A Cuckoldette?I remember being a young male, I always enjoyed either being nude in front of other people, or having a chance to view other people in the nude, either male or female. It didn’t make any difference to me if it were a sexual situation or not, just as long as there were nudity involved.I remember as a little k** my parents had some friends come over to our house for dinner one night and while the adults were in the kitchen playing a card game, all of us k**s, three boys and one girl, were in my room. I can’t remember how it got started, but, I ended up being nude and suggested to the other k**s they join me since it was so comfortable.The two other boys undressed immediately. Jane, the girl, reluctantly joined us as well giving me my first look at a girl’s hairless pussy. Now that we were nude, there was a definite change of atmosphere in my bedroom. It now became a sexually charged atmosphere. Bryan said it felt neat to be nude like this, as so did Charles. The three of us then looked at Jane who eventually agreed with us.I don’t know why I did it, but, I just reached over to Bryan’s lap and played with his cock. Since we were all close to the same age, eleven years old, it was not surprising to see and feel his cock get bigger and harder. When Jane noticed this, she asked, “Why is he getting bigger?” I told her that is what happens when a guy gets excited, and it called a hardon. She then made us laugh when she said that wasn’t fair since she didn’t have a cock to get hard.I was really fascinated rubbing Bryan’s cock. I noticed Bryan was rubbing Charles’ cock, and Charles was rubbing Jane’s pussy. We didn’t play like that for long because it was now nearly 9:00PM, the time when our visiting friends normally left the house to go home, so we reluctantly got dressed.*A month later, we had another night when the same friends came to the house for dinner, and immediately after us k**s getting back into my bedroom, off came the clothes. No time was wasted as we began to play with each other as we did the last time they were here.Bryan surprised us by showing a magazine he snuck into my bedroom he stole from his dad’s stash of magazines. We looked through it, and without touching ourselves, all of us boys had hardon’s. It was a magazine showing women putting cocks into their mouths and pussies. We didn’t know it as sex, but, we knew that is what it was.Jane was working a finger between her legs, rubbing her slit and sometimes putting the finger inside herself. Seeing this, I was so excited I began to stroke my cock. I didn’t know it at the time, but, I soon learned I was actually masturbating.”I can do those same things the girls in the magazine is doing,” Jane said. Charles said, “Go ahead.” Jane got off the bed and kneeled in front of Charles to quickly put her mouth over his cock. A minute later, Charles began to shake as if he was cold and Jane quickly removed her mouth from his cock, spitting, coughing and choking. This was the first time I seen the white stuff shoot out of a cock.”That felt great,” Charles offered. “Tasted good, too, but, there was so much of it,” Jane replied. I asked what it tasted like, causing her to say, “Taste it yourself. There is still some on his cock,” so I did. I got to my knees and stuck his cock in my mouth. It was the first cock in my mouth and my first taste of another male’s cum, and I liked it, hoping for more, so I turned to Bryan and sucked his cock. He came nearly immediately filling my mouth with his hot cum. I enjoyed the flavors. I was hooked on cum.All too soon, it was time for everybody to get dressed, and just in time as Mom knocked on my door saying it was time for the other k**s to get ready to go home.This is the way it was for several months, that is until school was out for the summer. Before school summer break, we knew once everybody was together we were going to get nude and get into some sexual activities, but, I never gave it any thought about what sort of fun we could have throughout the summer break. And fun it became.Nearly everyday we would be together nude. Jane began her monthlies at the very end of school, so there were times she wouldn’t get nude with us, which the three of us boys understood.It was at he end of June when I became constipated. Suppositories wouldn’t work, but, I remember the thrill I had when Mom eased a suppository up my ass. It felt so good to have something in my asshole causing me to become very hard, very fast. Mom noticed this but said nothing. I think Mom enjoyed giving me suppositories because it gave her a chance to see my big young cock in a very excited condition.This didn’t help my constipation, so one day she had me meet her in the bathroom. She was adjusting the water temperature and soon brought a big rubber bag under the nozzle in the bathtub. “You are going to need to be completely nude for this. I put a towel on the floor for you to kneel on your hands and knees for me.”Following her directions, I noticed a tube of lubricant on the counter. She squeezed some on her finger tips and eased it inside me asshole. Instead of just easing it in, she worked it in and out in the same fashion as Jane did when she fingered herself. Without thinking, it felt so good I took my right hand and started to jerk off in front of Mom causing a major cum, shooting