Let me first tell you that my wife and I are in our 40s, we are not Ken and Barbie but we are not ugly and not in bad shape for our age. We both exercise regularly and enjoy an active lifestyle. She is 5’6″ 130# 36C brunette with brown eyes and a great smile. We have a good sex life and enjoy going to nude beaches. We enjoy sexy movies and play with toys she has a dildo and vibe she loves and we play with lubes and other fun things. I love her to shave but she says it itches when it grows back so she only does it rarely, even though I love the look and it’s such a turn on. The funny thing is she likes me to shave so we keep my cock and ball sack shaved and the area around trimmed closed. Our shaving is always followed great sex and lots of afterglow.

Several years ago we started taking a vacation to St Martin in the Caribbean for a week in the winter. We love to just lie in the sun and soak up the warmth and swim and watch all the people. Tops are optional on all the beaches. We like the beach at Orient Bay, which has white sand and blue water and at one end is a clothing optional beach. We went to the main beach and that first year my wife started going topless as about 50% of the women do. We did the same the second year and went down to the nude area where I went nude and she went topless. The following visits she decided to join the rest of the people and went nude also and we have spent every day on the nude beach each vacation since. The nude portion of Orient Beach is a nudism resort, we’ve never stayed at the resort but we always visit the beach. The beach has lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent and the people who stay at the resort have reserved chairs on the beach along with the ones for rent.

Last year ankara bayan escortlar we arrived on St. Martin on a Saturday and headed to Orient Bay on Sunday to get our all over tan. We settled into our lounge chairs and were enjoying ourselves when an attractive woman in her late thirties set up in the area next to us. The chairs that are reserved for the people staying at nudist resort have a different color tags on them and have their room number written on them. She laid out her towel and beach bag and then took off her beach wrap and revealed and very nice slim body and sure enough she was a smoothie. Nudists who remove the last area of cover-up shave themselves completely and often call themselves smoothies. We exchanged pleasantries with her comments about the sun and the blue sky. Her name was Lisa and she was sitting on the far side of my wife so she and Mary exchanged a few comments and chatted about the beach. I asked Lisa how she enjoyed the resort and told her about our hotel on another part of the island and about the great restaurants close to our hotel. She liked the place and then went on to tell my wife about how she and her boyfriend had booked the vacation and paid in advance for the airfare, room and all 8 months earlier. Then they had a serious falling out and she ended up with the vacation when they split. She was hoping to have a friend join her but that didn’t happen so she ended up alone nude on a beach in St. Martin.

Lisa and Mary talked a lot that day they talked about interests and all kinds of things. I tended to eves drop on their conversation as the day wore on and then went back to reading my book and watching all the sunbathers go by. My ears picked up when I heard Mary ask Lisa ankara seksi escortlar about her shaved pussy. Mary has always hated how it itches afterwards. Lisa talked about how she shaves (with the way the hair grows); shaving lotions and skin care after. Then to my surprise my wife tells her about shaving me and that I never seem to get the irritation she does. Lisa was staring at me and commented that it looks better shaved and that if Mary just followed her suggestion she wouldn’t have any problems. The two women got along great and we had lunch together at a small restaurant on the beach but the day ended and we said our good-byes and left for the day.

The next day we went back to the beach and set up in the same area and in no time Lisa was there right next to us. The girls started chatting like old friends and we settled into our day of sun worship. They were talking and I was really listening but I overheard something like “yes” and “that would be good” and “if you don’t mind” and then Mary said to me “I’m going back to Lisa’s room to see what it looks like, so you stay here and keep an eye on our things”. So about 11:30 AM they put on their little beach wraps and headed back toward the resort. I read, people watched and even napped a little when I checked my watch and noticed they had been gone for over an hour. I was really wondering about them when at a little after 1:00 they came back. They were giggling and being silly when Mary undid her wrap to show me her shaved pussy. It looked so good in the sunlight on the beach and I am a big fan of shaved too. I could feel a woody coming so I told the girls that I was going in the water to cool off. I got in the water before the people on the beach started bayan ankara escort to stare and Mary was right behind me.

In the water Mary was all over me stroking my cock and rubbing her body on mine. She then told me about Lisa shaving her and how turned on she got and that Lisa kept rubbing her pussy and the fingered her to a powerful orgasm. I slipped my finger in her pussy and even in the water I could tell she was so wet and turned on. I rubbed her a few times and she had another one right there. I was sporting a hard on so stiff I had to stay in the water for half an hour until I was able to get back on the beach. We all enjoyed ourselves the rest of the afternoon and then our conversation drifted to plans for the evening. Mary suggested we all go to dinner together at one of the great restaurants near our hotel. Lisa agreed and we said she could either meet us at the restaurant or our hotel. She then told us she didn’t have a car and I said that we could drive back later and pick her up. Mary said that it would be better if Lisa went to her room and got her clothes, make-up etc. and ride with us to our room and she could shower and relax with us have a drink or two and then we could all go to the restaurant.

Lisa went to her room and packed a small bag and we packed up our beach stuff and about 5:00 we all got in the car and headed to our hotel. In our room we had a couple of drinks and then started to take showers. Mary offered Lisa first turn but she suggested that Mary go first, she stripped and jumped in. When Mary got out Lisa jumped in and Mary did her hair and all. Lisa got out and I was lying on the bed watching these two gorgeous women walking naked around the room thinking I had to be the luckiest guy in the world. Mary finally said I should get in the shower and stop drooling over Lisa’s body. When I took off my shorts I had a boner to end all boners. Mary looked at Lisa and said, “see I told you he was a horny guy.”


Part 2 coming



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