It started like all other weekends lately, quiet and lonely. My husband had to go out of town on a job. He was a good provider but his job was very demanding. Whenever an emergency occurred he had to go and I always tried to understand. My son was out with his friends. He is 19 and had an active social life since he started college. My daughter had decided to visit a friend for the weekend and had left Friday afternoon. She is 18 and quite beautiful. I never understood why she rarely dated though. The downer was today was my birthday. Oh well, I didn’t want to celebrate it anyway.

So here I sat, early Saturday night, nothing planned and not much on TV. It was only 7 pm but it was dark and cold outside. I probably wouldn’t see a member of my family until Monday sometime. Shit! I’m alone, horny and fucking board!

OK, that’s the way it is. The house is clean, the bills are paid, my family is gone and I want to fuck! So as I sit back on the couch I pondered my options. One, I could go out to a bar and pick up a stranger. Two, I could call a friend and maybe get lucky. Three, I could take care of myself. Number one, NO! Too scared of a disease besides the odds of me finding someone who turns me on is slim. Two, maybe but the only friends I had are women and while I’m not opposed to the idea, as a matter of fact I kinda liked it but I don’t think I can seduce any of them on such short notice. Three, definite. That is one thing I know I can do and dammit I’m up for it! So I’m gonna fuck myself into oblivion.

So I draw a hot bath, soak for an hour in the tub, sip on a good strong drink, listen to some good seductive music and lastly play with my tits as I soak. My tits have always been the most sensitive part of my body and playing with them always gets me in the mood. As I sit back in the oversized tub I thought I should have started this earlier today! Damn I feel fucking good. Dan didn’t know what he was going to miss but when he gets home I sure am going to remind him!

Its nine o’clock and I get out of the tub, dry off and dressed in a sexy nightgown with no panties. Why no panties? Well they will just come off later so no use in putting them on. The way my pussy is dripping I would only ruin them anyway. My nipples are hard and I’m ready for a good, hard, deep fucking orgasm. Don, my husband, didn’t have time to fuck me before he left so I have had to do without. So I go to the den, turn on the TV and order an adult movie that looks like it has a good theme as well as some hot action.

I have my rubber fiends (you know the ones because I bet everyone of you have at least one or two) and start rubbing the big fucking head up and down my already wet pussy. I’m ready to fuck before the credits have finished! I’ve already had two strong drinks and I am ready for some good hard rubber fucking. Not as satisfying as a hard cock but it will do in a pinch. The movie starts with a woman getting plugged from both ends. An enormous cock deep in her cunt and another in her mouth. She doesn’t talk much but I guess I can understand why. I start working the head of my best friend up and down between my pussy lips and working up a feeling of a quick orgasm when from out of nowhere a voice rings out behind me.

I’m about 10 minutes into the movie when I hear someone behind me.

“What in the fuck are you doing mom?”

I turn around to see who is there with my favorite dildo still lodged between the lips of my pussy and fucking still on my mind.

“Beth! What the fuck are you doing home?”

Beth, my daughter, has walked up behind the couch and can easily see the head of my rubber friend stuck in between the lips of her mother’s pussy and my left hand pulling on my already hard right nipple.

“Oh, I see. Horny are we?”

I’m caught by surprise but I’ve already been working myself up for over two hours and I’m too far gone to fucking stop now. Besides she doesn’t look surprised or put off by my activities. I instantly decide to take the direct approach.

“Your damn right! Your dad left me high and dry so I have to fend for myself!”

I get arrogant when I’m horny.

“I know what you mean. Christy broke up with me tonight after I had made her cum twice but before I had a chance to have an orgasm. Mind if I join you?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was my daughter gay? Is that what she was telling me?

“I…uh…I don’t mind.”

“Great! Your drink?”

Beth reached over and took my drink and in a second had devoured it as I sit speechless. What could I say? My tits are hanging out, a dildo in my cunt and my pussy dripping mobilbahis güvenilir mi juice like a water fountine.