cum all over the towel. Instead of getting mad, Mom said, “I see you don’t mind my fingers too much,” laughing after saying this.She removed her finger to my dismay when I felt something else touch my puckered ring. Easing it inside me, she told me, “Act as if you are trying to keep from going to the bathroom. Squeeze tight.”I felt warm water enter my bowels, my first enema, and when it filled my intestines, it caused me to have another erection. Mom noticed it, “Go ahead, do what you need to do,” she offered. Instead of leaning forward as I di the last time, I sat up with the tube in my ass filling me with water while I jacked off in front of Mom making no effort to hide it from her. I shot more cum instantly. “That’s a lot,” she said as I leaned back on my hands and knees. Once I was so full I couldn’t hold any more, I told her this, and then she removed the tube allowing me to sit on the toilet to expel the water and the fecal contents of my bowels. She did this three more times and I noticed there was no shit on the tube. The last time she removed the tube and I expelled the water, it was clear.”Lean down again and lets be sure I got it all out.” Obeying her command, Mom put more lubricant on her finger and eased it into me as far as her finger would reach, giving me a real thrill, making me wonder what it would feel like to have a cock inside my ass instead of her finger.I was no longer constipated, and that afternoon, Charles, Bryan, and Jane came by the house to visit with me. We went out into the back of the property where it is heavily wooded with lots of tall brush giving us plenty of privacy to do what we like to do.Once there, we quickly stripped. I forgot to mention I grabbed the tube of lubricant and brought it with me. I sucked on Bryan’s cock as Jane sucked on Charles’ cock. I told Charles to lay down on his back that there was something I wanted to try. Not knowing what I had in mind, he did, and once he was laying on his back, I removed the tube of lube from my pants pocket putting a fair amount on his cockhead. I positioned myself over his cock and lowered my ass to his crotch. I knew Jane and Charles were now watching this as I felt Bryan’s cockhead touch my asshole.I pushed down easing it inside my cock virgin ass. Yes, it hurt at first, but, it quickly became a pleasure. Soon I was taking Bryans 7″ cock balls deep in my ass, moving up and down on his cock, fucking his cock in and out of my asshole. At the same time I felt my orgasm beginning, I thought I could feel Bryan’s cock getting harder, hotter, and bigger inside me and then began to quiver. I then felt a rush of hot fluids being inside me as I did with Mom and the enema tube. Bryan came first inside my ass, and I came all over his belly and chest. It was such a massive cum for the both of us causing Jane to gasp when she seen how much cum shot out. “It must have been very exciting for you to get fucked like that,” she said. I indicated it was. Slowly I raised my ass of Bryan’s cock and it felt so weird, and yet at the same time, good, to feel Bryan’s cum dripping out my asshole and down the backs of my legs.”I think sometime I’ll have to try that,” Jane mentioned when she seen Bryan’s cum. Charles asked, “How about now, Jane? Wouldn’t this be a good time for you to try it yourself?” Thinking briefly, since she was keenly aware of her desires to feel a cock inside her body for the first time, agreed only after informing Charles, “It has to be my ass though, not my pussy.” Hearing this, Charles readily agreed, grabbing my tube of lube spreading a rather large amount of it on his cock and rubbing it evenly down the length of his rather large cock, especially the head of it. Once he was properly lubed, Jane asked him to lay down like Bryan did. Once he was laid on his back, Jane sat over his cock like I did Bryan easing herself down. She felt a real thrill as I did once she felt the tip of his cock at her rear entry knowing it was about to go inside her body. Slowly se eased herself down on Charles’ cock, feeling it spread her rosebud. Feeling the sharp stinging sensations at the initial entry, she stopped briefly allowing her rear passage to adjust to the foreign entry. When the pain subsided, she eased down more taking more of his cock inside her until she felt his balls against her butt. “WOW!!” she said, “This feels absolutely great. Now I wish we tried this before,” as she began to fuck his cock in and out of her ass as I did Bryan.As she was fucking up and down, I reached between her legs to rub her clit. Not two minutes later, she screamed, bolting upright as she experienced her first massive orgasm. Trembling throughout her entire body, she momentarily lost her breath. Once she calmed down and enjoying the great afterglow, Charles started to fuck into her ass from underneath her. Only a minute later he came in her ass, filling her ass with so much cum it was already dripping down the length of his fat cock before she lifted off it. This caused her to have another great orgasm. With both of them finally spent, she lifted her ass off Charles’ cock only to feel the cum drip down her legs as I did. Feeling a great sense of satisfaction, she said, “Next!” Bryan was hard again, so he asked her to get on her hands and knees. She did kaçak iddaa and Bryan fucked her doggy style. Taking a few minutes since he has already came not too long ago, he announced he was going to cum in her ass, adding his cum to Charles’ cum. Gripping her hard by the waist, he pushed in as hard as he could, holding himself still as he unloaded his balls into her cum filled asshole. He withdrew his spent cock, and now it was my turn. It took me a few minutes as well, and I added my cum to Charles and Bryan’s cum.This was to allow you to know how I became interested in sex, both as hetro and bi sex. I guess it is safe to assume I have been bisexual all my sexual life, and I am quite glad that I have been that way.