30 seconds to CumIt was a warm Saturday morning, and I was sitting on my ex-girlfriend Nicole’s couch, as horny as could be. I had stayed over last night, and was hoping for, at least a little bit of fun before bed. Nicole, as she is known to be, was not in the mood.”I’m sorry but I’m really tired, and we have to get up early tomorrow”. Maybe in the morning?” she told me.It is hard enough for me to fall asleep as is. Now, I had to deal with and a hard cock, and perverted sexual thoughts. Eventually, I had drifted off to sleep. Of course, I had an amazingly hot dream. I don’t quite recall what the dream was about, but it was enough to keep my dick standing at attention all night. I awaken to Nicole’s phone alarm going off. She hit the snooze intending to get a few more minutes of sleep. I had another idea in mine. I move on top of Nicole and pulled off the covers. She is just wearing panties and a tight Cami. I waste no time taking them off. I pull her panties to the side to unveil her slit. Despite waking up to a warm touch to on her lower lips, Nicole usually doesn’t object. Our morning quickies do not last long at all. In about a minute of being inside of her, I will reach the point of no return, and fill her with my cum. Nicole is well aware of my quick release. Even if she is not in the mood, she will let me enter her, and even encourage me to fill her pussy right away. Today was not the case.”Give me five more minutes,” buca escort she told me. Five minutes turned to ten, and turned to her getting out of bed to make coffee. We had a long day ahead of us and she wanted to waste no time. We had to be at a friends by noon, and had errands to run beforehand. Nicole still found the time for a quick. And there she left me on the couch.She returned about 45 minutes later. She had a good run. Her face was flushed, and I could see small sweat beads on her forehead. We were running late now, but Nicole needed to lay down for a few minutes, needed to cuddle with her boyfriend. She proceeded to lay on the couch, and motioned me to come to her. I moved towards her and placed my head on one of my favorite spots, her stomach. My dick, at this point, finally receded back to its normal flaccid state. I knew this wouldn’t last long however. I quickly started to get hard again. The smell permeating from between her legs was strong. Nicole had always complained about the sweatiness and smell from it after a heavy workout or activity. She was quite embarrassed about it, and afraid someone next to her could smell her. It was true, the smell was very strong, and her thin yoga pants did not do much to contain it.It turns me on… Really turns me on. I love her smell. It is a very musky smell with a slight fishiness to it. At this point, my cock is rock hard. I shift slightly, and buca escort bayan my penis begins to graze Nicole’s leg.”Something is excited to see me” she said.I needed to convince how badly I wanted her. I lifted up her shirt, and began to kiss her belly. I slowly moved down her midriff. As I lifted the band of her yoga pants, her smell became even more poignant. It got me so horny, and pre-cum began to leak out of my head.”Babe, we have to get ready”.”I know, I’m just so fucking horny. I want you so bad,” I pleaded.Nicole motioned me to move so she could get up. She stood over me.”Oh really?” She said smiling. “Well then, I’ll give you 30 seconds to cum. If you don’t, you have to take me out to a nice dinner tomorrow, and come back and watch a movie of my choice. Deal?””What do I get if I last longer” I asked.”You get to fuck me longer” she laughed.With that, she pulled off all her clothes. The sight of her D-cup tits, and stubbled pussy got me even harder. Then, she undid my belt, unbutton my shorts, and released the hardest cock I’ve had. Pre-cum had already drenched the top of penis. She knelt on the couch over me, and intended to ride the shit out of me. She let out one of her quick “sexual” laughs. She knows I wont make it… Not with her riding on top.The cowgirl position has always been my weakness. I cum quick whenever a girl is riding me. I’m not exactly sure why. I guess the lack of escort buca control and being able to watch her ride with all her might and glory is too much for me to handle. Nicole knows this all too well. She knows I can’t handle the site of her tits bouncing up and down as she rides me. She knows I won’t last 30 seconds…Nicole grabs her phone, and starts the stopwatch. She grabs my dick with her other hand and begins to guide it into her pussy. At this point, I knew I was in trouble. The touch of her hand around my cock was already bringing me close to cum. I was probably going to cum as soon she sat on my cock.Nicole slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I moaned loudly, and grabbed her hips.Nicole let out another laugh. “Going to cum already?””I’m fine,” I lied.Then she started to ride… fast. I couldn’t hold it. It was just too much. After a few seconds, and 3, maybe 4 thrusts, I clenched her hips, moaned fuck, and began depositing a huge load inside of her. Nicole busted out with laughter as she stopped her phone. It read only 8 seconds.”Wow that was quick. I was hoping you would last a little bit longer.””I’m sorry babe… I was really horny.””It’s okay. I understand how hard it is for you to last inside me. I still love you,” She answered.She slowly rose up. A stream of cum followed my cock out of her pussy, and landed on my thigh.”Okay, lets go get a shower.”Before we got into the shower, Nicole finished herself off with the help of some of her toys. She let me watch. It did not take her long to cum. She shook and moaned in ecstasy. I wished it was because of me. She removed her dildo. It was now covered in both our juices. She quickly cleaned it off, and then proceeded into the shower.



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