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9. Removing the offending part [b]Section 2It was wet and windy as Ken arrived at the little home; he brought a sheaf of flowers this time and a very presentable bottle of wine.His doorstep kiss both deep passionate and returned in a like manner by Kay dressed for dinner in a low cut red slim line dress.From the start it was obvious he knew as they did why he was there and over a lovely meal he allowed them to explain all that had gone on since last they had met. The final incident with Sammy proving the straw on the camel`s back and eliciting sympathetic noises as she explained it to him with tears in her eyes of the pain caused.He gently asked “So what do you want now then?It was Barry that explained they needed someone they could trust, someone discrete, someone with as much to lose as themselves and someone who understood what both of them needed in short Ken.They came to an understanding that evening, mostly his suggestions but he would act the part of their master, odd weekends he would entertain them both at his place, others here with them, but in return he wanted to be allowed to use Kay in any way he saw fit, and Barry too if he so desired as well, he [ken] being BisexualHe would take control each visit both in dress, and whatever they were to do totally and utterly, but only if they both agreed. Oh they agreed a single glance between them said they didn’t need to even talk that over it sounded just perfect.They enlightened him of their own rules never to do anything that both partners didn’t know about, and he in turn agreed to that promising never to do anything with either that the partner didn’t know about.He started immediately after the meal had finished, sending Barry scurrying to clear the dishes and Kay to remove her clothes after shutting the curtains. The empty table beckoned and he had the now naked woman lie on the cool polished surface on her back down its length, he stripped off himself and leant over from the end and began licking her sex his hansom tool laying on the table top as he bent to his task.Barry returned, and was told to pay homage to his arse and balls as a man worked of the wife he so abjectly had not taken care of well enough. As she lay receiving his tongue Kay began to smile, content now she began the first of many climaxes, it was a small beginning but it was satisfying and very enjoyable. The night was long and strenuous, Kay lost count of her climaxes long before midnight Barry never tired of the enjoyment of watching his wife`s excitement and Ken seemed never to lose hardness or concentration slipping effortlessly from one situation to another. They slept till mid morning, all three in an exhausted heap, they showered, together, Ken forbidding anyone to pass water till they were under the shower, Barry being commanded to drink at least some of both his wife`s and the masters offering before he would be allowed to ease his bursting bladder, Kay was then told to allow the smaller man to wash her out with her husband`s personal hose as she bent from the waist while giving her master a sensuous BJ. The feelings of his hot water, deep in her body was samsun escort something she would remember for a long time, coupled with the master`s seed it was exceptional, her mind overflowing with the sensational overload.It was to be the first of many unusual escapades over the next few months, slowly oh so slowly they became a team, Barry being in the chair for most of the time, except weekends when mother nature took over and Barry had to stand in to receive the seed of the master Ken used Barry analy while Kay was bound to the chair watching, slowly oh so slowly the balance of the household changed until as can only be expected the master and Kay becoming closer and Barry becoming the stand-in.Finally it dawned and this led to the conversation that so far his brain could not accept; the one that started Ken and I have been chatting and that now he and I want you to divorce me and you then have a few choices: the conversation his fuddled brain not only cant except it`s the one he doesn’t want to even acknowledge.He realised she was on her feet, handing him a list, then through a veil of tears he watched her drive off to work, he being day off today she had given him the conversation content in black and white.He poured a drink, large and stiff.Drying his eyes he sat at the table slowly the letter returned to focus opening it slowly he read;WE, THAT`S KEN AND I ARE DEEPLY IN LOVE ITS SOMETHING WE UNDERSTAND AND WE HOPE YOU TOO WILL COME TO UNDERSTAND, I WANT HIS BABY BARRY, SOMETHING YOU UNFORTUNATELY CAN NEVER GIVE ME. WE WISH TO MARRY AND CANT WITHOUT YOUR BLESSING AND OUR DIVORCE. I WILL NOT CONCEIVE OUTSIDE WEDLOCK, ITS SOMETHING YOU KNOW I DON`T BELIEVE INTHOUGH WE WANT YOU TO REMAIN PART OF OUR “family” WE CAN`T IN ALL HONESTY SEE A PLACE FOR YOU USING MY BODY YOU HAVE NOT HAD YOUR TOOL IN ME NOW FOR OVER A YEAR SO FROM NOW ON IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN WITH ME, AND I DEARLY HOPE THAT`S THE CASE YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN HAVE A USE FOR THE APPENDAGE YOU NO LONGER HAVE A USE FOR.WE ARE GOING TO OFFER YOU A PLACE IN OUR HOME, BUT TO QUALIFY THERE IS A PENALTY, FIRSTLY YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME TO BE USED BY KEN AS MY STAND-IN, AT TIMES WHEN MOTHER NATURE PUTS ME OUT OF USE, OR WHEN I AM WITH c***d.TO ENSURE YOUR BEING UNABLE TO USE MY BODY, KEN WISHES YOU TO HAVE YOUR LITTLE TOOL REMOVED.IF YOU WISH TO KNOW MORE I WILL BE HOME AT FOUR.The day passed slowly, I thought of nothing but the note, the choices and the long term consequences.At about four she pulled into the yard and tap tapped her high heeled way into the house. I was sat at the table. One glance at me told her what she wanted to know, she made coffee and we silently sat surveying one another.“Do you really mean you wish to remove my cock and balls?” it was a straight from the heart question, and she knew it needed an answer.