*Fifteen years later, I met Kathy. We met at a friend’s graduation party from college. Kathy is a beautiful gal, long flowing blonde wavy hair, blue eyes with a perfect body, ass and tits in proper ratio to the rest of her body. She has 32A tits and a lovely teardrop butt just built to be fucked, which I did a month after we met.Eventually, we ended up getting married. She has asked me all sorts of personal questions regarding my previous sex life. I didn’t hide it from her that I enjoyed guys as well as girls, and she seemed to accept this. Judging her reaction, I think she was quite excited with knowing this about me.We’ve been married for four years now and she asked me about six months ago she asked me if I missed having a guy for sex since we got married. I am not one to lie to her, so I told her I have missed it quite a bit and have been dreaming about it from time to time. She has never had sex with a woman, even though she has been interested in it. Can you imagine my surprise when she said, “If you want to go with a man, go ahead. I won’t hold it against you if you do, just don’t let me know about it.” I kissed her in appreciation for this kind offer, ending up making beautiful love together.*A week later, she started asking me questions like what it is like about for me being with a man, what it is I find so exciting. You can only imagine her surprise when I told her I liked the feeling of a cock in my mouth, and my ass, getting fucked. “You are lucky, you have a choice, something I don’t have. I can only get fucked, either in my pussy or my ass.” When I asked her if she ever considered being with a woman, she floored me when she acknowledged the thought has crossed her mind a time or two.Three months ago, the job where I work hired a new man for a position that was available. He is a rather good looking guy, close to my age. I learned he was married, and he went on to inform me they have a fully open relationship, in other words, if either one of them want to have sex with another person, they can do so with no problems. He also informed me it turns them on when one of them does step outside their sexual boundaries, it turns them on to hear about the other’s sexual escapade.His name is John. I learned his wife’s name is Terri. He shown me a photo of her, and what an absolute knock out she is. I had a hardon instantly looking at the photo, thinking about how she would be in bed. He looked down to my crotch without me noticing it. Evidently he seen me getting hard and bulging my pants somewhat. “I see you like her. You can have her if you want, anytime.” I asked why he said that. “You have the perfect sized cock for her. She is so tight she can’t take a big cock, and she doesn’t like little ones either, so for me to find a perfect cock for her, well, let’s just say it doesn’t happen that much.”This brought back to my memory of Kathy’s offer of being able to be with a man, just keep it quiet from her. “Do you really think it is the perfect size? How can you say that without seeing it?” Smiling, he said, “I looked at it just now.” “Yeah, but, through my pants.”He suggested we go to my office, since we were in his office which has glass windows surrounding his area. Once we were inside my office, he closed and locked the door behind him. Standing there looking at me, I knew he was going to want to see me expose my hard cock to his view. He walked over to me giving me a chance to look at the photo of Terri again, and once again, I got a hardon. I felt John’s hand reaching into my crotch, getting a good feel of my hard cock. “Feels nice, Sam, feel’s really nice. I think Terri would really like it.”I felt his fingers pull my zipper down, and then undo my belt and trouser snap. He slowly lowered my trousers, taking my underwear with them. Once he had my cock totally exposed, he went down on his knees, carefully examining my cock, grabbing it with his hands moving it about, raising and lowering it. “It looks and feels great.” Leaning forward, he put his mouth over the end of it, sucking gently on it. I could tell this wasn’t his first time sucking cock, he knew what he was doing. As he sucked on my cock, I started to rock back and forth in his mouth, slowly fucking his face as the end of my cock went down his throat. Ten minutes or less later, I came, flooding his mouth with my cum. He sucked me until my cock was completely spent and soft. “She would like the taste of it as well, I can assure you.””How about pussy? Does Terri like the taste of pussy?” John said she loves the taste of another woman, and was sure to add she is bisexual as he was. It was then the possibilities going through my mind became endless, reminding