A Believable & True Story?It all started about six months ago. My wife, Maxine and myself were driving back from a party. It was my turn to drive and I had been drinking orange juice all night. Max, however, had taken full advantage of the generous bar at the party and was well and truly pissed. It was a bad drive home. It was late, dark and raining hard. The roads were slick and the spray that was coming from the big truck in front made visibility limited. Max wasn’t helping my concentration either. She always gets a bit frisky when she’s had too much to drink and that night was no exception. Within twenty minutes of starting our journey she had the top of her dress down and was flashing her tits at me. Very nice tits they were too! Max has a great body; slim and pert and she knows how to show it off. As soon as she realised that she had my attention the panties and shoes came off and she propped her foot up onto the dash. This position gave me an excellent view of her nicely trimmed snatch and I could feel my erection aching in my trousers as she began to gently stroke herself. The more Max moaned and groaned in her ecstasy, the more I kept looking. The sudden realisation that I should be looking at the road and not at my masturbating wife came an instant too late. As I tore my eyes away from the lustful sight on the seat next to me and peered out of the front of the car, all I could see was the bright red glare of stop lights. I remember the lights coming towards me fast. Very, Very fast. I heard the sound of breaking glass, a crash, a scream…..and then silence.When I awoke in the hospital, the doctors insisted that we had been lucky. If my reactions had been a second slower, it was likely that we would both have been killed instantly. In the event, however, I had sustained little more than some cuts and bruises and a fractured arm. Max had fared a little worse; a few cuts and scratches and a concussion caused by her banging her head on the windscreen, but we were told that she would be fine after a few weeks of rest. I was discharged after only one day, but Max had to remain in hospital for a couple of weeks so they could make sure her head injury would be okay and generally keep a close eye on her. Once I was home I placed an immediate call to my insurance company. We had a good policy and they immediately agreed to moving my wife to a private room for the duration of her stay. I called the hospital and confirmed the arrangements with them and asked them to let Max know that I would be coming back to see her that evening. I had hardly had more than a few minutes with her since the accident and was looking forward to seeing her.When I arrived back at the hospital, armed with a few bits and pieces that I thought Max might need, I was pleased with the standard of the room. It was light and airy and had a nice view out over the park. Max looked pretty good, considering the situation, and as I bent to kiss her, I was faintly surprised at the ferocity with which she returned the embrace. Her hands clamped around my neck and pulled me down hard. Her lips seemed to almost suck me into her mouth and her tongue immediately entwined with mine in a lustful kiss. We chatted for a while. She was in good spirits and we laughed when we thought of the medics response when they found her in the car in such a state of undress.”I wonder if my nipples were still hard,” she joked “and I bet my pussy was still wet!” As we continued talking, I became aware of the look in her eyes. She looked so horny – almost as if sex was the only thing on her mind! I had to admit to similar feelings; it had been several days since we had last made love and all our talk about what we were doing just before the accident had left me with a raging hard-on! I looked into her eyes; they almost smouldered with lust and I knew exactly kocaeli escort what she wanted. I locked the door and pulled the blind. I was prepared to go slowly, thinking that Max would need a little time to adjust, but she had other ideas. As soon as I neared the bed, she pulled the covers back to reveal her semi-naked body. Her hospital gown was already bunched up around her waist and I could see her pussy lips open and glistening wet. “Sorry, hon,” she giggled as she pulled me down on top of her, “I couldn’t wait. I had to let my fingers do some work!”We made passionate love right there in her hospital bed. It was as if I was making it with a completely different woman, she was so horny. Her legs wrapped around me instantly and she thrashed her body around, impaling her self on my cock and squeezing her own nipples until she came in a shattering orgasm. I was so surprised by her virtual attack, that I climaxed a few seconds after, pouring my seed deep into her warm honeypot.Before I left the hospital that night, Maxine’s doctor stopped me in the hall. I was pleased that I would have a chance to speak to him. I was definitely concerned about my wife’s change in character.”Yes, this is to be expected,” the doctor informed me in a professional tone, “your wife has had quite a serious bump to her head. This can often lead to different characteristics in her personality. