My Darling Husband

I pick a train that still has old fashion seating. That is, four-seat cabins, two seats facing each other. The 8:10 from Seattle, non-stop to San Francisco.

My husband was more than a little anxious. Martin is 39, 15 years older than Ryan. Martin is a great provider as a husband, but that’s where it ends. It’s not that he is a terrible lover, it is just in the last couple years I have needed more.

As I’ve fantasized about taking multiple lovers, being the center of a gangbang, Martin has become enthralled. You see, we both want to be dominated in the bedroom. So I treat Martin the way I dream of being treated, and he loves me for it. Every week we seem to take it a step further, my emancipation, and his confinement.

On the weekends Martin lives in girly panties that I pick out for him. He loves it when I make him suck my cock (my strap-on). I love it when he begs for me to fuck his ass. This is the only fucking we’ve done in ten months, not that either one of us has complained.

Things had progressed in the last year to the point where I have impulsively picked up a few men. Martin would wait up and I would tell him all about how random it had been, the size and shape of their cocks, and how slutty I was. The most promising of these was Ryan. After I met Ryan at the therapy session, I told Martin all about how he flashed me his big cock and how I got on my knees and was a submissive little slut. This burned my adoring husband. He told me the reason is because he hadn’t been there to hold my hair back as I slurped on that giant cock. I accept this as the only right answer.

The next night, after the ‘date’ I have planned with Ryan, Marty meets me at the door, on his knees. On his own accord, Marty had put on his “behave” panties and nothing else. I barely have time to put down my purse and Michael is begging for details, “Would you like me to kiss your pussy, my Love?”

“Pour me a glass of Cabernet and meet me in the bedroom.” I’m realizing that I got carried away with the spanking. I probably shouldn’t have asked Ryan to spank me harder a second time. I slip out of my jeans and pull back the covers. I lay on my stomach in only my bra and panties, too sore to roll over.

Marty comes in with the wine, “Be a good boy and slowly take off my panties.”

“Can I lick your bottom my darling wife?” Marty submissively asks.

“Pray tell, my little ass licker, you do seem awful eager tonight. Tell me why you want to lick my ass so bad?” I ask while thinking about my painful, sticky ass.

My adoring husband takes the bait, “Well, you said you had a date tonight, and in the past, sometimes, you have…”

“For fuck sake, Marty. You can just say it. You want to clean the residue, the cum off my ass.” I answer roughly. “Go ahead, get the fuck over here.” I’m starting to calm down as I take a sip of wine.

In between licks of my ass, Marty chimes in, “Wow, he really made your ass purple. How many swats is this?”

“You know, I can’t help but feeling this is mostly your fault. If we didn’t have this arcane agreement about when I should and should not fuck men, you would be licking my well-satisfied pussy instead of my tender bottom,” I try to reason in Dom nomenclature.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I love licking your bottom,” Marty retreats and calls me Mistress, a name we reserve for when I am feeling most dominate or he is feeling most submissive.

“I know you’re sorry. That’s enough on my booty.” I say while sliding up, straddling a pillow, and arching my back as much as pain will allow, “Lick my asshole. Show me what a good ass-licking whore you can be.” Marty goes to work, lapping my hole, rimming my asshole.

I tell Marty all about the San Francisco trip. “Remember he’s going to get all of my attention, my pussy, my mouth, even my asshole – if his big cock will fit.” I commiserate, “part of me is wondering whether I can satisfy his… it must be nine inches!”

Marty takes an extra breath and replies, “I’m excited Mistress, this sounds like a big deal.”

“It is, it is a big test for a subby like you. Do you think you can handle that, my Darling? Surrendering your wife to a young stud for the weekend?” I earnestly ask Marty.

“Do you think while I’m watching you take his big, hard cock, I will be allowed to cum?” Marty whimpers, remembering that he hasn’t cum in more than a week. “I’m so devoted to you, your beautiful pussy and asshole, your needs, I’d do anything, you know that.”

“Man, you talk a lot for an anal whore. I don’t want to listen to any more devotion, I want you to SHOW me some devotion. Show my butthole some fucking devotion! Can you do that?” I say irately, sometimes it pays to be a bitch.

It isn’t long before my pep talk is paying dividends. My adoring husband has my ass gaping with just his tongue. I reach down and massage my clit.

“Good boy, good boy, don’t stop.” I repeat as a I rub myself closer and closer to the edge. I laugh at the bahis firmaları irony with a perverted smile on my face. I call my 39-year old husband ‘boy,’ while I wait for a 24-year old ‘man’ cock. I reach back and pull my Marty, my martyr, deeper into my ass as I curl up and loose balance, both of us falling over in a heap.