me of the times I spent years ago with Bryan, Charles, and Jane. I decided to explore these potential possibilities. I explained to John that I wanted to invite him and his wife over to my house in the very near future, and that I am going to try and get things set up so Terri can be Kathy’s first bisexual experience with a woman. I reached over to my desk producing a photo of Kathy I kept on the top of the desk. John mentioned how beautiful she is and knowing how much Terri and he would like to be with her.I nearly forgot my manners. Before John was about to leave my office, I told him it was my turn to give him the same satisfaction he gave me earlier. Smiling, he lowered his pants for me, showing me a very nice cock, about 8 ½ inches long, and very fat, the fattest cock I ever did see. Even though my hands are rather large, I still had a hard time getting my fingers completely around its circumference. “I think Kathy will enjoy this as well. She has mentioned from time to time she has a strong desire to do a black man because of what she has heard about their size, especially their girth. Seeing this, even though it is white, I am sure she will become very excited knowing she can have it.”I then knelt down on my carpeted floor, giving John the best blowjob I could give him, considering how big around he was. I must have done a good job of it for he came nearly instantly. The amount of sperm he had was the biggest I ever had in my entire life. It was everywhere, my mouth, my face, my hair, my chest, and some on the carpet. I knew I was going to enjoy feeling this in my ass. This was on Tuesday.I couldn’t get home fast enough after this experience. Kathy was home waiting for me. I could see by the look on her face she fucked somebody today. Grabbing her, I hugged her and kissed her, excited by knowing some man, one I have no idea who he is, has deposited his sperm inside her pussy. Once it was apparent I was wanting to make love, she didn’t object when I led her to the bedroom to quickly undress her. “I have something you might like, Hon,” she said, knowing full well I already sensed what it was.She laid down on her back spreading her legs as wide as she could comfortably do. I seen her pussy lips all swollen and discolored as if she were just involved in a gangbang. I then seen what I wanted to see, a dollop of white cum ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy. I lowered my head to her crotch extending my tongue. I drove my tongue deep inside her sperm filled cavern, tasting the golden nectar. What made it so exciting was knowing it was a complete stranger’s cum. Whoever he is, he had good tasting cum. I really enjoyed sucking his cum from her pussy, and nearly was disappointed when there was no more to get out.”I think I seen something to indicate you had a good day yourself, like I had.” I didn’t think she would be able to tell, but, she did. When she asked me about it, I reminded her, “You didn’t want to hear about it, remember?” Once I said that, she knew by that it was a guy was with, not a woman. Instead of being mad or upset, she hugged me tight saying, “Good, it was about time, Hon.”I told her about John and his tremendously fat cock. I could tell by her reactions she was really interested in it. “I was thinking about inviting them over Saturday afternoon to spend some time with us.” Smiling, she replied by saying, “I think that would be a good idea.”*The next day I informed John of the discussion I had with Kathy and when I invited John and his wife to join us Saturday, he readily accepted the offer.The week went by rather slowly. Saturday morning came with me waking up with a tremendous hardon knowing what was most likely to come about later on that day. I noticed Kathy woke up the same way. She leaned over me stroking my hard cock. Lowering her head, she sucked me for a few minutes. She didn’t let me cum as she normally does, “I don’t want to waste it. Neither of us should cum now.” I knew she was right, so reluctantly I didn’t jack off when she didn’t let me cum. She didn’t rub herself off either, so I knew she was really excited this morning.Getting out of bed, we dressed and started doing our preparations for the day. While she was cleaning the house making things just so so for them, I cleaned the enclosed spa we have, making sure the water temperature was perfect. Then I had taken the portable gas grill from the garage and cleaned it so would could cook on it. Once everything was done, and we were ready for John and Terri, we took our showers.Before I took my shower, I used the enema bag on myself, cleaning out my bowels in strong hopes of having John’s fat cock buried in it today sometime. When I finished with the enema, I took my shower. Kathy told me I better go to the store to get some beer. Agreeing with her, I went to the store for the beer when I thought about lubricant. I found a new lubricant I never heard of before what was not water soluble, which gave me ideas, so I grabbed a couple of bottles of it.Once I was in the car, I removed the two bottles of the new lube and put them in my pocket. I got home and put the beer in the fridge and hurried to the bathroom. I removed one of the bottles kaçak bahis and opened it. I got the enema bag out again and dumped half of the contents of the bottle inside it