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t last for too long and anyway, we’ll keep a close eye on her.”I popped back in to say goodnight to Max before I left and to ask her if there was anything else she wanted me to bring her. Her response surprised me further.”Yes, honey. Could you please buy me a vibrator?””What? Are you sure? You’ve never shown any interest in that sort of thing before” I replied”I don’t know quite what it is, but even after we’ve just made love, I still want more. I just seem to feel so horny almost constantly.!”I promised that I would do what she asked and that I would return the following day. I finally left the hospital that night feeling very confused.The following day saw me driving out in the morning into town. I knew that there was a sex shop near my office and assumed that I would be able to purchase the desired item there. When I arrived at the shop it seemed that they had only just opened; save for a spotty faced assistant the whole place was deserted. I made a quick selection, paid at the counter and quickly made my way back to my car and then on to the hospital.I parked in the hospital grounds an hour later. The item that I had purchased at the sex shop was a large, pink flexible dildo with a hand held vibration control. I hoped that it would be what Max wanted and transferred it to a brown paper bag. I walked quickly into the main building and made my way towards Maxine’s private room. The blind on the window was drawn, and thinking that she might be asleep, I peeked in through the gap in the curtain that almost covered the door pane. My heart missed a beat as I took in the scene inside the room. It seemed that I was again too late with fulfilling my wife’s request for a stimulation device; she had already found something else in the form of a junior doctor. For some reason I found it difficult to look away. The young, white coated doctor was kneeling on my wife’s bed. The coat was open at the front and a solid erection was sticking out of it. The tip of this erection was now being fed directly into my wife’s mouth much to the gasped delight of the doctor and, by the moaning that was coming from Max, it was clear that she was also very much enjoying the attention. I looked on almost spellbound as the young man began to face fuck my wife. His cock was of a good size and he was urgently thrusting it between her lips. Still I couldn’t drag myself away and after only a few more seconds I watched as I saw, escort kocaeli for the fist time, another man cum on my wife’s face. At the point of climax, the doctor’s back arched. His cock sild out of her mouth and he released a torrent of jism over her lips, her nose and her mouth. I heard him bend over and whisper something in her ear – presumably arranging another more convenient time when the two lovers could resume their affair.I felt hurt and disgusted. The vibrator burned in my pocket as I thought how I was looking forward to giving it to Max. Now she had betrayed me. I felt empty and alone. I was just about to walk out of the hospital when I was surprised by the figure of the senior physician that I had spoken to the previous day. We spoke privately and I explained my concerns and the betrayal I felt. I didn’t hold back. I told him everything I had just witnessed. Dr. March nodded quietly as I spoke, the way doctors always seem to do. He repeated what he had told me yesterday and again told me that I would have to be patient with her. He said that if I loved my wife, I would try to forgive her these indiscretions. He also re-stated that this sort of change in characteristic was not uncommon and would probably disappear soon. I listened to everything he said without really hearing, but promised myself that I would try to remember that Max was going through a tough time and that I should be there to support her.Over the following few days the change in Maxine’s personality became much more profound. It seemed that she was turning into a total nymphomaniac. I had watched her eyes light up when I had given her the vibrator and she fairly tore the packaging open before the thing disappeared beneath the bed covers and a low hum filled the room. Max’s eyes glazed over as soon as she began to use the aid, and to be honest, I felt like I was rather surplus to requirements.The only times that the vibrator was not being used was when Max had access to the real thing. It didn’t seem to matter who it was or even what sex they were. I saw her again with the same junior doctor that I had seen before, this time with her on her hands and knees while he entered her from behind. I also found her with an ambulance driver who was fondling her naked tits while she fucked herself with her toy and then with a pretty young nurse while they engaged in a lesbian sixty-nine. It was very difficult for me, but I did love her so I took Dr. March’s advice and just accepted it as all part of the healing process. The crunch came almost a week later. I had become quite accustom to accepting whatever I saw in my wife’s room and had even sat and watched on a few occasions. She would always look to me for a further fuck after she had finished with whoever