Chapter 2: Seduction


I woke up Saturday morning to find the sun shining through the curtainless windows, with one of my hands on Jenn’s boobs, and with one of Jenn’s hands holding my sticky penis and balls. She was already awake and was trying to arouse me! I pretended to be asleep, and she carefully twisted around on the bed so that she could examine my penis closely.

Jenn held her face just inches from my body as she fondled and explored me. Her innocent curiosity coupled with her touching immediately caused my penis to become fully erect. She caressed and rubbed it, a look of wonder and excitement on her face. Then she began to mimic what I had done when I jacked off, and as I peeked at her naked body through my slitted eyes, I felt the pressure at the base of my penis quickly building.

My penis was pointed directly at Jenn’s face, and she was looking at its cyclops eye, now swollen and dark red. She watched my balls pull up hard against my shaft, and she began to rub them with one hand while stroking my shaft with the other. I felt a growing heat spreading out from my balls as Jenn continued rubbing and fondling me.

I ejaculated. My first burst hit Jenn between the eyes, and before she could react, a second rope of cum hit the side of her nose and flopped into her open mouth. She recoiled in disgust, saying, “Yuck!” and the next shot struck directly on her right nipple. It was still coated with dried cum from the night before.

As Jenn jerked back, I grabbed her and pulled her back against me, and my remaining cum splashed against her stomach and dripped onto my abdomen. “GOD! It’s in my mouth! It’s all over my face! Let go of me!” She cried.

I forced Jenn down onto her back, and I rolled over on top of her and pinned her to the bed. Then I licked the cum off of her face. She kept trying to keep me from kissing her, but I persisted, and I finally pushed a wad of my cum into her mouth with my tongue. She tried to spit it out, but I kept my mouth clamped against hers, and I began to rub my thigh against her pussy. I could feel the fresh, sticky cum on my stomach as I rubbed against her.

Jenn swallowed, then kissed me back. It was obvious that she was really turned on. “I think I’d like you to do me again!” She shyly said. “And your . . . stuff . . . didn’t taste so bad after all!”

I was happy to oblige, and I moved my lips to her pussy. About twenty minutes later I enjoyed her screams of climax while I watched waves of passion ripple through her abdomen. This time I had two fingers inside her when she came, and I could feel her vagina contracting against them as her orgasm trembled through her body.

We shared a long, sticky kiss as we clung to each other. The pussy juice on my mouth covered up our morning breath. Jenn hungrily licked my face. “I thought it would taste awful!” She declared. “But it . . . somehow . . . makes me feel even more excited!”

As Jenn pressed herself against me, I knew I was winning the struggle. She had experienced far more sexual arousal than anything she had done before, and we had become almost as physically intimate as two people could be. My penis throbbed as I realized that she would probably soon be asking for me to really have sex with her. All I needed to do was to keep her aroused and ready!

The cabin slowly got warmer. We were sticky with our various secretions and covered with dried sweat, and needed to shower. When we got up, I pointed out the various wet spots on the sheets. I pulled them off the mattress and put them in the washing machine. While I got it running, Jenn took her still-damp towel into the bathroom and began to shower.

I got my mostly-dry towel from the porch and joined her. Jenn didn’t complain when I climbed into the tub with her, and we took turns cleaning each other off. While I was cleaning her pussy, I slid one finger into her vagina and another into her anus, with my thumb pressing against her clitoris. Jenn was disgusted by the finger in her ass, so I told her she should do the same thing to me.

With her soapy finger inside me, I helped her find my prostate, and instructed her on the way to rub it that really turned me on. I was soon moaning and groaning, and Jenn had a huge, satisfied grin on her face. Before I ejaculated, I made her stop, and I pushed my fingers back into her, this time without complaint. She was soon grunting as I had done a couple of minutes before. We stopped before the hot water ran out, but we were both nearly ready to climax.

After drying each other off, I took the wet towels outside, and I hung them on a clothesline about fifty feet from the cabin. Then we began preparing breakfast. Our frequent kisses kept our arousal at a peak. My balls had a slight ache, and I could smell Jenn’s pussy even though she had just showered.