and put in a little warm water. I put the nozzle inside my ass and held the bag up high being sure to drain the water and lube inside my ass. When I knew it was empty, I worked the nozzle in and out of me, and instantly I could feel how well lubricated my ass was.Kathy was inside the spare bathroom getting her makeup on when I came home from the store knowing I was going to take a shower and didn’t want the steam to ruin her efforts with her beautiful hair. When I finished my “duties” inside the bathroom, I went into the bedroom to find a pair of lose leg shorts, putting them on with no underwear or Jockstrap, knowing I was wanting to expose myself to John and Terri in strong hopes they would like what they see.Kathy walked inside the bedroom wearing a short mini skirt of which I never seen her wear before. Turning a quick circle giving me to see her all around, her skirt rose up showing me she didn’t wear panties. “You like?” I said, “No, I love.” We both laughed with this and interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. John and Kathy arrived.Together, we went downstairs. Kathy stood back a bit beside me while I opened the door to greet the guests. Stunning is the only way I can describe Terri.Inviting them inside, I introduced Kathy to them, and then back to Kathy, who hugged John with a full-body embrace. John kissed her forehead during this time. Terri gave me the same hug as Kathy did John, only she ground her lower belly into my crotch as if she were trying to get a feel of my cock with her belly, which I tried my best to assist her by pushing tight into her belly as well.Instead of kissing her forehead, I kissed her on her lips.Once we were introduced, I went into the kitchen to get four beers from the freezer to be sure they were going to be cold quick. I put the rest of them in the fridge. When I walked into the living room, John and Terri were sitting in the loveseat across from the couch. Terri’s shorts were quite tight giving all of us a look at her pussy by way of camel toe. Kathy was sitting down with her legs in a comfortable position, not crossed and not open. I handed them their beers and sat down next to Kathy being sure I had my legs open enough to allow the possibility of a view of my cock from across the room without it being obvious of my intentions.We made some small talk as is always the case when people first meet. Once we were able to get comfortable with each other, we took them around the house giving them a full tour of the place. Leaving the spa until last, it was then Terri said she loves spas, and had she known we had one, she would have brought a swimsuit with her. “No need for a swimsuit, Terri, Sam and I go in nude all the time. So much more relaxing that way, don’t you agree?” Kathy asked, more as an invite than a suggestion. “Yes, I totally agree with you,” Terri replied. I’d seen her standing there contemplating the idea of going in the spa now or should she wait until later, so I invited her to go ahead and get in it if she wanted to that nobody would mind. Thanking me for the suggestion, she removed what clothes she had worn and giving all of us a good luck at her entire body, fully nude.Kathy noticed Terri’s pussy was totally shaved. I noticed Kathy couldn’t take her eyes off Terri’s pussy possibly thinking she should do the same herself. Terri stepped into the spa at this time mentioning how nice the water temperature was, “Would you care to join me, Kathy?” Kathy removed her skirt surprising both John and Terri with her lack of under clothes and quickly stepped into the spa to join Terri. I would have thought Kathy would have sat across from Terri, but, instead, she sat rather close to her.They were briefly talking about the water and its soothing effects on the body and how it can affect the minds as well. I looked at John as if wondering what he would like to do. At this time John mentioned we might as well join the women, so we both undressed and walked slowly into the spa giving both women a good long look at our dicks.”Nice, very nice, Sam,” Terri offered. “It is, Terri, and the best part is when you can feel it with no hands, if you know what I mean.” “I can only assume your correct,” Terri answered. “Hopefully I’ll get a chance to find out for myself.” Both girls giggled after this.I was rather pleased with Kathy. She appeared to become very relaxed around Terri and John, especially Terri. Eventually John said he needed to use the restroom, so he left the spa briefly only upon his return, he sat quite a bit closer to me, just inches away.While the women were talking about normal women things, I was wondering what John had on his mind. To give him an opportunity to do whatever it was he wanted to do, I scooted down in the water until my chin was touching the water. John followed me shortly and it wasn’t long before I felt his right hand brush up against my leg. I slowly moved to my left until our hips touched. Then I felt his hand on the inside of my left leg, slowly working his way north until he found what he was looking for . . . My hard cock.I did the same for him. I found it so exciting to do this without the women knowing we were playing with each other in front of them. I still couldn’t believe how fat his cock is, wanting to feel it deep in my ass.A little while later