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for your ass.”


Marty and I arrive at the station before Ryan. Part of me is wondering whether he has backed out. We take some drinks from the bar car and head to our cabin to try to relax. The cabin has two sets of bucket seats that face each other and partially recline. The windows to the car open to the hall. This doesn’t provide much privacy but there are lace curtains that can be drawn.

The train starts and Ryan is nowhere to be found. It looks like the kinky weekend may have to a twosome. After the conductor comes by, I draw the sheer curtains, turn down the cabin lights, and turn my attention to Marty.

We both recline a quarter of the way, “Why don’t you show me what you got under those pants?” I proffer. Marty slowly unzips his fly. He is wearing his pink panties, a bold choice. I slowly massage his package through the pink silk.

“My darling husband, how many days has it been since I allowed you to cum?” I smile, still teasing his erection.

“12 days, my beautiful Miss Patricia. Sunday. Sunday will be two weeks.” Marty meekly replies while watching my strong fingers, “That morning you fucked me doggy, and I accidently came on the kitchen floor? Marty spreads his legs to show me that, since we left the house, he’s been holding our butt plug called “Detention” (because it is big enough to focus naughty boy’s attention).

“I guess it has been two weeks. I don’t remember assigning Detention this morning?” I scold, “Are you stretching your ass because you were hopeful Ryan would put his big cock in it, my dirty little whore?”

“Remember, I don’t want you to compromise your commitment to self-denial,” I add, trying to keep track of my priorities. “If this happens, I don’t want you to get caught up in the moment and cum without permission.” I squeeze his balls, “I would be very displeased, my darling husband.”

“I am here for you, My Love. I’m only interested in cumming if you think I have earned it.” Marty can express fealty with the best of them, “That Sunday I just let myself get to close, I just get so excited when you take me from behind, but it won’t happen again.”

“Ryan was far from a sure thing, anyway.” I sweetly smile thinking about how my role for this weekend quickly morphed from vessel to lance, that is, who will be fucking whom?

Just then, Ryan enters the cabin! Juxtaposed to Martin I’m blown away to how young he looks. With his bag on his shoulder he looks as if he’s a sophomore in college heading home for Thanksgiving break.

“Whow, we gave up on you. Where you been? I was afraid you weren’t coming.” I inquire unable to hold back my glee.

“I was drinking in the bar car, I am still a little nervous,” Ryan answers in a very mature way. I introduce Ryan and Martin. Ryan thanks him for the train ticket and everything else. Surprisingly they shake hands. Martin’s hard cock is still pushing against his panties. To his credit, at this stage, he doesn’t try and hide his proclivities.

Ryan sits across from me. I reach back into my husband’s lap and drape his shirt over his hard on. Ryan tries to hold a conversation about making the train. With my middle finger I outline Marty’s cucumber through the fine package.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to relax. I haven’t done anything like this before, or even really thought about it,” Ryan honestly expresses apprehension. His naiveté is endearing. I recognize that it is my job to break the ice and I offer a solution.

“What if I came over there, sat in your lap, kissed you would that help you relaxed?” I ask with a horsey grin.

“That might work.” Ryan answers using his best poker face.

I leave my seat without even looking back at my husband. I slowly straddle Ryan and kiss him longingly. I’m kissing him as if he is my long, lost lover. This is a crazy, courageous thing for a novice to agree to and I want to show my appreciation. I’m wearing a black stretchy sweater. I grind on Ryan, pull down my top and show him my tits for the first time. At 32, my nipples are still defying gravity. He puts a hand on each and looks over at Martin for approval. I do not turn my head but focus my attention on Ryan. I slide off his lap and onto my knees.

“The last time I saw you I think I said something about three minutes. Can you stand in front of the door?” I ask Ryan. He stands, back to the door obscuring the view of any voyeurs. I undo his belt.

“What about Marty?” Ryan asks, a little perturbed that he is in this small space with us.

“Oh my darling husband. I need you to turn and face the outside window,” I feel powerful kaçak iddaa and excited. Marty does as I ask, and Ryan is only partly relieved.

I unzip his jeans and pull out his magnificent cock. My immediate instinct is to show it to my husband, but he is almost directly behind me. I grab it by the root and treat it like my lolli. I’m under some pressure to make his blow job better than the first.

