” the humanoid said looking startled.

“From your technology, air masks, DNA scan, and synthetic materials.” Tasha said clearly annoyed that they would attempt to tell her they were Gods to be served.

“Your species is technologically retarded to a non-space faring, primito-religious, non-agrarian race and your ideas of alien do not correspond to the native people. Identify your origin.”

“I am local to this region. Now what are you?” Tasha demanded.

“We are the race of Nephilites and this planet is very experimental in our genetic engineering. We have engineered Species 796 through E and there is no subset F except for in computational casino siteleri models. Although you appear to match our next planned subset species, species F with all the planned genetic modifications. Our computer has identified you as a member of the next subset” Said the main humanoid.

The main Nephilite looked back at his colleagues and they began to chatter in their own language pointing at Tasha, pointing at their technology and then to the Neanderthals.

“You are subset F and genetically compatible with subset E. A few minor alterations and your genes will be dominant and your fertility enhanced. It would put our genetic alterations ahead by at least 8 generations of your species and we could go home nearly a thousand years early.”

“I don’t agree to any of what you are proposing.” Tasha said emphatically and began to back away.

“Subset F has mentioned disagreement to the proposed plans but is illegally on this planet as all nonmembers of the genetic enhancement team require special licensing and thus is considered an indigenous species with breeding preferences relegated to the genetic enhancement team due to being a proto-stage species with no acknowledged treaty.”

“what? Nephilite species went extinct before there was life on this planet you shouldn’t even exist and your cities were ruins when we explored your world. The Tragis Treaty XIII protects me from forced mating as a sentient being.” Tasha yelled in shock.

“The Tragis I treaty was just negotiated two years ago and your species was not a part of this treaty. Your genetic scans indicate you are from this planet and thus in a stage where we can use your genetic differences by initiating a natural breeding program complete with fertility enhancement with Subset E mates selected for you.” The humanoid said.

“What are Subset E species?” Tasha asked with a horrible sinking feeling in her stomach.

The Nephilite pointed to the large primitive looking Neanderthal men snarling and growling at them from an enclosure that involved a large cave.

Tasha looked at the humanoids and said “Are you crazy those are Neanderthals and I am homo sapien this is totally unacceptable. No. They will probably kill me I’m not going near them and you can forget about any mating.”

The Nephilites then blasted their weapon at Tasha and carried her towards the enclosure where they kept the Neanderthals. Injecting a hastily assembled black mixture of something into Tasha they carefully put her in the enclosure. Three large males were hiding in the cave and she was placed just inside the enclosure and then the Nephilites put their energy shield back up.

The males were growling from the back of the cave and Tasha couldn’t move paralyzed from the energy weapon. The males stayed near the back afraid of the intruders in their cave. The first male wore a fur loin covering and several necklaces with black face paint. Long black hair and black eyes that looked like coal in a heavy face. The other male was a younger version of the first and he had a ripped six pack but troublingly a belt around his lean hard waist with skulls on it. His loin cloth was made of black fur and he looked at Tasha and growled. The third wasn’t visible to Tasha.

Great thought Tasha as she looked at the growling cave men. Clearly aggressive and her unarmed and paralyzed at least they didn’t have any weapons either. When night fell the Nephilites went to a large enclosure that they had set up but was not visible except when they entered or exited.

The three cave men sat near each other in the back of the cave and Tasha lay paralyzed in the front of the cave willing to stay far away from them. Hey maybe if she left them alone, they would extend the same curtesy. Then suddenly she saw one of them on her left and he screeched at her. When Tasha didn’t move the younger one ran at her and grabbed her. The two of them pulled her back into the cave. Inside the cave a small bearskin rug lay and the two Neanderthals pulled her towards their fire hitting her on occasion despite her laying limp between them. The younger one ripped all her clothes off and then held her while the older one looked at her and the third roared and hit the earth with his fists before coming closer. Their big thick dirty hands slid over her hips and then to Tasha’s horror between her legs sliding up between her soft dry vaginal lips.

