It has been a long three weeks that you’ve been away and it’s almost hard for me to believe that you’re actually back and we’re in bed together. I know it is part of the reality I have to face when I made the decision to start a relationship with a married man but being by myself for so long has been incredibly hard. My vibrator has certainly gotten a workout during those lonely nights while you were away, and the daily text messages outlining what you’d like to be doing to me definitely didn’t help matters any.

Last night was incredible – from the moment you called to tell me your flight had landed I was completely beside myself with the most intensely erotic thoughts. I blushingly had to admit that my hands strayed beneath my skirt on more than one occasion during the day, even though I knew I didn’t have to wait much longer for the release I had been without for some time. When you arrived at my place I was ready and waiting, it was everything I could do to not just be completely naked – the thought of slowing down to undress just made matters all the more urgent. But I knew that the fun I would illegal bahis derive from teasing you would make up for having to wait while you begged to see me naked. Although we always enjoy using toys, and I had purchased a couple of new ones while you were gone, one we started there was no way we could be distracted from each other for long enough to even open the packages. We were all over the apartment: on the couch, the kitchen counter, in the shower…I can’t even recall the number of different positions, or the number of orgasms we had – but we definitely made up for lost time before finally falling asleep in each others arms, completely spent from the evening’s activities.

After reliving last night for a few moments I feel a familiar tingling between my legs and quickly decide that today would be a good day to show up a little late for work. I roll over to see you sleeping beside me and decide to wake you up without the alarm clock. You’re already a little hard and after I put my mouth on you, it doesn’t take long before you’re fully erect. You start to stir a little as you feel the sensations illegal bahis siteleri my tongue is creating – I run it up and down along your shaft, loving the taste of you. I can tell by the little moans coming from the head of the bed that you’re awake now and that this is a welcome surprise. I start to suck harder, I love going down on you and I am really getting into it as you start moving your hips in a rhythm with my movements. I’m start kissing even lower to lick and suck your balls, taking first one and then the other into my mouth and rolling them around with my tongue. I can sense that you’re getting close to coming but I’m not ready yet so I raise my head up to give you a mischievous look….

Between the blow job and the naughty thoughts I was having before I started I’m so wet that when I lower myself onto you I am practically sliding around. You can feel how tight and wet I am and immediately start thrusting your hips higher. I start rocking back and forth on top of you and running one hand over my breasts as I use the other to lean back on and press deeper into you. I can’t believe canlı bahis siteleri how good it feels to have you inside me – and I’m pinching my nipples and gasping out loud from the combined feeling of pleasure and pain. Your thumb finds my clit and starts slowly rubbing it – in time with our bodies moving together. I can’t stand the waves of electricity running through my body and lean forward to grab the headboard and grind myself against you – moving faster and faster as you grab my ass and pull me towards you. My orgasm is ripping through me and you don’t let up a bit as I call out your name so loud the neighbors have to be hearing us.

Just as the intensity is starting to subside you forcefully flip me over and are hammering yourself into me, deeper with every thrust and your quickened breathing tells me how close you are to coming. I can’t believe how incredibly full I am – your dick feels amazing and every inch of my body is on fire. I tighten myself around you and it is more than you can take – I can feel the come shooting inside me as you reach your climax which sets me off again and it is even better than the first. I simultaneously don’t want it to stop and can’t stand the pleasure and I am trembling beneath you – at last you finish and roll over, leaving both of us struggling to catch our breath before our fingers start wandering again…



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