Terri noticed how John and I were sitting in the water, and quite certain there was something going on below the surface of the water. Taking a closer look, she could see something as if there were hands on cocks.Terri slid down in the water the same way as the guys were. “Man alive, this water feels good around my shoulders and neck. So relaxing.” Hearing this, Kathy slid down as well.After the night was finished, Kathy told me the following that I had to put in here. Here is Kathy’s words:”I slid down to be even with Terri. When I felt the hot water jet on my back, I moved to my right a little bit to get out of the way of the hot water jet. In doing so, it put me next to Terri. I slid down again and learned she was right, it did feel good. “While we were talking, I kept feeling her move a tiny bit, brushing up against me and then back off a bit, and then up against me. While she was talking, I noticed her right arm as if it were moving slightly. She had her right hand below the surface of the water making me think she was fingering herself. Since I had a good look at John’s cock, I was excited as well so I let my left hand slip below the surface so I could rub myself as I was sure Kathy was doing.”While we were doing that, I felt her fingers touch my knee. I don’t know why, but, instead of not doing anything or closing my legs, I let my right leg relax against her left leg causing my legs to spread slightly. I wasn’t surprised when I felt her fingers start slightly rubbing the inside of my knee and eventually work their way up my thigh. I didn’t know what I should do at this time, so I elected to do nothing, let her do it all.”While I was talking with her, I was watching you and John. Remembering you told me earlier in the week the two of you had a sexual encounter with each other, I guessed you were doing something to each other again, turning me on knowing this was a strong possibility.”Now my words:Knowing my ass was clean, I knew John’s cock was hard enough to enter my ass, so I leaned away from John hoping he would get the hint. Sure enough, he did. He moved up behind me and rubbed his hard fat cock against my asshole. Gently he pushed forward without making it obvious to the two women he was going to fuck my ass. He obviously knew this was going to hurt me, so he was very gentle and considerate of anticipated pain, and ever so slowly, he pushed himself up into my ass. Once I had him halfway inside me, I helped him by pushing back onto his cock. What an experience it was to be sitting in front of my wife with another man’s cock buried balls deep in my ass.Kathy heard a groan escape from John. “If I didn’t know any better, I would think you are butt fucking Sam.” Smiling, John said, “I am, Kathy. He has me all the way.” Taking a second to comprehend what she just heard, “I don’t think I can believe that. Your cock is huge, John. No man can take a cock that fat like yours in his ass and not cry out in pain, no way!”Without saying a word, I got up from John’s cock, stepped out of the spa. “John, come here please.” John got up exposing his full erection to the two women. I got on my back with my butt facing the women. Having my legs spread wide, John took the hint and climbed over top of me. He guided his bloated cock into my asshole pushing it in all the way, one push, giving the women a close up view of his cock buried deep in my stretched asshole.Kathy’s words:”Upon seeing this, I felt Terri’s fingers rub my crotch, very close to the base of my outer lips. I looked at her as she looked at me, lowering her face to mine giving me my first kiss from another woman, which I found very exciting. So much different than kissing a man I noticed.”Her left hand went around my back and started to rub my left tit as she put her right hand in my crotch. I felt certain I knew what was next, and for some unknown reason, I not only didn’t object, I welcomed the new forthcoming sensations I knew was coming.”I couldn’t believe how soft her touch was. She was rubbing my clit, but, I could hardly feel it, and yet at the same time, she was blowing my mind with the stimulation I was getting from it. I nearly came right away.”My nipples were harder than concrete, extended so much they nearly hurt, something I never felt before. When I seen you and John leave the spa and I seen his fully hard cock, I knew I had to have it inside me, the sooner the better, that is why I somewhat yelled at you what I did.”My words:When John first fucking me on the deck of the spa where the women could plainly see what we were doing, Kathy said somewhat loudly, “I want that cock.”I looked at her only to say, “After he has finished with me.” Looking up at John, I said, “Fuck my ass, John, fuck me good and hard, fuck me like the bitch I want to be.”He fucked me for fifteen minutes before he started to fuck faster and harder into my happy ass. “It won’t be long now,” he told me.”Yeah, fill my ass with your sperm. I got to have it inside me.”Kathy’s words:”When I heard that, I was really confused who was going to enjoy that fat cock the most, you or me. I was somewhat mad until I felt Kathy slip her güvenilir bahis finger inside my overly wet pussy. She told me, ‘Watch when John cums.””John started banging away at you, hard and fast, in and out, and I knew he was fucking towards his ultimate