With the bacon sizzling and the eggs ready to be put on, the washing machine stopped, and I told Jenn it was her turn to hang out the laundry. After canlı bahis şirketleri some arguing, she finally walked outside, completely naked, and hung the sheets up. Watching her do this in the nude was really a sight! It was still a little chilly outside, so her nipples were stiff and she was shivering when she came back in, so we cuddled and kissed for a couple of minutes. Once again she got really aroused. Most likely she had never really gotten calmed down from our earlier activities.

The cabin was quickly warmed by the sun, so we unclasped each other and finished making breakfast. We ate it in the nude. Of course there really wasn’t any choice since I still had Jenn’s clothes locked up! Jenn blushed occasionally, but she gave no other sign that she was uncomfortable. While we drank coffee after breakfast, I sat across from her and talked her into giving me beaver shots like Sharon Stone had done in Basic Instinct. Of course it’s even a better view if the woman is nude! And her blonde pubic curls were incredibly beautiful to stare at!

“Your penis points up when I do this!”

“I can tell you’re enjoying this. I am too!” I replied.

Every time Jenn spread her legs apart and arched her hips forward, she blushed very deeply, but she was becoming more wanton. I had a world-class hard-on.

When we hadn’t touched each other for several minutes, we slowly calmed down. Jenn said she wanted to explore the woods some more, and I agreed. I retrieved the VW key, and I told her that she could go out and get any clothes she wanted to wear. Once again I was treated to the sight of a naked woman outside in the sunlight while she made two trips back-and-forth with her collection of little bags of clothes.

I insisted that we not wear any underwear. We wore shorts, T-shirts, and shoes and socks. Jenn looked fabulous, particularly with her two erect nipples pushing her shirt front out!

We explored the woods and rocky outcroppings for nearly two hours. We saw lots of snakes. Some were poisonous, but they were easily avoided. Late in the morning we returned to the clearing around the cabin. I suggested we have a drink and sunbathe. I got a beach blanket out of the car, spread it on the grass, and began to take off my clothes.

Jenn said she was afraid of getting burned in sensitive places, but I pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion and told her that we could prevent that easily enough! As soon as she was completely nude, I insisted on applying lotion to her entire body, paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples. Since she was a blonde, I pointed out that I really had to be thorough, and by the time I was done with the pale skin below her waist, she was once again really aroused. Then she greased me up, paying particular attention to my erect penis. Finally we lay down and began to bake in the sun.

Every few minutes we would change positions, and I insisted that we apply more lotion to the white, untanned areas on our bodies. Jenn used the lotion to make my penis slippery, and she mimicked our strokes of the night before and began to give me a hand job.

Lying on my back, with a beautiful, greasy, naked girl rubbing my dong, was too much. When she slid a greasy finger into my anus and began to rub my prostate, I shot my wad. This time she had me aimed away from her, and it ended up on my legs. She laughed and wiped it off me with her hands, then used the grass to clean her hands off. She was amazed at how small my penis was when it was uninflated, and she made fun of it. But then it was my turn.

I had Jenn lie on her back, and I rubbed a lot of lotion onto her breasts, and onto the front of her thighs. Then I straddled her waist, and rubbed her breasts with one hand while I reached back and used my slippery hand to rub her pussy. She raised her knees and spread her legs apart, and I slid my fingers in and out of her vagina. The lotion made her clitoris very slippery, and she began to move with the rhythm of my hand strokes.

My penis stiffened up, and she caressed it while I slowly brought her tensions up. As I had done before, I brought her to the brink, then paused, then brought her to the brink again. I did this over and over until she arched her head back and looked like she was in pain. I increased the tempo on her pussy and she began to scream my name over and over. I could feel her body shaking under me.

As she calmed down, she pulled my hand away from her clitoris saying it was just too sensitive. I kissed and fondled her for a few minutes, then built her up again. This time I told her that she had to finish herself.

“I can’t do that! Not with you watching!” She cried.

“I did it last night while you watched!” I retorted. I rubbed her clitoris with my finger until she was almost there, and then stopped. “Your turn, Jenn! Finish yourself off!”

After a few false starts, she began to rub her breasts with one hand while rubbing her crotch with the other. I leaned back and I watched her masturbate, canlı kaçak iddaa thinking about how far I’d already brought her. Late yesterday she had been reluctant to eat a meal with me while nude. Now she was allowing me to watch her masturbate herself!