happened to be with her at the time. What happened on Friday evening, however, was the last straw. As I approached Maxine’s room I wondered what I would find this time; a doctor fucking her perhaps? Another lesbian session with a nurse? Or perhaps a technician taking advantage of her once tight (but now over-used) asshole? The possibilities were almost endless. As I got nearer to the door I could hear the familiar sounds of sex play coming from the room and my wife’s voice quietly gasping out her assent. I entered without knocking. Most of the staff that had taken advantage of my wife were familiar with me turning up and just sitting and watching and rarely even noticed me. This occasion was little different, although, this time, I did notice who was with my wife. There was three of them. All old, probably in their sixties, I guessed. I recognised two of them as either porters or janitors and supposed that the third man followed a similar, lowly profession. All three men and my wife were buck naked and falling about on the bed. The men’s skin looked yellow and wrinkled kocaeli escort bayan and there was an aroma of unwashed flesh in the air. My stomach turned as I watched Max greedily suck one of the men’s cocks into her mouth and take it straight down her throat. As she began to fellate him, another took up a position under my wife and stuck his skinny looking dick into her pussy. The two began to ride her respective openings, exclaiming loudly the virtues of having a nymphomaniac patient in the hospital, and how they were pleased that she was not just being kept for the use of the doctors and other senior staff. I thought about trying to stop what was happening, but Max looked so content as she sucked off one of the cocks while the other was being brutally rammed into her pussy from beneath her. My eyes were fixed to the disgusting scene in front of me and for a moment I lost sight of the third man. My attention was brought back when I heard the ring of a sharp slap. Maxine moaned around the cock in her mouth causing its owner to gasp and pull out. I saw his glans twitch and then followed a gush of thin semen that oozed over my wife’s face and hair. The slap had come from the third man and I flinched a little as I saw his hand come down two, three, four times more on Maxine’s upturned and reddening buttocks. She was gasping out her pleasure and spluttering through the cum that had seeped into her mouth. “Again! More, please! More!” she demanded as the man spanked her butt time after time. I heard her squeal as he hit her again and knew that her climax had peaked and that the juices would be flowing from her pussy.The second guy that was still busy thrusting his cock into her soaked pussy suddenly groaned and arched his back. I could see the look of complete satisfaction on Max’s cum-stained face as his seed filled her hole. The third man had now tired of spanking her and was pumping his cock in his fist in an effort to produce some kind of erection. I was looking directly at my wife’s abused buttocks and could clearly see her little pink anus wink up in anticipation. The porter was looking at it too and, clearly, this was enough to create a half solid erection. He obviously knew what he wanted to do, and without any preparation, he simply forced his half hard cock in Max’s back door. I expected her to cry out or at least make some form of protest, but all she did was to drop her head, arch her back and push her ass back towards her assailant.The old man’s penile muscle hardened a little more as he began to fuck Max’s ass. I could see the slack, pink flesh as it drove into the small hole and the look of lust on both of their faces. The other two men, now recovered from their own climax’s, were encouraging their co-worker on.”Go on, Fred. Do the bitch! Fuck the little slut’s asshole!””Yeah, lets see some action, Fred! Treat her like a whore and cum all over her – we all know that’s what she wants!” his friend replied”Fuck the slut! Fuck the slut! Fuck the slut!” Their chants rang in my ears as Fred pulled out and, as requested, squirted his runny semen over my wife’s back and buttocks.As the three men dressed and joked with each other they nodded towards me. Suddenly it dawned on me that what they had said was completely true. Maxine had become a slut, a whore and it seemed unlikely that she would change. If I was to stay married to her, I would have to accept this behaviour as the norm, I’d have to get used to watching her drop her panties for anyone that wanted her, wanted to use her. I knew that this was something that I could never do. With the laughter of the men still in the air and the figure of my wife lying naked and covered in cum on the bed, I picked up my coat and left. I couldn’t look at Max then and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at her again.So, that’s it really. We’re divorced now and I have a new girlfriend. I still have a great sex life, but sometimes, just sometimes, there’s a little voice in the back of my mind that makes me wonder what life would have been like if I’d have stayed married to a slut.- The End –



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