“Looks like a good movie mom. Can I sit or do you want me to fix another.”

“Definitely fix another. I think I will need it before the night is over!”

“OK but don’t stop on my account. You look good enough to eat!”

Beth took my glass and went back in the kitchen. In a couple of minutes she reappeared with two drinks in large 8 ounce glasses.

“Here mom, it looks like you need this!”

“Yea…Yea I think I do.”

Beth sat next to me sipping her drink while I sat motionless still with my dildo in between my pussy lips. What was I thinking? I know, I’m horny and I need a cock. Better yet I need to cum!

“Beth, what do you mean Christy broke up with you? Are you trying to tell me you’re gay?”

“No mom, I like men but I’ve never met one I wanted to have sex with. Christy on the other hand really turned me on. I love her big tits and she eats my pussy so good! I think her tongue is longer than most of the boy’s cocks I’ve dated.”

“I understand I guess. So you prefer men but are not opposed to a woman.”


“OK…I can live with that. After all your 18 and can make your own choices.”

“Thanks Mom. By the way, please don’t stop on my account. It appears you were having fun before I came in and I can certainly appreciate how you feel.”

“Well I’m not sure I should now that your home.”

“Don’t be such a prude. Like you say I’m over 18 and if I don’t mind why should you. Besides if you don’t mind I might just join you!”

I thought for a second.

“Your right.”

“Then you don mind if I join you?”

“No, I guess not.”

I took a deep drink of my beverage and started watching the movie again. I was trying not to think that I was sitting in my den, having a very strong drink, watching a porn movie and slowly fucking my pussy with a dildo while my daughter watched me and joined in.

It took a few minutes but I started getting over the awkwardness of the moment and my horny feelings returned. My pussy was still wet and the dildo was sliding easily between my swollen, puckered lips. I looked over at my daughter who had turned towards me on the sofa and opened her blouse and pulled out the nicest set of tits I had ever seen. They must have been 36D’s and had big hard nipples sticking straight out. Her left foot was propped up on the sofa and her skirt was pulled up almost to her was waist and I could tell her pussy was as bald as a baby’s. She had one finger lodged in her wet pussy and the other tugging on her hard nipples.

“Mom, this movie is hot! Why haven’t we done this before?”

“I don’t know honey but I’m sure we will again!”

We both started watching the movie again as a big tittied blond was being fucked by a monster cock from behind. I don’t know where they find these big cock for movies but I sure wanted one right then. I was still trying to take it slow and build to a good orgasm as I was sliding my friendly dildo up and down between my wet pussy lips. I was really getting into the movie and had almost forgotten about Beth sitting beside me except for the occasional moan I heard from her. I glanced over to see Beth stick a second finger deep into her obviously wet pussy. I started to work the head of my dildo in my pussy deeper and deeper and could already start to feel the beginning of an orgasm building. Suddenly I could feel movement on the couch beside me. Before I knew it my daughter was leaning over and pulling my hand away from my left breast and replacing it with her mouth.

“Beth…oh honey that feels good but what are you doing?”

“I just thought you might like someone to help. I’ve always wanted to do this and now just seems like the right time.”

“Ahhhh…Oh baby. That feels so good. Ohhh….. My tits are so sensitive. Oh yea honey, keep sucking your mama’s tits. Ahhhhh…that feels good baby.”

Beth was sucking on one tit while rubbing and pinching the other. I still had my trusty dildo sliding up and down the lenght of my cunt parting my pussy lips as it went. Beth then reached down and took the dildo from my hand and started fucking me with the head while sucking on my tits. She would only put the head of the rubber cock in my cunt and tease me. I could feel my orgasm starting to slowly build as my daughter was fucking me with the head of my rubber cock and sucking on one of my tits. I was moaning and had spread my legs as far open as possible to give her access to my horny wet cunt.

