1. The AwakeningAuthor’s note: It is frequently difficult to separate fact from fantasy, this story is based in the late 60’s era with elements of truth and a few of fantasy thrown in for good measure – I will let you decide what’s real or not – enjoy.I knew from an early age that I liked looking at other boys dicks, I first discovered that I was not alone in liking of looking at or even wanting to play with other boys cocks ans it happened (I think) by accident (but a friend may argue otherwise).It all started after double games period, in the shower. I would always try and go in when there weren’t many in there to avoid being seen with my cock getting aroused. A neighbour friend of mine came into the shower and started to shower next to me. I was starting to panic as I could see Alan’s cock being lathered up with soap and he was getting bigger as he soaped and stroked. I tried to turn away but afyon escort was drawn to look at his cock. Alan said that I’d better get washed quick otherwise we’ll end up getting shouted at for taking so long. I started soaping my cock and immediately started to get hard, Alan saw this and said ‘you like soap too then’, looking at my cock. We were both standing facing each other with our soapy cocks out straight, I mumbled ‘yes, it feels nice’, he agreed that he liked it too. We finished washing and stepped out of the shower covering our excitement with our towels, got dressed and walked home together as we did most days but today was a little different. We didn’t mention what had just happened until we had nearly got home, Alan said that if I’d like too, I could come to his and we could talk about what just happened, I agreed and said I’d have to get changed out of my uniform ağrı escort first.I got changed out of my school uniform and went to see Alan, already getting excited about the thoughts of what happened in the shower earlier.With butterflies in my stomach I knocked on the door and Alan let me in. Alan was already excited, seen clearly by the bulge in his pants, his parents generally get home early evening. The only fly in the ointment could be Dawn – his sister – if she came home, but Alan said it was netball practice today so we had about an hour.Anyway, we were sat on the settee and we both agreed looking at other cocks and touching our cocks excited us both, plainly obvious by the bulges in our pants and with that Alan started to unzip and released his cock and told me to do the same. So we’re both sat there with our cocks and balls hanging out of our pants, our hands pulling escort bayan the foreskin slowly back and forth. The conversation got on to whether we were able to cum yet, we found that had both experienced orgasm in some form or another. It was getting close to the time when Dawn would arrive home so we both had a few minutes of wanking whilst looking at each other to see how much clear fluid our cocks could make and then called it to an end for the day. Alan asked if I had tasted the pre-cum he called it, I said I hadn’t, he wiped some of his onto one of his fingers and popped it straight in his mouth and said it tasted lovely and I should try mine, I was uneasy at first but he kept on that I should do it, so wiped a bit on my finger and put it straight in my mouth, he was right I liked it so pumped a bit more and tasted it again. We were both having problems putting away our rock hard cocks but just as we did Dawn arrived, luckily she went straight to her room so by the time she got changed and came down we were just about ‘back to normal’.That evening I lay in bed pumping my cock making as much clear fluid as I could and enjoyed swallowing the lot.



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