goal, to flood your ass with his cum. In its own way, it made me jealous of you, you getting to feel already what I wanted to feel, his cock inside me, and eventually his baby laden sperm spurting deep inside my pussy.”Terri kept her finger working in and out of my pussy. I was so turned on feeling this absolute taboo thing I’ve had my entire life, thinking women on women sex was so obscene. I was now quickly learning I might be wrong. She was hitting spots inside me I didn’t know existed. While she was fingering my cunt, I pulled her tit above the water and started to suck on her nipple, which was already hard.”While I was doing that, I came, and I mean I came hard. That is when I squealed like a stuck pig causing you to smile since you knew I had just cum.”My words:John could tell the squeal we heard was not from Terri, and it excited him so much he instantly held onto me tight and pushed hard into me, driving his fat cock so deep in me. I could feel every spurt of his tremendous load of cum shoot deep into my ass, knowing if I were a woman, I would definitely have enough cum inside me to guarantee me a baby that night. I was so excited with this fact I shot a load of cum all over his and my bellies.He came for a long time. I couldn’t believe how long and how much he came inside me. He squirted so much cum inside me I started to feel some uncomfortable pressures inside my lower belly, something like when I overdo the amount of water inside me when I take an enema.When he pulled his satisfied cock out of my ass, I felt his hot sperm literally shoot out of my asshole, leaking down the crack of my ass like when I cum inside Kathy’s pussy.I was so pleased to not only have his huge cock in me, but, when he pulled out, there was not stinky matter on his cock. That is when I sat up to suck his cock clean, inside and out, making sure every one of his millions of sperm were drained from his huge balls.Kathy’s words:”When he came inside you, I felt as if I were a cuckolded, a woman being cuckolded by a gay man with you. You fucked him back as if you were a total bitch, a sleazy slut of sorts. You know what I mean. I was shocked not only knowing you did take his full cock inside your ass, but, you enjoyed it so much you actually came with him without touching your cock. I didn’t know that as possible, a man to come without something to stimulate his cock.”I didn’t tell you because I didn’t have a chance to, but, I found your special lubricant that could be used in water. I put some in my asshole myself. I said I would be right back after you two guys came in and on each other to go to the bathroom. I grabbed the same bottle of lube you used and got an eyedropper full of it inside my asshole and a tiny bit inside my pussy.”I went into our bedroom and grabbed the two double-headed dildos I have, wrapped them in a towel, and brought them downstairs with me. I figured if you two guys can have fun together, then us two girls are about to have the same fun.”I also brought the bottle of lube with me inside the towel, placing them on the deck behind Terri’s head. I quickly climbed back into the spa and settle down on Terri’s lap facing her. Instantly she resumed her finger-fucking me as I started to finger fuck her. That was the first time in my life I ever felt the pussy of another woman, a sensation I’ll never forget… Believe me!”Obviously I was doing what I intended… Turning her on and working her towards an orgasmic bliss, as she was doing that to me, big time.”I told you before I didn’t have a way to fuck like you do since I don’t have a cock, so that is when I whispered in her ear for her to get on the deck. When she did, I removed the two double-headed dildos from the towel and the bottle of lube. She smiled when she seen what I had. The only thing was, she had no idea what I had in my mind, completely.”I then opened the bottle of lube and put a liberal amount on the one end of the dildo, and then some in her ass. She opened her legs wide knowing then what part of my intentions were, welcoming the intrusion. I pushed and turned the toy as I worked it inside her asshole. Finally, the end slipped inside her ass. I pushed nearly half of it inside, leaving the remainder hang down onto the deck.”I then grabbed the other dildo and just gently pushed it inside her pussy so she had a dildo in each hole. The look on your face was priceless, you watching me wondering what I had in my mind.”When I positioned myself on my back as she was with my legs towards her head, easing myself closer and closer to her so my crotch was close to hers, I think it was then when you had an idea of what I was going to do.”I put the first one in my pre-lubed asshole, putting just enough of it inside my asshole to hold it in place, then I reached down for the end of the one sticking out of her pussy, putting the end of that one inside my horny wet tight pussy. I forced myself more towards her, pushing both dildos inside me, my pussy and asshole at the same time, giving me sensations I never had before.”Finally, the two dildos were completely hidden from sight for our pussies and assholes had every bit of them inside of us. “As we bucked up and down against each other, I first became aware our pussies were rubbing together. What a turn-on that was. Our pussy lips rubbing against pussy