“Oh my god…You’re sucking me so good. Please don’t. Please don’t stop,” I take it as deep as I can. Down to my hand, at least six inches. It shines with my saliva. I feel my pussy overheating.

“Oooh, You like it when I suck you like this?” I tease, “I think I remember you like it when I lick your balls, right?” My cunt is more than excited. This is every housewife’s dream. In some ways this is my Everest. I lick the sweat from the back of his balls. I can’t remember the last time I did this for Marty. I want to rub it in and show my husband how mean I can be in the right company.

“His balls taste so good, Marty. Like candy.” I groan as I look back at my horny husband, listening but not seeing, probably with at least one hand in his panties.

I entertain the possibility of anal with this nine-incher. I would give it to him right now if he wants. Slow down, I tell myself. Ryan is holding my head tight, he wants to cum, cum in my mouth. With some effort I pull myself away from his shiny, stiff cock. With his pants around his knees Ryan sits, I sit across from him.

“Ryan, Can I take my pants off?” I ask coyly. “Can I take these off too?” I take my panties off. Naked from the waist down, I drape my right leg over the arm of the chair to offer Ryan a better view. This is the first time Ryan has really seen my pussy and I want to give him a show. I drop my hand in front and then gently groom the brown tuft on my mound.

“Do you like it?” I ask rhetorically, “I just got it waxed yesterday.” I slowly slide my finger through my pussy lips.

“Mmmm, It’s beautiful,” Ryan focuses in on my pussy while he wraps his fist around the bottom third, “I’m hoping you’re going to come over here and sit on this in a minute.”

I dip one and then two fingers into my cunt and spread the juice on my clit. “What’s your hurry. I love to watch you stroke that giant flagpole. Besides, I thought you didn’t mind showing it off.”

Ryan, continues his rhythm, “I like showing you.”

“Oh my god, it is so beautiful. Do you mind if we show it to my husband?” I ask Ryan while licking the nectar from my middle finger.

“He’s not jealous, that his beautiful wife was just sucking my cock,” Ryan.

“He’s jealous that he can’t look at it right now. He’s not angry, he’s horny.” I add while I pinch my nipple with my left hand. “Let me show you. My darling, husband, I want you to bend over and grab the wall and show us your beautiful pink panties.”

Without hesitation, Marty leans against the wall and pushes down his pants. Ryan stops stroking his cock for only a second. “My adoring husband, show Ryan why I call you an anal slut.” Marty reaches behind himself into the leg of the panties and reveals the mid-size glass butt plug. “You see, Ryan, he’s as harmless as a lamb, he just came a long way to see the cock that I am in love with.”

I move over and sit on the same side as Ryan, and wrap my hand around his cock. I lean forward kiss my husband on the forehead and tell him it is ok and he can turn around.

I revel in the scene. Me in control. My husband still on his knees, with his hand in his panties, salivating at this youngster’s wet cock. I throw caution to the wind. I ask Ryan to shift down in his seat and then I mount his pole. Seven, eight, nine stokes and I’ve taken the whole thing it my cunt! That’s how wet I am! I arch forward and then back, gyrating on his big cock. My god! It is everything that I hoped for. Ryan is tonguing my long pink nipples. I bounce my ass the length of his cock and look back at Marty.

“Oh my god, my loving husband. It is stretching me so good. I wish you could feel this wonderful, hard cock, baby!” I add sincerely, breathlessly.

Marty’s gaze is fixated on the fulcrum. I feel a little selfish. I want him to think about being penetrated. “My Darling husband, I want you to stop stroking your dick and take hold of Detention.” Marty wants me to Dom him. Needs me to Dom him. “Pull Detention out of your ass and slam it back in!” I command.

Marty does it without question, taking it 98 percent out before working it back in, never losing sight of his wife’s gorgeous ass.

“Do it again, Darling, my anal whore. Fuck your ass,” I command again. Marty pushes hard against Detention. After several times, his asshole loosens, and pain turns to pleasure. “Good Boy. Now just sit on it.” Ryan has never seen this side of me, the Domme side. I want him to know my anger is only directed at my husband.

“Oh my god, Ryan. Am I fucking you good, baby? Do you like married pussy?” I mangle my ideas as my head swims. kaçak bahis I come off Ryan for a moment. I stand in front of Marty sitting on the hard plug, panties around his knees.

“Kiss my cunt,” I order my husband. He affectionately leans in and kisses my swollen lips. I’m still catching my breath and not yet quite ready to remount Ryan’s stalk.