“Oh fuck mobilbahis Beth. You’re making your mama feel so good! I need to be fucked baby. Fuck your mama baby. Fuck me with that big rubber cock!”

I could feel Beth slid off the couch and before I knew it she was kneeling between my legs and started licking my pussy. The dildo by now was half buried in my cunt and my pussy juice was running out and down to my sensitive ass. Beth continued to lick my cunt and slowly fuck me with the dildo.

“Oh fuck yes Beth. You’re gonna make me cum baby. You’re gonna make your mama cum!!”

Beth started fucking me a little faster and a little deeper as she kept licking my cunt. I slid down as far as I could on the couch as I pulled my feet up on the edge to give Beth full access to my quivering cunt. I was pinching and pulling on my tits as my daughter continued to fuck and suck me. She was bringing me to the brink of orgasm then would slow down just enough to not allow me to cum.

“Oh fuck Beth. Make your mama cum! Make me fucking cum baby! I’m so fucking close!”

I was going crazy with passion. I was getting so close to an orgasm but my daughter was making me hang right on the edge. Just as I stared to feel it peak she would back off just enough to bring me back down. Then she would start the process all over again. I was helpless to stop her.

Just then I felt something press against my lips. I opened my eyes to see a big cock being rubbed back and forth against my lips. I was already so fucking crazy with lust that I couldn’t think. I just opened my mouth and took in as much of the eight inch cock as I could.

“Oh yea mom. That’s it. Suck me mom. Suck my big cock!”

“Ummmm..” was all I could get out. It was the head of my son’s cock that filled my mouth and I could already taste the salty flavor of cum as it oozed out the head.

Rick was fucking my face as Beth continued to drive me to the brink of orgasm and then deny me the final pleasure. My son’s cock head was fat and it was all I could do to take all of it in my mouth. I reached up and grabbed it at the base so I could control his thrust. I was sucking on the head as I was pumping the shaft. I could feel the weight of his balls and the I could tell they were filled with a load of cum for his mother.

“Oh fuck yea mom. You suck cock good. Keep this up and I am going to fill your mouth with a load of cum any minute!”

That urged me on to suck harder and deeper as the thought of my son cumming in my mouth excited me. Beth continued to work on my cunt with her tongue and was really good at bringing me to the edge of orgasm. It was as if she could read my mind and knew just when to slow down and then build me up again.


Rick started shooting a load in my mouth that instantly started dribbling down my cheeks and onto my 34DD tits. I was sucking and pumping his cock as he continued to shoot cum in my mouth and on my face. The excitement of my son cumming sent me over the edge and I exploded in an intense orgasm. With my mouth full of cock I screamed around the big fucking cock head.


I could feel Beth shove the dildo deep in my cumming cunt and continued licking and sucking which was causing me to shoot woman cum on her face and tits. I arched my back and shove my throbbing cunt into my daughter’s face while I was screaming and cumming. I was still holding on to my son’s hard throbbing cock while cum was dripping onto my face.

As I settled back down after my intense orgasm and opened my eyes the first thing I saw was my husband standing behind my son, hard cock in hand, stroking it with lust in his eyes. My first thought was to jump up but as I began to focus I noticed that he didn’t look upset. He looked turned on. More so than anytime I can remember. Beth had pulled the rubber cock out of my dripping cunt and began licking around the edges of my pussy sucking up the woman cum from my pussy. The feeling was incredible. Usually I am too sensitive to have my pussy licked after an orgasm but Beth’s light touch seemed just right. Rick’s cock was still in my hand and was already coming back to life. It was already getting hard again and I could tell he wanted me to start sucking. I don’t think he was aware of his father’s presence but he was about to get a chance to find out.

“Son, if you don’t mind I think your mother would like some of this.”

Rick moved over as his father tapped him on the shoulder. He sat back on the sofa as his father moved in to mobilbahis giriş take his place.