“ Look” she said “you only ever use your tongue on me now, that useless thing has not done anything for me in over a year, in fact in baby terms it has done nothing for me at all and I have come to hate it. Ken wants to be certain any c***d is his and that his wife will never be şanlıurfa escort able to have sex again with her ex husband.”She went on that’s why he came up with this idea, and I agree with him it’s a very practical idea. If you’ll agree to it as well, then I shall know you really love me and we can all live together forever after, What do you think?”He thought quickly, loath as he was to lose his old man he knew that to remain with his wife, it was the only option.He had read of this type of story before, was the thing really worth keeping, or was it as redundant as she had suggested? He played for time, “I will divorce you because I love you and know how much you want a c***d but as I am so loath to lose you, and so as to retain your love I will consider allowing you to remove parts of my body, but to do so I want to know from you exactly the details of the procedure, and the outcome, exactly mind, chapter and verse.”He went on that “I also have the demand that if I go through with this I must have your assurance that using my fingers and tongue on you at least once a week is a must.” “Look” she said, “I have to talk to Ken, I will get him to explain the whole procedure to you, and will press him to agree, will that help you make up your mind?”He noddedThey left it at that, and Ken arrived about an hour after.They went into the living room and Barry made coffee in the kitchen, while waiting the kettle his hand lovingly but subconsciously caressed his flaccid tool, all men would be loath to lose this symbol of their manhood, it was a huge decision.Coffee brewed, into the living room to face the “loving pair”Ken faced him and perhaps a little sternly said “she`s told you then!”He grunted “yes and there`s two part`s to this isn’t there, you want me to divorce Kay and then to marry her yourself, that alone is a bitter pill to swallow, I still love my wife, so remember that! I will do that for her as I can see her never having a c***d otherwise and that she so wants; that as a token of my deep love!”He went on to say that part of the bargain must be the use of her body by tongue and finger, should he so wish if he went through with the wish to have himself retendered a useless eunuch.Ken stood surveying him steadily, then thanked him sincerely for the offer of the divorce and allowing them to marry. Barry felt this was genuine and sincere. He then told Barry to remove all his clothes, which by now he happily did as if programmed to do so for the master. “Stand there and watch” was the next command, and a somewhat surprised Barry did just that.Ken turned to Kay and commanded her to “strip” clicking his fingers in a way she had become accustomed too, The single word from her lover had her on her feet instantly and peeling away her working clothes erotically and sensuously just as commanded, Ken and her husband watched avidly till she stood naked as the day she was born.The master now turned to Barry, and said “see this” indicating the tent in his neat trousers, “has that raised that pathetic thing dangling there”…pointing at Barrie’s drooping Penis. “No and that`s siirt escort why I say it is useless and you won`t miss it when she chops it off!”Now at the mention of Kay removing the appendage the tool in question stirred a little, the little twitch betraying his inner thoughts, a point not unnoticed by both Kay and Ken.“ah you like that scenario then!” ken gloated, “right let me take you through it as we see it, to have you live as part of my household I am not going to allow you to ever dip yourself into your lovely …well then…ex wife ever again, you will be available to pleasure me, and if that includes pleasuring Kay by tongue and finger well that is just what you will do, understand. And if we remove that useless article I shall feel happier that you could never be tempted away by another person, or to mount her in my absence, understand!”Put like that Barry understood and nodded his head in acknowledgement. Ken continued that “as it`s been a pain to Kay all this time I want her to ritually destroy it for you, I wanted the lot off, balls as well, but she has convinced me to leave them and reconstruct you with a short soft imitation tube, to piss through, and too ejaculate through that way you will feel all the joy of cumming, and not be able to use yourself or abuse yourself either.” The victims gaze had been on Kay`s features all through the last short speech, her eyes sparked at the mention of her ritually destroying the thing and to him it was somehow stimulating and arousing at the same time, that she wished to destroy him so completely. That he would have a soft plastic tool after was to him a bonus!He turned to Ken and asked when it would happen and where?That he was told was to be on the very day he received his wife`s hand and it would be a fine wedding present at the beginning of their marriage.Ken knelt before Barry and laid the semi-soft penis in his open hand,”It will be at my Private surgery, direct from the registry office, first you will shower then be shaved totally smooth, Kay will see to that, then you will be secured in a standing position and given a final orgasm, again Kay and perhaps myself will see to that, it being our wedding treat. A tight rubber tourniquet will be placed at the base of the penis close against your by now empty balls, it will reduce the blood loss and reduce your pain considerably you will be pleased to hear. When you are ready and on your own command Kay will wield my scalpel, I believe. she has a sadistic streak you understand so she will take as long as she wishes, and as she wants the foreskin as a memento and will wear it fresh, as a ring cover during our honeymoon that will be first to go, she also dreams of enjoying your screams on tape, so expect to feel at least some pain before you pass out after she has finished I will then tidy you up and reconstruct you under a full anaesthetic.My very discrete nurse will see to your return to health while we are away, you will be amazed to hear that side takes a remarkably short time, and it will be her who carries out all the tests afterwards before you are returned to us after we return from a few weeks of honeymoon.They had thought of everything it seems, planned it to the final detail and no doubt savoured over and honed as a sexual aid for some time.They did divorce, and just as I have said they carried out the plan, all still living happily no doubt ever after.



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