lips and clit rubbing against clit. I never came so much and so often as what I did then. Mind blowing.”She must have liked it as well since I could feel her girly goo sliding down the short length of dildo into my pussy as much as I think my goo was going into her pussy as we fucked each other.”After I came so many times I didn’t think I could cum any more, I looked over at you guys and I seen you sucking John’s cock.”My words:I watched Terri and Kathy double fuck those two dildos, and I couldn’t believe it. It was Kathy and Terri having lesbian sex, something Kathy said she couldn’t do, and yet she made no effort to stop it from happening to her tonight.I started to suck John’s overly fat cock again, wanting to get him nice and hard so he could fuck my asshole again, giving me a second dose of his hot cum.You looked as if you were fucked out, as if you couldn’t handle any more cums. I was envious of you, coming so hard, so many times, harder and more often than I ever seen you cum ever before. Imagine my surprise when you seen me getting John so hard, ready to give me another bitch fucking like I wanted, when you removed yourself from the two dildos and Terri only to come up to us, and without asking, push your pussy over the top of his cock, forcing it up inside you, all the way to his balls in one good push downward. I was so proud of you, knowing you never had a cock so fat inside you ever before, and taking his cock the way you did.The way the two of you fucked, it made me horny as hell. While I was on my hands and knees watching you take his cock all the way, stroke after stroke getting a close up view, I felt something going into my ass. I knew it had to be Terri’s fingers, and when I felt two hands on my shoulders, then I knew Terri was fucking me with one of the dildos either from her pussy or her asshole. I mean she really fucked me good. I had such a massive hardon.Before I came, I stood up away from her to face her, and that is when I pulled the toys out of her, and she dropped to her knees, allowing me to fuck her doggy style. She felt so good.It was at this time when John flooded your pussy with his cum. When you got off him, I had to taste his cum flowing out of you, and that is when I started to lick his cum out of you. I was so turned on, I flooded Terri’s cunt.Once we were finished, I was thinking the party was over for the night. We were sitting in the spa relaxing with our backs to the sides relishing in the churning water, letting the moving water relax our strained muscles. I’ll never forget when Terri leaned close to me to whisper in my ear, “John really likes fucking your hot tight asshole.” When she said that, I felt her fingers working their way under my butt cheeks. To help her to her goal, that is when you seen me lean away from her a bit, allowing her fingers to find my cum filled asshole. While she fingered my ass, she whispered again, this time to say, “You make me jealous of you. Your ass is so tight. I had to find out for myself. John is right when he said you have the tightest ass he ever fucked.”I looked at you and you couldn’t believe how happy I was you were giving John one of your great blowjobs. I have had a lot of blowjobs in my life, but, nobody can suck cock like you can, Kathy. I noticed how hard you had John’s big cock, and imagine my surprise when you held his cock at me as if you were offering it to me. That is when I left my position with Terri to join you. I was happy you offered me his cock, and that is when I sat down on my knees on the other side of his legs from you and began to suck on the end of that cock. It was really enjoyable to tag team his cock with you.By this time I was so hot and ready for his cock I just had to feel it buried in my ass again.Kathy’s words:”I was so happy to help you get John’s cock hard and ready. The only thing I had questions with was… For who? You? Or me? Your asshole or my pussy?I knew you had a tremendously hard cock, an indication you were ready, but, for what? I had an idea, though.Remembering what Kathy told me and how much you enjoyed having John fuck your ass with his big fat super hard cock, I wanted you to have it. That is when I instructed you to have a seat on his cock.”Sensing what I wanted, and of course, the same thing you wanted, I was happy to hold John’s cock up for you. I seen your red and puffy asshole still dripping his cum from the last time he fucked you as you prepared to take his cock in your ass again. When you took the head of his cock inside you, I held on to his cock until I felt your butt cheeks push my hand flat against his crotch. I knew by then you were taking his cock all the way as far as he could reach inside you.”As he fucked up into your ass, you pushed down on it trying to get all of his cock inside you. I will never forget the look on your face. It was as if you were a total bitch. I knew from that point in time what my role was to be, get John ready to fuck and it is you to be fucked by John, burying his cock in you only to dominate your ass with his lovely cock. “I knew by this I am to be your cuckoldette, a role that surprises me to no end. I just wish my hot pussy was as tight as your hot asshole, making me feel somewhat inadequate being your lose cunted wife.”



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