“Here honey, suck on this! I think you have seen this before.”

I grabbed Don’s cock and pulled the hard, thick piece of meat towards my mouth. It was true, I had some experience with this hunk of meat but not much lately. Right now I would have jumped any hard cock thrust up in my face. I pulled his big cock head towards my mouth and opened wide to take it all in. It was as fat as my son’s and dripping cum. I started licking and sucking that throbbing piece of meat as I heard my husband moan with pleasure.

“Oh fuck honey! You always did suck the best cock. Suck me honey. Suck my prick deep down your throat!”

And suck I did. I took over half his 8 ½ inches deep in my throat and was glad to have it.

“Son, I think you mother would appreciate it if you would put that hard prick up her cunt. And yes, I want you to fuck your mother!”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my son get up off the sofa and move over beside his sister between my legs.

“Rick? What are you doing?”

“Dad told me to fuck mom.”


“No buts, I’m going to do as I’m told. Now move over and let me fuck her.”

I should have complained but my mouth was full of hard cock and I was still so fucking horny that I couldn’t wait until my pussy was full of cock too.

“Alright, but here, let me help you.”

I saw Beth bend over and start to suck on her brother’s cock getting it good and hard and wet. Her spit was dripping off his cock as she took hold of it and pointed it towards my dripping cunt. Rick rested his hands on my legs while his sister positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt. She started to move the monster head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips causing me severe pleasure. I could only moan as my mouth was being fucked by his father’s hard cock. His cock was being shoved down my throat and I couldn’t get enough of it!

Once I was good and ready Beth grabbed her brother’s ass with her right hand and pushed him forward while holding his cock in her left hand. This propelled my son deep into my dripping cunt. I tried to scream but the sound was muffled by the throbbing cock lodged deep in my throat.

Rick started to fuck in and out of my pussy as I continued to suck on his father’s hard prick. Beth moved to the other side of me so she could suck on my tits as I was assaulted by a cock in my cunt and one in my mouth. I was being fucked and sucked while my orgasm started to build again. I was impaled on a fat hard cock and choking on a very familiar cock while my daughter was sucking on my overly sensitive tits. My son didn’t take time to allow me to adjust to his onslaught but that was alright by me. After what my daughter had put me through I didn’t need much time to adjust. Almost immediately he started pounding my hot cunt shoving the entire length of his hard meat deep into my dripping pussy. I could hear the slapping of meat against meat as he fucked me. It felt like I was being assaulted by a steel pole but one that was hot and throbbing.

It was only a matter of minutes before I was cumming although no one would have known it. The hard cock in my mouth kept me from screaming and the hard cock in my cunt kept me from rising up off the sofa. I was cumming but that didn’t stop my wicked husband from announcing he was cumming in my mouth and my son from cumming in my cunt.



I was cumming so hard nothing or no one could have stopped me at that point. Every part of my being was an orgasm and I was drowning in cum in my mouth and pussy. I was being pounded and filled at both ends and loving it.

Don filled my mouth to overflowing. His cum was running down my chin and neck then between my tits where Beth was spreading it over my nipples and licking it off. I felt my son shove his meat as deep into my cunt as he could get and let loose all his man cum deep inside me. I could feel my son’s cum shoot out of his prick against the depths of my being.

Moments later as my husband sat back with a limp dick on the sofa and my son lay back on the floor trying to recover it was only Beth and myself. I laid my head back wondering how this all happened.

“Well mom, feel better?”

“You know I do. I’ve never been fucked so hard and so good! Oh but honey, you were horny too. I know you need to cum.”

“I will mom, just as soon as you get cleaned up and dad and Rick have time to recover I get to take your place.”

I looked at Beth with a question on my face that she knew needed to be answered.

“Mom, we have been planning this for over a month! Happy birthday!”

“Well fuck me! I forgot!”

Shouldn’t everyone get a surprise for their birthday?

The end



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