Tasha wanted to shake her head no but the third Neanderthal just smiled showing his teeth and pointed to a skin rug on a large rock. The two Neanderthals grunted and then Tasha found herself being touched by both men as they shoved her towards it. Not wanting to end up on that rug Tasha whimpered but her body was still limp and she could not move on her own. They forced her onto the rug with its thick hairs and face down. Tasha wasn’t sure which male mounted her first but felt thick hard hands on her shoulders holding her down. The third male helped spread her legs and then she felt a large hardness pushing into her but Tasha’s body was so small in comparison. She wanted to wiggle away but under the hard body of one of the Neanderthals Tasha could felt a trickle of wetness between her legs. The weapon the Nephilites had used on her made it slot oyna impossible to move and her soft body was being arranged by the Neanderthals. Tasha was a virgin and the size of brutal looking Neanderthals scared her and she felt one of them trying to penetrate her but she was so small in comparison. The male grunted and shoved in harder and Tasha felt her pussy open to the Neanderthal’s thick penis her thin hymen ripped in two. Unable to move and him filling her so tightly Tasha began to cry. When the Neanderthal began to move it didn’t take long for Tasha’s tight little pussy to become sopping wet and for her to cum. Tasha hadn’t been with anyone since she started the time stream program right out of college at age 16 and the Neanderthal’s large frame completely covered her. The old Neanderthal had been the first one to fuck her and to her horror the second Neanderthal was making agitated noises as he wanted a turn. Getting on top of her he had a difficult time pushing into her tiny little hole but once inside began to move like a piston. Pushing all the way in her up to her cervix he released his seed right into Tasha’s stretched to the limit vagina. Then he pulled out leaving her pussy lips gaping open and the third Neanderthal climbed on top of her.

The third Neanderthal’s penis was longer and thicker and he nearly ripped Tasha shoving into her. His hands went to her breasts and began rubbing her nipples until Tasha wanted to cry. As he rubbed, he licked her neck and grunted weird syllables in her ear. The older one held her wrists and began touching her hair and face as she was forcefully penetrated from the back. Tasha felt a warmth begin in her G spot and then realized she was about to cum again and began to cry again. The warmth spread as he thrust hard into her and her body gripped him like a vise. Then he rubbed so that he consistently hit her G spot and began pinching her nipple and so she came so hard she couldn’t stop the orgasm she experienced. The male then spewed his giant load fully in her and when the Neanderthals were spent curled up around her to sleep.

The next day Tasha tried to move off the thick skin only to be swatted and mounted again until she just laid down in exhaustion. Her pussy was aching and sore and her breasts hurt from them grabbing her repeatedly. In the middle of the night the younger one had discovered her clitoris and rubbed it nearly constantly for his friends and himself as he made loud grunting noises and showed the other two her hard little knub and how rubbing it affected her. After hours of them touching her and using her she fell asleep. When she woke up, she felt the young male rubbing his big dirty hands between her legs and then climbing on her again. His thick meat pointing between her legs and Tasha’s pussy was terribly sore their dicks and bodies were enormous and she was so small even in her own time. As the male tried to push into her, she whimpered and he began playing with clitoris stroking it until she got a little wet and then rammed hard fully into her. With him inside her she felt locked to him and her body began to desperately lubricate and slowly she felt him hitting her cervix. As she spasmed around him she ended up cuming twice and he spewed inside her tight depths.

Meanwhile the Nephilites were having a debate about how their next theoretical genetic experiment had arrived out of thin air when the genetic changes they had envisioned were all only in the computer. Having decided after two days that they needed to examine her they voted to extract her from the cave and see whether she matched their genetic design or not and if she were pregnant with subset E or dead.

Tasha opened her eyes on day two of being trapped in the cave to find the Neanderthals cowering in a corner and growling. The Nephilites walked over and pointed their spear at her and motioned for her to get up.

Tasha stood slowly and limped after them into their shelter which was fully computerized. The examination room was a lot like the labs and physician’s rooms Tasha was used to from her time. They swabbed her cheek, took her urine in a cup, blood in 10 vials, and did a vaginal swab with pictures into her womb to search for pregnancy.

After all her testing one appeared in a gray uniform that glowed red and green at the wrists.

“Subset F is what you are identified as, with time displacement testing positive. You are to submit to the selective breeding programming with mate selection. You can breed up to three children at once when mated to subset E. Don’t be alarmed biological modification will be made so that you will carry this maximum number of children with enhanced time displacement to shorten recovery time to one month post birth. Maximum breeding allowed by law is calculated based on age. You are 22 and may breed up until age 45. All mates will be given hormone enhancement so that their interest in you does not become violent and remains as a breeding group.”

“So, what you are really saying is I’m going to be impregnated with 3 children for the next 23 years and you plan on giving the males hormones so they have an increased interest in sex?”

