A BOX OF FREE PANTYHOSE… WELL NOT EXACTLY FREEA BOX OF FREE PANTYHOSE… WELL NOT EXACTLY FREEMy friend Ken called me a few days ago and asked if I was free to help him with a project. I said “Sure, what’s going on?” Ken asked if I would help him pack up his girlfriend’s things. I was taken aback and asked “What do you mean? Pack up Lisa’s things? What’s going on? Ken let out a long, deep sigh and said “It’s over. I’m breaking it off with her. She has been cheating on me and it’s not the first time. It’s over.” I told Ken I’d be right over. When I arrived at his house I gave him a tight hug and told him I felt bad for him. He thanked me and said it would all work out and that he actually was surprised at how relieved he felt because his suspicions had been confirmed and he no longer felt like he was being paranoid.I asked “Well, how do you know for sure?” He informed me that Lisa was in Miami for a conference and he had a private investigator follow her. “She is seeing a guy from work and I suspected over a year ago there was something going on with him. The Investigator said that as of the third day of the conference they still had not attended any of it but had been together sight seeing and having dinner. In addition, she has spent every night in the guy’s hotel room.”Ken said Lisa has been calling him at times she knows Ken would normally be too busy at work to answer and leaves a voice mail stating how boring the conference is and that she will try to call in the evening before she and some other conference attendees go sight seeing but she never does.He also said he has not yet told her that he is ending the relationship and throwing her out of his house. He wanted me there to help him pack up her things so he could have it done before she arrives back in town in two days.Ken had gone to the hardware store and purchased a few cardboard boxes. He assembled two boxes then went into the closet with one and began tossing Lisa’s shoes into it. Once the box was full he carried it out and took the second one in. He filled that one with the remaining shoes. Together we filled seven or eight boxes with shoes, purses and her clothes from the closet. We still had to tackle her dresser and her personal decorative items throughout the house.Ken asked me to go down to the foyer and bring up some more boxes. I assembled them in the hall and just as I began to enter the room I saw that Ken had opened a dresser drawer. It was plainly evident the drawer contained Lisa’s pantyhose. With both hands, he reached into the drawer and pulled out clumps of pantyhose. Ken said “Can you push one of those boxes over here so I can put these nylons in it?” Ken released his grip on the pantyhose and they fell into the box. The drawer was still half full so he grabbed the rest of the pantyhose and dropped them into the box. To my delight, when he opened the drawer to the right of the previous drawer, it too was packed full of pantyhose. I had taken notice from when Ken had dropped the pantyhose into the box as well as from taking a hard look at the open drawer that Lisa preferred traditional shades of pantyhose. The pantyhose selection was predominantly nude, suntan, coffee, chocolate brown, medium grey, navy, off-black and black. However, there were a few pairs of pale grey and white as well.Ken began clutching at the pantyhose and dropping them into the box. There was so many pair falling that some fell to the side of the box. Ken stepped forward and reached down to pick them up. A few were easily tossed kurtköy escort in the box but two or three appeared caught and they stretched as he moved his hands. “What the hell? Fuck!” Ken muttered. He took a step back and a pair was freed and he threw it in the box. He attempted to throw the last two pair in but they were still caught. Now a little angry, Ken pulled on them. His right hand was at his waist and the pantyhose were stretched tight. He lowered his hand and they were relaxed. He raised his hand again and the pantyhose were stretched tight. Growing impatient Ken raised his hand swiftly to chest level then brought it down in one quick motion as he swung it behind him. The stockings stretched tight and instantly ripped free from their panties. They were both nude sheer to waist and very sheer. Only after they ripped, did Ken realize he had been standing on them. He scooped up the torn pantyhose and tossed them on the dresser then returned to the open drawer and resumed depositing pantyhose into the box. Once he had emptied all of Lisa’s pantyhose into the box he began emptying other drawers into a new box.I walked over to the box containing the pantyhose and glanced in. Being a pantyhose connoisseur I was able to quickly ascertain the quality of Lisa’s