I turn my back to Marty. Ryan and my eyes meet. I put my left foot on Ryan’s seat and with my left hand spread my ass. I look over my shoulder at Marty, “Lick my ass, Darling.” Dutifully, Marty closes the distance and starts lapping up my asshole. I don’t know exactly why I said it. I was content to have Ryan focus on my pussy.

Ryan considers shifting forward in his seat and licking my pussy. Instead, I wrap my arms around his powerful arms and arch my back, shoving my ass against my husband’s tongue. In the moment, it feels like a revelation! I love dominating my husband. And I love pushing my asshole against a willing tongue.

After my knees become weak, I turn 180 degrees again. Ryan helps my pussy find his cock and before I know it, I am in heaven again. This time, my back is against Ryan’s chest. I lean against him exposing more of my cunt to Marty. I’m grinding slow, legs spread, wrapped around Ryan’s. I want Marty to come to us. Serve me. Serve Ryan. Be Ryan’s cock whore.

“Come here my darling husband, lick my clit,” one step at a time I say to myself. Marty kneels closer, balancing himself between Ryan’s and my legs. He brings his head close to please me. Without warning, Josh’s nine-incher pops out of my sheath. I slide up a little and Marty delicately holds Ryan’s cock and presses it against my pussy. I am never prouder of Martin as my pussy swallows the phallus in front of him.

I hold Marty’s head against my clit as my orgasm mounts. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” I cry. I start having mini-tremors through my torso. I push Marty’s head, “Lick his balls, my adoring husband. Clean his balls! Show me you want it.”

Marty starts ferociously tonguing Ryan’s sack, “Make him cum, Darling. Feel his load as it pulses through his cock…into your wife’s pussy.” I feel like the Pele of threesomes as Marty’s mouth latches onto the root of Ryan’s cock. I can feel a big part of Ryan isn’t ready for this, wants Marty to stop. But his eyes are glazed over and even he can’t stop the impeding climax. While I try and hang on, Ryan’s geyser floods my cavern.

“Thank you, Ryan… Thank you, Ryan… Thank you for giving me your cock.” I whimper in between each pulse of cream.

Ten seconds later my legs are still shaking as I collapse into the opposing seat. “My Darling Husband, did you like that?”

“My god, are you o.k? If I could only fuck you like that.” Marty intimately remarks.

“You have other attributes, my Darling?” I lovingly reply.

Marty needs no further encouragement. I spread my legs in the chair and like a wounding puppy dog, my husband’ head nuzzles between my thighs. He starts with the cum that has already already drizzled out of my cunt and onto the seat.

“Oh yeah, my adoring husband. Lick every drop of my boyfriend’s seed from every crevice. Mmmm… You are such a whore for cum. I think that’s why I love you.” I say only half-kidding as I reach my foot down between his legs and tap the plug with my toes.

Marty’s devotion drags me over the edge and I squeeze his head between my legs. As I’m quaking, more of Ryan’s juice is pushed from deep in my pussy, missing Marty’s mouth and staining his chin. Marty is still on the floor. Ryan is still across from us. I know Marty wants to lick Ryan’s cock clean, as well, but I don’t push it.

The outer lights of the train come on and were all pulled out of a sexual trance. We shuffle to our seats, Marty and me on one side and Ryan on the other. We grab three small blankets that the railroad provides to cover our laps. I don’t bother to put back on my pants but pull up my sweater to cover my tits. Ryan and Marty both keep their pants mid-thigh.

The ride is quiet for a while. The sexual energy has disappeared, all for except Marty who still hasn’t cum in almost two weeks. I take mercy on him by playing with his cock under the blanket. At home we have a rule that he is not allowed to cum unless he is also licking either my pussy or my ass, it’s a good rule. We both pivot in our chairs so that we are more than less facing each other.

I give him my foot which he puts up against his erection. Marty is close to popping, and he loves my feet. He slowly grinds his cock against the sole of my foot in adoration. “How’s that feel, my darling husband? Could you possibly think of a better way to cum?”

“No my beautiful wife. I can’t think of a better way to cum.” Marty responds dutifully. By the look on Ryan’s face, I can tell this isn’t his brand of kink. In the moment, I don’t care.

“My feet are all you deserve, with that average cock of yours. Tell me. Do you dream of my feet? Or do you still dream of my pussy wrapped around your cock?” I’m having too much fun giving my husband what he craves.

“I dream of pleasing you, and your beautiful feet, your beautiful pussy, and your beautiful asshole.” Marty meekly replies.



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