As Jenn twisted her legs around, I could hear her wet vagina making smacking sounds, and I knew she was getting close. Finally she climaxed, and screamed, although not as loudly as before. But she kept rubbing herself and her climax repeated several times. Finally she stopped, and lay on her back with her legs spread apart, with the sun shining directly on her pussy lips. If any woman ever had a well-fucked look, it was Jenn – and she hadn’t fucked me!

I leaned over her and kissed her. She clung to me for several minutes. She made little purring sounds in her throat. A little later we picked up our stuff, including our clothes and my beach blanket with a couple of spots of Jenn’s pussy juice on it, and we went back to the cabin. It was so hot we had to open the windows to cool it off, and then we made some ham and cheese sandwiches and ate them in the nude outside in the shade. We washed them down with cold beer. When we tried to get up, we both found we had stiff and sore muscles from the hiking and climbing.

We went back inside and ran a warm bath, and then we both climbed in and soaked. Every few minutes we added a little hot water. We soon drifted off to sleep in the tub, with our heads at opposite ends, and with our legs intertwined so that our crotches were pressing against each other. In the warm water I could clearly see that Jenn’s labia were engorged and that her pussy was open and ready. My prick stuck straight up out of the water, and if I hadn’t made my “no intercourse” promise, I would have screwed her right then. She was ready, I was ready, and we were both relaxed. Instead of making love, we napped.

Jenn woke me when she pulled the plug and stood up. We repeated the shower action of the morning, and washed all of the residual lotion off our various body parts. Then we grabbed a couple of cold beers, walked naked outside, pulled our towels off the line, and dried off outdoors. A gentle breeze had come up, and it was warm but not hot. The smell of the woods made it feel like paradise. Of course holding and caressing a naked Jenn didn’t hurt, either!

I told Jenn that I had a couple of presents for her, and I retrieved them from the car. First I handed her a package with a pink bow on it. She quickly finished her beer and then opened it. When she pulled out the black negligee, she blushed and stammered, “I could never wear something like this!”

But I insisted, so Jenn told me to wait outside while she went into the cabin and put the skimpy outfit on. After a couple of minutes Jenn called my name, and I entered the cabin to find her wearing the negligee, lying on her back on our bed, with her hands over her head and with her knees up and her legs spread wide apart. She looked like a gift from God, and her posture and the look on her face said, “Unwrap me and fuck me!” She was clearly learning how to exploit her sexuality!

I kissed her and caressed her entire body, and she quickly became extremely aroused. After a lot of foreplay, I untied the bow between her breasts, slipped the negligee top off her sweaty body, and paused to look at her wearing nothing but the skimpy black bikini bottoms. As I rubbed her crotch through the material, her pussy juice soaked the panties, and I could see her wet pussy lips through the material. Before I slid the panties off her, I had her bend down and look at herself. She looked again when she was naked, and it was obvious that she was ready. Her outer lips were dark and spread, and her vagina was partially open.

I slipped her pussy-juice-sodden panties down her legs and dropped them onto the floor. I handed her the second package. She looked confused when she pulled out a dildo, but she immediately started comparing it to my erect penis. “It’s almost an exact copy of yours!” She laughed. “It’s even the same size!”

The dildo came complete with balls, and also with a tickler which, I explained to Jenn, was to stimulate her clitoris. “I’m not sure about using this!” She said. I quickly smeared lubricating gel all over it (even though it probably wasn’t necessary, given the state of her arousal), and I began to push it slowly into her vagina. Jenn stared at it as it slowly disappeared into her, and then she gasped when the tickler struck her clitoris.

I began to move the dildo in and out of Jenn, pressing down and twisting when I had it all the way in, and this really drove Jenn wild! She began to grunt, and she jerked her hips against the dildo as I began to increase the in-and-out tempo. She had her fastest climax yet, and they probably heard her scream at the store in the valley!

I held the Dildo inside Jenn while she calmed down, then I began to move it again. As soon as she started responding, I told her that it was hers to use, canlı kaçak bahis and she sat up a little and began to move it around inside her. It was instructive to see the motions, patterns, and timing she used. Within a few minutes she again exploded with orgasm. While she calmed down, I gently caressed her body and kissed her. The dildo remained inside her.