pantyhose collection. I caught several quick glances of the tags that were visible. The tags I was able to easily identify were: Wolford, CDR, Cette, Hanes and Falke. I asked Ken what he was planning to do with Lisa’s things. He smiled a devilish grin and said “Well, I was going to just take everything to charity but I decided that would be too vindictive so I’ve decided that I’m going to drop everything off on her parent’s doorstep on the morning she comes back to town. Why? Do you think I should do something else?” I answered “No, two wrongs don’t make a right. Dropping everything at her parent’s sends a clear message it’s over.”I wanted those pantyhose from the moment I saw them and now I had to figure out how I was going to ask Ken for them. To be honest, when he told me he wanted me to help pack up her things I was hoping I would come across pantyhose for the taking. For the most part, Lisa and I were the same height and if anything the tops of her thighs were a little larger than mine so I was sure her pantyhose would fit me just fine. I had no idea Lisa had such a large collection of pantyhose. I had been anticipating pilfering perhaps two, and if lucky, maybe three dozen pair. It never entered my mind she would have so many. I estimated there was at least 200 and perhaps close to 300 pair in the box.I moved the box of pantyhose to the other side of the room far from Ken. Once I noticed Ken engrossed in a new task I slowly began rummaging through the box. I pulled a pair of Wolford pantyhose from the box and looked them over. They were a nice tan shade and I immediately knew they were Satin Touch 20 sheer to waist. I could only imagine how many more pair of Wolford and other high end brands were inside. Ken noticed me holding the pantyhose and said “What the hell man? You got a thing for pantyhose?” I looked Ken in the eyes and said “Yes, I do. I want this box of pantyhose. Don’t give them back to Lisa.” Ken half laughed and said yeah right Michael. You aren’t jacking off with her pantyhose even if she is my ex. It’s too weird.” “No, really, I do. I’m serious Ken. I have a huge pantyhose fetish. I wear them. I’m not going to be thinking about Lisa. I’m going to be thinking about wearing maltepe escort nice pantyhose.”Ken stared at me for a moment then smiled and said “You’re full of shit. If you wear them then put a pair on in front of me right now.” I kicked off my sneakers then unfastened my jeans and let them fall to my feet. I stepped out of them then pealed my briefs off. I was still holding the pair of Wolford Satin Touch and that is the pair I intended to put on. By now, Ken was laughing and said “Oh no you don’t, drop them in the box.” He took the Wolford pantyhose from me as he reached into the box and retrieved a pair of off-black pantyhose. Ken tossed them to me and said “Put those on and you have to do it in front of me.” The pantyhose had a tag and it read “Hanes Silk Reflections.” “Those pantyhose are super sheer. If you can get them on without running them I will let you have the box” Ken declared as he laughed. I proceeded slowly with gathering the stockings and sliding them up my legs. I was extra careful not to pull too firmly. Any other time I would be able to put them on with ease but because I was being challenged I was somewhat nervous and cautious.The entire time I was putting the pantyhose on Ken was laughing. I think he was laughing partly at me and partly at what was occurring in his bedroom. It wasn’t until the panty was at my thighs did Ken even notice that my legs are shaved. “Damn, you shave your legs. You do love pantyhose. Shit, your legs are pretty awesome” he declared. I gently and firmly pulled the panty over my hips and ass and proclaimed “no runs” as I stood before Ken. “Awe shit! I completely forgot that you wore pantyhose a couple of times when we were in high school. Wow, you’re still wearing them” he said laughing hard. Ken was leaning against the dresser smiling and had enjoyed the entire show as evidenced by the boner tenting his khakis. “So, I can have the box of pantyhose right?” I asked. Ken must have been disappointed that I’d easily won the challenge so he decided to change the rules. “No, you cannot. You have another test to pass” he said. “After watching you put those fucking pantyhose on I need my chubby dick sucked and I need to cum” Ken said as he grabbed and squeezed his hard cock through his pants. “So, are you going to suck my dick for a box of pantyhose?” I nodded my head up and down. Ken quickly dropped his khakis and briefs then placed his hard cock between my thighs and began thrusting his cock against the silky nylon as he held me in a bear hug. Suddenly, he spun me around and ground his hard cock all over my