“You should be pleased with this arrangement they easily could have deemed you a threat and we are canlı casino siteleri assisting the life on this planet.” The Nephilite said as he nodded enthusiastically behind his mask.

“Why would you breed me with those Neanderthals?” Tasha asked feeling sick with despair as she tugged at her restraints.

The Nephilite pulled up the specs on the selected mates and told her “You should be enthusiastic about the mating program the males we have selected are excellent choices for you. Although you have complained at length about being very sore our computers have indicated your body may accommodate all of them albeit with some slight discomfort. You are welcome to read about the males we have selected. We will return you in one hour to your cave and mates.”

The specs on the males they selected were all at least 6.5ft tall and 250 lbs. and their penis length was 10-12 inches long and 2-2.5 inches wide. With coarse black hair covering their entire body.

“Are you aware that I’m 5’4” and small even in my own time. I can barely move I’m so sore and this is so unacceptable.” Tasha screamed at the retreating Nephilite.

“Small females and larger males are a good combination so the female is submissive to the males in the breeding group. You appeared to be enjoying the matings considerably and aside from some soreness suffered no damage done to you. We recorded all of the mating activity for study and you are welcome to review it but you apparently came with all three males multiple times and responded to their touch between your legs. The males of Subset E kill larger dominant females as a threat. You have been successfully accepted by that group as a female and the proposed mating will continue. We have noted your species-specific tendencies to enjoy being with the same mating group and have assigned you the three males who fathered your babies. We plan to release you into the same arena with the three of them for your impregnation time allotments of 42 weeks and gestation periods. An image popped up of the largest male. This male is alpha to the other two and if you are not submissive, he will hurt you so we will sedate you so that he may re-establish dominance.”

“NO” Tasha screamed as she was injected with a clear liquid and the room spun. Carried back to the enclosure they left Tasha laying paralyzed near the front of the cave enclosure. The 7 ft easily 400 lb. Neanderthal lumbered close. The male growled and all Tasha could do was close her eyes in fear as he lumbered closer his thick body covered in coarse dark hair. Tasha trembled inside as he sprang as if to attack and then landed on top of her growling at the Nephilites from on top of her. He quickly spread her legs and repositioned himself but first he carefully felt between her legs with his very large hairy hands and found her tiny opening. The more he touched her there the wetter she got and laying with her head down she couldn’t see his penis. Tasha sure felt it though as he got right between her legs and began trying to penetrate her tiny opening. He continuously rubbed her with his meat and then when Tasha felt slightly wet, he shoved all the way in. He felt huge inside Tasha and then to her horror he sat up on her and began humping her like a huge dog on a tiny little female. Finally, when he finished Tasha lay weak and spent a sweaty mess with cum leaking out of her limp body. The sedative was still in effect and the large Neanderthal carried her back into his cave where the other two were waiting.

At the sight of her there was a huge amount of grunting and growling as the three Neanderthals excitedly took turns using her with the ones not fucking her stroking her clitoris and breasts. Waking up she frequently found herself sleeping under one of the males. Or laying with her head on one of their laps and having to lick their thick hairy penis and ball sacks as a sign of submission two or three times a day. Tasha noted that the alpha male required this of both other males as well as signs of submission to him. Even when they were not laying on top of her they liked to touch and play with her nipples and stick their fingers in her. When Tasha would cum, they would try to make her cum again not allowing her to sleep until she came for all three of them. About four days in two of the males wanted to fuck her at once. Tasha trembled as she felt the huge girth rub against her tight anus and as the older male pushed in the pain made her hysterically rub against the alpha male rubbing inside her pussy and rub her head on his shoulder. As she hysterically threw herself against him trying to escape the older Neanderthal penetrating her anus the alpha Neanderthal then held her still so the older one could get firmly into her anal sphincter. The happy weird noises the one in her anus made brought attention to him inside her and from that point on Tasha’s tight anus was penetrated as often as her pussy. All three of them enjoyed her tight sphincter and the hysterical way she would then cling to the male in her pussy. As her body was stuffed completely full she would rub her clitoris on the male in her pussy trying to cum. The third lowest ranking male was often angry about not getting any attention and Tasha often tried to placate him and would end up licking the third male’s ball sack and penis while being fucked in her tight anus and dripping pussy. In any case the Nephilites on viewing the mating decided Tasha thoroughly enjoyed it and they also enjoyed their research.



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