I was becoming aware that my feelings for Jenn weren’t just sexual. We had been friends for a couple of years, and now that we were getting intimate, I knew I was starting to fall in love with her. I began to worry about what would happen once I finally got her so aroused that she wanted to fuck me. I knew that I was already close to that point, but how would she feel afterwards? I’d given my word, after all. For the most part I was concerned about her feelings for me. That was a first for me – with any woman!

I told Jenn that she could use the dildo any time she wanted to pretend that I was fucking her, and she kissed and hugged me. Then I had an idea. I told her that the black negligee could be her way of signaling me that she wanted to really have intercourse. “If you ever wear that for me again, I’ll know that you are ready for us to have real sex. Until you decide to do that, you can always use the dildo.”

Jenn smiled, looking completely sated. “So, if I wear this outfit for you, you will make love to me? And until I do that, you won’t?” She asked. I nodded and she kissed me for a long time. “It’s a deal!” She said. One again I realized I’d just made a promise that I didn’t think I would be able to keep. If I got her hot enough to beg me to fuck her, could I do so without breaking this new promise? It really surprised me that I cared!

I wanted to have her “wear” the dildo, and after a trip to the bathroom, we found that a pair of panties she had packed would almost hold it in place inside her. Certainly with a little help from me, and with an occasional push from her, she could move around with the dildo inside her. Even with her panties on it was sexier than having her nude since I knew that she had an erect “copy” of my penis inside her!

We decided to have an early dinner, and we quickly made spaghetti which we ate with garlic bread and more red wine. Throughout the preparation and the meal, I pressed the dildo through her panties, and Jenn wiggled and gasped with the stimulation. She was so turned on that her face and chest were covered with blotchy red areas and her nipples were rigid. I teased her by dripping some wine onto her breasts and then licking it off, and I challenged her to do the same thing with my penis. She was reluctant, but finally tried it. It felt so good having her lick, suck, and kiss my prick, particularly since it was completely new to her.

Then I talked Jenn into giving me a real blow job. She quickly picked up the idea after a few instructions, and she really drove me wild! At the same time she was flexing her hips and rubbing the dildo through her panties, driving herself into a frenzy. She suddenly began to orgasm, and as she raised her head to scream, I exploded into her open mouth, onto her face, and onto her neck. She collapsed on top of me with her legs apart, straddling me. She kissed me, and I licked some of the cum off her face. Before I could finish, she began to drift to sleep. My limp penis was against one of her legs, and I could feel the sticky cum between us. I could taste it, and I could reach down her back and feel between her legs and push on the dildo through her panties. She obviously enjoyed the sensation, but we were both exhausted and I quickly joined her in sleep.


Jenn woke up first, and she woke me when she got up. It was sometime after 2:00 a.m. Jenn removed the dildo and we both looked at the way her vagina stayed open, even with it out. We shared a fast, joint shower. The cabin was really cold, and we quickly got back into our sticky bed. Jenn was on top as she had been earlier, only this time she wasn’t wearing her panties. She slid down me until my stiff prick was pressed upright firmly against her pussy. Then she wiggled against me, kissed me deeply, and quickly fell asleep.

I dozed for a while, then decided to resume stimulating Jenn. I gently stroked her back, all the way down to the backs of her thighs. My fingers gently brushed the sides of her breasts, even lightly touching one nipple. I began to slowly move my hips forward and back a little bit, producing a sliding motion with my erection along her pussy and against her clitoris. Other than my prick, I was completely relaxed. I kept this up for at least a half hour, then I began to be more direct in my touching. I worked my thumbs between our chests and applied direct stroking to her nipples.

I gradually increased the tempo of my hip thrusts, and I lengthened the strokes. In only a few minutes I could feel Jenn’s pussy getting wet, and my penis, now partially wrapped in her labia, began to slide smoothly up and down her slit. Her heart began to beat faster, and her breathing picked up, but she still appeared to be asleep. She began to move her hips in time with the movement of my prick, and I reached between her legs and pressed the head of my penis more solidly against her.



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