7 of 9 gets help from Tom ParisLt Tom Paris had to hurry from the Bridge to sickbay. Voyager had just received an emergency distress call from the Delta Flyer. Apparently some strange gas had gotten into the shuttle and was messing up the ship’s systems as well as physically harming Seven of Nine. Seven of Nine and the Doctor had been the only members of that particular away mission and with Tom being the only medical assistant he had to leave his post at comm. and head down to sick bay.Seven of Nine and the Doctor both beamed directly into sickbay from the Delta Flyer. While Tom had immediately started scanning Seven he noticed the Doctor flicker.”The mobile emitter has been damaged!” exclaimed the Doctor. “I must deactivate myself to stop complete deletion!” And before Tom could protest the doctor vanished leaving Lt Paris alone with the u*********s Seven of Nine.Suddenly she started moving and looked up at Tom. “How am I?” she asked. “Not so good,” Tom responded, “it looks like whatever infected you is destroying your internal organs.”Strangely instead of looking nervous, Seven looked like she tuzla escort hadn’t even heard what Tom said. What she did do was reach down to her crotch area and start rubbing and moaning with ecstasy. There was a dark wet spot there. Seven then looked back at Tom and said,” I need you to help me!” With that she got up and forced Tom onto the bio-bed she was previously lying on. In a brisk one brisk movement she ripped off her cat suit revealing her completely naked body to Tom. He was speechless. Seven then proceeded to move Tom’s uniform, who was still frozen in shock.Then reality hit and he realized Seven and her enormous boobs were seducing him. A lot of thoughts flashed through his mind, his wife, his daughter, his duty, professionalism. Seven forced his mouth to her breast. He said screw you to all those thoughts and began sucking. Seven had the most beautiful big brown nipples he had ever seen.”Oooh Ya! Please Tom don’t stop!” She moaned in ecstasy. He didn’t even consider stopping. While sucking Seven’s left breast he fondled her right one and it felt fantastic! Seven finally stopped him after tuzla escort bayan another 8 minutes of that. Tom was disappointed until she leaned down and kissed the head of his fully erect, 10 and a half inch cock. She then deep throated the entire thing. It felt incredible! She just bobbed her head up and down on his cock then, while still blowing him off, she grabbed his balls in her soft borg hands and started playing with them.Finally Tom couldn’t contain any longer blew his load all over her face and hair. She grabbed some of it off with her finger and licked it. “MMMMMMMMM,” was all she said.”Insufficient!” Seven of Nine exclaimed when Tom began to get up. “There must be vaginal penetration!” She walked over and began stroking Tom’s cock in a wonderfully sensual way until he was back to full erection. Seven then guided his cock to her pussy where Tom immediate started thrusting.”Oh God Yes! Yes! Don’t Stop! God Help You If You Stop!” Seven yelled.”Don’t worry I won’t,” Tom managed to mutter as he felt an orgasm more wonderful than anything he ever felt with B’Elanna. He just kept humping escort tuzla her continuously as he watched her enormous boobs bounce up and down and up and down. He grabbed them and squeezed, but didn’t stop banging her flawless body. They both climaxed at approximately the same time and with a final thrust Tom sent an incredible burst of cum into her body and she just groaned in pleasure.Seven then stood up and declared that she felt better and back to normal. Tom, still naked, grabbed his medical tricorder and took a full body scan.”I’ll be Damned!” Tom exclaimed, “no trace of that gas thing anywhere in you. That fucking must have done the trick.””I’ll thank you not to use sort of language lieutenant,” Seven said obviously back to normal, however she did seem to have unusual twitch to her. Tom did another scan this time around her mouth, breasts, and pussy. There seemed to still be a small trace of the gas around her wonderful boobs, but it was most likely nothing to worry about.Seven looked at her cum soaked naked body and at Tom’s naked body and said,” I won’t tell if you won’t tell.””I don’t think that is going to matter much!” said a frighteningly familiar voice. Tom and Seven turned around to see Captain Janeway standing in the doorway of sickbay glaring at them, but THAT is a story for another time.



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