ass before burying it between the tops of my hose clad thighs. As he thrust his hard meat he held my hips. “Mmm, those nylons are so silky!” he groaned.Finally, Ken spun me around again then pushed me down to my knees. I had sucked Ken’s cock in high school and honestly never thought I’d ever have the opportunity to do so again. I relished the familiarity of his big bone staring right at me with just a hint of precum at the piss slit. Ken may have been horny for a blow job but I too was horny for cock. I wasted no time with foreplay and took nearly all of Ken into my hungry mouth. “Looks like somebody’s been missing my meat, huh Michael?” His cock tasted as I remembered and I went to work on it like any good and hungry cock sucker would. Ken held my head with both hands as I sucked on him. He’d moan and groan from time to time or arch his hips and fuck my mouth.After 20 minutes or so Ken’s ability to hold kartal escort back was waning as he announced he was close to cumming. I nodded my head in approval. He asked “Where do you want it?” I released him long enough to answer back “Shoot in my mouth.” “Really? Mmm, you dirty pantyhose slut!” Ken began bucking and grunting as the amount of perspiration running down his happy trail grew. “Awe shit! It’s a coming!” Ken cried out. Ken’s cockhead became engorged within my warm mouth and then went hot as his seed began spurting into my mouth. “Fuck he’s going to drown me” I thought to myself as he flooded my mouth with hot spunk. I had a little trouble with the initial deposit and some spurted out of my mouth around his shaft. I would not release my grip on Ken’s cock as he proceeded to unload which added to the eroticism of the scene for us both. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Ken continued to shriek between gasps and pants of ecstasy. He pulled his cock from my mouth and shook it hard one last time in front of my mouth to make sure he had gotten rid of every last drop of cum. I licked my lips as Ken said “Damn! I’d forgotten how good you are!”Ken took hold of my arm and had me stand. He pushed me back on the bed and rubbed his cock on my feet then he reached for my legs and rubbed his hands up and down them while smiling wickedly. Suddenly, he took hold of the pantyhose and pulled the nylon from my legs until it ripped. The delicate, silky sheer pantyhose easily failed and I felt numerous runs travel the length of my legs. When I surveyed Ken’s handy-work I saw that there were a few holes and several horrendous runs the entire length of my legs. Ken leaned forward and yanked the pantyhose down. As they traveled down my legs the threads in the runs became tangled and once the pantyhose were off they were nothing but a knotted ball of shredded nylon. Ken tossed them in a box with Lisa’s clothes. “I want the bitch to think I fucked someone!” he said laughing. Then our eyes met and Ken laughed again. “Hey, you’ve got cum on your chin” he said. Ken leaned forward and licked my chin clean then we kissed for a moment. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and rinsed my mouth. When I came out Ken had dressed.We carried the boxes down to the garage. He said he’d put them in the bed of his pickup later. He handed me the box of pantyhose and said “You earned it. Enjoy, and if you want some dick sometime don’t be shy about asking. I am a single man now after all.” I told Ken that sounded good but pantyhose would have to be a part of the play. “Of course they will! I totally dig it. I’ll shred them every time though. Hell, even if you don’t want to blow me every time, you can come over and put on a little pantyhose fashion show for me. You can prance around here in front of me while wearing pantyhose until your heart is content. I know that would make you happy to have a captive male audience who appreciates you sashaying in pantyhose.When I become bored with what you are wearing I will run them slow or fast depending on my mood then rip them off you. Afterward, you can put a new pair on for me. I’ll shred all of the bitch’s fucking pantyhose. After all, I paid for them. On second thought, give me that box. I’m going to rip them all up even if it takes me all night” he said. I looked at Ken incredulously as he began laughing so he hard he was bent over. “If you could see your face!” he said. “I’m just fucking with you. The pantyhose are yours now. I am serious about playing around though, so think it over.”I nodded in agreement with Ken and told him he would definitely be hearing from me very soon. I then got into my car with the box and as I drove off I thought, “You are out of your damned mind if you think I’m going to let you shred Wolford pantyhose Ken.”



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